Insanity in the U.S.!

Mass Insanity is Here

Civility in America is dead…..or it’s certainly dying. The art of communication with each other is now ancient istory. Have you noticed how angry conversations almost always seem to explode between people with different ideas, ideals, political perspectives, religious and ethnic and racial identities, and nationalities? Whatever happened to what my Mom always said to me: “If you can’t say something nice to someone don’t say anything at all?” That’s now a lost art. The mantra of conversation now seems to be, “If you think it, say it. Don’t worry about who or how your words might hurt others. Just get it off your chest.” What drives this “new” art of communication? What changed?

There are no doubt dozens if not hundreds of things that shape the way we communicate with others. But there seems to be one driving factor in this process today: Meism. Meism is a personal characteristic that is always shows up in every society, but in most societies those who own this trait constitute just a small fraction of its population. But that percentage in America is today staggering – and growing everyday.

Me-ism defined is “Self-importance without any evidence that we (or our world view) actually matter.” Let me repeat that: Me-ism is “Self-importance without any evidence that we (or our world view) actually matter.” Everything is all about ME, to the exclusion of everyone else in the world. And the only “THINGS” that matter or the “THINGS” I deem important. What is really important in the world to Me-ists is totally irrelevant in the context of what Me-ists think.

Me-ism has always partnered with narcissism and selfishness. Those fit perfectly together and are interchangeable. If you know someone who is selfish or in your mind you’ve termed a narcissist, that person surely espouses Me-ism.

Unfortunately for us all, Me-ism steals its way through every sector of our lives. Its by-product is to always destroy personal and social relationships, work atmosphere with fellow employees, and even the most intrinsic and necessary values in the lives of every American – those values found for centuries on the wheel of democracy that has made America the greatest country in World history.

For a democracy to live and last, relationships among its people must also. Me-ism’s certain result in everyone who bears it and everyone IN those person’s lives is certain Death. Relational death is a certainty with Me-ism.

Front and center today in the U.S. is a particular deep and dark Me-ism that captured the hearts and minds of millions in our nation. It bleeds into every corner of American life, but is most visible in American politics. Government – which is what politics is all about – formerly was about being “of, by, and for the people.” But no longer. Me-ists have made government and all political rhetoric about “their” self-interests at the exclusion and regard for the interests of others. Political causes are no longer about facts. Me-ists disregard any fact that runs counter to their political perspective on the matter. In Me-ism remember that Me-ists think and feel about everything using as their basis in all thought that no one else and no one else’s opinion on any worldview matters.

Today’s political hot iron is illegal immigration, border interdiction that at least temporarily separates children who illegally enter the U.S. with adults – sometimes their parents — while immigration law processes are completed. In this political narrative, Me-ists and their minions must always have their victims and must always have their villains. Illegal immigration victims? Children. Illegal immigration villain? President Donald Trump.

Here’s the simple Leftist narrative that reeks of Me-ism and has painted illegal immigration’s story with “facts” that are NOT true. (Isn’t that an oxymoron? How can a “fact” not be true?) (NOTE: THERE IS A POSSIBILITY THAT THE FOLLOWING AUDIO SEGMENTS CANNOT BE ACCESSED IN THIS FORMAT. THEY ARE ALL CERTAINLY AVAILABLE IN THE PODCAST IF UNAVAILABLE IN THIS WRITTEN BLOG POST. SORRY!)

Me-ist “Fact” #1 Donald Trump is the guilty party in separating children from their parents at the border. He started this zero policy action and it has no historical or legal precedent – or does it? (Listen to Bill Clinton)

Me-ist “Fact” #2 If Hillary Clinton was President, none of this would be happening. She agreed that illegal immigrant children should be allowed into the U.S. – or did she? (Listen to Hillary)

Me-ist Fact #3 According to CNN, MSNBC, and other news outlets, Barack Obama never separated illegal immigrant children at the southern border from their parents (Listen to at CBS report in 2014) (I apologize…his comments were recorded at a low volume)

Me-Ism Fact #3 Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has always been an open borders supporter, Right? Wrong! (Listen to Schumer)

The Me-ists have taken this denigration of all things and all people who disagree with them to another level – a seriously scary sounding and even dangerous level – Especially the Mainstream. On MSNBC’s Morning Joe, commentator Donny Deutsch had this to say Friday, June 22nd:

All of these samples simply give us a glimpse of exactly how Americans live dangerously close to seeing suddenly a country in which many actually embrace anarchy. Don’t laugh at my assertion because throughout history, anarchy in every country that has endured a social civil war that came from the inside NEVER saw it as a civil war or even as the results of anarchy until it was too late. Stealth and apathy are the primary tools that a narcissistic country of Me-ists need and use to initiate drastic political revolt among the electorate.

Oh, we say “This could never happen in America – there are too many red, white, and blue patriots, 2nd Amendment staunch supporters that would NEVER allow an overthrow of American democracy.” Think about that: we’ve turned away from civility, we’ve turned away from “equal justice under the law,” we’ve turned away from “liberty and justice for all,” and we’ve turned away from servanthood in the government that formerly worked for the People. But most importantly, we’ve turned away from God.

Say what you will, but our forefathers knew intimately the absolute necessity of having God in the United States. They separately wrote over and over again about God’s necessary inclusion in our government and in our lives. They revered God and His power and His love for humankind. Yet Me-ists have spent a couple of centuries pushing God out of school, government, and now even private businesses, letting human nature through Me-ism rule our land.


What will it take to get our attention? Honolulu was a sleepy little Pacific island town that Sunday morning in December 1942. In an instant, thousands of Americans were slaughtered by Japanese bombers and fighter planes that no one thought could ever take on our great nation. September 11, 2001 was just another busy day in the Big Apple until 2 airliners brought New York City to its knees as a 3rd commercial airline snatched more American lives at the Pentagon in D.C. All of these horrors certainly brought Americans to full attention – for a while. But time has a way of dulling our senses and putting us to sleep.

How many Americans today are honestly willing to as Patrick Henry 2 and ½ centuries ago did and proudly, loudly, and truthfully scream to fellow American patriots “Give me Liberty or Give Me Death!”

I pray another 9-11 or Pearl Harbor or some similar horror does not become THE necessary calling to awaken Americans again. I pray that instead we will turn from our selfishness and self, look at the U.S. around us where we live with millions of others just like us, and once more begin to seek commonality with our fellow citizens. We don’t all have to think the same or feel the same about anyone or any issue. What we must regain is the ability and desire to once again put ourselves last in the trio of God, Country, and me.

We’re at the brink and most do not recognize it. I hope your eyes are open. And I hope you like me are pushing to get outside of my little world into yours WITH you.



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