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Consumed by Lust

My Dad was a fiery preacher that pastored a small church in a small town in south Louisiana. We moved to that town — Franklin — the Summer before my freshman year in high school. What a horrible time for a family to move! We all know how fragile are our psyches and emotions at that age. I left my old friends with which I had grownup to move to a small town where no one knew me. Worst was I had to find a way to “fit in.” That wasn’t so easy to do back in 1967. And to make matters worse, I was a teenage boy who had just discovered girls.

I cannot today describe the roller coaster that I rode everyday because of my personal feelings and my self-condemnation. Think about it: a fourteen-year-old boy whose father was a pastor, just moved to a new town where no one knew him or anything about him, and his hormones suddenly showed up! What a conundrum that I faced everyday with NO guidance, NO direction, and lots of condemnation.

My problem was lust — I discovered girls. And did my hormones kick into high gear! I never knew girls were like “that.” “That,” of course, was the fact that girls’ hormones changed them in the same way as mine changed me. And I LIKED their changes!

Church each Sunday became a place for me to both feel guilty for “thinking” bad things — which I later discovered were simply natural thoughts — repenting for my horrible sins, and starting over by getting “clean” for the next week.

That cycle was perpetual and always brought the same results.

Thankfully my lust for the opposite sex did not destroy me. And several years later I found my soulmate. Yesterday — Valentines Day — we celebrated 46 years of wedded bliss that produced three children, six grandchildren, and a bunch of memories.

That lust with which I struggled was soon replaced by an understanding of life as a fourteen year old and a respect and love that has endured for almost half a century.

Is Lust Just About Sex?

The short answer is “No.”

Lust is “a psychological force producing intense desire for an object, or circumstance while already having a significant other or amount of the desired object.”

Can you imagine an adult example in which lust drives people insane in a quest for  something or someone which they want but don’t have? Of course there are  multiple examples of people burning in desire for a love interest. Close to half the marriages in the U.S. struggle with (and often end with) lust harbored by one party to the marriage who act on that lust that tragically destroys the marriage. But there are OTHER examples of lust that create equal or sometimes even nastier results for those involved. What lust could there be that might be nastier?

Political Power

It’s not a reach to compare an example of sexual lust to one of lust for political might and power. And lust for power is rampant in the nation’s Capital and is growing stronger by the day. Most people don’t even recognize its existence let alone pin its deadliness on politicians that consumes so many while leaving its victims’ bodies strewn along the streets of D.C.

Political Lust

Back in the 60s and 70s, Washington political power craved by every politician was for money. It began innocently enough: Congressional pay was not equal to the pay in similar positions in the private sector and living in D.C. was very costly. Those government “servants” were driven to make ends meet. And D.C. political financial creativity was born.

“Lobbying” became the big “go-to” for money. Big law firms hired former legislators who all had open doors to their counterparts who still served in Congress. If your firm has corporate clients who need access to Congress for anything, who better to hire to provide that access than a former member of Congress? They can put your client’s hopes, wishes, and agenda items in the faces of any number of the 535 lawmakers on a daily basis.

“How does that turn into dollars?” Huge salaries, benefits, and opportunities for the ex-lawmakers (now lobbyists) along with their family members. And the financial benefits are mind-boggling: “Quid Pro Quo.”

How many pieces of legislation are passed each year as a result of lobbyist paid-for junkets to exotic locations or cush positions in law firms or D.C. offices for extended family members of those lawmakers? How many endowed scholarships are funded in the name of members of Congress paid for with generous donations from a major corporation who saw a billion dollar bill passed out of committee to the floor of the House, something nobody in Congress thought could happen?

And then there are always tips and “heads-ups” of pending corporate revelations passed along in secret just prior to that big news hitting the press which runs that corporate stock prices through the roof? This practice is so prevalent, the House even passed a bill several years ago that was signed into law named “The Pelosi Bill” because Nancy Pelosi cashed in on numerous such opportunities giving insider information to her husband Paul and others to make millions. (By the way: insider trading is and has been illegal for many years. Martha Stewart went to jail for it. And nothing happened to Nancy.)

Where Does Lust For Political Power Come In?

Think about it: just because there are rampant under-the-table financial opportunities doesn’t automatically turn into big money for legislators. They must be careful not to be detected. But there are pitfalls that befall those who step over the line and get caught. That news makes trouble with voting constituents. And there’s no way to perpetuate the Gravy Train without returning to Washington again and again — constituents determine who goes back and who doesn’t. The way to control this and everything else in the process is to control everything and everybody in the government process in every way!

That takes power. Political power gives the holders control. Control allows a political party or group of big donors or various not-for-profit entities inside opportunities which could NEVER be achieved without Political Power.

All those opportunities most politicians lust for are attainable only under the right conditions. And, of course, the purveyors of power and control determine who is and who is not worthy of receiving any of these D.C. boondoggles. And there are plenty to go around IF you’re in the right clique.

Right now, the Democrat Party controls the clique — AND all the benefits of power.

Is This Legal?

Of course it is! How can this abuse of American voters and taxpayers not be “illegal?”

Who makes all the laws. What other business do you know in which the employees set ALL the rules? In what job in which you were employed were you ever able to determine your compensation, your benefits, and when you get pay raises? At what private company do the employees determine what days they are going to work and how many days-off they are allowed to have “with pay?”

“He who holds all the power makes ALL the rules.” And that is the United States Congress along with the Presidency. Who controls that now? The Democrat Party.


Constitutionally, our government is supposed to be “Of, by, and for the People.” That has not been the case for decades. Whichever political party controls two of the three branches of government wields almost all the power. Their big question from election to election is who they will stick out front to be the face of government.

Who busted their monopoly on power wide open? Donald Trump.

Now you know why James Comey set in motion the Russia Collusion Investigation, why there was a deep dive into Trump violation allegations of the Emoluments Clause, “Ukraine-Gate” that morphed into Impeachment #1, the voting manipulation in the November 3rd election (which really DID happen), and Impeachment #2.

Don’t forget the 24/7 shellacking of all things and all people Trump for 4+ years by the voices of the now-outed mouthpieces of the Democrat Party, the “Lamestream Media.”

This was all because of one thing: Donald Trump promised while campaigning in 2016 (and he followed through after elected) to give the People back the power of the U.S. Government and to “Drain the Swamp.” They could NOT allow that to happen. Their cry in 2020 was, “No More!” They had to stop Trump — no matter the cost.

And because of their “Lust for Power” we today find our nation disjointed, in tatters, writhing in uncertainty, void of real leadership, consumed with fear of the unknown while the federal government has launched a feeding frenzy of all Americans who dare to disagree with the “Power Junkies” that control it all and espouse Conservatism with NO more large government.

Who’s running the show? We call it a “Plutocracy” — a well-defined bundle of two groups of heavyweights: powerful elected officials including appointed bureaucrats along with filthy rich Leftists. They all work for the common good of their “cause,” not the common good of the “People.”

They lust for “Power” and are committed to, at all costs, regain it and keep it in perpetuity.

What do we do? The first step is to open your eyes and recognize what’s before us. There certainly is no quick fix. We didn’t get to this point in a year or two or even several decades. And understanding and accepting the foes we face is a beginning toward taking back our nation, but it’s just the beginning. You can bet the Plutocrats plan to NEVER let Donald Trump or another populist American steal their power again! And they will do anything to maintain it going forward no matter who must be eliminated to facilitate that goal.

There are numerous examples we could share now that would wear your concentration thin. We won’t do that. But one recent thing that occurred illustrates best how this Plutocracy functions. In closing, I’ll point it out:

Surprisingly, this past Saturday morning, House Impeachment Managers announced they were going to call witnesses in Impeachment Trial #2. Democrat Party Leaders went nuts! They circled the wagons and quickly eliminated any witnesses testifying in the Senate trial. Why? One reason only.

If the House Managers allowed witnesses to be called, that would have triggered the same opportunity for the Defense. The House Managers had not thought about the first likely witness the Defense Team would call: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. What could Pelosi say in testimony that might help the Trump cause?

Remember the yet unexplained lack of security on Capitol Hill and even in the Capitol on January 6? Most reasoning Americans know that was a calculated decision made by someone to facilitate rioting and even those evil Trump supporters get into the Capitol itself. The FBI, the White House, and even the Washington Metro Police informed federal government leaders there were planned demonstrations that would become violent on that day. Each of those warnings that came six different times were ignored by the authorities who secure those buildings and grounds: the Capitol Police. And the Capitol Police told the FBI, the Trump Administration Homeland Security, the Nat’l Guard, and even the D.C. police to stand down.

Who gave that stand down order? Nancy Pelosi! 

The Speaker of the House controls all operations in the Capitol — even the Capitol Police. Pelosi made the decision to ignore those warnings and the possible repercussions of not preparing to counter the problems that were planned for that day and to just let it all happen. Why? To facilitate that second impeachment of Trump for his incitement of insurrection that never occurred — it was instigated by Nancy!

Democrat Party Leaders knew that news of Pelosi’s inaction had been circulating around Washington for days and knew if she was called to testify under oath in the trial, Trump’s defense team would ask her what she knew in advance of the craziness and what steps she took to prepare for it all. She’d be forced to tell the truth or lie under oath, which is a felony. And in either case, her actions if revealed to the nation, would destroy the unilateral power held by the Democrat Party. They would be toast! And they could NOT let that happen.

NOTE: Pay attention to matters on the Hill over the next month. Watch closely how rapidly Biden rolls out even more executive orders. Watch how quiet the media are about American domestic policy changes made through those orders and legislation that is rushed through both the House and the Senate. Watch the lust for Power consume even more politicrats in Washington.

That’s what this whole thing has been about. And it’s NOT changing anytime soon.

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