For House 2023 Republicans: Is It Going To Be “Investigate” or “Legislate?”

None of that, however, means there isn’t sufficient circumstantial evidence suggesting President Joe Biden not only lied about knowing his son was favor-trading on the family name with corrupt autocracies but that he was a beneficiary of those business dealings. Indeed, precedent says Republicans have a duty to “democracy” to investigate. Yet Greg Sargent over at The Washington Post warns: “If Republicans can obliterate the distinction between congressional investigations done in good faith and ones that weaponize the process in bad faith, they win.”

You see, only Democrats can launch investigations in “good faith.”

Pathological partisanship can lead to cosmic shamelessness. And you almost have to admire the boldness. These are the very same people who spent years championing one of the most unethical investigations in American history.

We now know that the Russia “collusion” hysteria was predicated on partisan opposition research and disinformation meant to delegitimize the 2016 election. There was a grand total of zero indictments related to the 2016 election “collusion.” So rickety was the evidence that guardians of our sacred norms never even tried to impeach former President Donald Trump over this alleged sedition. I’ll spare you the slew of blown one-source anonymous “scoops” spread by major media organizations in concert with the FBI and Democratic Party. Sargent highlighted them all.

Let’s remember when the New York Post broke the Hunter Biden laptop story, the entire left-wing media complex regurgitated claims of former intelligence officials — including known liars James Clapper and John Brennan — that the entire kerfuffle was just Russian “disinformation.” Sargent dismissed the news as a “fake scandal” and worked to discredit the story. The Hunter story always had far more journalistic substantiation than the histrionic and fallacious Russia-collusion investigations that Sargent and his paper peddled for five years.

Post reporters had interviewed the owner of the Delaware computer shop where Hunter had abandoned his computer. They had Hunter’s signature on a receipt. They had on-the-record sources with intimate knowledge of his interactions. They had Tony Bobulinski, one of two former business partners of Hunter Biden who contend that “the Big Guy” was Joe.

Now, it’s certainly possible that the computer shop owner and Bobulinski, a Navy veteran and former chief technology officer at the Naval Nuclear Power Training Command who made campaign contributions to progressives like Ro Khanna, were part of an elaborate fascistic cabal spreading “disinformation.” But now, Congress can put them under oath.

Later, emails implicating the president as a participant in Hunter’s schemes were authenticated by forensic specialists. Yet virtually the entire mainstream (or “legacy”) journalistic establishment, with the help of tech giants, limited the story’s exposure to help their preferred candidate win.

“Democracy,” indeed.

Then there is the issue of the president claiming he knew nothing about Hunter’s leveraging of the family name for influence peddling and never personally “profited off” any of his son’s schemes.

What did the president think Hunter was doing when he hitched a ride to secure deals with the Chicoms on Air Force Two in 2013? Does Joe not remember that two Obama administration officials raised concerns about Hunter’s relationship with the Ukrainian energy firm Burisma? When finally asked about his son, Biden claimed the “vast majority of the intelligence people have come out and said there’s no basis at all.”

His buddies lied — just like they had during the Russia collusion hysteria. This week, only two years late, CBS News confirmed that the Hunter Biden emails were all genuine — just like everyone knew they were. Now we have authenticated emails showing an executive from Burisma thanking Hunter for facilitating a meeting with the vice president.

If Joe were a Republican, Adam Schiff would not only have opened an investigation, but he would have claimed to be in possession of irrefutable proof that the 2020 election had been bought by the Chinese. Sargent would be churning out one hyperbolic piece after the next. We would all be watching another thermonuclear meltdown.

Of course, nearly every congressional investigation in history is, to one extent or another, undertaken in “bad faith,” and that’s fine. One of the most beneficial roles of political parties is that they will hold the opposition accountable.

But Sargent, and other advocates of one-party rule, only see legitimacy in their objectives, which is one of the numerous reasons their claim to be democracy’s defenders is so laughable.


Republicans are lathered up and poised to launch at least a dozen “inquiries” into all things Biden. I’m certainly not maintaining they should NOT investigate all the wrongdoing during this administration. They should. But considerable resources should be gathered to stop the insanity of this administration in places like our economy, the drug and illegal immigrant flood at the southern border, and shoring up our seriously injured military. Few mention the horrors Biden has meted on our military during and since the Afghanistan debacle. If I was a leader of a militant foreign country that had ever considered attacking the U.S., now might be a perfect time. Remember: Hirohito waited to attack Pearl Harbor until he knew that the U.S. was totally embroiled in Europe fighting Hitler. A copycat could be in hiding.

No matter one’s political perspective, all reasonable people recognize our nation is wounded and in great need of organized leadership that would once more “lead the nation” instead of “rule the nation,” which has been Biden’s style of governing. (Wait: isn’t Biden one of the many on the left who accused Trump of wanting to be an authoritarian ruler of the U.S.?)

Republicans better get consensus on every one of these issues and others not mentioned in short order. The USS America — the greatest “ship” ever on any ocean on the globe — needs to be turned from its present path toward certain destruction. It takes a long time and a long way to turn such a great ship around in the ocean. And a 180-degree path alteration is required to save this “ship.”

Changing course to get back on track is far more important than going after Biden’s syndicate — although the two must run parallel.

Time is of the essence. American leaders need to quit fighting about laws some don’t like. The fighting is just the surface of the evil that must be stopped. Please begin enforcing ALL federal laws. If a majority don’t like all or some of those laws — especially federal immigration laws — CHANGE those laws! But enforce the ones in place now.

Republican House members: make January 3, 2023, the most important day (so far) in your government service. Don’t politicize…GOVERN!


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