The Winds of Change are blowing at And change is coming!

As promised, I have news for for all of you today — exciting for us and I hope for you:

  1. We are no longer going to “label” our Podcast and Blog Posts “”
  2. Starting later this week, the “official” identity of will become (and will be called) “TNN: Truth News Network @”
  3. We have a new logo that will appear on the website and all visible production elements going forward:
  4. We are exploring live streaming daily programming of TNN podcasts (that would no longer BE podcasts, but live broadcasts), that would include audience telephone live interactions. More on that in the upcoming days.
  5. Beginning later this week, we will have various national politicians and others who work in D.C. FOR politicians on our podcasts. This has happened as a result of our growing audiences and the word of this venture being passed around person to person. (Remember: we don’t market ourselves here)



None of this is possible without YOU. We were NOT looking for something else to do, believe me. My hope and prayer is that in all of these efforts, conversations, stories, and interviews, you and others who look/listen in will be challenged to investigate, listen, and watch for truth instead of simply believing what is written and said just because it IS written and said. “You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free!”

A humble and hearty “Thanks” to all of you for looking/listening in. You probably have gathered I am a research junkie. That’s surprising to me because I have the attention span of a mosquito! None of this is for glory or recognition or praise. Coming from a background of Journalism in which honesty, truth, and non-partisanship were pillars of the Art, the shock and awe I experience watching, reading, and listening to today’s “Journalists” has challenged me beyond explanation. I cannot sit quietly while our friends, relatives, and fellow workers are daily bombarded with misrepresentations cloaked as “facts” and “News” that are anything but. I feel a responsibility to put REAL news out there so our readers and listeners have the ability to make informed decisions.

It’s funny that in doing this, discerning between fact and fiction in news reporting becomes easier the longer one takes the initiative to investigate!

Thanks for joining us, making suggestions, asking questions, and digging in. Remember in all this: THE BEST IS YET TO COME!



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