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COVID-19 Choices And Decisions

Anyone out there who can tell me what our end game is with the COVID-19?

What is the magic formula that is going to allow us to sound the all-clear?

Is it zero cases?

The only way that will happen is if we just stop testing and stop reporting.

Is it a vaccine?

It took 25 years for a chickenpox vaccine to be developed.

The smallpox inoculation was discovered in 1796 the last known natural case was in 1977.

We have a flu vaccine that is only 40 to 60% effective and less than half of the US population choose to get one, and roughly 20,000 Americans will die of the flu or flu complications.

Oh, you’ll mandate it, like other vaccines are mandated in order to attend school, travel to some foreign countries, etc.

We already have a growing number of anti-vaxxers refusing proven, tested, well-known vaccines that have been administered for decades but aren’t necessarily safe!

Do you really think people will flock to get a fast-tracked, quickly tested vaccine, whose long-term side effects and overall efficacy are anyone’s best guess?

How long are we going to cancel and postpone and reconsider?

You aren’t doing in-person school until the second quarter?

What if October’s numbers are the same as August’s?

You moved football to spring?

What if next March is worse than this one was?

When do we decide the quality of life outweighs the risks?

I understand COVID-19 can be deadly or very dangerous for SOME people, but so are strawberries and so is shellfish.

We take risks multiple times a day without a second thought.

We know driving a car can be dangerous, we don’t leave it in the garage. Many speed and don’t wear seat belts.

We know the dangers of smoking, drinking, and eating fried foods, we do it anyway.

Is hugging Grandma really more dangerous than rush hour on the freeway?

Is going out with friends after work riskier than 4-day old gas station sushi?

Or operating a chainsaw?

When and how did we so quickly lose our free will and give up our liberty?

Is there a waiver somewhere I can sign that says, “I understand the risks, but I choose a life with Hugs and Smiles, and the State Fair and go to Church and go hug my Mom in her retirement home?”

I understand that there is a minuscule possibility I could die, but I will most likely end up feeling like crap for a few days.

I understand I could possibly pass it to someone else if I’m not careful, but I can pass any virus onto someone else.

I’m struggling to see where or how this ends.

We either get busy living or we get busy dying.

 I guess I would rather spend my time enjoying life and living in the moment and not worrying about what-ifs and maybes.

What about you?

3 thoughts on “COVID-19 Choices And Decisions”

  1. I feel the same way as you Dan. I believe the government is trying to cancel humanity. I have a hard time grasping all that is being thrown at humans, it’s total chaos and confusion.

  2. Yes! Yes! Life involves risk and, hence, a grounded trust in God’s goodness and his power to keep us. We exercise reasonable cautions and hygiene but do not buy in to the mantra of the control-hungry fear mongers. Fear will not control us. Men who use fear as a weapon will not control us. We will exercise the freedoms granted to us by God and enumerated in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. It is for freedom God has set us free!

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