COVID-19 Facts: Fauci-isms or Scientific Facts?

My Dad was a pastor of a small church in south Louisiana. He was one of those preachers who left no room between what was “good” and “evil.” There was no acceptable “gray area” in his life — and therefore, his sons. There was no such thing as a “little white lie.”

We’ve heard excuses (and told many ourselves) that were really nothing but lies. Do you remember when someone called for you, your brother or sister answered the phone, put their hand over the receiver, and said, “It’s Bill for you.” You immediately responded in a loud whisper, “Tell Bill I’m not here!”

That wasn’t really a lie, was it? I mean, I wasn’t standing right next to my brother or sister, so I technically was not “here.” I was across the room!

The reality is if it’s NOT true — no matter how insignificant or unimportant not speaking to Bill was, telling the truth in EVERY way ALL the time is of the utmost importance. After all, as my Dad said many times from the pulpit, “The Bible says ‘You shall know the Truth and the Truth will set you free.'”

The truth is pretty important, I’d say.

Then this COVID-19 pandemic came along. It’s not like our world was not already filled with debacle after debacle that all seemed to occur at one time and that that happening was no big deal. We received another massive monster that required us to alter every aspect of our lives at every level and all the others with which we were struggling at the time. But the COVID-God saw fit to drop that bomb on us. And it seemed that the truths of every part of it just vanished into thin air!

No worries, however. It was then — just in time — we were introduced to Dr. Anthony Fauci. All of our qualms and concerns that engulfed every American just melted away. Finally, we had an intellectual epidemiologist at the helm to guide the U.S. through the accompanying maze of unknowns to lead us to the Promised Land of “No more COVID.” So we put ourselves in Fauci’s hands. “Anthony Fauci is the most knowledgeable virologist on the plant. He will give us ALL the facts we need as we need them, ” we were told by OTHER “experts.”

Then reality set in.

We won’t put you to sleep by listing all of the lies said to us by Dr. Fauci through the last 18 months. We’ve done it before, and the list is massive and still growing in number. It’s amazing to watch as millions of people continue to hang on his every word, putting their lives and those of their family members in Fauci’s hands, based on all he tells us to do and not do. That continues, even in light of the dozens of lies that Fauci has given to us as “facts,” only to see his “facts” to be later disproven by REAL Science.

I was asked in a conversation with a close friend, “I know Dr. Fauci has given us some misinformation on COVID that probably were just simple mistakes. But how am I supposed to know which things to believe that Dr. Fauci says about COVID?”

My answer to his question came from that same bard in my life who taught me the ills of “little white lies.” When a close teenage friend of mine told one too many lies to me, I asked my Dad how to know what was true in what my friend told me going forward. Dad said, “Dan, to never be tricked by anything he says, you’d have to be able to discern which things he said are true and which are not. Obviously, it’s impossible to know that answer. So don’t believe ANYTHING he says. And certainly don’t make any decisions based on anything he says to you.”

Does that apply to Dr. Anthony Fauci?

Actual Published COVID Facts the “Experts” Don’t Point Us To

The following analysis was provided by the American Council on Science and Health

There are two fundamental points often ignored when referring to “the death toll from COVID-19.”

  • There is no evidence or proof offered by any scientist, pathologist, or virologist that confirms COVID-19 as the “cause” of death in the certification process.
  • The CDC enacted an expanded definition of a “COVID-19 death” on March 24th to include probable cases. This conflates and clusters test results creating a source of both under and overestimation. “COVID-19 deaths are identified using a new ICD-10 code. When COVID-19 is reported as a cause of death or when it is listed as a ‘probable’ or ‘presumed’ cause, it is coded as UO7.1 This can include cases with or without laboratory confirmation.” [emphasis added]

All deaths of patients with a linkage to COVID-19 are now classified as “COVID-19 deaths regardless of the cause or underlying health issues that could have contributed to the loss of life.” – Dr. Deborah Birx.

Today, deaths from coronary disease, diabetes, morbid obesity, or pneumonia may be linked or connected to a COVID-19 positive test result. The operative words “linked” or “connected” provide little explanation of how they’re related or indicate what the presumed link entails. As the Wall Street Journal noted, “tabulating deaths is tricky. Some states count probable deaths for cases where there weren’t test results available, but where the deceased had symptoms of the disease.”

Annual reports from the CDC/NIH confirm that Americans continue to die from the same top ten common causes. The leading causes of death are coronaries, cancers, accidents, lower respiratory diseases, stroke, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s.  The mortality numbers remain consistently around 2.8 million per annum.

Our essay suggests a snapshot in time for Coronavirus deaths. For this investigation, we accept the CDC’s data from January 1st to May 5th as the standard, providing a date to engage the statistics without future projections or shifting definitions.

Annual Mortality Statistics

Tracking mortality statistics for COVID-19 involves a moving target of guesses, projections, and revised definitions. Amidst an avalanche of expanding statistics, we need to put American deaths into perspective. On average, 7,700 deaths occur every day from all causes in the U.S. That amounts to 2.8 million deaths per annum. With no available data for 2019, the National Vital Statistics Survey (NVSS) estimates 25,000 more deaths in 2018 than in 2017, a statistically insignificant amount. The death rate in America stands consistently at 0.8% annually.

To make broad estimates, the CDC uses statistical models which it periodically revises. From 2013-2018, the CDC claims influenza annually caused 57,000 deaths [2] and sickened 42 million Americans. Fatal complications from the flu may include pneumonia, stroke, and heart attack. While the impact of the flu varies, the CDC estimates that influenza results in between 9 million and 49 million cases of illness and between 12,00 to 79,000 annual deaths per year. This enormous range is not unusual with CDC statistics because not all flu cases are reported, and flu is not always listed on death certificates.

In its annual mortality tabulations, the CDC combines influenza and pneumonia into a single category. This category typically averages between 51,000 and 56,000 fatalities, making it the 8th leading cause of death per year from 2013-2017. An estimated 80,000 Americans died of influenza and its complications in the winter of 2018, the highest death toll in 40 years. But counting influenza cases is problematic.

The CDC was “not sure of the exact numbers because flu is not a reportable disease in most parts of the United States.” ( Furthermore, influenza/pneumonia record-keeping is affected by the fluid dates that define the “flu season.” That may fluctuate from October to May or from December through February, depending on the year. For instance, the CDC estimates that “between October 1st, 2019, to April 4th, 2020, about 24,000 to 62,000 people died of influenza.”

The CDC indicates that from January 2021 to May 5th (or 35% of the year), there were 751,953 deaths from all causes (roughly 95-97% of the expected tally). Influenza deaths accounted for .07% of all deaths, a number consistent for every year from 2013 to 2018.

The standard definition of an emerging disease like COVID-19 appears surprisingly loose. A cluster of characteristic symptoms (flu-like, common cold-like, pneumonia-like), possible contact with a previous patient, and a test result of uncertain accuracy are all that’s needed. Researchers should find a segment of genomic nucleic acid in patient samples, proven by DNA sequencing. That has not been done.

Scientists and medical researchers admit they do not know how COVID-19 kills because it would require tissue samples from autopsies. The absence of that data hinders efforts to understand how the new Coronavirus allegedly wreaks havoc. As reported in Nature, “We need those tissues to determine what is killing patients affected by COVID-19. Is it pneumonia? Is it blood clots? Why do they develop kidney failure? We have no clue.”

“With COVID-19, the underlying cause depends upon what and where conditions are reported on the death certificate. However, the rules for coding and selection of the underlying cause of death are expected to result in COVID-19 being the underlying cause more often than not.” [emphasis added]

Vaccine Data Conveniently Ignored in Public by “Experts”

How many times were we told by everyone in the COVID business, “As quickly as the vaccines hit the market, get a vaccination? They will save your life!” 100 million+ Americans did just that. And now, in some places in the U.S., Americans’ so-called “breakthrough infections” that turn into serious cases lead to deaths more times than COVID cases in unvaccinated Americans.

Have you heard Dr. Fauci speak of that?

And then there are those expected adverse effects in people that were/are “unexpected” among vaxxed Americans. In the early days after the initiation of vaccinations, Dr. Fauci spoke calmly about there being “a few cases of those vaxxed just like we experienced through the years from other vaccines — like the flu.”

He nor any other national medical “expert” ever warned Americans there would likely be MASSIVE adverse effects from the vaccines that would happen so quickly and severely and sometimes even cause deaths.

Here’s a report we follow weekly that goes all the way back to January 1, 2021, that tracks Adverse Events from COVID-19 vaccinations. Carefully read the details, and we’ll chat on the other side:

Why is not the VAERS report, which is updated weekly and published ON THE CDC website, front-and-center news in every story regarding COVID-19!

There is NO plausible explanation for the experts to not do so.

COVID-19 Promised Boosters

I’m certain you heard that President Biden’s promise to Americans of a booster vaccine shot in February will NOT happen. In fact, “the book’s still out,” they say, regarding any firm date for the FDA approval of vaccine boosters for all Americans as the President promised.

What you did NOT hear is that in the Friday, September 17 FDA meeting, the only reported detail from the meeting was that only two commissioners supported the vaccine booster. There were some significant elements presented to the advisory panel conveniently absent from the media reports.

The panel voted 16-2 to reject extra doses of an “experimental vaccine, citing insufficient data from incomplete clinical trials and the potential risk of heart inflammation – especially among young men.”

The FDA hearing prior to the decision was stunning. The hearing was eight hours long and it included SHOCKING testimony from American doctors.

Dr. Joseph Fraiman, MD told the FDA on Friday that the government does not have data to show the vaccine was more beneficial than it is harmful to teenage boys.

Dr. Fraiman told the FDA panel he has NOT seen that those who show vaccine hesitancy are uninformed. “That is not what I’ve seen. The vaccine-hesitant I’ve met in the ER are more aware of the vaccine studies and more aware of their own COVID risks than the doctors are. For example, many of my nurses refuse the COVID vaccine despite seeing more COVID deaths and devastation than most people have.”

Dr. Fraiman went on to say he cannot assure a nurse associate who is 30 that the vaccines are safer than catching the virus is for a healthy woman her age.

Steve Kirsch, the Executive Director of the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund, was up next to testify before the FDA.  Kirsch argued the vaccines kill more people than they save.

Kirsh pointed out that their patients were 71 times more likely to suffer a heart attack after taking the vaccine than those taking other vaccines. Twenty died from the drug, 14 from the placebo.

Kirsh argued that the vaccine killed more people than saved lives.

Steve Kirsch also pointed out that early treatments are more successful than boosters, noting that cases in Israel are at an all-time high and cases in Uttar Pradesh, India where they administer Ivermectin, the cases are nearly non-existent today.


Dr. Anthony Fauci, Dr. Wollensky at the CDC, and other media-labeled “experts” are using their Mainstream Media minions as never before to ramp up the COVID-19 rhetoric. They tell Americans to do one thing today and ten days later reverse it — often without explanation. President Biden weighs in often with his COVID-19 “scientific” edicts with which he has instilled massive amounts of fear in our society that is ratcheted up immediately and persistently by his media lapdogs.

They all individually and collectively have obviously agreed to, in unison, be the unified purveyors of “THE” Democrat/Leftist COVID message: “Listen to us exclusively for we are the only ones that have a path to lead all Americans out of the COVID wilderness to a COVID-free life. And if you refuse to do so, you will certainly die!”

What is happening is a concerted effort to scare Americans to death. Fear is the unifying tool of the Left. And they’re working it to perfection.

What’s the endgame for all of this untruthfulness, misinformation, and fear-mongering? Honestly, I’m not sure of the correct answer. I can only surmise.

What I surmise is this: the Left has a plan to use fear of the unknown to lockdown as many Americans as possible by fomenting the fear among the populace with consistent doses of NEW fears for which they control all the antidotes. And they call what they are selling “Truth.”

What’s ahead for us? Do not be surprised to learn some things that heretofore were labeled as “conspiracy theories” are discovered to be factual. And each of those will almost definitely be as bad (or worse) than initially thought. Don’t be shocked if/when you learn that the vaccines are NOT what they’ve been portrayed to be and do NOT achieve the results as marketed. In fact, don’t be shocked to learn there are “things” in the vaccines that are deadly, and, in some cases, more deadly than COVID-19 itself.

How can we all discern what’s true and what’s not? I know of no panacea for COVID fact assurance. As it pertains to Fauci, I suggest you use my father’s advice listed above. The same holds true for any COVID “facts” passed along to us by the President and any other politician.

Are there reliable healthcare folks we can look to for facts on COVID-19 matters? We must be careful here. My suggestions are as follows:

  • Be leary of anyone who claims to have absolute knowledge about ANYTHING COVID-related. I assure you, no one has that heavenly endowment;
  • Rethink where you go for “facts.” There are numerous sources for information on this. Major caution: it doesn’t matter if “many” or “all” news sources agree or disagree on a COVID issue, refuse to accept what they give just because they say it. I suggest such unity in the message should ALWAYS challenge to look for other dissenting opinions;
  • Always consult your personal physician before making any COVID decisions for yourself or any family member. If you don’t have such a physician in your life now, get one as soon as possible — one you feel you can trust.

My last thoughts for you:

  • Consciously reject allowing personal fear of the unknown to guide your thought processes of what to do or not do;
  • Don’t rush through the decision process at all. Your life is worth taking an extra hour or two;
  • When speaking to others about your COVID opinions, don’t allow anger to subvert your personal convictions. Remember: theirs’ is an opinion just as is yours’. Sadly, COVID-absolutes are NOT here right now. Hopefully, we can get there and do so soon!
  • Finally, (what actually should be first) pray as your life depends on it. Know why? Because it does!

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