It’s not so much confusion we’re concerned about; it’s the hysteria that results from disorder. With several million Americans diagnosed with Coronavirus and over 200,000 dead at its hands, one would think the medical community would have everything to do with this virus well in hand. Nothing could be further from the truth.

There’s no universal agreement among treating doctors as to its causes, its symptoms, and treatment, nor is there a consensus on how to manage and defeat it. There ARE numerous opinions about all of this we mentioned, but very little agreement on any of it.

  • It’s transmitted only from animals to humans.
  • It CAN be transmitted from human to human.
  • Its universal symptoms are respiratory illness along with high fever.
  • High fever isn’t necessarily present as a symptom, nor is respiratory distress.
  • A sudden loss of taste is now a symptom, along with a loss of smell.
  • Loss of taste or smell is not a good indication of COVID-19.
  • Hydroxychloroquine with Azithromycin, in some cases, is the “miracle cure” for Coronavirus.
  • Numerous doctors around the world have treated thousands of COVID-19 patients with Hydroxychloroquine with amazing positive and much quicker results.
  • The FDA warns that using Hydroxychloroquine is NOT a good option for most COVID-19 patients.
  • A case study by VA proved that Hydroxychloroquine, in some cases, worsens the disease and hastens death.
  • “Experts” predict from 200,000 to 2 million Americans will die from Coronavirus, the result of COVID-19.
  • The same “Experts” say that number could be as low as 60,000 but not higher than 200,000.
  • Almost every COVID-19 patient, when exhibiting respiratory distress, needs immediate intubation and a respirator to survive.
  • Many doctors say that intubation and respirators “often” cause COVID-19 patients to quickly worsen in their condition and sometimes hasten death.

These quoted “Experts” who purportedly make their statements concluding statistics, reports of treatment of COVID-19 patients from around the world, and research committed by research scientists in dozens of laboratories worldwide agree on very little. What’s more concerning is their conclusions drawn from statistics, and their information from healthcare professionals changes daily.

Members of the media who have suddenly become medical experts on “all things COVID-19” chastise President Trump for not knowing everything about COVID-19 sufficient to prepare the U.S. for its latest pandemic months in advance of its first U.S. cases. They incessantly demand answers while posing some of the most meaningless examples of errors by members of the Trump Administration in this pandemic that each should disqualify every Trump appointee at every level of the Administration to serve. They tout the findings of a handful of their own “experts,” some of who sit in statehouses across the nation, some are contributors to liberal news outlets. These media experts to a person claim that almost all of the information relayed to Americans in the daily White House COVID-19 task force briefings are incorrect — especially when touted by the President. We could fill a book with the statements of “fact” thrown in our faces by these healthcare pundits that have been debunked when facts become known.

We seldom hear any reports of those debunked “facts.”

Is What We Hear from Experts Right or Wrong?

Just when we think we have things in their respective niches, we get a report like this:

These two ER docs are a couple of physicians who are certainly on the ground in the COVID-19 war. One would consider it wise to listen to those guys and maybe pause for our unconditional acceptance of what we are told by “experts” from the political community.

Ventilators Doctors have warned putting patients on the machines too early could cause more harm than good. Figures show two-thirds of COVID-19 sufferers who are hooked up to the potentially life-saving machines in the UK do not survive. Reports in China, Italy, and the U.S. have found that less than half of patients recover who are intubated.  Experts are unsure why the death rates are so high. In New York City alone, at least 80 percent of coronavirus patients while on a ventilator do not survive.

As health officials around the world push to get more ventilators to treat patients, some doctors are moving away from using the breathing machines when they can. The reason: Some hospitals have reported unusually high death rates for coronavirus patients on ventilators, and some doctors worry that the devices could be harming individual patients.

Mechanical ventilators push oxygen into patients whose lungs are failing. Using the machines involves sedating a patient and sticking a tube into the throat. Deaths in such sick patients are common, no matter the reason they need breathing help.

Generally speaking, 40 percent to 50 percent of patients with severe respiratory distress die while on ventilators, experts say.

One doctor explained the problem by saying that COVID-19, as it expands in the lungs, starves blood cells of oxygen. The purpose of the lungs is to oxygenate blood as it is pumped through by the heart. Ventilators pump blood using high pressure through the lungs, which, because of the tremendous increase of the virus in blood cells, cannot oxygenate those blood cells sufficiently.

Many of these doctors are ditching respirators and using oxygen itself through CPAP and BIPAP machines, which externally push oxygen into the lungs. They’re seeing O2 levels in patients increase significantly and much faster than those using ventilators.

Bad Information

Here we go again: here comes a conspiracy!

There are dozens of conspiracies floating around about purported lies and misrepresentations about COVID-19. You’ve heard them all. I have found it beneficial in this case (as is almost always the case) to count on those who sit in the driver’s seat and have the “real” pulse of the circumstances of any controversy. Regarding COVID-19, to me, it should be the healthcare professionals who treat COVID patients. And even speaking to those experts, we hear conflicts. This is the part of this mystery that perplexes me: how could there be vast differences describing the exact same circumstances regarding the same virus, its sources, dangers, treatments, and results? Isn’t it ironic that medical scientists, virologists, epidemiologists, immunologists, pulmonologists, and biologists could, in each specialty, make predictions 180 degrees from other same-field specialists?

There certainly are conspiracies abundant in each of these: political, medical, social, economic, and even military “alleged” conspiracies in each. Unfortunately for Americans, it is IMPOSSIBLE to say any of the causes, treatments, results, statistics, or sources or reasons can be debunked or confirmed in their claims!

In modern medicine, we’re accustomed to being given answers to medical issues. And we’re used to them being correct and absolute. In my lifetime, I’ve never seen or heard of anything like this.  (This video is 10 minutes. It will be 10 minutes you will never think were “wasted.”)


What can you do? I’ll answer that question this way be saying, this is what I’m doing for me. In the event of the contracting Coronavirus that cannot be treated at home and I am hospitalized, these are my WRITTEN instructions:

  1. I have an “at-home” prescription for Hydroxychloroquine and Xythromiacin that should I need hospitalization will go with me and be demanded during treatment;
  2. I have written documents that preclude my intubation or respiration by mechanical means without written permission from my personal doctor, wife, and attorney. No release for these medical treatments can be carried out without the consent of all three;
  3. Any administered procedure or drug used to treat me while hospitalized must be pre-approved by my personal physician in a written prescription;
  4. I authorize full treatment for any Code I sustain during my stay unless not doing so is jointly agreed to by my wife, personal physician, and my attorney.

(For information: I have a respiratory condition resulting from bacterial pneumonia from thirty-years-ago that result in my having Bronchiectasis, which makes breathing difficult and can lead to bacterial pneumonia)

Two weeks ago we played that video from the NYC doctor who stated the usage of respirators was not just deadly in treatment of COVID-19 patients, but actually dramatically increases the death toll among COVID-19 patients.  YouTube pulled that video down as I’m certain they will the above video from the Nurse Practioner. That in itself should be a wakeup call for us all.

What’s Going On?

The only answer I can give that is certain is “Confusion” is the common denominator of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We cannot tell you what to believe, disbelieve, accept, or even what to believe. Find your facts. We will continue to pass along all the factual information we can get to you as quickly as we find and verify its accuracy.

Oh, there is one thing I can factually say all of us should do: Pray!


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