COVID-19 No Farce: But Numbers of Cases and Mortality Rates ARE!

“Facts Matter.” Have you heard that during this the most charged political atmosphere in U.S. history?

Tidbits have popped up since the very beginning of our COVID-19 pandemic about the “numbers:” questions about the accuracy of tests given to those with symptoms, questions about the treatments for the virus itself, and even the accuracy of the official “cause of death” entered on death certificates for those who die.

We were told from the early days of COVID-19 that the elderly were most vulnerable and specifically the elderly with underlying conditions are the greatest targets of COVID. But we were never given any specific percentages that gave us a clear picture. We discovered by the numbers actual elderly deaths, especially in the state of New York, that in almost every case in which a 67+ aged American who died there was an average of 2.6 MORE critical medical issues those elderly people were struggling with.

The CDC listed the top comorbidities found in these patients: Heart Disease, Liver Disease, Diabetes, Chronic Lung Disease, Kidney Disease, and Immunocompromised Conditions.


As of the latest report published by the Centers for Disease Control, just 6% of the elderly stated to have COVID-19 listed as the “Official Cause of Death” did NOT have comorbidities! (Here’s the CDC Report link)

What does that actually mean?

We’ve heard from the early days of COVID-19 that when patients showed in hospital emergency rooms with any type of respiratory symptoms, ER doctors were to “assume” COVID-19 at least as a “contributing cause” of their illnesses. Further, when a patient in that classification passes away, their Death Certificate prepared by the local coroner was to list COVID-19 as at least one of the causes of death and most of the time “THE” chief cause of death, even without giving that patient a COVID-19 test! Here’s the CDC directive:

Wait: There’s More…

COVID-19 Testing

Do you remember in January-February when COVID-19 cases began to appear in the U.S., President Trump wanted to accept the offer of South Korea to use the tests that were so successful in their country? Dr. Anthony Fauci vehemently opposed doing so, stating that the CDC would quickly have safer and more accurate tests to use in the U.S. Do you remember that, for some reason, it took a month or longer for the U.S. tests to be available for testing in large numbers? Do you know why that happened? The tests that under Fauci’s watch were created by the CDC were found to be contaminated! What was the contamination in those CDC tests? COVID-19 cells!

I wonder why President Trump didn’t throw Fauci under the bus to the media? Instead, the President (as true leaders do) took all the heat from the Democrats and their media lapdogs and simply pushed forward to get testing ramped up quickly. And now the U.S. has created and given more COVID-19 tests than any other country on Earth.

But there was one more “oops.” According to a July report, half the CDC COVID-19 tests have been showing incorrect results!


Let’s put all this together:

  1. We knew all along that the death rate among elderly Americans was far higher than that of younger Americans. What we DIDN’T know (until recently) was that 8-of-10 COVID-19 deaths were among those 65-years-old and older;
  2. A large number of those elderly people were never actually tested for COVID-19. Why? Many (and we don’t know the actual numbers) were admitted to hospital emergency rooms because of pre-existing known conditions and were treated for those other conditions;
  3. Because of the flood of cases in hospital emergency rooms, especially in New York, patients who died after admission were in large part NEVER tested for COVID-19. But CDC guidelines to coroners when completing death certificates purposely clouded the principal causes of death for a large portion of those patients. In fact, the CDC encouraged coroners in a release to use COVID-19 as at least ONE of the causes of death even when the patient had never been tested at all! (see the “Guidelines to Reporting COVID Death Certificates Link above)
  4. Now we’ve learned that according to the above report, half of the CDC manufactured and FDA approved tests have provided false results from the very beginning.

Let’s put these numbers together:

  • Of the reported 5,990,965 reported positive cases in the U.S. since February, 2,995,482.5 may have been false. And if not fully half, a very large portion were actually false;
  • Of the 183,005 reported COVID-19 U.S. fatalities, 80%, or 146,404 were of American who were 65-years-old and older at the time of their death;
  • According to the CDC, of those 146,404 elderly who died, just 6%, or 8,784 died with their official cause of death indicated as “COVID-19.
  • The other 94% of those elderly, a large but unknown number died primarily from one or several of the 2.6 OTHER underlying conditions (which are listed above) as their official cause of death.


On March 12 of this year, we spent one hour and forty-five minutes live on “TNN Live” with Dr. Judy Mikovits who worked side by side with Dr. Anthony Fauci on HIV and AIDS research along with that of other viruses and infectious diseases. She is definitely an “expert.” And, opposed to Dr. Fauci, none of her findings have ever been disproven nor has she changed her information about any of it.

Dr. Mikovits stated that any American who in the last 5-8 years has received a flu shot would likely test positive with COVID-19 if tested! Why? Because flu vaccines — ALL OF THEM — contain traces of the COVID virus!

Are you confused now? Don’t be. Please know this:

  • Based on the elements in the August 26, 2020, CDC report linked above, it is probable that many COVID-19 cases that were confirmed were NOT actually COVID-19 cases but of other serious respiratory infections or viruses;
  • Dying in this fashion is horrible — primarily because of the questions that have been answered by experts only to be discovered later to have been patently false, leaving behind many questions and much fear;
  • The worst element intrinsic in this pandemic (that we may learn soon was actually NOT a pandemic) is the now-perceived-to-be purposeful fear instilled in the minds of Americans and millions of others around the world that governments have intense control of people through Healthcare manipulation.

You can call this a conspiracy if you desire. But facts are almost daily now showing COVID-19 was certainly far worse in perception and its treatment as mandated by governments than it apparently really was, is, and probably will be.

Why is that?

Important Note:

When we broke this story, President Trump tweeted about its contents and numbers. Within a half-hour, Twitter deleted his tweet, claiming “information had been manipulated and misrepresented!”

CNN and MSNBC picked up the Twitter gauntlet and attacked Mr. Trump saying that the CDC numbers did NOT result in the President’s finding and ours’, but simply showed that “those people would have probably died from one of their other medical issues anyway.”

You don’t think that the Media nor any political party would manipulate the news to appear COVID-19 to be far worse than it really is, do you?

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