March, March, March…

I marched today.  I didn’t march in Washington D.C.  I marched in my city.  I joined thousands of others who marched together for one cause and one cause only:  to end the killing of unborn babies.  Now don’t start throwing rocks at your computer screen — they won’t hit me.  And please don’t scream at me that my not having a vagina negates any right I may have to march.  I don’t have a vagina, but I have 3 babies that collectively have 6 babies.  And I have the right to have an opinion, especially in light of the fact that my federal government has for years allocated funds — some of my tax dollars — for the purpose of funding abortions.  And I summarily reject that.  Planned Parenthood who is at the heart of this controversy has couched its services as absolute necessary assistance in womens health in a multitude of areas.  But today Planned Parenthood’s actual services were revealed:  330,000 abortions per year, absolutely NO mammograms provided at any Planned Parenthood center as well as NO prenatal care.  And it was released that two of their centers perform NOTHING but abortions 40 hours per week.

There are several things that have rocked me in this world, but none more than the ironies that surround Pro Life and Pro Choice causes — ironies like the fact that Pro Choicers seem to confine choice to just one thing:  abortion.  Pro Lifers never consider abortion as a choice.  I’ve never heard of a Pro Choicer considering raising that child as a choice.  There may be some out there, but I didn’t hear them speak at the January 21st rally on the Mall in D.C.  And I didn’t hear any Pro Life speeches either even though the massive rally was promoted as a “Womens Rights Rally.”  Pro Life women were not invited or welcome.

But as I marched across the bridge today between Bossier City and Shreveport, Louisiana, all I could think about was that “other” irony:  the irony that the one who has the only voice that matters in this conversation was not in D.C. to speak nor marching with me in Louisiana.  That one is that baby.  That baby’s only crime:  conception, the first thing that ever happened to it which in too many cases becomes the only thing it ever participates in before it is slaughtered.  And it had no say so in either its conception or its termination.

But you know what the ultimate irony is?  This nation since its founding has championed itself for being the best, often the smartest, the most caring and accepting, the most generous and giving, the healthiest and  always the fairest of countries on Earth.  But as good as we are, as smart as we are, as caring and accepting, generous and giving, healthy and fair as we are, we continue to again and again allow, support, and commit abortions.

What’s the irony?  Think about it for a moment:  when does life begin?  Do you really know?  Does anyone really know?  I think the answer to those questions is simple:  no one knows for sure.  Just like Al Gore does not know for certain global warming is real and we are uncertain still (even with all of NASA’s knowledge of the Universe) if there is or is not life anywhere except on Earth, we do not know when life actually begins.  Is it at conception?  Is it at 2 months, 7 months, not until birth?   No one knows.

Still don’t know the irony I’m talking about?  It’s simple: how stupid we are to roll the dice on the one thing that is the only thing that must be for humanity to continue:  LIFE.  Let me make it simple:  what if life begins at conception?  What if it begins at the 2 month mark in its mom’s belly?  Maybe at 7 months?  What if at birth babies have actually been alive for 9 months?  Have you ever thought about that?  Oh, I’m certain Pro Life supporters have.  But I doubt many Pro Choice proponents have considered that — at least not seriously.  Why?  Because if they had, they would NEVER COME DOWN ON THE SIDE OF TAKING THE CHANCE ABORTING A BABY WOULD BE KILLING A HUMAN BEING.  That would simply be inhumane.

So I marched today.  And while I marched I remembered the difficulties we faced when we got pregnant the first time.  That was in the 70’s.  Abortion was “the” thing.  But we opted to have our child, who now has 4 of our grandchildren.  Having our second child meant the same decision.  Circumstances were different, but we knew having another child meant another set of responsibilities that would not be there if we just made them go away.  We chose to have that baby….and our son several years later.  And we have twin grand daughters because of those choices.

The next time you or someone you love is struggling with “the” decision, get them to sit down and quietly talk through “the” decision with you.  See if you can get them to consider….just at least consider….that aborting that baby could possibly be killing that baby.  Sure, no one knows for sure.  But shouldn’t all of us that are citizens of the greatest nation on Earth champion the one thing that will perpetuate life on Earth for generations to come?  Without having babies who grow up to carry our name and our heritages forward, there will be no tomorrow.  How will each mother who has made the choice to abort that baby react if/when someday they find out for sure: abortion really IS murder?

Abortion is an option.  We need to keep it as an option that is opted for less and less and less and less……….if at all.

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