Funny of the Week

“MAN! I just left the Valero up the street from my place.  I went inside the store to pay for my gas and saw two police officers looking at a lady smoking while pumping gas.  I thought  ‘she can’t be serious smoking at the pump.’   And the police right there too!  While paying for my gas, I heard someone screaming.  I looked outside and the lady’s arm was on fire!  She was tossing and waving her arm around,  just going crazy!  I walked outside while the cops were putting her on the ground.  They were putting the fire out with an extinguisher.  As I walked past I turned to see them handcuffing her.  WOW!  I am a concerned citizen so I asked the cops why they arresting her.   I thought that her arm catching on fire was enough.  Nope!  One cop looked me dead in the face and said “FOR WAVING A FIRE ARM.”

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