Court Rulings DO Prove The 2020 Election Was “Illegitimate,” Regardless Of What Has Been Told: There Was Massive Fraud

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  Tony, with a little help from his friends, for years did what every Hispanic lawmaker in South Texas did — facilitate mass migration. But, suddenly Tony flipped a switch, change his mind, and flipped! He’s now a Republican, a darling of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, and many think has “something up his sleeve.” Frank Lopez Jr. will share all those details with us today.

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One Big Question For All About Election Integrity

“If elections are conducted outside of the law, the people have not conferred their consent on the government. Such elections are unlawful, and their results are illegitimate.” — Justice Rebecca Grassl Bradley, writing for the Wisconsin Supreme Court majority in Teigen v. Wisconsin Elections Commission

A court of law has finally confirmed it: The 2020 election was “illegitimate.” And all the demands for sufficient evidence of voter fraud to reverse the outcome were a red herring.

The truly dispositive factor, as stated by a Republican Wisconsin state legislator in a March hearing and affirmed in the opinion: “If a vote is cast in an illegal process, it’s an illegal vote!”

The reasons for legislatively enacted absentee ballot protections are clear. Justice Bradley quotes the Wisconsin Legislature’s rationale: “Prevent the potential for fraud or abuse … overzealous solicitation of absent electors who may prefer not to participate in an election … undue influence on an absent elector … or other similar abuses.”

And that’s exactly what unlawfully relaxed provisions occasioned in Wisconsin:

  • Nearly 3,600 trips by 138 “mules” to drop boxes to traffic 137,551 votes. (Trump lost the state by about 20,000.)
  • Illegal assistance with absentee ballots by nursing home staff to residents, some with dementia.
  • Zuckerbucks” exploiting these changes to “purchase Joe Biden an additional 65,222 votes, without which Donald Trump would have won the state by 44,540 votes.”

But again, per Wisconsin’s Supremes, Donald Trump didn’t have to prove the existence or extent of fraud, only deviation from legislative schemes. Because – nota bene! – the votes’ unlawful nature is the proof.

The same “pollution” of the “integrity of the results,” as the Court expressed it, occurred in:

  • Michigan: Unlawfully imposed rules for validating absentee signatures and a refusal to comply with an enactment allowing access to drop-box video surveillance.
  • Georgia: The Stacey Abrams settlement that, as a U.S. Supreme Court amicus curiae brief demonstrated, ran afoul of schemes regulating – what else? – drop boxes and signature identification.
  • Pennsylvania: A state Supreme Court decree involving absentee deadlines that, per U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, “squarely alter(ed) an important statutory provision enacted by the Pennsylvania Legislature.”

As Texas and 17 other states argued in a petition to the U.S. Supreme Court, these jurisdictions’ “significant and unconstitutional irregularities … cumulatively precluded knowing who legitimately won the 2020 election.”

Yet observers left and right shrug off the Badger State ruling’s significance. Slate sniffs, “Without a shred of evidence” (to repeat, irrelevant) “the court has thrown its weight behind a dangerous conspiracy theory” (unlawful votes are no “conspiracy”) “that helped to fuel the Jan. 6 insurrection.” (That again.)

And sort of rightward, the Wall Street Journal trots out the usual dismissive arguments:

  • “Mr. Trump … lagged the state’s GOP congressmen by 63,547. Split tickets by Republicans more than explain why Mr. Trump fell short.”

Really? Trump had 95% approval among Republicans in October 2020. Yet GOP congressmen ran ahead of him?

  • “Drop boxes were an unlawful delivery method, but if real Wisconsinites put real ballots into them … that isn’t ‘fraud.’”

Again, fraud isn’t dispositive – illegal votes are. Outside anti-fraud provisions, how can anyone know who deposited the ballots?

  • “Bill Barr told a podcast recently that Mr. Trump was duly warned to get solid lawyers working to defend business-as-usual voting processes. … ‘He ignored that advice. He did not have a legal team prepared to go and fight around the country. So a lot of these, bending of the playing field, were his own fault.’”

Trump’s attorneys combatted unlawful provisions state by state, before and after Nov. 3. Were slapped down repeatedly on the inappropriate “lack of evidence” standard. And even humiliated and threatened with sanctions for representing him.

Plus, try out this argument: “The woman was dressed provocatively and didn’t take self-defense lessons. So that sexual assault was her own fault.”

The Journal did get one thing right: “Judges are unlikely to throw out legitimate votes after the fact.” Or even illegitimate ones. Alito also wrote that the Pennsylvania case had “national importance. … There is a strong likelihood that the State Supreme Court decision violates the federal Constitution.” Yet when a majority rejected the Lone Star State’s petition for lack of “a judicially cognizable interest in the manner in which another state conducts its elections,” even Alito allowed that he “would grant no other relief.”

Of course, that ruling was outrageous. As Justice Bradley wrote, “(A)ll lawful voters … are injured when the institution charged with administering Wisconsin elections does not follow the law, leaving the results in question.”

Petitioning states had an interest in preventing their “lawful voters’” disenfranchisement when battleground jurisdictions’ constitutional infractions led to an “illegitimate” national outcome. These citizens “have not conferred their consent” for Bidenite misrule and ensuing harm – ruinous inflation, border chaos, institutionalized gender confusion and cancel culture, and global humiliation.

The British crown’s lack of “consent of the governed” led Thomas Jefferson to pen the immortal passage: “When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another.”

It has become necessary. Even the Reddest Waves this November cannot now undo the damage the Zuckerbergs, Jan. 6 zealots, and the rest of the “well-funded cabal of powerful people, ranging across industries and ideologies” have wrought to our system and processes. Or prevent another electoral heist in 2024.

This returns us to the demand articulated nearly 600 days ago: since they got no help from courts, “Deep red states should simply declare the union dissolved” – Jefferson’s term – “by nefarious actions to disenfranchise Americans.”

Justice Bradley has now officially fired the starting gun. Let the Great American Opt-Out commence.


So the Left hears all of these cases and various courts’ findings and simply yawn and say, “So what?” They certainly would not be saying that if the shoe was on the other foot. They would be screaming and demonstrating in front of courthouses around the nation demanding justice for the destruction of the American voting system. But that didn’t happen, did it? I wonder why.

Before you are tempted to yawn with the Democrats because this is happening to the “other” guys and not your own party, consider this: if you wonder why so many pollsters are projecting Democrats will be swept on from sidewalks after the November shellacking at the polls by Republicans, here’s your answer. American voters now get You; they understand your drive to build a massive Democrat voting base that will never be challenged by Republicans again. The two chief arrows in your quiver of mass immigration from the South and “fiddling” with the voting process.

“Thank you, God, for COVID-19. It allowed us to manipulate votes, primarily through mail-in ballot manipulation, sufficiently completed in the swing states that was sufficient to take the win from Donald Trump.”

If you saw the documentary “2000 Mules,” you know exactly what I’m talking about. If you haven’t seen the documentary — no matter if you’re Republican OR Democrat — watch it. It’s available on Rumble. If you’re Republican, it will frost you; a Democrats, it will scare you to death.

After its appearing in theaters all over the world for months now, if the data and scientific facts presented in the offering were fake or manipulated, mainstream media would have jumped on it, beat the drum against it daily all day each day, and attacked is producers, director, and those that appear in the movie. There were a few weak and fact-vapid responses in efforts to diminish its hard-hitting fact presentation, but not a single shot struck its mark. You see, facts live in a world all by themselves. They are absolute, so we cannot change them. And these facts are out.

Couple the documentary with the investigations by impartial judges and other servants of courts in multiple states who, on their on, investigated their own states and found embarrassing cheating in the vote process clearly indicate there was massive cheating, organized by some central operation, and a large bevy of operatives in a successful effort to change the election results during that night when, mysteriously, all counting was stopped at 10PM only to open the next morning declaring Joe Biden the victor — after Trump had a massive lead in most states on Tuesday evening at 10.

Conservatives who are insistent the evidence prove election wrongdoing, NO conservative legitimately thinks that election could and should be overturned. It’s too late. Biden’s administration is an illegitimate group of unelected bureaucrats who successfully manned an election coup that put Biden in the White House and, by the way, instigated these numerous debacles that Biden nor any other Democrat will be able to fix. And the American taxpayer, as usual, pays the price.

These facts cray for one thing only: reinstall the faith, confidence, and fairness in the American election System. And hold those complicit in the cheating in 2020’s election liable for their actions! Unless that happens, there’s no need for an election ever again. The Left will have installed themselves with ultimate power to determine the outcome of any future election without voting at all. The opinions and desires of the American people will have been obliterated to be replaced by true autocratic rule by the Democrat Party.

If you’re one who laughs are simply shakes their head at this offering today, no this: there definitely WAS voter fraud in 2020. Evidence proves that in multiple states and using multiple methods. That can no longer be questioned. But, after reading all the facts and knowing there are more to come and you STILL feel like “There weren’t enough fraudulent votes to change the result, ask and answer this one question: How many fraudulent votes in our election are all right with you? And what if one of those that are negated by a fraudulent vote happens to be your’s?

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