Death of the Two-Party System

The Republican and Democrat Parties are no more. Their death was confirmed in the Oval Office with the summit between the President and Congressional Leaders. What’s left? Those who support President Trump and those who don’t.

How ironic this is. But it is true. For the purpose of this discussion, let’s name the two “new” Parties the “Yays” and the “Nays.” Of course the “Yays” are those who support the President’s agenda and the “Nays” do not.

It became apparent during the 2016 campaign that not everyone in the Republican Party would ever be “all-in” for the GOP Presidential ticket IF Donald Trump became the nominee. Remember that in the first debate, the candidates were asked who on stage would NOT support the eventual Republican nominee, no matter who it was. Donald Trump was the only candidate who raised a hand. (It turns out that he was not alone, just the only one who admitted it at the time) He took a brutal beating by the press afterwards and also by the other GOP candidates who each thought not supporting whoever was the nominee was reprehensible.  And then things changed.

The RNC demanded that all candidates sign a pledge to support the eventual nominee no matter who. Several declined to sign it. But Donald Trump DID. How ironic. Those actions verified what many had felt for some time. There are two Republican Parties: one on the Left that are actually not conservative but moderate, and one further to the Right comprised of those with more conservative views. The Freedom Caucus is an example of those of the “Yays.” The Establishment Republicans are “Nays.”

Donald Trump showed the Nation and the World several things by calling that meeting with Schumer, Pelosi, McConnell and Ryan. First, not getting promised legislation to the floor of either House for discussion, debate, and a vote is unacceptable and simply ridiculous. Republicans control both Houses. The absurdity of this is glaringly obvious by the fact that Republicans promised Americans for 6 years that with a GOP Congress AND a GOP White House they would immediately repeal and replace Obamacare. Republicans got what they asked for and can’t even agree to debate proposed Healthcare changes. Meanwhile Americans who believed Republicans find themselves deep in financial devastation regarding their health insurance skyrocketing costs.

Those broken promises were not lost on this President. After 8 months of watching Congress accomplish little (other than several lengthy vacation recesses), President Trump saw the handwriting on the wall and stepped into the “do-nothing” fray. He cut a deal with Democrats to get two critical issues out of the way — Hurricane relief and a debt-limit increase — so Congress could quickly move forward with Tax Reform and re-address Healthcare Reform before the New Year. He had to do it: based on what he had watched play out, this Congress was going to do NOTHING this year.

Americans now understand: Republicans are no more. But government must function. And Americans elected Donald Trump President because of the things he promised he would do. Congressional Republicans ALL agreed to do whatever was necessary to accomplish those desires of voters. Donald Trump if anything at all is someone who thinks long and hard before making a commitment. But when his commitment is given, he fulfills what he promised. Americans and this President expect nothing less from Congress.

Republicans in Congress led by Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell have failed miserably by not getting Healthcare fixed, a wall at the Mexican border at least funded, and no Tax Reform. All were promised.

What do these “Yays” and “Nays” Look Like?

First, do not fall for the fake cries from Establishment Republicans (“Nays”) that you will hear shortly claiming that President Trump wants to takeover legislative action. That is opposite of what he expected and what he wants. Make no mistake however, this President has a history of accomplishments. Yes that history has been in the private sector. But it is common knowledge that the squeaky wheels of government are costly, full of bureaucratic nonsense and often corrupt, and unnecessary. It is accepted by most that when the Government does something, it takes longer and costs far more than if done in the private sector. And there’s no good reason for that!

The “Nays” have a game plan: slow play everything — take your time. They do not want to be creative or pro-active on any legislation. It is very obvious they simply don’t want to rock the vote. The status quo in 2017 looks pretty good to them. Sure government costs are astronomical and growing, Obamacare is costing billions more than promised, incomes are stagnant, taxes and regulations are oppressive, but over the last 8 years we’ve been able to “deal” with all those things. The “Nays” mantra? “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” They feel strongly they can garner enough support among fellow “Nay” members in Congress to throw some more money at each of these problems and kick the can down the road. They’ve been doing it for years. No, Republicans haven’t controlled all 3 houses of government for a while. But the Dems play the same game as the “Nays.” So whoever is in power at the time simply plays the “maintain” game and doesn’t make waves. How do you think we got to the $20 Trillion debt mark so quickly?

The “Yays” in Congress represent Middle America — the Working Class in. They not only SAID they would get taxes lowered, Obamacare done away with, the border wall funded and built, and immigration reform, they fully intend to do those things and have for several years. All they need is a White House resident who leads the pack. They have that in Donald Trump, but the “Nays” are fighting the “Yays” in all this harder than are the Democrats! The “Nays”” cry: “Don’t upset our apple cart!” The “Yays” look on in disbelief. They like most Americans cannot believe how eerily similar to Democrats (and even those further left) these “Nays” are.

Who are in the “Nays” camp? For starters, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConell for sure. They were put in power in the House and Senate respectively by other “Nays” who have enough caucus votes to maintain the status quo. Remember my constant policy statement to you: “It’s not about money anymore — it’s about Power?” With power whoever has it can gain control of everything, including money. The “Nays” have learned that lesson from watching Democrats through the years throw away any concern for doing what voters want done and simply doing all those things the “Nays” determine are necessary to prop up the “Nays'” agenda and keep things as they are.

What’s Next?

If it weren’t for Hurricane Irma the “Nays” would have already turned on the “venom spicket” unleashing all kinds of nastiness on the President for embarrassing them in the Oval Office and subsequently in the national news headlines of every newspaper and on every radio/television station news programs. But it’s coming. The hurricane will pass and the President needs to put plans in place to get Tax Reform and Obamacare repealed quickly. The “Nays” will do EVERYTHING they can to foil those plans. At least they will slow play any legislation on those matters. But I expect they’ll be more obvious about their Trump attack this time. He embarrassed them — they’ll embarrass him. (They actually think they can!)

Tomorrow I’ll drop a bomb about the last of conservative broadcast news is now behind us. It is shocking to realize. Many of you will not believe it.

Closing Note

I want to thank all of you for looking in. The story yesterday titled “How Dumb is Donald Trump?” garnered over 100,000 hits! That’s a testimony to the reality that Conservatism in America is alive and well. Further it proves that Conservatives are worried about the path America is going down politically and want change.

Obama promised to bring us change — remember? Hope and Change. How’s that working out for you?

See you tomorrow!

Dan N.



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