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Comey Was NOT The Worst FBI Director We Could Have

We’ve just seen the surface of how bad things can be at the FBI. Comey was probably not the beginning of the evil. Remember: his mentor and predecessor there was Robert Mueller. Mueller himself has a speckled past that TruthNewsNetwork has published multiple stories documenting some of his shadowy professional work. (See our four-part expose’ of Mueller published 7/27, 28, 29, and 30th of 2018)

Comey’s evil may have been eclipsed. However, Comey did not try to hide his nastiness. He simply walked through a situation with guns blazing: “Take no prisoners!” His replacement, on the other hand, has been persistent, structured, and out of the public eye for three years now. And in his invisibility, most Americans have assumed that he’s straightened things out at the FBI. Nothing could be further from the truth!

FBI Director Christopher Wray: “Director Disaster”

Two senior Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee sent a stinging letter Monday to FBI Director Chris Wray, suggesting he has failed to lead his agency past the abuses uncovered in the Russian scandal and demanding new access to witnesses and documents. The letter, largely symbolic since Republicans are in the House minority, is nonetheless the latest signal that Wray’s hold on his job may be in jeopardy after a series of devastating revelations about misconduct inside the nation’s premier law enforcement agency.

Let’s be honest: Director Chris Wray has been disappointing in his role as Director since assuming the role played by James Comey. Expectations by all were that Wray would right the ship that Comey had unilaterally sunk – at least in the way of intelligence agency credibility. Wray was hopefully to be a breath of fresh air, a wisp of hope for the resurrection of what has for decades been known as the most outstanding intelligence agency on Earth. Instead, Wray seems to have sat idly by watching as truth-seekers have exposed example after example of wrongdoing by many from the FBI. Yet Wray has not one time stepped in to correct the course of the agency.

Oh, Wray benignly responded to the reprimand issued by the FISA Court for FBI “mistakes” made by the dozens in applications for surveillance warrants that gave FBI agents Carte Blanche to spy on Trump Campaign members. He was warned by the Court to provide proof of systemic changes at the Bureau to make the Court feel comfortable to work with and confident that future such warrants would be legitimate and not just fodder for fuel to “get” a political opponent. The book is still out regarding such changes being implemented.

But why has this well-qualified intelligence agency prodigy been so lackluster in stepping up to lead? Are there things that the American people don’t know, don’t see, and simply have not heard the Director has done to rectify the mistakes of the past that instigated a massive drop in the trust of the nation of the FBI? We’d love to give Mr. Wray the benefit of the doubt. But matters of late prove the hopes of the country are unfulfilled.

In a recent letter to Wray from Congressmen Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Mike Johnson (R-LA) regarding disappointment in Wray’s job, Wray was confronted with some pretty harsh criticism:

“The American people continue to learn troubling details about the politicization and misconduct at the highest levels of the FBI during the Obama-Biden Administration,” they wrote. “Even more concerning, we continue to learn these new details from litigation and investigations—not from you,” the lawmakers wrote. “It is well past time that you show the leadership necessary to bring the FBI past the abuses of the Obama-Biden era.”

Much of the lawmakers’ demands of the Director are based on the plethora of evidence recently released regarding the spectacle of FBI process exposed during the investigation and subsequent charges against former National Security Advisor Lt. General Michael Flynn. It took three years for that evidence to be revealed! During that sham investigation and federal process charges against Flynn destroyed his storied military career and devastated him and his family. Flynn lost his home and pretty much every dime he had. And the Comey FBI purposely entrapped Flynn to simply get back at Donald Trump for winning in 2016.

Wray was in the DOJ at the time. For three years, Wray has known there was something fishy going on in the Bureau. And he has done nothing to rid the FBI of the stench.

Christopher Wray was the wrong choice to clean up the troubled agency, or so says former federal prosecutor Larry Klayman.

“Christopher Wray is not the person to turn the bureau around,” Klayman, founder of the government watchdog Freedom Watch. “He doesn’t have the gravitas. He’s like a kid. He’s trying to do what he needs to do to be friendly with the rest of the powers that be and the FBI. But he’s not a strong individual, and consequently, the real movement here has to be from the president himself.”

Asked why Trump selected Wray, Klayman said he believed the commander in chief “got bad advice.”

“The president has excellent instincts. The president is a fighter. The president wants to clean house and clean out all of the deadwood in this government. But someone convinced him to put Wray in there, and that was a mistake.”

Most in the shadows of the current muck being released would agree with Klayman’s assertion.

During his nearly three-year tenure at the helm of the FBI, Wray has consistently defied Congress by refusing to produce documents exposing the dishonest acts of his predecessor, James Comey, and his cadre of corrupt confederates. Even worse, Wray is to blame for suppressing evidence of innocence in the criminal case against former national security adviser Michael Flynn. Under Wray, promises of transparency and reform proved to be nothing more than an illusion, replaced by a deliberate cover-up of FBI malfeasance in the Trump-Russia investigation.

Explosive new documents emerged last week showing how Comey, together with then-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and senior counterintelligence official Peter Strzok, conjured up a pretense to interview Flynn on Jan. 24, 2017, in a plot to invent a crime they knew he did not commit.

There was no legitimate reason for agents to talk with Flynn. He had done nothing wrong in speaking with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak during the presidential transition. Yet, armed with the conversations that had been secretly recorded, the FBI fabricated a reason to meet with Flynn, deceived him about their true intent, and set a trap to “get him to lie, so we can prosecute him or get him fired.” This was unconscionable and, quite likely, illegal.

Getting rid of Flynn would achieve a dual purpose. First, it would eliminate the threat of an experienced intelligence official in the White House who would undoubtedly uncover the FBI’s scheme to falsely implicate Trump in a nonexistent “collusion” conspiracy with Russia. Second, it would badly damage the president a mere four days into his brand new administration.

The new documents show that Comey, McCabe and Strzok were desperate to eliminate Flynn. He had been investigated and surveilled by the FBI, which, at one point, deployed a confidential human source (CHS) who was unable to dig up any dirt on the retired lieutenant general. Flynn was a patriot, not a Russian agent. “No derogatory information was identified,” stated one memorandum dated Jan. 4, 2017.

The bureau’s Washington field office decided to close its covert case against Flynn. But Strzok, at the behest of Comey and McCabe, put a stop to that. They resurrected an ancient  1799 law — the Logan Act — as an excuse to legitimize their pursuit of Flynn even though they well knew that the act had no application to Flynn’s case.

All of this information was contained in documents hidden for years by Wray’s FBI but made public only last week after a suspicious Attorney General William Barr ordered a review of the Flynn matter. Under the law, such evidence is required to be turned over to the defendant.  A judicial order in the Flynn case also mandated it.

Instead, the material was hidden from Flynn and the American public. Both deserved the truth. The retired three-star general had been ruined financially and his reputation shattered. Under threat, he was coerced by special counsel Robert Mueller’s pack of partisan prosecutors into pleading guilty to a crime he did not commit — making a false statement. Mueller’s team knew all about the exculpatory documents, but they chose to bury them and persecute Flynn.

To make matters worse, records also show that the FBI agents who interviewed Flynn on Jan. 24 concluded that he did not lie. However, Strzok and his lover, FBI lawyer Lisa Page, substantially rewrote the original report in violation of agency protocols.

Director Wray bears direct responsibility for failing to produce long ago all of this evidence of the FBI’s gross misconduct. If he did not know about it, as he claims, then he’s incompetent. More likely, he knew but refused to do what his duty demanded. In either case, he is not the person who should be leading the FBI. The bureau’s reputation was left in tatters by Comey, and Wray has done little if anything to give Americans any confidence that the FBI can be trusted.

Wray’s gotta go. And he’s got to go now.

America and its people deserve better. We deserve honesty in FBI leadership — for a change.


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