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ESPN Multi-national Litigation

Just reported: “A senior Chinese ancestral family this morning filed a defamation suit in Federal Court in the Southern District of New York against ESPN and its parent company Disney. The suit alleges that actions taken by ESPN have seriously and irreparably damaged this family that has maintained a significant historical place in China for several thousand years. Millions of Chinese citizens bear this ancestral name that has become a national brand for use in commerce in all types of industry, commercial and private enterprise — both domestically and internationally. Actions taken by ESPN have severely impacted the value of that name/trademark.” The suit asks for the Court to award $15 Billion plus costs plus punitive damages to be determined by the Court. Further, litigants have requested fast-track action by the Court to try this case with a jury as quickly as possible to mitigate any additional damages.

Chief spokesman for the family, James Lee gave this statement after the suit was filed: “It is unconscionable for a major American corporation that has prided itself for being culturally, socially, and morally a bastion of fairness and impartiality to (with no legal or substantive basis) defame our Family who has for centuries represented our nation in domestic and international interaction with the nations of the World. This punitive action by ESPN is an assault on our Family at its foundation and has caused irreparable damages. We demand ESPN pay for their attack. We have asked the Court to intervene and order ESPN to cease and desist in these arbitrary and capricious activities while this matter is being resolved.”

Certainly by now you realize such a suit was NOT filed in New York. It probably should have been. Why? Because in the current environment in the U.S. with political elitism and correctness driving the political narrative that is thrust in our face every day, Robert Lee — the ESPN Asian American football announcer that was bumped from their upcoming broadcast of the University of Virginia football game — is the victim of this elitism and political correctness. What did he do wrong? Nothing. But his is the price that historically has been paid by those who are forced to bear the brunt of political correctness in numerous countries when it takes over. And it is taking over the U.S. today.

Here’s the biggest problem with Political Correctness and Political Elitism: it NEVER goes away. Why? Because its elimination is NOT the objective of those who are using it. They only want the power to continue its use to perpetuate their control over the American political system. As long as they are able to control the narrative they maintain power. With power, they control EVERYTHING!

The outcry against White Supremacy and the KKK did not just recently appear. That outcry and rage has existed for decades — so much so that the current KKK membership numbers a few thousand when it formerly included millions. Why? Americans when educated to the substance of Supremacy, disdain its racist extremism.  That has eroded their numbers and diminished the impact of what remains. However, ramping up the outcry against Supremacy fits the plan of the politically elite to help fuel the fire of their control. Millennials who were not yet born when America was installing the much more racially civil society that replaced Supremacy, are reacting to the Left’s cries against that part of racism that was put away during 1970’s and 1980’s America. They want it back. Please do not misunderstand me: there is still MUCH racism in America, but far less than when Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his famous “I have a dream” speech. Racism is still here and we have much to do to ever eliminate it. But the current “version” of Supremacy elimination does not fit the narrative of these elitists. They have chosen to pour more fuel on the fire of racism in America.  That has ratcheted up the atmosphere of hate to the chagrin of most Americans. And for the the elitists, their plan is working so far.

Let’s be honest: how does tearing down Confederate monuments improve racism? It doesn’t. In fact it acts as that fuel I just mentioned to further ignite the fires of racism and keep them blazing. So why — if the goal is to get rid of racism — would these demonstrations-turned-riots be continued when their results are so certain to be violence? Easy answer: to further enhance the division in America using the hate in racism as the tool. In doing this, the political elite increase their power and control.

Let’s be honest again: if one thinks through the inevitable course this will take if it continues to escalate, the results for America will be historical and tragic. Where does this politically correct train go? Does it ever stop? Let’s think that through.

There is NO historical model from World history that parallels that of the U.S. Its 245 year history is unique. We cannot therefore discuss a direct comparison. We can, however, extrapolate what America “might” look like in 60 to 70 years IF the present political correctness continues on its present course. Example?

There is a legitimate legislative move in Louisiana to replace every Confederate monument, park, building name, etc. with an identical monument, park, building name, etc. of “Britney Spears.” Sure, Britney is a pop rock hero from Louisiana. But can you imagine the chaos making those changes would bring? Imagine if that happened. There would almost surely be a group of people that feel Britney as a role model is un-American and disgusting for any of a number of reasons, and will begin cries against those monuments, etc. and demand their removal. Who gets honored next? I don’t know who Edgar Martin was, but there is an elementary school in Lafayette, Louisiana named “Edgar Martin Elementary.” There is probably someone alive (and maybe thousands) who feel Edgar Martin was a racist or a member of some other disagreeable group and demonstrate for the removal of his name.

We have watched as those in the name of political correctness/elitism have attacked colleges and universities, professional athletic teams, high schools, businesses and individuals, regarding what is classified by the attackers as being “Racist” for their names, mascots, logos, creeds, founding documents, even school songs. The professed hope for these attacks was to stamp out bigotry and racism attached to those individuals and entities. But the reality is no bigotry or racism in any of those instances has been removed. If there was any in the first place, demanding its removal does anything but result in its removal. But what it does in every such circumstance is do exactly what we are seeing now in Charlottesville and other towns and cities: dramatic hate and anger increases, violence, and division as almost all Americans are hoping and praying for love and unity and especially racial healing in our nation.

However, that small group of political elitists have been able to successfully maintain their choke hold on the power to goad Americans into racist brawls. Watching and listening to then Candidate Donald Trump proved to them that their hold on that racism button would be removed if/when he became President. They united and fought hard to keep that from happening. After his election they took it to another high level and daily stoke the fires of hate, anger, and bitterness in those in America they know will listen and respond. The environment this has created has stifled any real sense of accomplishment as the Media refuse to focus on good things opting rather for talking about horrific things. And of course responsibility for all those fall at the feet of the President.

A lawsuit by a Chinese family named Lee against ESPN for removing an American/Asian announcer from the broadcast booth at a southern University football game is NOT true and ridiculous.  It hasn’t happened….yet. But it is no more ridiculous than the thought that removing statues of any kind will make any type of positive impact on racism in America. That will only increase the racial divide, anger, and racism.

One of my daughters had a classmate in college from Japan. She had no idea that World War II was started with the bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese. Japanese history books taught her that the U.S. had aggressively started the war by attacking Japan. Printing that in Japanese history books did NOT change history. Doing so simply revised one version of the WWII story. Changing mascot names, preventing prayers in school, removing Ten Commandments from courthouse walls, tearing down monuments and statues might change a version of events someone may print or tell. But doing so will NOT change history. But the process now in place that is part of the unrealistic hopes to change history has failed and that failure will continue. It is only another chapter in American history that tells the story of how silly historical revisionists are to believe that altering history is possible. Too many Americans know the true history of the United States — both its good and bad. Most Americans believe in what this country stands for and how it stands as a lighthouse of fairness and goodness to its citizens and those of other countries. They also recognize that the current attacks on those reminders from the past are not substantive and are not happening for any purpose other than to create hate and anger to further divide Americans. And most Americans don’t want that and summarily reject that just like most Americans hate racism of every kind.




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  1. So true Dan! Just so cloudy how we move forward effectively with the main stream media reporting the opposite. We all must be diligent and do our part. Tell the truth, talk about our great history, share the true stories with our families. I believe people of good character can change the world! It just takes time… Stay faithful!!

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