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What Would a Biden Presidency Look Like?

Boy, that’s a loaded question!

One can only hypothesize, but I think a group of “careful” assumptions probably will be an accurate depiction of a Biden Administration. After all, as Joe has told us again and again, he has 50 years of political history to which he can point us to track his “probables” that likely will appear in his administration should it happen.

Let’s take a stab. I remind you, these are all assumptions! Don’t get scared, don’t get angry: these are opinions — MY opinions! We’ll start at the top and extrapolate our predictions in a Biden presidency:

A Biden White House

First, a Biden win almost certainly portends the Democrat Party’s majority retained in the House. It could also mean a retake of the Senate by Democrats. If those two things occur linked to a Biden victory, one can be assured massive changes will happen in the structure of our government and will happen quickly.

Just imagine the power a one-party government will have! “Wait, Dan. We had a one-party government in the first two years of Trump’s presidency. Things were not turned upside down.” That’s true. Remember that Obama also had a unified Democrat Party-controlled government for two years. Thankfully, in both cases, the World was not changed dramatically due to partisanship. But the World DID change under Obama. And if Clinton was President today instead of Trump, those Obama changes that were initiated would be continuing today and ramping up dramatically under Clinton. You’ll see why in a moment.

The GOP Is Done

♦♦There is no doubt the Republican Party will be toast if the Democrats take over and have a one-party governing system. Don’t get me wrong: Republicans and their party will still exist. But it will have NO power. There will be NO discussion on any legislative or other types of governing concerns. There will be NO realistic floor debates in the House or Senate, NO bi-partisan committee assignments. With a Democrat-controlled House, Senate, and White House, what need will there be to “reach consensus with the opposing party” on issues? Answer: there won’t be! 

♦♦There certainly will still be a Republican Party. The difference is the Republican Party nor any other party will have any power to initiate or even negotiate any legislation. It will be just as if the GOP is no longer in existence. The US Congress will look virtually just as do the states of California and New York. Though there ARE Republicans in both states and government, their number is minuscule. That illustrates exactly what Democrat Party leadership today is planning for the entire country. If you think our country has problems now; if you feel blue states have issues now; if you believe that the US has extreme national debt now and that government spending is out of control: just wait until there is no buffer in Congress between a runaway train called the Democrat Party and commonsense government theory.

What Specifically Will Change in a Biden Presidency?

♦♦After dismantling the Republican Party, there will be a quick move to make Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. states. The impact of that will be devastating for any type of balance of power in Washington. Both D.C. and Puerto Rico would each have two US Senators and the applicable number of House members. Certainly they would be Democrats and will cement Democrat Party control. Congress, according to Article IV, Section III of the Constitution, can add new states without any consensus of the American people. There may be a problem with Washington, D.C. The Constitution prohibits the “nation’s capital” from being a part of any state. That probably would not stop Democrats from making a mad run at doing. And if they did, there would be a mad dash to the federal courts to block the action. Such a move would be instantly pushed forward to the US Supreme Court. And the Court would intervene to prevent it from happening in the absence of a Constitutional Amendment, unless…

♦♦Here’s where it will get dicey: Democrats will immediately move to add more Justices to the Supreme Court. (There is no Constitutional limit on the number of Justices to serve on the Court) Of course, they, with control of both Houses of Congress, will have the unfettered ability to confirm Justices as they choose. They will pack the Court with activist Justices that will immediately provide a green light on every piece of activist legislation Congress passes. That will apply to each of those Justices nominated and confirmed by the Senate. With that Court in power, Congress will be able to get anything they want virtually unanimously.

♦♦The “new” Democrat Congress will begin a fundamental dismantling of the Military. Why would they do that? There are several reasons: first, they will need all the money they can throw together to implement their multi-trillion-dollar spending proposals with which we already are familiar. Then, indeed, they will initially add new spending for whatever projects they want. The cancellation of student debt, free college for all, Single-Payer Healthcare are just a drop in the bucket. The most restrictive and costly Green New Deal version will immediately be put in place.

Regarding the removal of the Military, the second reason is to restore comfort among foreign nations (some of which are currently adversaries) that the US is intent to push forward with a unified government in mind. Our foreign policy would immediately morph into a World view. The message sent to the nations will be that the US policy of “America First” is dead and that every US foreign policy in place is “subject to review, cancellation, or renegotiation.”

♦♦There will be an immediate announcement that all illegal immigrants will be given immediate citizenship: to those here and to those who come. That citizenship will entitle all to every benefit that currently belongs to citizens. It will include an economic plan to “transition” these illegals from their existing lives into “more American” lifestyles. That will include a guaranteed minimum income, free (or substantially subsidized) housing, free education for all children, guaranteed jobs for all who want to work, and free healthcare. This act by Congress will completely open our borders to any who wish to come to the US.

♦♦This powerful “new” Administration will swiftly move to demand the restructuring of our Capitalist system, putting “workers” in positions of authority within heretofore private enterprises using the “for the better and common good” as their justification. This ploy will be nothing more than the nationalization of private companies in the same way as happened in Venezuela when their Communist leader did the same thing and took over multi-billion-dollar US oil companies in the name of Socialism. Purportedly it was in Venezuela (and will be here) to put “the people in power” and remove the “oppressive private enterprise system” from controlling the economy of our nation. Private corporate ownership in the US as it exists today will be history, although the Government will still phrase it that way. But nothing in the private sector will operate without direct control of those who will be appointed to “oversee” our economy.

♦♦This new “Single-Payer Healthcare System” will look very little like our Healthcare System today. It will be sold to the nation as the only way to make Healthcare equally available to everyone without any consideration for the economic or social status of any American. The elimination of the free market in healthcare will drive more and more doctors out of the practice of medicine, which will mean an extreme shortage of doctors. Of course, that will mean conditions identical to those today in countries with socialized medicine: long waits for necessary medical tests, treatments, and surgeries. But the most egregious inevitability that will undoubtedly occur is what was scoffed at during the 2012 presidential race: “Death Panels.” Because of unsustainable expenses, there will be some authorized to make life and death decisions about the needed health treatment of critically ill or elderly patients. Things like hip and knee replacements, joint surgeries, MRI and CT scans, other types of testing, Cancer treatments, and numerous other conditions will no longer be “automatic” as they pretty much are today. Someone will determine, as an example, an age at which those who desperately need heart bypass surgery will be denied that surgery. Why? Because they’re too old!


This is just a start, folks! There will be much more piled on without us even knowing about it. But here’s the scariest part: if Biden and Harris win the election in November AND Democrats take control of Congress, all of the above AND MORE will happen with lightning speed!

They’ll move fast first to eliminate their opposition. What’s the hurry? Democrats were thwarted at the certainty they would be able to begin this in 2016 by Donald Trump’s victory. They will NEVER allow the opportunity to start this process to be lost in an election! They will guarantee no political party will ever take unilateral power away from Democrats.

Is this some conspiracy theory? No way. They have hinted for this utopian environment for years. Why do you think that under Obama, the fundamental dismantling of the US economy was so quietly initiated? “Manufacturing that has left the US is never coming back again,” Obama told us. He told us, “I am going to bring fundamental change to this nation.” The original plan was to use 2016-2024 as “Stage II” of that plan, with Hillary Clinton being the captain of the “Fundamental Change” ship.

Let me pile on one more point of desperation: if Donald Trump wins the election in any way, there is going to be guaranteed violence in our city streets that will pour out into our smaller states and cities. I cannot imagine how far and wide it will span nor how militant it will be. They have told us over the past few months, that is what will happen! It’s as if they are holding guns to the heads of American voters and blackmailing us all: “If you don’t elect a Democrat President, House, and Senate, we will burn this nation down. You better elect Joe Biden, or else!”

My advice is for all to take these warnings seriously. Be ever watchful: we never know what twists and turns there will be. I hate to admit this, but no matter how many Republicans vote in this election, there may not be enough votes to give President Trump a second term. Democrats are powerful, and they are planners. And they have planned for all contingencies in this election.

Pray, spread the word as best as you can, and make sure everyone you know exercises that Constitutional right that we may see slip away: the right to Vote.

In it all, refuse to be afraid. Fear will do nothing but drain your strength and well being. This election system has worked seamlessly for 260 years. If we all do our part, it will work just as seamlessly in November as ever.

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