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COVID-19’s Expiration Date Exposes the Facts of the Pandemic!

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Let’s get down to business!

The Realities of COVID-19

“Listen to Science!”

How many times in the last six months have you heard that screamed? It seems that every Democrat and every person in America who dislikes President Trump utters that continually. Let’s be honest: Science is NOT exact! That may shock you to hear that, but it is a fact. If we KNEW everything about everything — which is the premise that MUST be used to justify saying “Listen to the Science” — we wouldn’t have any questions about anything! But we still do. There are very few absolutes in our lives. And I can honestly say, COVID-19 and everything about it is FAR from being absolute! Any doctor, epidemiologist, infectious disease expert, or anyone else who claims to know absolutely how COVID-19 is transmitted, how it can be stopped, what will keep it from spreading, how fast is its incubation process, who is susceptible, where it originated, and the efficacy of masks of any kind to stop its transmission, that person is lying!

But here’s the problem: many of the so-called “experts” have very few facts about those things listed above. But what they each plenty of are “opinions.” Let me shock you by saying this: Opinions are not necessarily facts!” And calling something, a “fact” does NOT necessarily mean it is.

Want an illustration? How about Dr. Anthony Fauci. He was presented to the Word in February as THE expert on Earth — there are no OTHER experts than he — on all things having to do with viruses and all other infectious diseases. Fauci was immediately tagged as the go-to guy for the Trump Administration for all-things COVID-19.

Yet, from the very beginning, Dr. Fauci missed numerous “facts” he gave to us. The nation and our people made serious decisions only to discover later the facts he gave to us were not facts at all but were little more than his opinion.

There’s nothing wrong with having an opinion. There is also nothing wrong with an expert not knowing the details of something in Science that is brand new. What IS wrong with many experts is their propensity to force their opinions on others couched as facts. And in the case of COVID-19, experts of every ilk, not just Dr. Fauci, have foisted their opinions on the populace instigating major life decisions that not only in many cases have not helped people, but have hurt people and sometimes fatally.

For example, pause a moment and look at our story published July 20, 2020, “To Mask or Not to Mask”  (here the link) You will read multiple reports from some of the greatest and most sophisticated laboratories on Earth who have tested every type of mask known to man over a period of a decade or so. Their purpose: to discover “scientifically,” which, if any, will prevent the COVID-19 virus particle from piercing the mask material either coming from the outside or being breathed out by the wearer. In these tests, the universal finding is not a single mask in manufacturing today is effective at stopping COVID-19! That’s as scientific as one can be in consideration of mask efficacy, yet there are now government rules in some states that mandate the wearing of masks at all times when in public.

What’s the problem with forcing Americans to wear masks? One would think that wearing a mask is no big burden on folks. At least by wearing a mask, one will not scare little ladies to death shopping with you at the same time and seeing you maskless: “He’s going to kill every other person and me in the store by breathing out COVID-19 wearing no mask!”

I don’t have a problem with that. It’s a small price to pay to help someone escape unnecessary fear. But there is a HUGE problem with this, according to the studies you just read: though it is not “absolute” that masks don’t work, creating a false sense of safety for those who believe masks are the answer will often lead them to eliminate or reduce OTHER measures given to us to help prevent spreading. “False hope” is often worse than “No hope” at all.

COVID’s Expiration Date

There’s no expiration date for the virus: at least not one that’s known. Yet many government “experts” and political leaders act like there is not only a date, but they KNOW the date of expiration.

Take Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York. On March 7, 2020, Cuomo issued an Emergency Declaration for the entire state of New York with the provisions and requirements detailed. The expiration date for his Emergency Declaration is November 3, 2020!

Numerous other states which have issued emergency provisions have also aimed their expiration date to be some time in November.

Is COVID-19 political? Does it know when the election is being held? Why would any politician conclude that their state’s emergency and subsequent needs for its citizens would expire on any certain date?

I don’t subscribe to this or any other conspiracy theory. But it is happening, and happening so often gives pause. But, forget about the expiration date. How many other egregious political acts happened during this pandemic for which the governors and mayors of American states and cities have NO constitutional power to initiate? Monday of this week, the Michigan Supreme Court hammered Michigan Governor Whitmer for overreach in COVID-19 restrictions on Michigan’s citizens. The Court ruled that her actions were not constitutionally allowed.

It seems to many people that the political weaponization of COVID-19 has been and is a purposeful act by governments to see just how willing Americans are to allow governments to snatch decision-making that heretofore was exclusively made by individuals and not the government. That might explain Cuomo’s artificial COVID-19 “expiration date.”

Are We Alone in all This?

Not in any way! Don’t forget, approximately 200 other countries on Earth are experiencing COVID battles of their own. Yes, many have different circumstances and problems, but all face the same virus. And ALL must make the same decisions as those which confront the American populace today: how far are we willing to allow our government to reach into our lives by restricting our constitutional rights?

Take Australia as an example. COVID-19 cases pummel the nation. And the Australian government has actually clamped down on the nation’s citizens more forcefully than in the U.S. Aussies are today facing many critical questions that MUST be answered regarding what to do and how to do it when their experts cannot agree on but just a few details of how to handle COVID-19 safely. Does that sound familiar?

On Wednesday, a 65-year-old Aussie news anchor on Sky News took the airwaves and made his thoughts crystal clear on the subject. His words and thoughts parallel those of millions of Americans today (this is about 10 minutes long, but it is critical to watch):


This is NOT a story to tell anyone what we must do. It’s to alert Americans that people in other western countries face the same intrusions by their governments as are we. Those intrusions are impacting those citizens just as they are Americans.

So what do we do? Ignore the politics! Very few politicians can even claim to be medical “experts.” And none that I know of ARE experts on COVID-19. Sadly, most of the experts in medicine that are called-on to teach us about COVID-19 are NOT experts.

That’s where this travesty MUST stop! Americans MUST ignore the constant bickering between these experts. We all must embrace this one simple “fact” of medicine: most decisions about our healthcare are simple, fundamental, and attainable by Americans — ALL Americans!

What are those things? I’m not going to suggest that I know those things. But I suggest you pause today. Gather your family members around you and talk. In almost every case, if you and your family members can find a way to totally dispel the fear of COVID-19 that our media and many government officials have foisted on us, you and your family members can plot an equitable, feasible, and successful path for you to beat COVID-19.

None of this suggests in any way that COVID is NOT a killer. It is. But a COVID-19 infection is NOT a death sentence for more than 99% of all those infected.

Concentrate on the positive “what-ifs” rather than the “Oh-no’s!” Because in almost every case, if you are infected, you will make it through.

“Don’t let the fear of COVID-19 control your life.”

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