Controversy: Who Can we Trust?

Every two years, we in the U.S. elect and re-elect members to the United States Congress. Every second such election includes that of the U.S. President and Vice President. And each of those elections typically exposes the financial faults of many of those who run for office. Why is that? Running a successful bid for any federal office today is an expensive process. Small campaign bank balances mean necessary aggressive “dialing for campaign dollars” f0r federal office candidates.

202o is no different.

Sketchy Campaign Contributions

We hear every campaign cycle of some person running for office who is outed for accepting questionable campaign dollars from an unseemly individual, group, or corporation that is embarrassed and must find a way to exonerate themselves from any alleged wrongdoing. Who would think that the purportedly “clean” Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) would not only have accepted campaign dollars from a seedy contributor but that it would show up in Romney campaign coffers directly from George Soros? But it happened.

Let’s take a look at a list of multiple Senators and Representatives who have kissed the ring of our nation’s own Globalist “Wannabe Leader,” George Soros:





















Most whose names appear on the Soros gift list are not surprising. Two stick out: Obama and Romney.

Soros famously stated he wasted money contributing to Obama, that the former president was feckless and afraid of doing the things necessary to forward a globalist agenda. Romney, on the other hand, has always (at least in public) worked diligently to keep his name clean and therefore shunned associations with shady characters like Soros. But, “the love of money is the root of all evil.” I guess that must apply to Romney’s sellout to the European billionaire and globalist political activist.

Planned Parenthood

The nation’s largest single abortion provider each year is prolific at passing out funds to politicians during each election. Why the massive interest? The federal government doles out about $500 million annually in taxpayer funds to support the Planned Parenthood assistance in women’s reproductive healthcare as well as education and birth control. It is still against federal law for Planned Parenthood to use federal funding to provide abortions. But it is a simple process of “left-pocket right-pocket” issue to skirt that provision of the Hyde Amendment.

Planned Parenthood is very generous with most of those taxpayer dollars and turns those funds right around to politicians. Here’s the list of PP campaign contributions in 2020 to federal politicians in both the House and the Senate:


As you can see, as far as Planned Parenthood is concerned, Republicans shun their dirty money. Democrats — not so much. There is little wonder why Democrats constantly stump for Planned Parenthood in fiscal matters. Democrat House and Senate leadership annually make certain their cash cow and abortion turnstile receive maximum campaign dollars. After all, how could Planned Parenthood survive without the tax dollars that are confiscated from us to forward to them? They’d be forced to “ask” for contributions. Leftists would probably die before forking over the millions in donations that come from Conservative Americans through federal taxes.


Let’s face it, folks: the U.S. government is not just ill, it’s broken. Our forefathers, (including the one who gave us the Declaration of Independence who statues are being torn down) led by Thomas Jefferson decried the very existence of political parties. He famously quipped about parties “If political parties were mandatory to assure my eternity in Heaven, I would gladly suffer the fate of the alternative by choice.” That’s a pretty lofty statement to make and certainly a slam at the party system in the U.S. then. Today, it’s much worse.

“Control begets power in Congress; power begets whatever the power-holder demands.” That sentence illustrates the fundamental evil of today’s political party system. The Democrat nor Republican parties have the title of being the evilest. There’s plenty to go around. And go around it does.

Party power permeates every part of America’s governing system. That power is THE most sought after attainment of any political party. Why is that? With political power in Congress, the ruling party can pretty much do whatever it wants. Its leaders cut deals through the proverbial “if I will, will you?” political negotiation tool. What that means is that nothing gets done for any elected member of Congress or his or her district until that Representative or Senator pays whatever price is demanded by controlling party leadership. It’s that simple. If a member of Congress truly wants to take care of the constituents back home, they MUST find ways to play the Congressional monopoly game. And in playing, they must find as much cover as possible to cover the required negotiations and compromises to get what their voters want.


Folks, we better be glad that Donald Trump is the occupant at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and not Hillary Clinton. It is unfathomable how much graft and corruption, dealing, manipulation, passing of money under the table, and outright evil would have been done at this stage of her term as President. The greatest horror of that though, is that We would probably never know about it! The Department of Justice would be run by a Democrat Clinton pawn; James Comey would still be FBI Director, John Brennan CIA Director, and James Clapper, the Director of DNI!

Maybe that wouldn’t be so bad: we wouldn’t have to worry about any of the evil taking place because they’d never tell us. “What you don’t know can’t hurt you.”

What I DO know is that your bank balances would be very close to zero — and much closer than it is today. Literal tax confiscation would have been instigated immediately following her inauguration, and the money tree would be full of payback money for all her contributors. There would never be any more donation restrictions or transparency of donor requirements. Hillary’s minions would have immediately stripped those requirements from FEC regulations. PACs and SuperPACs would have free rein to contribute as much as they could gather for Hillary and every other Leftist in government running for office. “Loyalty Paybacks” would run wild in Washington. We’d never know about any of this. The Clintons for 30 years have perfected the process of maximizing money with absolutely NO paper trail. That way, no one is wiser from knowing about it. And no one gets hurt.

But what DOES get hurt in that type of environment is the democratic process of government that has kept this nation alive. I thought we’d be lucky to make it through Barrack Obama’s eight years. When we did, I let a sigh of relief go. When it appeared that Hillary was not just going to win in 2016, but was going to wipe the floor with Donald Trump, my heart sunk into my shoes and remained there — until election night.

God has given this nation one more chance. To make it through all the snares, snakes, and pestilences we see today; we are each going to have to either grow backbones or stiffen the one we have. It is going to take a concerted and unified effort to maintain any shred of honesty and sense of justice in a Biden presidency. Who can imagine any scenario in which we would awaken in November knowing we have a President Joe Biden.

Joe would personally do very little to hurt the nation. But his handlers already have a manuscript written, edited, and memorized by all who are part of that team to maximize the use of Joe’s hunger for the presidency but lack of ability to fulfill the presidential responsibilities unilaterally. Bernie Sanders didn’t just throw his support to Joe Biden because he’s a good loser. He has a vested interest in “helping” Joe usher in at best Socialism, and at worst Marxism. Either one of those we see in the U.S. in this century will be the final nail in the coffin of liberty and justice for all.

Pull yourself together and plan YOUR strategy for November. Don’t hesitate to draw like-minded people into that thought process, too. There is strength in numbers and always a plethora of additional ideas for group consideration.

The U.S. government was never and still is not designed for “a” person to run. To use the title of Hillary’s book: “It Takes a Village.” Planning is critical to not only implement a devised process for some specific objective. Preparation MUST contain the willing and capable players to not only participate in the game but to win it.

A second term for Donald Trump will be miraculous. But the first term for Joe Biden would spell the beginning of the end of this Republic.

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