Elitism on Full Display

Not in recent memory has there been such “in your face” elitism on display from the Liberal Left.  The stark contrast in messaging among news outlets about military actions under this Administration is literally in your face elitism.  The deployment of the Mother of All Bombs (MOAB) in Afghanistan that reportedly killed 90+ ISIS fighters (as reported by the Afghan government) with no civilian casualties brings the “intellectually superior” news pundits to front and center.  While everyday Americans from all walks of life laud the actions of the Trump military at pushing back with demonstrative action against ISIS as promised, Liberal Leftists with hair on fire are crying in unison on every liberal news outlet, “Donald Trump has no military strategy” instead of discussing details of those military successes.  They just don’t get it.

On CNN Today, anchors spoke with military and political pundits (another term for “elitists”) who joined the line of those lashing out continuously about Trump’s lack of political and military strategy as it pertains to ISIS, Syria, Russia, China, and North Korea.  The underlying meaning in everything these experts say mirrors the cries against Trump by even some GOP military government experts like Senator John McCain — one of the President’s chief and loudest critics.  What do they all cry in unison?  Donald Trump has NO clear military or political strategy.

But what is clear to most Americans as we watch and listen to these cries against the President is this one thing:  doesn’t it make sense to NOT tell your enemy what you are going to do, when you are going to do it, and how you are going to do it?   And the Left’s propensity to pile on the President for not sharing with anyone — especially THEM —  his military strategy demonstrates his inability to comprehend the magnitude of being Commander in Chief.

The first boss for whom I worked after college taught me something critical to the success of management.  Mickey McHale of McHale Ford Lincoln Mercury taught me this:  “No one knows everything about everything in a business.  That does not mean they are inept or stupid.  What smart managers do is go get all the knowledge necessary to successfully operate that business.  How?  Bring to that business managers who have that knowledge and expertise you lack, empower them with all assets necessary to operate that company, then hold them accountable.  Not doing so demonstrates stupidity.”  General James Mattis, (seen at left) is just that type of Manager.  In naming Mattis Secretary of Defense, President Trump has shown how to find those with knowledge he does not have and then empower them to take actions they from their experience know is necessary to achieve desired results.  That’s the “life” definition of successful management.

President Trump defers to his generals when it comes to military strategy, according to The Washington Times.  Sources describe Trump as often in listening mode with his key military advisers and always accessible. Trump’s relationship with his key military personnel contrasts with former President Barack Obama’s standoffishness, the Times noted.  President Obama’s default mindset for everything in his Administration was that he knew everything that needed to be done:  the height of elitism.

And the Las Vegas Review-Journal pointed out that Trump’s top echelon is filled with people, who have military background. They are among the key people who advised him on the recent Syria missile strike.  Eight out of 24 of those in Trump’s Cabinet have served on the military, according to the Review-Journal.  And Rowan Scarborough, writing for the Times, noted: “The same President Trump, who can be gruff and erratic in public tweets is a commander in chief who is deferential and attentive when he talks to a star-studded cast of his closest military advisers.

It is very early in this Administration, and there are dozens of military and political hot spots on Earth left churning by the Obama Administration for President Trump to face.  Face them he is.  Pundits are aghast as Trump’s actions in these areas are bringing positive results.  Leftists cannot believe what they are seeing because they all share the Obama elitist mindset described above:  the political left in government and the media should be the go-to authorities on everything.

CNN’s Alisyn     Camerota

Today — according to CNN — Trump is a flip-flopper.  While campaigning he claimed that “China is raping our country and manipulating their currency,”  “NATO is weak and ripping us off.”  Those are true.  But the President has changed his message on both.  Does that mean he is flip-flopping?  No.  What it means is that through management, circumstances have changed.  NATO has acknowledged other countries must pick up their financial fair share for support of NATO and stop relying on the U.S.  After lengthy meetings with Chinese President Xi, the Chinese have promised to leave their currency stable and have agreed to assist the U.S. in de-nuclearizing North Korea — something the U.S. has been unable to do in the two previous presidential   administrations.  The left cannot believe Donald Trump has so quickly achieved any of these objectives.  They still believe he is inept.

So what is ahead?  Sadly, more of the same.  I do not see any scenario in which any political or media elitists stop with their rhetoric and begin instead a narrative of support of any positive results from any actions initiated by this President.  They of course all will bask in the good that comes from those actions taking credit for the positives where they can, but they will never give Donald Trump credit for anything.  In the meantime expect for the continuation of their unrepentant and constant attacks against all things Donald Trump.

The good in all this is that leaders of other countries and their citizens and those Americans that have for 8 years been totally ignored by the Left are reaping the benefits of a President who does not operate with rhetoric:  he is a manager and has a really good start at managing the issues Americans have been facing for years and have struggled to cope with. This President is well on his way to fulfill his campaign promise:  “We will Make America Great Again.”

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