I’d Rather Be…….?

“The grass is always greener.”  How many times have you heard that.  Or “You never know what you have until it’s gone.”  Life is full of sayings that seem only appropriate AFTER we’ve made a mistake…or two.

Fathers Day is a week away.  All of us wouldn’t be/couldn’t be reading this if we didn’t have a father.  Some of us have great fathers — some, not so great.  Some have great father memories for their father is no longer with us.  May and June are reflective times of year for we celebrate Mothers Day and Fathers Day in those two months.  No doubt every mother and every father deserve at least a day a year for us to honor them.  My mother is gone, a victim of Alzheimer’s — the worst disease on Earth because it steals everything we hold the dearest.  My father is still alive although we have had no personal relationship for 25 years.  (God knows I’ve tried!)

I don’t throw stones and don’t want any thrown at me.  What I do know is that the Bible teaches us to “love our father and mother,” and to “honor those who have authority over us.”  That pretty much sets the threshold of Christian responsibility for us all.  We’re the ones that make it complicated.

Today as you prepare to celebrate Fathers Day 2017 in whatever way you choose, I encourage you to hug your father if you can, call your father if you can’t hug him and he can take phone calls, and if your relationship is not one of those, spend some reflective time of thinking about “good” father things.  One thing I encourage you NOT to do is bring up or dwell on any bad memories about Dad this week.

I’m really into family.  Mine ended for me at age 16.  It was then that I made a life commitment to myself, future wife, and future children that nothing would be allowed to break up my family after marriage and kids.  43 years later it hasn’t.  For those who have experienced the same or worse family destruction than I did at 16, I encourage you to spend this week pondering the good parts.  For all of you contemplating creating your own family, already in your own family, or looking to get in another one, remember this:  the first institution created by God was the family.

Oh, and if you can, start spending a little more time with Dad if he’s still with you.  He may be old and crotchety, he may belch, snort, and break wind.  He may forget your name and dress like a homeless guy who lives “in a van down by the river,” remember:  he’s still “Dad.”  Honor him.  Tell him you love him.

One of my old bosses (who was a Dad but is gone now) asked me one time:  “Who’s coming to your funeral?”  I thought for a moment and then replied, “My family and friends.”  His response was, “Then invest your time, effort, and energy in those folks, not so much everyone else.”  Great words of wisdom.  For you today, my words of wisdom are in this song below by Pentatonix.  When I watched and listened to it, I thought of my Dad.  Maybe you will too.


2 thoughts on “I’d Rather Be…….?”

  1. Great word from such a great Big Brother who has meant so much to my life. Thank you – Dan
    Nice touch on the song! Love to You and Maryann

    1. God made you a father to many in the kingdom and in the business world (Mountain) because You know what it is like to be forsaken and walked through with grace and forgiveness.

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