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From December to January: a prophetic message already coming true

December 22nd I posted this on my Facebook page.  There is so much American historical irony already happening in the Trump presidency, few can argue there are heavenly ramifications of each.  Christians throughout the nation have felt something  historical was going to happen AFTER this historical election, but have been waiting on tiptoe to see what and when it will happen.  Well, it’s already started.  Remember this?

“U.S. Government is steadily changing. The recent presidential election should be a wake-up call for all those for whom our government has always been that safe, solid, protector that is ever vigilant in watching out for us, making sure the boogie man doesn’t get us while we sleep. Our government has become the boogie man in many ways and if it once did, it no longer watches out for us. It uses all that energy and resources once dedicated solely to our health and well being to make certain IT gets everything IT needs to continue its spiraling growth while maintaining power and control it has quietly stripped from the arms of Americans through the years.

This Administration that is about to hand over the keys to government is no different. In the past Presidential Administrations when leaving office have quietly stepped aside in deference to their replacements. It is apparent Mr. Obama is kicking that old principle out the door. He apparently has no plans to follow that course of action. In fact, indications are he plans to simply move from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to his Administration’s new address which is also in Washington D.C. He is moving into a monstrous home with about 9 extra bedrooms and indications are his plans are to create a shadow government to — in his words — make certain that all the good things he put in place for America are not undone, taken away, or done away with. What do you think he means to do and how do you think he plans to accomplish those objectives?

First please know those ARE his plans. No previous president has noticeably moved to another D.C. address after leaving the White House. In deference to new Presidents, old Presidents leave town. Barrack intends to stay involved. And it is apparent that the big spenders who have backed his liberal policies, goals, and objectives are lining up to continue that process beginning in January. One environmental billionaire has publicly committed $1 million for television ads to run against any and all attempts by the Trump Administration to undo any environmental changes inked by Obama into law, spoken into regulation, or by executive order. Obama himself has warned Trump about messing with Obamacare. Surely the Obama “Shadow” Administration is a real thing hurriedly in the making. Don’t think he’s going away.

If you think I’m deluded or paranoid in this, just mark the moments you spent reading this in your mind so that when legislative moves are hurriedly initiated on the Hill to aggressively fight any and all conservative movements, you’ll remember my predictions. And it will not be just regarding Congress. Black Lives Matter will continue to grow. There will be more and more aggressive militant demonstrations in the streets of our larger cities that will soon spread to smaller towns and cities. The Supreme Court is marked for showdown after showdown as liberal activists attack any and all attempts from Conservatives to litigate unlawful actions initiated by this Administration. Presidential appointments of all kinds will initiate powerful and very public media wars. Liberal media will take these as their cue to intensify their rhetoric attacking all things conservative with a fervor so far unseen.

This behemoth called the U.S. government will soon show it has a second head, and it is one that eats a whole lot to keep itself alive and growing. Don’t be surprised when it starts devouring America but from a new address. If you’re a conservative, the boogie man does not like you.”

Enter Donald J. Trump.  The wheels of change — true change — at the “boogie man” level have already started, and started within a few hours of his inauguration.  Buckle down little children:  it’s probably going to be a bumpy ride.  We haven’t even gotten to February yet and the boogie man is getting pretty concerned!

2 thoughts on “From December to January: a prophetic message already coming true”

  1. Dan – I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you taking the time to keep us informed of what is happening before our eyes…I don’t always understand or am aware and I know I can depend on you for good, accurate information. Thank you!!!

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