Dr. Peter A. McCullough: Follow-Up

In Wednesday’s appearance by Dr. Peter McCullough on “TNN Live!” he promised all of you some links to some sites with information that pertains to everything he shared about the “factual” specifics of pretty much all-things COVID-19. Please find those links below:

Additionally, we always make available to all of our readers, listeners, and other partners all of our resources at no cost. That includes actual “TNN Live!” Shows. Daily, (Monday through Friday) you can find each show just minutes after the show completes located at the bottom of the first page of that day’s TruthNewsNetwork story. A Blue arrow when clicked loads directly from our Google Drive that day’s story for you to download or to listen to.

As promised, here is Wednesday’s show in which the first hour is an interview with Dr. Peter McCullough.

Believe me: you don’t want to miss it!

“TNN Live!:” Wednesday, September 15, 2021.


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