Saturday Bullet Points: December 10, 2022

No doubt that Twitter’s Elon Musk broke the biggest story of the week. The exposure of the facts that a hundred million Americans had believed were “there” for years was confined by Elon. In fact, the illegal and unethical actions of the leftist media and the FBI made the wrongdoing by the left even more outlandish.

Now, the big question: where do we go next? Let’s be careful — we cannot afford to get caught up in revelations of one tragedy so as to miss the other ones. As I’m writing this, the third “dump” of Twitter revelations was divulged. And it’s much worse.

Let’s allow mainstream conservative BIG outlets to expose those evil doings while looking back on the week and give you the OTHER big events of the week. Let’s get to our “Bullet Points!”

Bullet Points

  • Democrats will have a new Speaker of the House in January. It’s not because Nancy Pelosi was defeated in a fight for the title. She relinquished the Speaker spot keeping only her House seat she was re-elected for. Her replacement as House Speaker: is Hakeem Jeffries. Though all will get close to him as he assumes Nancy’s job, there are some Jeffries’ issues you need to know. Jeffries is a prominent election denier. In fact, he feels any election that is won by the GOP is a fraud and was stolen from Democrats. For complete details, click on this link:
  • By now, everyone knows that one of Arizona’s U.S. Senators has defected from the Democrat Party. Kyrsten Sinema — a Democrat until now — announced her immediate departure from the Party of the Left. Republicans don’t need to shout for joy just yet. She changed her party status to “Independent.” What does that mean? Probably not too much. Remember, Vermont’s #1 Senator, Bernie Sanders, is an Independent as well. But Bernie caucuses continually with Democrats. It’s expected Sinema will do the same. So why leave the Democrat Party if you will continue to support Democrat ideals? How does the Biden White House feel about this stab-in-the-back by the Arizona Senator? For complete details, click on this link:
  • Americans daily check the “progress” down at the Southern Border, hoping that President Biden has come to his senses and is allowing Border Patrol Agents to do their jobs of securing the border and prosecuting the illegals who sneak into the country. Every day we awaken to the knowledge that Biden is doing NOTHING to enforce federal immigration laws. And illegals continue to flood the nation. This must certainly take a toll on those border agents, most of whom are lifetime agents stationed at the border. And the U.S. President has knee-capped them, not allowing them to do the job they joined CBP to do. What kind of emotional duress must this be? It’s so oppressive that a number of agents committed suicide in the last year! How many have chosen that “way out?” For complete details, click on this link:
  • The now three Twitter “dumps” of the proof of massive censorship of conservatives by Twitter prior to the Elon Musk purchase are proving the conclusions drawn by conservatives who, for years, saw their tweets and attachments disappear. Few can believe how bold these Twitter elites have been. They’ve NEVER been accosted for wrongdoing though we all knew something was up. That emboldened them to suppress in greater ways with impunity. Unfortunately for them, however, is that Republicans will assume control of the House in January. And Republican leaders have boldly and loudly proclaimed that accountability for all the wrongdoing at Twitter that involves many in the Democrat Party, FBI, and even the White House will be swift, thorough, and certain. For complete details, click on this link:
  • How many people reading these bullet points today have children at home who are continually surfing TikTok? For several years, many of us have been warning that TikTok is a tool of the CCP to infiltrate as many parts of our society to create a massive weapon to use against us. Even with our incessant cries to curtail that access to our infrastructure, we were ignored. Isn’t it odd now that many governors, senators, and even some in the White House are now lifting warning cries about the dangers of TikTok? What are our leaders going to do about what? What CAN they do about it? For complete details, click on this link:
  • By now, I’m certain most Americans know who Sam Brinton is. You don’t know? Sam is a non-binary person who works in a serious position in the U.S. Department of Energy. His working for the DOE or being non-binary is not a problem for anyone. What IS a problem is that Sam apparently has an issue with certain types of luggage. He likes that type of luggage. He likes it so much that he has been arrested twice for stealing the luggage of individuals when Sam debarks from a plane and goes to Baggage Claim to get his OWN luggage! Needless to say, those two arrests added to Sam’s luggage idiosyncracies have raised an uproar in D.C., and Republicans are clamoring for Sam’s head! What will Joe Biden do about it? For complete details, click on this link:
  • To the surprise of a few, the House of Representatives passed a mammoth Defense Authorization Bill to fund our Military and other defense-related entities for the upcoming bill. The bill is HUGE! It should not surprise you that NO ONE has read the entire bill. And guess what we heard as Democrat leaders were touting the Monster prior to passing it? ” We don’t know what’s in the bill. We’ve got to pass it so we can then examine what it contains.” That line was the famous speech of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi when Democrats in the House and Senate passed Obama’s infamous healthcare bill dubbed “Obamacare.” But this time, it wasn’t Nancy who warned the nation that “we don’t know what’s in the bill!” They still passed it. For complete details, click on this link:
  • The sudden exchange of one of the most dangerous men on Earth for the American WNBA basketball player set the United States on fire. Russia, a few months ago, grabbed Brittney Griner as she entered their country to play basketball and charged her with possession of illegal drugs. She DID have medicinal marijuana in her luggage. However, that explanation did not please the Russians. She was tried and sentenced to prison there for a long time. Thursday, it was revealed that the Biden Administration had agreed to send back to Russia a warlord who happened to be the biggest military weapons supplier for years to armies and hoodlums around the world. We’re not talking about AK-47 rifles or RPGs. We’re talking about that PLUS deadly drones, missiles, and “heavy” military weapons sold to militias to use against their foes. In several cases, those “foes” were actually the United States! Who is this monster that Biden gave to Putin for the basketball player? How bad is this guy? For complete details, click on this link:
  • The third Twitter dump orchestrated by Twitter’s new owner detailed the plans for the social media giant to do away with Donald Trump totally! There’s no question that Twitter employees — all of who are hardcore leftists — hated the “Orangeman,” every one of his supporters, and every other conservative. One can only imagine the joy in their hearts when their leaders gave the green light to go after Donald Trump and that “everything goes!” Imagine their shock and horror when the word was shouted across Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters that not only was Musk their new boss, he was going to give the World the truth about the shadowbanning and other “tipping-of-the-scale” of free speech to hurriedly get Donald Trump out of the nation’s collection eye. How did they do it? For complete details, click on this link;
  • It is uncontroverted that most Americans despise the United States Congress and all those who number among the 535 who hold those seats. These public “servants” each campaign and make elaborate promises for all the things they will do for their constituents “if” those constituents will elect them. Members of the House are not so bad because they serve only two-year terms. Therefore, they can most easily kick those of those House members that welch on their promises. However, its tougher regarding U.S. Senators. Each of those has six-year terms. And during those six years, these Senators are adept at finding ways to ensure their re-election. That being said, there’s normally a significant turnover in the Senate every two years. But as much as Americans abhor even the elected Senators, Americans returned EVERY incumbent to their office in the Senate for six more years. That’s the first time for each incumbent to be re-elected in a century! For complete details, click on this link:

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