Have We No Shame?

Let the politicization of EVERYTHING in America continue!

Frederica Wilson — Florida Democratic Congresswoman — who claims Trump told the grieving widow of a soldier killed in Niger “I’m sure he knew what he was signed up for, but when it happens, it hurts anyway,” went deeper into her charges against the President: “This gentleman has a brain disorder and he needs to be checked out,” Wilson said of Trump on CNN. Wilson claimed she has proof of what Trump said, explaining she was one of several people in the vehicle who heard a portion of the call. ‘“This man is a sick man; he’s cold hearted and feels no sympathy or pity for anyone. This is a young woman, 10 months pregnant… she has two other kids. And when she hung up the phone she looked at me and said, ‘He didn’t even know his name’.”

Understand this: four young men serving as Green Baret in Niger were ambushed by terrorists and killed. The heartaches for those men’s families began that day and will never end. As often happens, the President called to give condolences to the widow of one of those soldiers. The Congresswoman mentioned above listened-in on the call and then went to CNN to blast what President Trump allegedly said to the widow during the call. By many accounts — including that of General John Kelly who now serves as Chief of Staff for the President — Ms. Wilson grossly misrepresented what President Trump said to the woman and certainly misrepresented the context and tone of his call.

The purported misrepresentation of what he said is NOT so much a travesty as is the fact that a Congresswoman took political advantage of the most horrible situation any family member can face — the death of a loved one in combat — to make her continued political charges against the President.

Have we no shame?

Unfortunately, the politicization of EVERYTHING in America occurs daily, continues to grow in number and intensity, and is quickly becoming an expected process in America. In doing so, the American news organizations have morphed into creating tabloid grocery store rags that reek of gossip at the lowest level while purporting to be real news. Their methodology of operations is to be as loud and ridiculous to attract attention. The truth is no longer even secondary. Growing viewers and readers are all that matter. The cost of their yellow journalism to people they interface with is no matter. Their motto? “Never let the truth or integrity or care for those included in a story affect what they NEED to report.” The story is worth any expense the media must pay — or so they say.


General Kelly called the White House press corps together specifically to discuss what the Congresswoman did and to explain President Trump’s phone call to the widow. Kelly heard the entire call. He was floored by the remarks and allegations made by Wilson on CNN but moreso by the fact that anyone would invade one of the most intensely personal moments in any person’s life — coming to grips with the death of a loved one in a military incident. And then to politicize for any reason at all is unconscionable.

General Kelly’s remarks were halted and emotional at times. Several times Kelly had to stop speaking to choke back tears. He himself a Gold Star parent — he lost his son in battle several years ago — was in disbelief that anyone like the Congresswoman could take such a tragic and intensely personal travesty and turn it into a political opportunity for herself. But the Congresswoman was not alone. Here was the Washington Post headline after the White House briefing:

The White House’s ‘highly inappropriate’ response to a fact-check reveals an authoritarian mindset

Not to be outdone, Hillary Clinton’s former campaign spokesman called retired Gen. John Kelly “odious” on Thursday after the White House chief of staff and Gold Star father spoke about President Trump’s decision to call the families of four soldiers killed in Niger earlier this month. “Don’t be distracted by the uniform,” Brian Fallon, a CNN contributor and past communications director for Clinton’s campaign, wrote on Twitter following Kelly’s remarks. “Kelly isn’t just an enabler of Trump. He’s a believer in him. That makes him as odious as the rest,” wrote Fallon, who is also an adviser to the Democratic political action committee, Priorities PAC.

Have we no shame?


I have only one thing to say: “STOP IT!” It simply is time for Americans to push the “pause” button on responses to others around them and re-evaluate what they say and how they say the things they do to. Life is simply not primarily about us — or it shouldn’t be. Me-ism is destroying America. It is the consuming power on which the Left is driven as is the Media. Somehow for some reason politicians and members of the Leftist Media believe that no story is complete without injecting their lives and their opinions into it. Making all they do, see, and hear about them rather than just being about the circumstances they face proves that morality, self-deprecation, self-denial, and putting others first is no longer needed and are a waste. Putting others first is dead. John F. Kennedy famously instructed Americans to “Ask not what your Country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your Country.” Boy, did this generation of politicians and media reject that.

Let’s just be quiet and respectful for others — especially those who have or will in the next days bury their dead sons and husbands and fathers killed serving the Nation. Then let’s talk TO each other and stop talking AT each other. Let’s face it: it is impossible for anyone to know someone else without spending time with that person. Until you know me there is no way you can make a educated decision about what type person I am. The same is true the other way around.

When someone accidentally drops an egg and it breaks, let’s let it be that and nothing more: no one hated the egg and threw it; there was no conspiracy among hens to lay a broken egg; the farmer did not get angry at the chickens and start killing them quietly. STUFF HAPPENS. Not always are those things the direct results of other things we have done or haven’t done.

Let’s sit down and rest for a few minutes. If/when anyone finds a pure negative person with a huge chip on their shoulder, let’s not spend every waking moment trying to knock that chip off.

And PLEASE: let’s continue to give Gold Star families some space, trust, and support for their tragedy. Their life is tough enough without others piling on. Let’s keep it clean and do it together.

Have we no shame?


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  1. I think we are seeing the fall of a great nation. I would like to believe that it will stop but unfortunately, i don’t see that happening. May God Bless Our Country. May God forgive our Leaders…AND citizens. May we Seek His Face.
    Satan is at work doing exactly what he does- Steal..Kill..Destroy. He has many workers in both parties of our corrupt government. The Swamp is real, but nastier that originally thought.

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