Does “Cuties” Signal The Normalization of Pedophilia?

Saturday, September 12, a fake news story quickly went viral. It reported the arrest by the FBI of the CEO of NETFLIX, Reed Hastings, for possession of 13,000 pictures of children participating in sex acts. There were supposedly other articles tied to pedophilia, too. Of course, the story was immediately rebuffed. Apparently “Toronto Today” took advantage of the current outrage over the NETFLIX movie “Cuties” that depicts a bunch of 11-year-old girls dancing like 20-something hookers. So the wrote and published the fake story.

That story was fake only in one way: Hastings was NOT part of it. The FBI DID arrest a Utah man who had in his possession 13,000 perverted pictures of children in all types of the sexual perversion of children.

Though the Mainstream Media all but ignore the large number of arrests of those involved in child sex trafficking, child sex abuse and pedophilia during the Trump Administration, make no mistake: Pedophilia is real, it’s widespread, and it’s growing. No doubt, it is becoming just the most recent scourge of sexual atrocities foisted on the World.

Is It Real?

Pedophilia is nothing new: it’s sadly been part of humanity for centuries. Not too long ago, it was unfathomable to think that in the United States the public would ever allow abuse of children of any age. Daily we see now that not only is it here, it’s being “normalized” right before our eyes.

“That could never happen in the U.S.!” Don’t be so sure. Look at how sexualization in all sorts of ways has been normalized here already.

In a few decades, progressives were able to normalize homosexuality in mainstream culture and finally legitimize homosexual relationships in the eyes of the law. In just a few years, progressives have made great strides in their efforts to normalize transgenderism in mainstream culture, and they are currently legitimizing transgenderism in the eyes of the law.

Many non-progressives are concerned that these legal changes are less about guaranteeing the freedoms of gays and transgenders, and more about enforcing the worldview of progressives and punishing dissent. However, there is also a growing concern that the next frontier of legally-enforced moral relativism is pedophilia.

Progressives, of course, scoff at such notions. For progressives, these concerns are merely a cover that gay-hating, transgender-hating religious fanatics want to use to roll back all the “progress” that has been made. And yet, the last few years have made it clear that the slippery slope is real, and we are steadily sliding down it.

Whether the progressives of today want to admit it or not, they are currently laying the groundwork for the legalization of pedophilia. This totally impossible, morally repugnant, never-gonna-happen upheaval in the moral and legal landscape of our society is not really impossible at all. In fact, it’s only three small steps away.

Step One: Establish a legal right for “transgender” children to receive hormone therapy

This step is currently underway. Already progressives are advocating for young “transgender” children to receive hormone therapy to delay the natural changes of puberty, and then to help him or her to become more like whatever their “true” gender is. Young children are already receiving such treatments. Oregon now uses Medicaid funds to pay for puberty-suppressing hormones. It and a handful of other states even require private insurers to pay for “transgender care,” which applies to children.

Of course, a lot of the advocacy for children receiving hormone therapy still comes with a lot of talk about parental consent, about families coming together to decide what is really the best course of action. But, this is only temporary. Members of the transgender lobby already lament that many parents won’t consent to hormone therapy for their children. Others in the transgender lobby argue for the medical necessity of puberty-suppressing hormone therapy in order to convince private insurers to pay for it.

Once puberty-suppressing hormone therapy is deemed medically necessary, parental consent becomes irrelevant. Children who decide they want such treatment will be viewed the same as children who need insulin or blood transfusions. Not only will welfare and private insurers pay for it, but parents resistant to getting their children this treatment will be coerced into doing so by the government. This would establish deciding to receive hormone therapy as a child’s legal right.

Step Two: Destigmatize pedophilia first as a mental disorder, then as a sexual orientation

This step is also underway. SJW’s defense of confessed pedophile Sarah (Nicolas) Nyberg was recently covered by Return of Kings writer Robert Conway, and Salon’s sympathies for confessed pedophile Todd Nickerson were covered by Milo Yiannopoulos. Progressives, as Yiannopoulos points out, have a history of defending pedophilia and challenging claims that it causes harm to children.

The terms “mental disorder” and “sexual orientation” have become loaded with progressivism’s positive attitudes toward victimhood and sexual deviance. However, these terms, by their most basic definition, do apply to pedophilia. After all, the pedophile has a mind that is disordered and unhealthy, and his sexual impulses have a clearly identifiable goal toward which they are oriented. The problem is not with understanding pedophilia as a mental disorder or sexual orientation per se, but with the moral relativism that progressives heap onto madness and perversion.

No doubt there are many non-progressives who can pity someone with a pedophilic disorder or orientation, in the same way that they might pity a rabid dog even as they put it down. For progressives, though, mental disorders and sexual orientations must not just be identified and categorized, but must also be destigmatized. This process has already begun with calls for sympathy and with a few coming-out stories, and soon they’ll push for the outright condoning of pedophilic fantasies and desires.

Step Three: Extend children’s legal rights over their sexuality to allow pedophilic relationships

The final step is just a combination of the first two. After all, a child deciding to receive hormone therapy is a child making sexual decisions about his or her body. If children have a legal right to make sexual decisions about their bodies, and if pedophilic feelings are destigmatized, then progressives will begin to advocate for the legitimization of pedophilic relationships in both culture and law.

No doubt many progressives today find pedophilia undesirable as a goal or outcome. In the near future, however, pedophilia may be able to arise as the culmination of all the progressive ideas, policies, and rhetoric that came before it. Progressives will begin connecting pedophilia to ideas and rhetoric about children being oppressed. They will connect it to sexual liberation. They will connect it to personal development. They will connect it to happiness.

Progressives in the media will try to normalize it with television, perhaps with a drama set in ancient Greece that features “healthy” pedophilic relationships. And when non-progressives decry such propaganda, progressives will defend it by connecting it to multiculturalism. Like in the case of gays and transgenders, progressives will argue that any psychological problems correlating with pedophilia are not due to it being unhealthy or wrong or unnatural, but only because of the social stigma attached to it.

Possible, but not inevitable

Contrary to what many people today would like to believe, legitimized pedophilia is possible. And NETFLIX made it clear that it is really HERE. With their  release of  “Cuties” that spotlights a dance troupe comprised of 11-year-old girls twerking and jerking complete with the sexual gyrations usually seen in a strip club, it is clearer than ever that using our youngsters today to tickle the fancies of “old folks” is real. That begs the obvious question: “To what end?”

Past civilizations functioned with legitimized pedophilia, at least for a time. And in the context of our own civilization, we have seen how progressivism has undermined so many things which were once held sacred, like family, marriage, religion, and national pride. It’s merely wishful thinking to believe that one more part of the innocence of children is invulnerable to the destruction of progressivism.

The good news is that legitimized pedophilia is not inevitable. All three steps are necessary for it to happen, meaning that the failure of any one step would prevent it. Furthermore, feminists have a deep hate for straight male sexuality. While plenty of feminists would be fine with gay and female pedophiles, most would abhor a pedophilic relationship between a man and a little girl.

Perhaps feminist man-hating and shrieking about patriarchy would end up doing the world just a little bit of good, but it’s hard to tell. After all, feminists and progressives in general are fiercely protective of their own, and so they might give a free pass to any straight male pedophile who acts feminine and says all the right things about empowering women, dismantling the patriarchy, etc.

The race is on between the forces of creation and destruction. We have seen in these last few years how the destructive impulse of progressivism has only increased in the face of geopolitical instability and internal decay; even as the temple of our nation begins to burn, the progressive death-cultists seek to knock away the last of its pillars and bring it crashing down upon our heads.

And yet, more and more people are waking up to the lies and broken promises of progressivism. They are looking at the world around them, and they’re beginning to see through all the bullshit. They have been told we’re approaching the summit of progress, but it’s looking more and more like the edge of a cliff.

Whether progressives will succeed in dragging our society to new depths is yet unknown. Sooner than you might think, we’re going to find out.

We MUST aggressively do anything possible to save our children from losing their rights to innocence!

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