How Dumb Is Donald Trump?

Donald Trump is so dumb that:

  • He’s married to one of the most beautiful women in the World;
  • His beautiful wife (who speaks 5 languages) is hopelessly devoted to her husband with publicly conspicuous and genuine respect and trust;
  • He turned a $1 million seed from his father into a multi-billion dollar empire;
  • He owns his own $100 million jet;
  • Though he’s employed hundreds of thousands, no current or previous employees speak negatively of their “boss;”
  • His children unequivocally love and respect him;
  • His daughters-in-law and son-in-law and their children unequivocally love and respect him;
  • With no previous political experience he was elected President;
  • He “conned” 53 million Americans to vote for him;
  • He dares to call out members of the media when they do not tell Americans the truth;
  • He believes Americans deserve the truth from their political representatives;
  • He trusts that Americans are smart enough to know what’s right and wrong politically;
  • He is certain American citizens can comprehend political issues without a filter from the Media;
  • He intends to keep every promise he made to Americans during his campaign for President;
  • He thinks Americans should hold elected officials accountable for the jobs they do (or don’t do);
  • He believes in the rule of Law;
  • He believes and trusts in the Constitutional balance of power;
  • He believes in limited and smaller government;
  • He believes in government “of the People, by the People, and for the People;”
  • He believes Congress should legislate, not the President or the Courts;
  • He trusts that empowering others in Cabinet positions who have more knowledge than he will work in governing;
  • He really believes the U.S. is still the greatest country on Earth;
  • He believes protecting and caring for American citizens is government’s first job;
  • He believes in real borders;
  • He believes GOP Congressional leaders must negotiate with Dems to get bills passed;
  • He believes taxes are too high for everyone;
  • He trusts that Conservatives are not stupid just because they’re Conservatives;
  • He is confident Government wastes money and the private sector in most cases could do a better job;
  • He believes negotiating political deals should be done the same way as business deals;
  • Though Putin is evil the President respects his leadership success;
  • He believes that instead of secretly sending $150 Billion to Iran it should have been saved for Harvey and Irma relief;
  • He is the first President to ever retaliate for an enemy crossing a Presidential “red line.”

I could go on and on listing examples used by many trying to convince others that President Trump is an incompetent imbecile. Those who consistently make that claim illustrate their disdain that defies any logic. Reason dictates a recognition of both sides of an argument for the purpose of determining which side (if either) is actually correct. It is truly pathetic to watch and listen to those on the Left who continually (with no specific illustration to prove any incapacity of the President) spew the venom that has unified Democrats and other Liberals against this President. Reason and facts have no place in that conversation. It is fueled solely by emotional outbursts that seem to be never-ending.

Unfortunately for Americans — especially Conservatives — those arguments expected to come from only the Left are being echoed by some of the “Establishment” Republicans in Washington and elsewhere. They too have fallen prey to the escalating emotions of Never-Trump-ers that are steadily eating away at the tiny bit of the fabric of integrity remaining in D.C.  And there is very little fabric left. Those Republicans joining the mob of Antifa, Black Lives Matter, the Democrat Party, Communists and Fascists have all swallowed the Kool Aid of anti-Conservatism that has as its bulls-eye Donald Trump. Whether or not anything he has said or done is good, honest, helpful, or positive for Americans is immaterial. It is truly a mob mentality — eerily similar to medieval Peasants fighting the Royals. The Peasants armed with only gossip and here-say storm the castle without having a real cause for doing so.

Certainly you sense the sarcasm in my list of examples of answers to “How Dumb is Donald Trump?” In Summary, let me throw a few more thoughts to ponder about this President’s competency:

  1. Dems have been taking victory laps all day after their huge “defeat” of Republicans in yesterday’s Oval Office get together. They intercepted the plans of Ryan and McConnell to get a debt ceiling that lasts 18 months, which would have put the next debt ceiling negotiations past the mid-term elections. Most Republicans see that compromise by President Trump as caving to Democrats — a compromise that put the GOP in a significant disadvantage in subsequent negotiations. But what if the President has an ulterior plan in doing so? Remember: he is a salesman, and he did write the book “The Art of the Deal.” What “deal” could he be working on with those results? Even though I can only speculate about such a “deal” at this point, most assuredly the President has one for which these actions were necessary. We will know soon, I am sure.
  2. The rancor from the Left is deafening regarding the President’s notification he will not renew DACA. Never mind that Obama (when he issued the-since-determined-to-be-unlawful Executive Order) stated numerous times he did not have authority to do so and that when issued it would be temporary. Do you think President Trump may have simply been dodging a bullet by deferring the ultimate responsibility for ANY immigration issues to Congress? Think about this: He’s not up for election in 2018. But ALL members of the House of Representatives are. He now no longer has the responsibility of dealing with Immigration matters that are a no-win issue whatever way they are resolved. Now it’s those House members that are on the hot seat to get something done legislatively, which is the exact way the Constitution dictates government structure.
  3. Why did President Trump bypass House Speaker Ryan and Senate Majority leader McConnell in that meeting with Pelosi and Schumer? Do you think he may have been sending a message to Congressional leaders — a message that says “You all may think you are smarter than me and that I’m dumb. During my campaign I promised voters that we’d get certain things done, you guys promised you’d get them done, and you’ve failed. If Congress does not fulfill those promises, Congress will deal with the fact that I’ll cut deals with the Democrats instead just to break the logjam in Congressional legislative action. Members of Congress and I made promises to Americans in the campaign. If you do not fulfill your promises I will NOT let Americans down as you have. I’ll get promises I made fulfilled.”

Final Thoughts

I doubt that Leftists will ever give Donald Trump the benefit of the doubt when it comes to his competency or his ability to be “presidential.” We’ve already seen that results are of little consequence in their hatred and disdain for him. Seldom mentioned is that those in the Democrat Party, its leaders, the Media, and other elitists despise everyday Americans. No one is talking about that. It goes unnoticed that for any justification for their Trump hatred, the 53 million+ Americans that elected Donald Trump must be dumb, too.  And the Left all think that half the country is too dumb to take issue with the false narrative of Trump’s incompetency perpetrated by the Left.

I know they are confident there will be a GOP blood-bath in the 2018 mid-terms. I’m pretty sure CNN is going to have a really tough time with election results NEXT November — probably as tough a time as they had election night LAST November. The difference is that a gaggle of Establishment Republicans might have as tough a time as CNN on election night 2018.

Oh, by the way: he’s FAR from Dumb!


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