This just has to stop.  Americans are much smarter than to allow the continual lawbreaking that has ramped up in our nation and continues to grow.  No, it is not just from illegals.  But every crime committed by an illegal is a crime that would NOT have been committed if that illegal was not here.  For example:  Kate Steinle would be alive today if the illegal who had been deported 5 times and allowed sanctuary in San Francisco had simply been turned over to ICE by SFPD instead of being set free.  He shot and killed Kate with no purpose.  The odds are more likely that Kate would have won the lottery, been bitten by a shark, and struck by lightning, all on the same day than she would have been murdered IF that illegal had been processed according to the law.  The 14 year old girl in Rockville, Maryland’s life was forever changed when two illegal young men brutally raped her in their high school restroom.  Neither boy was to be in the United States.  Yet they were there and did rape her.

Before you throw rocks at your computer screen reading this, I know there are many hard working, wonderful and kind illegals living, working, paying taxes, giving back to their communities throughout our country.  But there are many who are not.  Quite honestly, to most Americans it matters not if they are good illegals or bad illegals…..they’re ILLEGALS!  Americans have allowed a new culture of ignoring “special” laws.   This culture not only allows certain lawbreakers the permission to break laws, they embrace those people.  Not only do they embrace the lawbreakers, they (as “Politically Correct” individuals so often do) rail against any and all who oppose this new culture and those who demand laws be enforced.  All across America we see week in and week out demonstrations by those who want  illegals legitimized and given if not full citizenship a complete pass for what they’ve done and an open door to every benefit of U.S. citizenship.  And these demonstrations are not just demonstrations — many end in violence with property and personal damages and injuries common.

Is our nation really a “Nation of Laws” or is it a “Nation of Political Correctness?”  Our previous president instructed his Justice Department to NOT enforce federal drug laws, to NOT deport illegals at the border.  He allowed the Internal Revenue Service to illegally target not-for-profit entities to keep or delay their legal formations IF they did not align with his particular political ideals.  And many people in the U.S. government, the U.S. Congress, and the United States not only agreed with him, gave free passes to all those who under his ideals broke the law.

Our children and grandchildren are in danger — danger from open borders, lawbreakers in every area of American life, lawmakers who ignore the will of the People and initiate and perpetuate the legislation of personal and governmental agenda that suits the feeding of the D.C. Monster that is meticulously devouring our freedoms and liberties.  Graft and corruption are destroying the center of American democracy.  It’s no longer just about money.  It’s about power.  With power, politicians understand they control EVERYTHING — not just money.  And “Quid Pro Quo” has become the mantra of liberalism.  It’s stealthily taken control of public education, the financial institutions of America, Wall Street, state and local government, and even churches.

How is this possible?  It all grows from an attitude of entitlement, pride, and greed.  Entitlement is driving the ship:  “somebody owes me something.”  Our parents, grandparents, and their parents all from birth respected their origins, their families and opportunities, but most of all honored their nation and all those who have made historical sacrifices to establish, protect, and maintain the personal freedoms and liberties upon which their nation was established.  Blood has always been the glue that holds America together.  And those past generations understood the principle of “freedom is not free,” and gave their time, their respect, and many their blood for America.

That principle has almost faded away.  Our generation is consumed with political correctness that is driven by entitlement.  Most today respect only those who laugh at sacrifice for the cause of liberty, and scream at anyone who expects any work for pay, benefits, and opportunity.  Why?  Because “somebody owes me something.”  The generation that said “anything worth having is worth working for” is growing old and dying away.  It is being replaced by a generation mixed with mostly entitlement minded people whose philosophy is “if I want it I should have it just because I want it.”  Working for something is no more.  Building relationships, honor of country and others, respect for leaders and neighbors, the law and law enforcement, are all not only hated, they are almost gone.

So in this environment, anything goes.  There are no rules today save one:  there are no rules.  If it feels good, do it.  If you want it, take it.  If you don’t like it, ignore it.  We are daily growing to look just like European countries who have over the last 30 years not only allowed this mindset into their cultures, they have embraced it.  And Europe is imploding — as will the U.S.

Our government allowing illegals in with no or very few restrictions is NOT our problem.  It is just one symptom of the disease I described above.  Treating the symptom while stopping the symptom does not stop the disease.  That often requires surgery.  In our case, that’s a tall order, but surgery can still be done.  Shining the light of truth on the massive corruption in D.C. is a good thing, but it’s just a start.  The seed of that corruption must be surgically removed before real change can begin.  Like him or not, Donald Trump has taken his election as the mandate from a strong segment of the American people who have seen this travesty and are willing to fight to rid the nation of this disease of entitlement — no matter the cost.  No man can do it alone.  It takes a lot of people to change a nation.

Our problem with illegals comes from not honoring laws.  Not honoring laws comes from a disdain for the law.  Disdain for the law comes from a culture of disrespect for the country, leaders, and a hatred of accountability.  Hatred of accountability comes from an attitude of entitlement.  The attitude of entitlement comes from Pride.  Do you believe the Bible?  If so, you know the first sin was not Adam and Eve’s.   It was Lucifer’s pride.  He was one of three Archangels in Heaven and was said to be the most beautiful.  He thought he was on the same level as God and expected to be elevated to that level.  He led a revolution among the angels.  They were cast out of Heaven for eternity.  A lot of problems there, but they all came from Pride.

Regarding immigration:  getting it straight won’t be easy and it won’t fix the problem.  But it’d be a start.  The U.S. has a good legal immigration system that has served millions for two centuries.  Does it have issues?  Certainly.  Can they be fixed?  Certainly.  That would require work, respect for others, agreement, negotiations, self sacrifice — all things that don’t work well in an environment of entitlement.  Let’s hope we can get started soon, before it’s too late.  We don’t need anymore lawbreakers — either from abroad or native born.  We need to once again be “one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”  “All” begins at home, in (one again) a “Nation of Laws.”

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