Debate “Slugfest” #1 Is In the Record Book!

Last night in Cleveland, three warriors took to the stage to battle it out. “Three warriors?” Yes: President Trump, Joe Biden, and Chris Wallace.

Chris Wallace of FOX news served as the moderator of the debate, but he found himself going to war himself to try to keep the peace between the pair. When that failed, Wallace just continually waded into the fray to try to keep things on an even keel.

He failed!

Because of the intense action on stage and because of the late-night analysis, we humbly request you to join us live at “TNN Live” this morning at 9:00 AM Central where we’ll break it down. To join, simply click on this link:   

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We have a BUNCH to talk about! Be ready to call-in toll-free to share your thoughts on the debate: 866-37-TRUTH — that’s 866- 378-7884.

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