European Union not Unified re: COVID-19

In this age in which Socialism is being touted by tens of millions of Americans, including 2020 presidential candidates, people from everywhere pointing to nations in the European Union as the “standard” for Socialism after which the U.S. should pattern its government. Many Democrats loudly proclaim the unity of the EU as being far more inclusive of their residents, often pointing to the pervasive arrogance of Americans, many of who reject those different from them. After all, Americans are xenophobes, racists, and bigots. Not so of Europeans. They have it all together: have each other’s back, work together, and are unified with their fellow Europeans.

Then came mass migration from Muslim countries in North Africa. Subsequently, openness and camaraderie that for decades the European people of 44 countries touted as the quality of humanity all on Earth should be so lucky to be a part. A few million immigrants changed that tune very quickly.

How would that feel here?

It would be like at least the 48 contiguous states each was a nation unto itself. Each would have its government, which included a president, premier, or prime minister, and government’s divided in different ways like our House and Senate. Each would have its own set of laws, law enforcement, and even military. Within each of those 48 countries would be different cultures, languages, and customs. Multiple religions would be just like in the U.S. now. But moving between what are now our states would be severe in many cases just as in Europe.

Can you imagine how difficult such an environment would be to manage?

The greatest irony of the European Union and those independent 44 countries is that even though they are part of one entity, they all take pride in their individuality — not unlike what happens in the U.S.


Three years ago, Brexit tore the EU asunder to the chagrin of millions of residents from all those countries. Most before that had reveled in their diversity and differences but held the strength and unity of 43 fellow nations under one umbrella jointly. The U.K. was the glue and power of the Union. And Brexit took all that away from those other nations. Many thought it would be a good thing, but many thought it would be a mistake. The book is still out on that.

But a big “bug” has landed right in the middle of the utopia Europeans have so proudly called theirs for a generation: COVID-19.

Utopia Dead in the EU

The new coronavirus and its accompanying disease Covid-19 has stopped the EU in its tracks. Governments, markets, and news cycles have become dominated by the pandemic. Europe is now the epicenter for the disease, with reportedly more fatal cases of infection than China, where the virus first erupted in December.

Several European Union countries have declared themselves states of emergencies, including Belgium, France, Portugal, Spain, and Italy. The 27-member bloc has sealed off external borders. Some states, such as Poland, have begun closing borders with other EU members. Brussels, the administrative center of the EU, is alarmed because their flagship of success — their single market and its core principles of free movement of goods and people is at risk of collapsing.

The European entity which proclaims solidarity status is reverting to a collection of nation-states, each desperately fighting for their survival amid the COVID-19 pandemic. EU leaders have been criticized for showing a lack of central leadership and solidarity. When Italy first reported a surge in infections, the rest of Europe was slow to respond with the necessary prompt assistance. Now Italy is such a grip of the disease – with thousands dead – that in some parts of the country, regular funeral services reportedly cannot even cope with the number of deceased.

The Serbian President Alexander Vucic, a few days ago, lamented that there was “no European solidarity.” Serbia is a prospective member of the EU along with several other Balkan states, but Vucic said his country had received little in the way of aid from the EU in the face of the coronavirus threat. Indeed, by contrast, the Serb leader praised the generosity of China, which has sent large shipments of equipment to combat the disease. Beijing also dispatched aid cargoes and medical teams to Italy and other EU members to help them cope with their outbreaks.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has praised the prompt and massive intervention by the Chinese authorities in curbing the spread of the disease within their borders. The latest indications seem to show China has halted the spread of the infection.

The anemic response by the EU and its nation-based reactions could turn out to be a fatal political lack of governing with a massive death toll and ruinous economic impact. The citizens of Europe will not forgive such fecklessness.

Laughably, an EU monitoring group last week claimed that Russia was interfering by spreading disinformation about impacts of the novel coronavirus in such a way as to undermine European governments and to “sow division” among European civilians. This scapegoating for its incompetence is laughable.

Weeks ago, when the world could see that the virus outbreak in China was a grave development, the EU administrators and national leaders were sitting on their hands. Now that the disease has become a pandemic across the EU, the European Central Bank has suddenly announced it is pumping 820 billion dollars to shore up financial markets and institutions while countries struggle to find test kits to detect the disease and ventilators to treat victims. Healthcare systems have been gutted by years of continual economic hardships.

What is clear is that the EU has become a financially-driven cartel, not a human-centered federation of nations. An organization that cannot adequately protect the health of its public is not an organization worth defending. The EU’s declarations of solidarity are being seen for the facade that they are. That facade was always shaky. A microbe called COVID-19 or coronavirus is enough to tear it down.

Meanwhile, Back in The U.S.A.

It gets worse. From Saturday to Sunday, COVID-19 cases jumped approximately 5,000 cases. Worldwide Sunday evening, there were 331,273 confirmed cases, 14,450 confirmed deaths, and a reported 97,847 reported to have recovered. The U.S. has moved past Spain into the number three spot in the number of infected persons.

The U.S. is far from out of the water.

It’s not just the European Union that is scrambling in the face of this horror. Now every country on Earth is either deep into the abyss of COVID-19 or making exhaustive preparations to deal with it because it is almost certainly coming.

There is good news on several fronts, though. First, that drug from the 40s used for decades against Malaria is showing dramatic signs of effectiveness at stopping this virus. That drug, chloroquine, is intended to treat malaria, a condition caused by a parasite transmitted through a mosquito bite. Studies suggest the drug can work against COVID-19. It keeps coronavirus from spreading by blocking its method of infecting cells, according to a report last week in the journal Cell Research. On Sunday, it was reported that lab tests on a limited number of humans have already shown dramatic results.

There are frantic tests of other types underway in the U.S. and around the World. Already historically, rapid testing results are showing good results. The timing of this is nearly miraculous. Remember hearing that the creation, testing, and approval of any new drugs for coronavirus would probably take two to three years? That was just weeks ago. We are now being told it could happen in just months. Medical technology is amazing!

Then There’s The Media

On Sunday, I looked in for a brief moment to see CNN’s contributors Carl Bernstein and longtime CBS News anchor Dan Rather in a conversation eviscerate the President. Bernstein — credited for initiating the Watergate investigation that ran Nixon from the White House — angrily attacked the President. Rather when asked by CNN’s Brian Stelter what Rather thought about the job of the news media regarding Mr. Trump’s press briefings also demeaned Mr. Trump. Listen to this short audio of that CNN report from Sunday:


It’s sad, isn’t it, for two former journalists who sat on the top of the heap when it came to reporting giants. They each have lost the two absolute must-haves for members of the media, no matter which network or newspaper for which they report. What are those two must-haves? Honesty and the simple reporting of the news.

All of this crud happens daily on most news outlets! Seven days a week the President brings members of the White House Task Force to answer questions from the media about specifics. Mr. Trump always opens the pressers, usually introduces Vice President Pence, who says a few words, and then opens it up for questions. Contrary to what Rather and Bernstein claimed, media members in that room have full access to ask the President or members of the Task Force anything they like!

I’ll say this one last thing about the Bernstein-Stelter-Rather blather: Bernstein read some words from someone from the White House blasting the President for his ineptness and dishonesty regarding the U.S. preparedness and implementation of all things COVID-19. Who was that White House source who spilled the beans to Bernstein? Anonymous! Bernstein nor Rather were reporting to Americans on Sunday. They were spewing their partisan anti-Trump venom. Mr. Trump and the Task Force gave Americans pure, unadulterated facts. And the media asked appropriate questions from all those in the room — just as happens daily — and then answered them.


What should WE do?

  1. Pay attention. Look and listen in several times a day to those you consider reputable media sources to stay current on the latest details of the fight against coronavirus. Who are those reliable sources? FOX News delivers during the day all day, real news. Their evening shows are not news shows, but Opinion shows. In the way of newspapers, I find the Washington Times and the New York Post reasonably accurate. Of course, TruthNewsNetwork is here for you, albeit currently just once a day. (more about that in a few moments)
  2. Listen to all those in authority in your area. Follow their instructions. Things are different in different parts of the country and various parts of each state. Localize your news digestion.
  3. Find and take care of those around you who may not be in an excellent place to take care of themselves. In every community, there are ways, people, and places that are ready and willing to take care of those who cannot do so themselves. Give of yourselves: that’s what we Americans do!
  4. Pray, Pray, Pray! God’s got this. Let Him know daily you trust Him for that.
  5. Don’t panic! Fear is the #1 enemy here. It is difficult to make the right decisions when we are consumed with fear.
  6. Remain as isolated as you can. You may not have the virus. You may HAVE it and don’t know that. Be aware that others around you may not be as strong physically or mentally as you, and you don’t want to create any panic in them and certainly no virus exposure.
  7. Support all those in authority over you, whether you agree with them or not. That doesn’t come from me — it comes from Jesus!

NOTE: TruthNewsNetwork is going live! We are testing our system this week. Hopefully, we will be ready by the weekend, final testing during the weekend, and going live one week from today. Here’s how it will work:

  • Our live show will be via internet Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM Central time;
  • You will be able to access it by simply logging into On the home page, there will be a button you push to access the live broadcast.

IT’s that simple!

What will you hear? We’ll daily talk in detail about some of the events you see and hear every day. We don’t have the time to go into detail many times. This way, you’ll always get “the rest of the story.” The good news is you’ll be able to call in live and talk live on the air with me, other listeners around you, and even some who are partners from around the world.

The number with which you will call toll-free to get on the air is 866-37TRUTH.  In all numbers, that’s 866-378-7884.

I’m not Limbaugh or Hannity — far from it. Those guys are the best at this. Some of you know me, so you know what to expect. For the rest of you, you’ll hear facts, and sometimes facts mixed with opinions. We’ll always make sure you know which are facts and which are opinions. And I want you to do the same thing. You can ask questions about something we’ve written or said on previous days, something we’re talking about that day, or even something brand new. We’re going to make it your show!

Another great thing is we’ll have guests both in the studio and on the phone live that you will be able to interact with by calling in.

It’s going to be a lot of fun! We’ll tell you more about it and the progress in testing this week.

By the way: this is not a “Corona-Week!” What’s going to happen is going to happen. Make the best of it for your family and you. The Best is Yet to Come!


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