Difference between Conservatives and Liberals

There is an obvious vast divide between conservatives and liberals made more obvious by all of the vitriol between candidate camps during this election season — such anger and disgust never seen in any previous election in modern history.  The differences between political camps are numerous.  But there are fundamental traits that can be pointed to and which understandings serve well in grasping the true differences between these two political philosophies.  So what are they?  This is easiest to comprehend through Q & A.  Let’s get rolling.

  1. Conservatives think liberals are wrong; liberals think conservatives are evil.  Conservatives stared in disbelief as again and again liberals railed against not just Donald Trump but all who support him, not for being wrong but as being evil.  In their view that is the only reason anyone would be conservative.  On the other hand, conservatives typically feel liberals are misled by ideals that are unworkable, illogical, unethical, but all are counterproductive to life as we know it in the U.S.  Conservatives stop short of leveling personal attacks against liberals simply because they differ in philosophy.  Example: conservatives are aghast that any American would even contemplate allowing anyone into the United States without going through the legal process.  Liberals totally disregard laws regarding this, excusing the unlawful process in the name of humanity and common sense care for the downtrodden.  In their view it is America’s responsibility to feed, house, and clothe the World.  And anyone who thinks otherwise is simply inhuman, ignorant, uncaring, or evil.  Neither understands and/or accepts the views of the other on illegal immigration.
  2. Liberals know their political views are right and nothing can change that.  They refuse to consider alternative views as realistic or acceptable.  Conservatives like to talk and have adopted their conservative rules after much thought and consideration, and found their niche.  Conservatives are very comfortable having conversing with their opposites to try to reach consensus, even if without total agreement.  Liberals do not like to discuss views and compare with conservative ideas.  Why?  Because all conservatives are beneath liberals and therefore have ides that are stupid, incomprehensible, uneducated, and/or un-American. Liberals simply discover and maintain a nasty disdain for even talking with any hint of objectivity about conservative people or ideas.  Example:  television news anchors, reporters, and editorialists demonstrated exactly what this point is about night after night to the run-up to November 11th. Nighttime show hosts laughed at the thought of Trump even running for President, and none gave any hint of belief this could ever happen.  On election night one after another broke down with horror, shock, anger, and disbelief as they discovered that somehow the unthinkable was happening.  Conservatives knew that (because of liberal hate for conservatism) if Trump won, liberal reactions would be just like they were.  Why?  That’s what liberals do.   And the only way it could happen (and DID happen) was because everyone who voted Trump are idiots.


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