Bullet Points: Saturday, March 7, 2020

We could publish bullet point headlines for weeks using just stories that have developed during the last week! Fortunately, we’ve every day published the top stories of the day. Not surprisingly, they all seem to originate in Washington, D.C. Today’s offering is no different. Let’s get started.

Bullet Points

  • Americans love to travel internationally. It’s really neat to grow up in a great country that is huge and so diverse. But it’s wonderful with an opportunity to take-off and see some of the rest of the world. But now, not so much. Long trips on commercial jets are now not only expensive but dangerous. How dangerous? No one knows for certain. But in close quarters with people who you don’t know for hours, the fear of coronavirus is making people think twice and even three or four times. Do you know who takes the biggest hit in all this? The airlines. Get that picture specifically about Southwest Airlines. For complete details click arrow:
  • Coronavirus is certainly front-and-center in every news report from every news reporting outlet across the World. How to prevent its spread, how to cure its infected, and how to treat those exposed to the virus but have not yet been diagnosed are consuming medical professionals and politicians and government officials in almost every nation. China found a way to insert non-humans in this process to eradicate coronavirus in hospitals — robots! For complete details, click arrow:
  • SuperStores in the UK have found a NEW way to ensure shoppers don’t bring coronavirus into those stores when shopping. COSTCO in London just sprays everyone with a disinfectant liquid as they come into the store! For complete details with a video, click arrow:
  • What is essential for every person, no matter in what country one resides? You gotta’ have toilet paper! In the recent hoopla in Venezuela where the world has watched in horror as its citizens are fighting for food and other basic survival needs. One thing they miss that is common with coronavirus panic is toilet paper. And in the coronavirus worries about food and necessary items, toilet paper has become a hot commodity — worldwide. For complete details, click arrow:
  • U.S. scientists are reported to be just days away from finding a vaccine for coronavirus. Finding that vaccine and getting it through clinical trials and approved for public consumption by the FDA is NOT just days away. Estimates now are from 12 to 24 months before it reaches all Americans. However, in the rush to find solutions, there is one method of producing vaccines that has historically been effective at facilitating that process: Blood Plasma. It just might do the trick to effectively treat the virus. For complete details, click arrow:
  • We’ve all watched this week as the coronavirus scare has attacked the Stock Markets here and abroad. The uncertainty of its financial impact on every segment of society has Market watchers glued to news reports grasping for any tidbit of news that might expose either good or bad coronavirus news to give them a chance to save or make a dollar or two. No one gave much attention to the monthly employment report expected this week was just assuming it would be bad because of the viral impact. Imagine to everyone’s surprise the Labor report brought fantastic news! For complete details, click arrow:
  • Four Democrat presidential contenders dropped out of the White House race this past week. Although Representative Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) is still in, no one has seen or heard from her in a week or so. All this means it looks to be a heads-up race between Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and former VP Joe Biden for the Democrat Party nomination. Sanders going into Super Tuesday seemed to be a shoo-in for the nomination. But voters from ten states showed their lack of excitement of support for Bernie’s love for Socialism and gave Biden their delegate votes. Where do we go from here? Who looks to be in the best shape to win in Milwaukee in July at the Democrat Convention? For complete details, click arrow:
  • It’s no secret that even though being a network anchor carries a huge responsibility to not just communicate facts, know and understand facts that one is about to give to an audience. Mike Bloomberg spent millions of dollars on advertising for Super Tuesday. He did that after spending twice as much previously on campaign ads. MSNBC’s lead anchor — Brian Williams — lost some math skills in joining an on-air guest to explain precisely what Bloomberg’s spending meant in comparison to average American’s income. For complete details, click arrow:
  • New York City Mayor Bill deBlasio has orchestrated major measures for law enforcement to take it easier on crimes in the city. Criminals in the city paid attention to those changes, and, in the last year, have done what most Americans expected would happen with all of his changes: increase their illegal actions. In February, crime as compared to that in February of 2019 soared. For complete details, click arrow:
  • Another whistleblower is in the news. An insider from Washington D.C.’s police department has come forward with evidence of a concerted effort for D.C. police to downgrade the nature of actual crimes in their reports. In other words, crimes, as reported in D.C., have been much more serious than as reported. For complete details, click arrow:


Folks, it’s full speed ahead in politics all the way through November. I promise there will be something new every day and something explosive every two or three days. Democrats find themselves back in a corner: Republicans control the White House and Senate and appear to be on target for a repeat. They are deathly afraid they’ll lose the House, too.

Lock-in on TruthNewsNetwork. We’ve launched into the all-ahead mode and will be there through the elections. (We put an “s” on that because there’s not just one election, but hundreds at federal, state and local levels)

If you have suggestions or questions for which you need answers or suggestions, don’t hesitate to share with us. You can post in the comments section or send to us privately at Partner@TruthNewsNet.org. Your input is appreciated. We respect the opinions of all who look and listen-in.

Thanks for being a part of this!


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