Supremacy and Supremacists

Many have been shocked again and again at the stories about and pictures of the violence primarily on college campuses since the election in which apparently coordinated groups of people demonstrate against others.  That in itself is not shocking, but the expressed purpose for those demonstrations and the actuality of their purpose are polar opposites.  Those initiating and coordinating these rallies-that-turn-into-riots are actually “DINO’s” — Demonstrators In Name Only.  They are simply anarchists who in cowardly fashion meet to bash all things conservative, the Trump Presidency, and in almost every case, literally bash conservatives with physical violence.  Cowardly?  Absolutely.  They almost all wear black and ALL wear masks of some kind or scarfs over their faces.  They actually call themselves “Anti Fascists” and consider themselves taking these actions in the name of American Freedom.  The words “fascist” and “fascism” are being thrown about at all of these demonstrations turned riots.  I am certain those involved know very little about the words or what their histories are.  Scholars of fascism do not agree on what fascism means; nor, for that matter, do fascist scholars. The difficulty is twofold, and concerns both origins and actions.  Fascism originated in 1920’s Europe.  There are many online discussions about it and its origins and its current status in the World, (which does NOT include or have anything to do with the POTUS) but that is a lengthy discussion for another day.  (If you have 30 minutes, Google “Robert Paxton,” who is a professor emeritus at Columbia University and an expert on fascism.  His writings will clear any cloudiness in your understanding of it)  In this conversation, let’s focus on the title of this Post and clarification of its meaning here.  Understanding what is happening begins with examination of the now two “demonstrations-turned into-riots” at UC Berkeley.

These current “fascist-haters” point their hate and anger at President Trump, although only by an unrealistic stretch of reality can they point to any policy or action taken by this Administration that could be labeled as Fascist.  Use of that word by these anarchists cries for a true meaning, but is simply “symbolism over substance.”  Regarding Donald Trump being a fascist:  there is no “there” there.  In fact the cries of fascism from this group speak far louder at THEIR being the perpetrators of the atrocities they claim they are attacking.  No, they are not fascists themselves.  We need to come up with a name for them and their new cause.  And I think I have it:  “Supremacists.”  And going forward we are going to call their movement “Supremacy.”

I got You!  Every one of you thought you were about to enter a blog post about the Ku Klux Klan.  This is about Supremacy and Supremacists.  But NOT about the KKK.  Let’s draw the lines of understanding:  Supremacy defined:  “Supremacy is domination or superiority or in control of all others.  An example of supremacy is when there is a ruling class of people which is better than all other classes and which holds all the power.”  To prevent any misinterpretation of use of the world “Supremacists,” let’s add a word in each mention of this group so all will easily differentiate between the “White Supremacists” of the KKK and these Supremacists:  “World Supremacists.”

There are two groups of people that are principles in the identity of “World Supremacists.”  The first group is comprised of those who wear the masks, dish out havoc on college campuses and city streets today, burn and destroy property, attack people for exercising First Amendment Rights, all in the name of America.  The second are members of the Media — not ALL media members:  just some.

First, how are these demonstrators at the universities around the country “World Supremacists?”  As the definition states, these people pursue “domination or superiority or in control of all others.”  Simply stated:  they are certain they are more qualified and more justified to attack all things status quo and therefore are justified in taking any actions to attack those part of the status quo without hesitation.  In short:  they understand that with power over others — either perceived or real — they have control of whatever environment they find themselves in.  They are not truly fascists because they have no one person they wish to push to the top of the control group.  But they feel THEY collectively are the Supreme entity that needs to (and plans to) takeover not just Berkeley, Philadelphia, Portland, Seattle, Baltimore, Washington D.C., New York, and Detroit.  They feel they are licensed to takeover the entire World with their Supremacy.  To make this happen they need willing partners.  Enter our second group:  Media World Supremacists.  Meet George Stephanopoulos.

In a roundtable with several other notable journalists, Stephanopoulos in a back and forth with Gayle King and Jake Tapper made statements that identified exactly what this group of World Supremacists feel:  “There were always two sides to every story,” stated King. “Lately it seems like three or four sides. It’s never our job to give you our opinion, or to let you know what we’re thinking about something. It really is getting the facts, putting them out there and letting the audience decide.”  Stephanopoulos pressed on with King’s point, pointing out the “two sides to every story” narrative as “one of the challenges we’re dealing with right now. How do you contend with a situation where we know there’s a true, and we know there’s a false, and one side is trying to say, ‘No, there are two sides to this’?”  “I do think also one of the things I have found myself more willing to do is have an interview and bear down enough that it’s possible that person won’t ever come back. It’s an ugly reality,” Tapper offered as a solution to presenting facts versus an alternative reality.  “When a White House, a member of congress, a senator, refuses to accept reality, at what point do you say, ‘You’re not allowed to come on anymore and broadcast that reality’?”

“Alternate reality?”  There you have it:  according to several of today’s leading broadcast anchors, it is actually THEIR responsibility to be the judges, not just on who their guests are for interviews, but when those guests make statements in their interviews that the anchors “KNOW” are untrue, their responsibility is to expose that person’s untruth to the audience, AND to not invite the guest back to appear again.  The NEWS PEOPLE now feel they are the ones who have the call to determine truth and untruth on all things that come out of the mouths of their guests.

“World Supremacy” is here!  It is on our college campuses, in our university administration and lecture halls, our town halls, state legislatures and even in Congress.  And for those who have accused me of being a “Media Conspiracy Theorist,” from the mouths of Jake Tapper and George Stephanopoulos, they are definitely in the class of World Supremacy.  And if you are a Conservative, the World Supremacists automatically discount everything you feel — not because of who you are or what you think — but because YOU ARE NOT A MEMBER OF THE WORLD SUPREMACISTS!  Deal with it.

This information is not to scare you or in any way to intimate any negativity at all.  It is simply to educate you on the “why?” we ask ourselves daily about how the Media could possibly think what and how they think.  You have your answer.  Now that you know, sit back and watch how over the next 3.75 years (or maybe 7.75 years) the World Supremacists in both groups discussed above watch their ideas of political reality turn into whisps of nonsense before their eyes in the wake of the “Trump Train.”  The “because I said so” answer to all your “Why’s?” was destroyed with Donald Trump’s election.  He has already ushered in a new atmosphere of simply stating factual certainties without bloviating in the standard political jet stream of everyday fodder.  It’s going to be fun.  Stay with us!

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