Is the PGA the next NFL?

In the uproar over NFL players protesting  during the National Anthem, it has been revealed that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell — who has refused to mandate players stand during the Anthem — is negotiating his contract renewal with NFL owners. He now makes $30 million plus a BUNCH of benefits. But that is not good enough for the Commissioner — he needs more. He has reportedly made demands for his continued services to NFL owners: $50 million salary (a 67% increase) PLUS life-time use for him of a NFL funded private jet and NFL funded health benefits for his entire family. This is happening at the same time NFL television ratings and game attendance have fallen off a cliff chiefly because of his refusal to act like a Commissioner and stop the pre-game player protest nonsense. Fans are beyond angry. Many have decided to simply go somewhere else with their professional sports support.

During the dilemma of fans looking for a place to move their professional sports support, it seems prudent to compare the NFL with another very popular professional sport: PGA golf. So….let’s compare: NFL or PGA

  • Golfers don’t have some of their players in jail every week.
  • Golfers don’t kick dirt on, or throw bottles at, other people.
  • Professional golfers are paid in direct proportion to how well they play.
  • Golfers don’t hold out for more money, or demand new contracts, because of another player’s deal.
  • Professional golfers don’t demand that the taxpayers pay for the courses on which they play.
  • When golfers make a mistake, nobody is there to cover for them or back them up.
  • The PGA raises more money for charity in one year than the NFL does in two years.
  • You can watch the best golfers in the world up close at any tournament, including the majors, all day every day for $25-$30. Even in the nose bleed section, a Super Bowl ticket will cost over $500 from a scalper.
  • Golfers keep their clothes on when being interviewed.
  • Golf doesn’t have Free Agency. In their prime, Palmer, Norman, Nicklaus, and Player would shake your hand and say they were happy to meet you. NFL players after games go straight from team dressing rooms, jump in their cars, and leave fans behind.
  • At a golf tournament, (unlike at taxpayer-funded sports stadiums and arenas) you won’t hear a steady stream of 4-letter words and nasty name calling while you’re hoping that no one spills a beer on you.
  • Golf course don’t ruin neighborhoods — football stadiums do.

By the way, in keeping with his confrontational reputation, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has put the NFL on notice that if the NFL owners compensation committee agrees to a contract extension with Goodell without first bringing the deal to all NFL owners he will file suit.

You know who is lost in all this NFL hoopla? Fans. After all: who are we? We’re just the ones who buy tickets, by merchandise, play NFL fantasy football and watch games on television. What do we matter?

Curling is looking more and more interesting to me…..

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  1. Huge golf fan! They live like the rest of the people in sales or business that succeed. Let me give you a couple of quotes. ” If it is going to be it is up to me” , “You have to kill what you eat”, this is the golfers life. Its a fight every week for most of them. Once you get to the upper levels it is now phenomenal money, but the competition is crazy!!

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