CPAC: 2009 Keynote Address by Rush Limbaugh

Yesterday, we paid tribute to the #1 talk show host in American history: Rush Limbaugh. We will not today dig deeper into his legacy for us all, nor will we talk about the positive things thousands who took to the airways in the last 24 hours shared about their hero. We also will not give the light of day to the horrific slams made by mostly Leftists against Rush Limbaugh. What we WILL do today is give you the opportunity to listen to one of the greatest speeches ever given by any conservative in our history. And that’s saying a bunch! After all, Limbaugh’s idol was President Ronald Reagan. Rush often played segments of Reagan’s speeches on his show. Most know that in his “first life,” Ronald Reagan was an actor, and was very successful. He knew well how to speak to a crowd. Rush, in my opinion, took that marvelous Reagan art to another level.

CPAC is an annual event at which conservatives from all over the U.S. congregate to listen to great speeches from great people, (not all politicians) and to interface with like-minded individuals to share new ideas about Conservatism and methods of spreading its ideologies outside of the mainstream media.

In 2009, Rush was invited to be their keynote speaker. He was in his element. It was a speech for the ages.

We are bringing it to you in total in a video just below today. I warn you, it is lengthy. But it is well worth your time. Additionally, after the video, we have attached an audio file of the speech as well. I encourage you to download and save the audio file. It will be a speech that you will refer to again and again in your life, especially in times where the political landscape and all that happens discourages you.

NOTE: You may want to start this video today and finish it after our “Saturday Bullet Points” compilation tomorrow!

Here’s the link to the audio version of this same speech by Rush:


To Download Today’s (Friday, Feb. 19, 2021) “TNN Live” Show, Click on this link:

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