“Comey-Gate:” What’s Next?

Do you think it’s high time for the House of Representatives and the Senate to get off their duffs and get back to what they are hired to do:  Legislate?  Sure, they also have to monitor other branches of the government, agencies, and foreign entities to some degree, but what the substance of their jobs is is to create new laws to operate every facet of America.  In all the (now confirmed) hype about “Russia-Trump collusion,” real working in D.C. was put on hold.

There is some good that has come from all this hype:  the light of truth has shined into D.C. and exposed much of the graft and corruption that has for some time permeated our Government.  For a long time past administrations have at least allowed the corruption to continue if, not added it to it, which has allowed a boldness to spread through the “corruption community” to weave itself into the fabric of U.S. Government.  Americans realized a year or two ago there is corruption there, but not how deep and wide it is.  Lately more and more has been unearthed and exposed.  And Americans are nervous.  How could their government in the greatest country on Earth be so vile?

The exposure of NSA contractor Reality Leigh Winner and her subsequent arrest and charges of treason will hopefully quell some of the American nervousness about the government.  But that must be only a start.  If any American Presidential Administration could possibly withstand the continual and intense backlash from those corrupt politicians, contractors, appointees, and employees who fear the entry of truthfulness and transparency into Washington politics, it is the Trump Administration.  Moreover, his campaign promises to Americans to do just that if elected gave Americans some hope that it could be done.  And since his election his already accomplished promises have filled the nation with hope that there may be a swamp cleaning for the U.S. in the making.

So what should happen now and next week?  Headed into the weekend, here is my list of what and how our government needs to get rolling — sort of downshifting into a lower, tougher gear to really make a major impact:

  1. Every federal investigative agency needs to attack the open investigations quickly:  finish the Russia one,  expose and fully prosecute all leakers,  open and attack an investigation into Hillary Clinton wrongdoings,  investigate James Comey for his lies under oath, dereliction of duty as FBI Director, and potential obstruction of justice stemming from various actions he took including leaking privileged and classified information;
  2. The House and Senate need to quickly and loudly complete the repeal/replace of Obamacare, get it negotiated and implemented;
  3. The House and Senate need to quickly and loudly complete, negotiate, and implement tax reform;
  4. The House and Senate need to quickly and loudly complete, negotiate, and implement their road map for a southern border wall with Mexico;
  5. Forget about executive orders.  The House and Senate need to pass a bill (that the President will sign) that will initiate a temporary ban on immigration from terrorist countries (which will pass court muster because it will be a law passed by Congress) while creating a highly visible realistic and thorough vetting process for EVERY immigrant who comes to the U.S.  It needs to be thorough and have nothing to do with religion;
  6. President Trump needs to have his Administration nominees ALL approved by the Senate and put in place immediately;

What should President Trump do while others complete 1-6 above?  He needs to continue doing what he has been doing while the World has done nothing but focus on all the things the far left Media in the U.S. want Americans to see that have nothing to do with the reality of the accomplishments of this president in the short time of his presidency.  They include massive job creation, attraction of overseas companies to the U.S., badly needed infrastructure improvements, strengthening the military, including military members’ morale, reaching out, meeting with, and finding consensus wherever possible with foreign leaders to rebuild relationships with the U.S. torn apart during the Obama Administration while making clear to enemy governments America’s position on differences between them and the U.S. that will not be allowed.  That’s a pretty good start for the next few months.

What should the media do?  Simply, they need to quieten their arrogant slandering of the Office of U.S. President and its inhabitant and report the news.  And for or a change, they need to tell the truth simply giving us facts without filters.  They need to discard their self-assumed air of superiority and disdain for the opinions of Americans — ALL Americans, not just those liberal — and, for a change, listen to and trust Americans just like this President did, which won him the election.  They need to simply acknowledge PUBLICLY that Hillary Clinton lost the election, not because of collusion or the FBI or the internet or James Comey, but because she was a bad candidate that was rejected by Americans who could just not find a way to reconcile having her as the first female President.  That’s a pretty good start for the next few months.

If the above does not happen during the next few months, I strongly suggest to President Trump that he play his “trump” card (pun intended).  What’s that?  He needs to call a joint session of Congress in which he speaks to them and America at the same time saying the following:

“During the run-up to the 2016 election, I campaigned promising Americans that when elected, my Administration would do the following:  repeal and replace Obamacare, stop immigration from terrorist countries until a realistic and effective vetting system was put in place, build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico to secure our southern border, give Americans a massive tax cut while reducing the out of control spending of the American government, drastically cut the regulations of Government that have crippled small businesses and stifled growth for years, and restore the faith of other nations in the United States while assuring our enemies that the United States will no longer allow any countries to slaughter its citizens while we implement any/all processes necessary to wipe ISIS of the face of the Earth.”

President Trump’s Joint Session with Congress

He should continue, saying, “I and others in my Administration have worked with members of Congress where possible to put these specific plans in their hands to pass specific bills for me to sign into law just as I promised I would do during the campaign.  That’s why you elected me.  But as of today, Congress has either refused or delayed doing their jobs to complete these very important tasks as was promised during the campaign by not only me, but by many in Congress as they ran for their election.  I have done legislatively all I can do:  planted the specific seeds for each of these presidential promises to Americans in Congress from which they promised Americans to grow the specific programs and policies necessary to get these jobs done.  These are in the hands of the House and Senate and have been for some time.  Americans know who has the ball.  What are you going to do with it?”

If President Trump does that, one of two things will happen:  we will see an immediate bevy of legislative accomplishments in each of these areas signed into law and put into action, or we’ll see a bloodbath in the 2018 mid-term elections that will result in a fruit basket turnover in Congress as voters will most definitely “drain the swamp” for the President.  They will NOT blame him….and they shouldn’t.  

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