Democrat Tax Plan Devised by Robin Hood

Taxes, taxes, taxes: nothing but taxes.

More than once in World history nations have struggled with the diversity of income classes. There have always been within every society different levels of “class.” That applies to income, social standing, leadership/political standing, and religious standing. And all seem to be intermingled. That has not changed into today’s United States of America.

Much of the reason for there even being a U.S. is based on this: Western Europeans fled a culture of overwhelming class warfare that brutally maintained a socioeconomic rift between the rich and commoners. That culture bled through each of the classes listed above and dominated every aspect of human life. Human life itself became intolerable for many. They headed west.

American forefathers carefully in the 1780’s and 90’s crafted a gameplan to break these class barriers as best as possible, knowing that human nature will always create social classes on some levels. The founding documents of the U.S. and supporting data show their fundamental purpose was to create and maintain a united country built on one fundamental foundation: “Freedom and Justice for all.” The Declaration of Independence started that ball rolling. And the Constitution was the resulting “Bible of Freedom.”


Taxes (along with religion) are historically the most contentious elements in most societies: who is responsible for paying portions of their income to the government, how much do they pay, who decides who pays what….? In America it quickly became obvious that in the Free Market system, entrepreneurs would have greater economic opportunity than working class Americans. Of course entrepreneurs have never been guaranteed success and often fail in their ventures. But often in their successes they achieve greater wealth than working class Americans. With that comes “Class Warfare.”

Those who politically consider themselves the chief benefactors of what is and what is NOT good for Americans — Liberals, Socialists, Democrats or Progressives — are driven by one law: economic and social equality for every American, but as those Liberals, Socialists, Democrats or Progressives define. Their definition of success? Anyone who has more money, a better education, a better job, or is esteemed for any reason by others in their class is successful. And anyone who is NOT successful by their measure must be so because of the unfairness and ruthlessness of those who have a greater margin of success. The wealthy in America are demonized, often compared to the brutal landowners and Robber-barons who controlled life in Europe in the 15th and 16th centuries. They give little regard to true entrepreneurship that in most cases has created almost all the wealth in America and also the representative republic political system that has made the U.S. the greatest democracy in World history. Almost universally they feel ANY wealth is created on the backs of the working class in America. That encompasses anything and everything they believe and fight against or fight for. Then here comes “Tax Reform.” Look out Wealthy America!

The top 10% of the American wealthy pay 75% of the taxes paid in America. No doubt the last decade or so has seen minimal economic growth in the nation: stagnant income for the Middle Class, rising costs of living, the decline of productivity, jobs leaving for overseas. But no doubt the wealthy in the U.S. have seen their wealth rise. Along with that income increase has come tax increases. i.e. 39% tax rate paid on $2 million means more taxes paid than on 39% of $1.5 million. Although most Americans have seen their economic lives stagnate or at best slightly improve, tax revenues for the federal government have soared. But those who are self-appointed arbiters of all that is right and just cry for more taxes FROM the wealthy and more FOR the government. But in all this “tax noise,” remember this: those crying the loudest about the rich not paying their fair share do not want any additional taxes paid by the rich to go to any other class of Americans. They want that money paid to the government so bureaucrats can spend that money as they see fit. Those tax dollars and ALL tax dollars belong to American citizens — NOT the federal government. Yet the government does not look at tax dollars that way.

Tax Reform

Campaign promises being what they are, every election cycle Americans are inundated with promises of lower taxes and greater and continuing social funding BY the government. The 2016 campaign brought us constant and loud promises by many national candidates to overhaul the tax structure to give Middle Class Americans lower taxes. In the midst of all these promises stands one negative that Conservatives have always championed: any tax cuts must NOT increase the budget deficit. The irony of these cries is they emanate from the very ones are the ONLY ones who can authorize the spending of tax dollars: members of Congress.

Enter the G.O.P. Tax Plan. And let the Leftist cries begin, long before details of the plan were even released for anyone outside of G.O.P. House members prepared even a draft. And the Left parroted their constant cries anytime Republicans discuss taking any money in the form of tax cuts away from government spending. Their cry? “That will increase the deficit and raise taxes on the Middle Class,” both of which Democrats did with reckless abandon over the last 8 years. The deficit actually doubled.

Just imagine if Americans operated their households like Congress operates government spending. Forget about how much is in our paychecks. Simply spend all that every two weeks and then use our credit card to spend 25-30% MORE than was in the paycheck. And when the credit card bill comes due just pay the minimum payment from ANOTHER credit card. That is exactly what Congress does — year after year, Congress after Congress. Simply forget about a federal balanced budget. Congress has literally piled trillions of dollars on the heads of our children and grandchildren that we cannot pay off now and the next generation or two will probably not be able to pay either.

So How Should Realistic Tax Reform Be?

Just as in a company financial structure, there are two ways to increase (or create a positive) bottom line: cut expenses and/or increase revenue. Congress has never realistically cut expenses and will not do so as long as Americans allow them to raise the debt limit, which allows them to borrow another credit card to giveaway some more American tax dollars. It must stop. This cycle of “tax, spend, and borrow” is unsustainable.

Real tax reform must address the U.S. bottom line. The Leftists look at only one way to impact the American bottom line: tax increases to raise more money. The problem is that they NEVER take any of the added federal tax revenue to pay on national debt. They are simply spenders.

So how can we cut taxes without making it worse? Cutting taxes means reducing federal money which means they need to cut spending…period. And they should start with significant cuts to the glut of dollars to simply run the government. It is too large, to fat, and too expensive. Cut federal spending and give that money back to Americans who paid it!

Cutting taxes on Middle Class Americans means the people who employ more workers in America than are employed by large companies means those people will have money to hire more people, (which means more workers to produce more income) grow companies, and let THAT increase new revenues. Example? Since the Trump inauguration, $5 Trillion in “new” money has been created through stock values skyrocketing. That “new” revenue.

Robin Hood Attacks

Here’s the rub: who creates most of the wealth through starting companies, producing and selling goods and services, hires people, and makes money? Working class Americans who own companies that pay taxes, hire people that pay taxes and spend money on growth, new employees, create new and more goods and services that they sale that generates more tax revenues.

Here’s where the Left miss it all: Give tax breaks to those who first pay almost all of the taxes in the first place. Don’t be deceived thinking that they will just pocket the profits — entrepreneurs don’t do that. The invest it to generate more profits which generates more tax revenue.

Robin Hood IS the federal government. Robin wants to steal from the rich to give to the poor. The fallacy of that thought: the rich are the ones who create new wealth that creates more profits and more revenue.


House and Senate members: don’t ratchet down the tax relief for ANY Americans, including the wealthy. First, they pay far more of the taxes in the first place. Secondly, with tax cut revenues they always generate more revenue. Refusing to give them tax reductions will definitely result in lower tax revenues because they will find ways to keep their funds out of play for the government — like keep trillions of dollars offshore.

My final thought: there are many in the Middle Class that actually play little or NO taxes at all. Why do those need a tax break? How do you possibly lower their taxes? It ISN’T possible!

Trump’s positive economic outlook, regulations on business slashing, and proposed tax plan have already made a $5 Trillion difference for Americans. Why not give it a greater boost by cutting taxes on everyone?




2 thoughts on “Democrat Tax Plan Devised by Robin Hood”

  1. I️ agree with you totally and believe that we need to simplify the process of how we assess and pay taxes. We need to eliminate 9/10ths of the IRS work force.

  2. Totally agree with you. It is two parts spending and taxing and both need to be adjusted. Hard cap on spending and cut taxes to increase revenue. This system has already been proven to work! Thanks Ronald… My additional suggestion is simplify the tax system. Would it really be that hard to come up with a flat tax right?

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