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Oregon Representative Earl Blumenauer called for a review of constitutional procedures to remove a president from office, stating it did not consider the mental or emotional health of a leader.  “It’s not normal behavior. I don’t know anybody in a position of responsibility that doesn’t know if they’re being rained on. And nobody I work with serially offers up verifiably false statements on an ongoing basis,” he told The Hill.

Minnesota Senator Al Franken told CNN “a few” Republican colleagues had also expressed their concern as to whether Mr Trump is mentally fit to hold office. 

California Representative Ted Lieu has announced plans to introduce legislation that would require the presence of a psychiatrist or psychologist in the White House. “I think it is a legitimate issue to raise. I am not a mental health professional, so I don’t know in terms of any sort of medical expertise on this. But I do see and hear the same things that other people see and hear, and a lot of people have concluded that what’s going on is not normal. So what do I do with that as a member of Congress?” he said. “Anyone who can launch 4,000 nuclear weapons in minutes absolutely should be questioned on any matter related to their physical and mental health.”

Former Intelligence Department Head James Clapper on CNN this week claimed that he has serious doubts about the President’s mental capacity and clarity to serve — the same James Clapper that lied over and over to Congress while under oath.

Rep. Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, said Sunday that he and his colleagues are increasingly concerned about President Donald Trump’s mental fitness. “There are some serious issues,” Schiff said on CNN’s “State of the Union,” adding that “the pressures of the job may only get worse.”

This is what some have said about the mental capability of Donald Trump to serve as President of the United States. Please note the following: None are psychological professionals; none offer any specific examples that point to alleged mental incapacity of the President; their talking points are identical and obviously are literally talking points given by the same source for these Democrats to “feed” the public through the media.

What’s REALLY scary is the conversation about the 25th Amendment to the Constitution that is now occurring in Leftist circles in D.C.:

“The 25th Amendment was created after the assassination of John F. Kennedy, when people in government realized that the Constitution was pretty good at dealing with the possibility of the death of a president. That’s what vice presidents are for. But the Constitution was not well-equipped for another scenario, which was a president who, in Kennedy’s case, had he lived from a gunshot wound, was comatose perhaps. There was no legal way for the duties of the office to be discharged by anybody else, so the government would be paralyzed. And so in 1967, they introduced this amendment which created under Section 4 a pretty remarkable set of legal capabilities. And what it says is that if a president is determined to be mentally or physically unfit, unable to discharge the duties of the office, then he or she can be removed. And the determination about whether or not the president is unfit, that can be made by the vice president and the Cabinet.

So if a majority of the Cabinet secretaries – and a majority eight people – if they decide that the president is showing the signs of instability, is really not able to do the job, all they do is write down on a piece of paper, and they give it to the leaders of the Senate and the House. And at that point, the president is no longer legally endowed with the same rights and legal authority, particularly over the nuclear arsenal, that he or she had before. But a president can object.”

Please know that the American Psychiatric Association (APA) protocol means medical professionals should not diagnose individuals they have not personally treated. Please note that NONE of the above members of Congress are “medical professionals” and therefore none are members of the American Psychiatric Association as Psychiatrists or Psychologists. Yet ALL take the liberty to report to Americans they “know” with some certainty that President Trump has mental capability issues that are dangerous to his serving as President.


Can you imagine a scenario in which Leftists in Washington would actually try to kick Donald Trump out of the White House? Do you now understand how clueless elected Leftists (and some G.O.P. lawmakers) have no idea what governing America at the Federal level is about? Do you understand that these named above and others have NO intention of abiding by the Constitution of the United States in their jobs as lawmakers, rather taking their personal liberties to denigrate an American who happens to be President, hoping to discredit him with Americans? What is laughable is that they really think Americans for the most part agree with them! Who is delusional in this scenario?

Follow this thought: they feel President Trump has mental issues that warrant his removal. Because of that perception of the President’s mental incapacity they have justification for NOT performing their legislative duties until some law or occurrence results in the removal of the President at which time they can resume their continual fleecing of Americans. They honestly believe that a majority of Americans share their radical and un-American views and would support such a move!

There are so many nuances in their scenario that are unthinkable. Think of this: they really believe that such actions are necessary and that Americans would accept such unilateral actions. And what is worse, it makes no difference to them that Americans chose Donald Trump to serve as President, and in doing so turned Hillary Clinton away from what she and all Dems felt was HER place not the People’s place.

They continue to ignore voters and what voters thought and did in the election. They simply do not care about Americans.

There are some really good things about these revelations: 1.  They and their intentions have been exposed.  Americans are now on point to watch for any actions that would tie directly to any attempt the  removal of the President. I do NOT think Americans would stand for it. In fact I am certain that what we witnessed in Berkeley as Antifa tore the town apart in a promoted “demonstration” against fascism that quickly turned to violence and rioting would pale at the uprising that we would see in the wake of any attempt of his removal; 2) The Democrat Party would if this happened see the biggest bloodbath next year at election polls since Hubert Humphrey’s trouncing in his bid for the White House. And that would be just the beginning.

Why are they doing this?

Simple: they lost in 2016 because of voter disdain and mistrust of their candidate AND they abandoned middle class Americans during the previous 8 years and offered NO plans for the middle class during the 2016 campaign. They are struggling to put a face on the Democrat donkey that Americans will accept and even possibly identify with. So far in 2017 they are offering Americans nothing but the same old empty rhetoric. In doing so, Democrats continue to expose their disdain for middle class Americans and the DNC personal and party elitism that the core feel they actually earned under President Obama. Why they want to maintain the arrogance, elitism, and contempt for Americans that he brought to the White House is a mystery to me, but he brought it and they still hold it up. Americans hate it.


Here’s a novel thought: Candidate Trump gave a laundry list of his targeted accomplishments if elected. After the election he set his mind and might on accomplishing each and every one. Yes, he was a bit foolish to swallow the line of the Establishment Republicans in which they promised him AND voters they would fall in line behind him as they legislatively passed all necessary to facilitate those promises to voters. So far they have on the most part stymied his and American voters’ agenda. Even with the limited legislation Congress has passed this year, the nation already sees in numerous areas dramatic improvements that directly impact middle class pocketbooks. Do you think there may be one, or two, or three, or four legislators that (for their constituents) think it might be prudent to support the President’s ideas — maybe just 3 or 4 to see if he’s right — and pass the necessary legislation to put those in action? Why has that not already happened? Do you think they are so self absorbed and so confident that their efforts to keep voters blind to their real agendas have gone undetected? And do they really feel Americans will forget?

The Bottom Line

As a businessman that knows what it is to struggle to make payroll, to pay taxes, to watch profits disappear after paying fees, employee benefits, matching Medicare and Social Security withholding, steadily climbing overall operating costs, I KNOW that his ideas will work. Democrats just don’t want to accept that increasing taxes does NOTHING to stimulate an economy. Status Quo members of Congress do nothing but force those in the private sector to bow to the government elitists most of whom are attorneys whose very existence is predicated on crafting legislation to perpetuate the “money train” of Congress — taxes —  while daily gorging at the trough of D.C. quid pro quo while crippling the middle class?


I can’t wait to see what desperate tactics the Left craft next to divert the attention of Americans from the horrible job they are doing in D.C. I hope they are not so arrogant as to try and remove the President. If they go down that road, I will change my past published prediction list to include an overwhelming conservative majority for the 2019 Congressional session.

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