Do you think maybe daily distractions may be a tool of the Left?

Think about it. It may be easier to answer THAT question by asking this one: just what wonderful things have happened in D.C. since the inauguration of Donald Trump? You can probably name a thing or two: Neil Gorsuch confirmed as Supreme Court Justice, the recent passage by the Senate of a Budget framework to name a couple. But the list of D.C. achievements is pretty slim — or so it seems to be to many Americans. Bingo! Leftists have commandeered the narrative of Trump Administration accomplishments with distractions that are fed to the Leftist media who keep us pre-occupied. In working through those distractions we fail to see and appreciate the good things that are going on. Before we look at the positive results of some of the Trump Administration actions, let’s look at the actual distractions perpetrated by the Left:

  1. Let’s start with today’s: President Trump’s call to the Widow with condolences for her husband’s death in Niger. Congresswoman Wilson (D-FL) took a private, emotional moment in which she listened in to the President’s call and made it political. The Leftist media picked up on that and has spent a week doing nothing but putting forth and discussing ad nauseum how insensitive the President was. Why? Wilson took one line from the call to denigrate the President and has fed the Leftist narrative all week long, even proclaiming herself “A Rock Star;”
  2. The old standby: “Russia, Russia, Russia.” It’s too tired for most Americans to care about — it’s been a year since it started and STILL, NO Russia collusion with the Trump Campaign. And STILL the Media cry against Trump for Russian collusion;
  3.  Russian collusion: Hillary Clinton. This week the darling of the media who lately captures as much camera time as the President once again in interviews in the UK blamed her election loss on the Russians AND now Fox News;
  4. Chuck Schumer and Elizabeth Warren and other Democrats screaming about the Trump tax plan, and the Media is blanketing front page headlines not about the plan, but about their rebuttals. What are they saying? It will cripple the middle class while filling the pockets of the rich — what they always say about tax cuts. Nobody in the Leftist media has discussed the details of the plan which shows the plan is anything BUT crippling to the middle class;
  5. And media distraction is everywhere. Examples? CNN headline today: “Trump, “King of Debt,” makes GOP fret;”MSNBC headline today: Al Sharpton — “Trump Insecure About Not Measuring up to Obama.” (No need to comment) also this headline: Chris Hayes — “General John Kelly is not the Adult in the Room;”
  6. Dial back a few weeks to the Puerto Rico disaster and a loud San Juan mayor. U.S. media went crazy with glee filling every broadcast minute possible for days with her on camera telling the world how evil President Trump is;
  7. Then there was John McCain casting the deciding vote to kill the “Skinny Obamacare” repeal. For days Leftist media outlets took that and shouted constantly to the mountaintops the GOP is splitting at the seams, McCain hates Trump/Trump hates McCain, and on and on;
  8. Let’s don’t forget about the famous speech in which the President said NFL owners should fire players who kneel during the National Anthem. Leftists in media AND government spent days interviewing players, coaches, NFL execs — anyone who would speak into a microphone in support of the players to attack the President. (Never saw any interviews with Middle Americans);

All of these were nothing but distractions — ways to keep the attention of Americans away from anything positive that has happened recently in our government and in the Nation.

So what good HAS happened?

  1. The greatest tax cuts for Americans to ever pass the U.S. Senate passed along party lines last week and are headed back to the House. Those cuts will drastically reduce taxes on all Americans in spite of what Democrats claim. They will also reduce corporate taxes which will take the U.S. from top of the heap as the country on Earth charging the highest corporate tax rates;
  2. Unemployment in the nation is now at its lowest level in decades;
  3. The labor participation rate is at its highest level since the 70’s. That means people are simply going back to work, which means welfare and unemployment government subsidies have declined for the first time in more than a decade;
  4. The stock market: record highs almost every day. $5 Trillion of new wealth has been created through the stock market since the inauguration. “But that only benefits the rich — the rich get richer!” the Leftists cry. Last I knew, my IRA investments are in the stock market as are my 401K investments. My portfolio has taken a dramatic jump from the Obama days thanks to the stock market. I’m sure the wealthy who invest got wealthier, but so did the janitor in my building the same way the rich did. Isn’t that good for everyone?
  5. Jobs, jobs, jobs. The President’s roll backs of onerous regulations has immediately jump started the coal industry again which is putting tens of thousands of miners back to work. U.S. companies who fled the nation because of better tax treatment overseas are announcing almost weekly moves back into the U.S. in anticipation of better financial and tax treatment;
  6. Oil and natural gas production are full speed ahead which is causing fuel costs to drop and adding jobs. For the first time in almost ever the U.S. is exporting more oil than it is importing;
  7. ISIS is REALLY on the run. Iraqi forces with U.S. military assistance captured Raqqa — the capital city of ISIS. They are systematically being squeezed out of territory they have taken;
  8. U.S. relationships with foreign countries are steadily improving. Why? For the first time in almost a decade the U.S. has a President who is honest with foreign leaders and communicates U.S. foreign policy that even though may not be receiving universal acclaim make every country comfortable that if/when this President sets a redline he will abide by it and will make all other countries do the same;
  9. For the first time in decades North Korea’s tyrannical dictators have been put on notice regarding nuclear proliferation that is meaningful. Kim Jung-un obviously does not like President Trump, but he gets the message from D.C. and appears to be walking back some of his bullying that has held previous Presidents at bay. Asian leaders — especially leaders of Japan, South Korea, the Philippines and others — are breathing easier knowing that the U.S. is leaving a military option on the table to use only if necessary;
  10. There’s some truth being pushed out that during the Obama Administration had been hidden. It was recalled this week that the NY Times in 2015 broke a story about the scandal of the sale of 20% of America’s uranium to the Russians through the Uranium One deal and the millions of dollars in contributions to the Clinton Foundation in response — WHILE Hillary was Secretary of State. 2015: Obama as President, media in the tank for his administration — NOTHING…until this week the Senate Intelligence Committee launched an investigation into it, and still nothing from the Leftist Media. Think any of this would have come out and be investigated if HRC was President?


Just imagine how much more this President might have accomplished in his first 10 months if members of Congress would have helped in these tremendous gains. How better could it have been if members of his own Party had simply been honest to voters and joined the President? Instead, even some members of the “Swamp GOP” are now afraid of their former power getting snatched away as more and more Americans are seeing what this President is “doing” and not like previous Presidents who have simply “talked about doing.” GOP Swampers continue their resistance — but not for long.

Regarding this crazy Media: they have been hugely successful in doing just one thing and one thing only — broadening the already great divide in this Nation. Sadly they have done so not with the tools of their trade that they received from the previous generation of journalists who used those tools only in the manner of journalistic honesty and integrity since its beginnings. Today’s journalists on the most part are little more than gossip birthers and distributors. And sadly they have achieved their objective of driving hate, anger, and divisiveness into the hearts of a large segment of the country.

However, Americans are awakening. Remember that adage: “give them enough rope and they’ll hang themselves?” Americans are wising up to the daily machine gun lies appearing in print and broadcast news. Polls show that more Americans than ever before believe the Media actually make up bad stories to hurt this President. It’s one thing to make up all the stories and pump them out every day. It’s another thing for Americans to finally see and understand the truth: the Media is NOT honest.

But even more important than that: more and more Americans are being forced by FACTS to accept that this President really IS getting good things done. The above list of 9 is just a sampling. The sleeping American giant — the Public — is awakening to the decades old Media lunacy and elitism and now get it. The Media are petrified that in 2018 and even in 2020, it will not be “fly-over” Americans who break from tradition to surprisingly elect Donald Trump as President over Hillary Clinton. In the mid-terms and the General election in 2020, you are going to see “Swamp Legislators” from both parties sent home –some in dramatic and unexpected defeat — as Americans say “Enough is enough,” and drain the Swamp. Daily more and more Americans are donning that hat: “MAGA.”






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