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Voter Fraud: “It’s everywhere….it’s everywhere!”


Today’s BIG news is that Donald Trump feels that several million votes in the Presidential election were fraudulent. Well, that’s NOT big news today. Trump stated that was the case throughout the campaign maintaining there were fraudulent votes caste during the primary elections too. What IS new is that ALL the media — including Fox News — are making a huge deal out of it — not the potential voter fraud but that Trump still thinks it existed and that it should be investigated.

Why all the uproar about a voter fraud investigation? After all, the news gurus are saying over and over again when they report on it “there is absolutely no evidence to support that allegation.”

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about national politics and national media it’s that when they SAY there’s no there there, there ALWAYS is a “there there.”

What did they say when Barack Obama not only said there was voter fraud, he launched an investigation into voter fraud at the time? They said nothing. Why? It’s obvious: he’s Barack Obama. Why say something now then? It’s obvious: he’s Donald Trump.

Maybe they learned their lesson after President Obama: sometimes what’s being told to the media may not be accurate (or even truthful). And maybe, just maybe, news people should do what they say they’re here to do: to investigate reports of “things” to see if they’re true.

Does anyone but me think there just could possibly be a possibility that in California (for example) the state government passes out drivers licenses to illegals like cereal boxes — that’s to “illegals.” What’s the requirement in California to register to vote? A drivers license.

Maybe I’m being paranoid. Maybe there’s no there there. But maybe there IS. And if there is an IS there, it needs to outed for one purpose and one purpose only: only citizens are allowed to vote in the U.S. And anyone other than citizens who vote are doing so fraudulently.

So I suggest all those who are crying “foul” at Trump’s call for an investigation just sit down and do the same thing they did when Obama cried “foul” too: NOTHING. Let’s have an investigation and discover the truth. If it is determined there was voter fraud, let’s prosecute offenders. If there was no voter fraud, we are probably are going to be OK going forward. At least those who give serious thought to cheating in voting will think it through before doing so knowing they could get caught now. There’s a new Sheriff in town and he’s watching.

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