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Hypocrisy at its Best

How many “real” scandals have you seen/heard about in the Mainstream Media the last few weeks? How many “fake” news scandals about Donald Trump et al have you seen/heard about in the Mainstream Media the last few weeks? I don’t have an accurate number for either, but I assure you the “fake” news scandals soaking CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, The NY Times and the Washington Post “fake” news scandals dwarf the “real scandals” any and all of these have brought to the American Public. Let’s take a look:

Fake “Trump et al” News

  • The never-dying “All things Russia:” over and over and over and over and over again and again.
  • Secretary of State Tillerson is going to resign in disgust at any moment.
  • On May 10, the Washington Post reported that Trump’s Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein “threatened to resign” after a “narrative” emerged that he was behind the firing of FBI Director James Comey. An anonymous source reported this allegation to the Post. Only problem: it wasn’t true.
  • May 10, the news media exploded with reports that, prior to being fired by President Trump, Comey had requested that the Justice Department devote more resources to the FBI’s probe into Russia’s election meddling. The unspoken implication, of course, was that Trump fired Comey to keep him from discovering the truth about Trump’s involvement with Russia. Department of Justice spokesman Ian Prior said the report was “totally false,” while acting FBI director Andrew McCabe under oath affirmed that the FBI has “resourced” the Russian investigation “adequately.” He also claimed he was “not aware of” any request made by Comey regarding additional resources.
  • (This one’s a killer) On May 20, Wall Street Journal reporter Rebecca Ballhaus tweeted, along with a WSJ story, that “Saudi Arabia and UAE pledge $100 million to Ivanka’s Women Entrepreneurs Fund.” This tweet was retweeted over 3,400 times. She followed with another tweet: “Trump pilloried Clinton for such donations to the Clinton Foundation on the campaign trail.” This tweet was retweeted more than 7,400 times. Shortly thereafter, CNN national security correspondent Jim Sciutto retweeted Ballhaus’s initial tweet and claimed: “This is virtually identical to what Trump and others in GOP criticized Clinton Foundation for.” This garnered an astonishing 11,700 retweets. George Takei claimed that “the Saudis plopped $100mil into Ivanka’s charity.” Retweet count: 21,000 and growing. CNN contributor Ana Navarro tweeted: “Ivanka Fund got $100MM pledge from Saudis & UAE.” At the time of this writing, this tweet had been retweeted more than 43,000 times. Forty-three thousand. So what was the truth? Wall Street Journal editor Sohrab Ahmari pointed out (repeatedly, yet to no avail), the organization in question wasn’t “Ivanka’s Woman Entrepreneurs Fund” or an “Ivanka Fund” or “Ivanka’s charity,” and it wasn’t comparable to the Clinton Foundation in the slightest. It was, rather, “a World Bank initiative that Ivanka is championing.” As NPR put it, the fund was merely “inspired” by Ivanka Trump: “While Ivanka Trump proposed the idea along with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, she is not involved with its operation.”
  • On May 4, the feminist group Ultraviolet Action tweeted out a graphic that claimed the AHCA “made being a rape survivor a preexisting condition.” Media outlets ran with this claim, with astronomical social media shares quickly following: Mic (shared a staggering 248,000 times on Facebook), New York Magazine (13,000 shares), CNN (24,000 shares) and HuffPost (nearly 40,000 shares), among many others. The coverage was sensational, outrageous and terrifying. And the claims was patently false!
  • On May 3, Vox’s German Lopez published a piece claiming that “the US Department of Justice is literally prosecuting a woman for laughing at Jeff Sessions.” It will not surprise you to know that this story went insanely viral: it was shared nearly 106,000 times on Facebook. A few days later at Vox, Lizz Winstead wrote that the woman was “arrested for the crime of laughing…during the confirmation hearings of Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions” (this netted an additional 20,000 Facebook shares). Do I need to say it didn’t happen?

I could go on and on and on. We’ve heard dozens of them, so much so that Americans are really becoming numb to them and react in one of two ways almost everytime we see/hear one: we either totally ignore it and either shrug or laugh it off, or if you are a “Never Trumper,” it just makes you angrier. However most “Never Trumpers” never bother to try to authenticate any claims against Trump or his Administration members. They almost exclusively adopt the mindset “If it’s about Trump and it’s negative, I’m all in.”

“Real” News Scandals we Hear little or Nothing about

  • Unmasking Scandal: “Prosecutors, Congress, and the public will want to know when the National Security Council shipped off the records about potential intelligence abuses by Susan Rice and others in the Obama White House to the memory hole of the Obama Presidential Library,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. What Bush National Security Advisor would NOT get run out of D.C. if “real” preliminary evidence surfaced showing that she/he had unmasked numerous American citizens for political purposes in the last days of that administration? And the unmasking scandal of the Obama Administration has just begin.  Apparently HUNDREDS of illegal unmaskings took place that implicate a number of Trump Administration members, many of them before President Trump took office. And that number apparently includes the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations! If this was a Republican issue it would be non-stop, 24/7 national and international news. Not a word of late from any MSM media about it.
  • Loretta Lunch: Again a Bush comparison seems appropriate. Which Bush Attorney General would not have been impeached for doing what Obama’s second AG Lynch did? She met with a potential witness in an FBI investigation before he became a witness. And he was also a principal in an existing investigation: the Clinton Foundation. Further she instructed FBI Director Comey at the time to not call the Hillary’s “EMail Gate” an “investigation,” rather just a “Matter.” Oh, don’t forget that she informed the DNC in writing that if the FBI investigation in Hillary’s emails got to “hot,” she’d certainly intervene. Where’s the media cry for a Loretta Lynch obstruction of justice investigation?  Those cries are non-existent.
  • NSA Spying Scandal: In late May, Circa News published a truly bombshell report about how the National Security Agency had been conducting illegal searches on American citizens for years, “routinely violating American privacy protections while scouring through overseas intercepts.” In addition, the administration “failed to disclose the extent of the problems until the final days before Donald Trump was elected president last fall.” Classified documents obtained by Circa showed that “one out of every 20 searches seeking upstream internet data on Americans inside the NSA’s so-called Section 702 database violated the safeguards Obama and his intelligence chiefs vowed to follow in 2011.” Circa also reported that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court blasted Obama administration officials, saying that the improper searches posed a “very serious Fourth Amendment issue” and the administration’s failure to disclose the violations amounted to an “institutional lack of candor.” Media response? The three network news programs all ignored this report, and it got little attention by any of the other mainstream news outlets.
  • Debbie Wasserman Schultz: I simply cannot figure this one out. The former head of the Democratic National Convention hired and paid astronomical dollars to a Pakistani family of computer specialists to maintain Congressional Democrats’ computer systems as well as that of the DNC. She continually refused to authorize authorities to examine the DNC computers or hers as part of the alleged Russian hacking of DNC servers. $4 million was paid to that Pakistani family of specialists to do all the work they did that a similar firm offered to do for just a fraction of those dollars. Even though their security clearances and access to Congressional Democrats servers was suspended, Wasserman Schultz insisted they continue to pay the head of this Pakistani group who was caught fleeing the country after trying to wire a large amount of money to his account in Pakistan. If this had been Reince Priebus of the RNC, the story would be lead in every major newspaper in America and every television network and news talk show. Not happening — MSM walking around it even though it’s a blockbuster.
  • FBI Attorney investigated for Leaks: FBI General Counsel James A. Baker is purportedly under a Department of Justice criminal investigation for allegedly leaking classified national security information to the media, according to multiple government officials close to the probe who spoke with Circa on the condition of anonymity. This comes as Department of Justice Attorney General Jeff Sessions said he would soon be making an announcement regarding the progress of leak investigations. A DOJ official declined to comment on Circa’s inquiry into Baker but did say, the planned announcement by Sessions is part of the overall “stepped up efforts on leak investigations.” Three sources, with knowledge of the investigation, told Circa that Baker is the top suspect in an ongoing leak investigation, but Circa has not been able to confirm the details of what national security information or material was allegedly leaked. I have not seen ANY news source other than FOX News run this story — a REAL news story — rather than continue their “fake news” rants.

I’m going to add one more quick section here that bears pointing out:

Real News that We Don’t Hear

  • Economic numbers: I guess since there’s been no news about economic upturn or downturn under Trump it must all be bad.  Certainly real news outlets would report any if there was any good news, right? Monthly Average of Jobs added under the last 3 presidents: Bush — 14,000; Obama — 120,000; Trump — 172,600. Gross Domestic Product growth percentages under Bush, Obama, Trump: Bush — 2.1%; Obama — 1.5% (the lowest in presidential history); Trump so far — 2.2% for first two quarters.
  • National debt: When Bush took office the national debt stood at $5.8 trillion; When Obama took office the national debt stood at $10.6 trillion; When Trump took office the national debt stood at $19.9 trillion. The national debt decreased $12 billion in Trump’s first month as President while in the first month of the Obama presidency debt increased $200 billion.


It is painfully obvious that the Leftist Liberal Media hate Donald Trump and have pulled out all the stops to take him down and destroy his presidency. They abandoned any truth in reporting a long time ago. It is further obvious that they literally do not care what Americans think about their destruction of journalism that so long was the bastion of freedom that separated our nation from every other nation on Earth. The MSM is leading us down the same path that Adolph Hitler used to lull Germans to sleep pre-World War II. Their mantra? “It worked for Hitler…it can work for us.”

Laugh at me if you will. But if I had told you 24 months ago that the Mainstream Media in 2017 would have nationally released dozens of anti-Presidential stories that were almost immediately proven false and that those media outlets included The NY Times, Washington Post, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, and other mainstream outlets, you would have laughed then.

What for Americans to do? Dig for REAL news — unfiltered news. And when you find it, share it. Stop hesitating to point out media lies. At least point them out to your children and other family members. Remember: a dam rarely fails all at one time. Its failure begins with a tiny leak that when ignored becomes the giant hole that causes a huge section of the dam to fail that floods a valley and a city or two. But it begins with a tiny hole.

I’m not saying the American media is tiny, but the hole they are creating is rapidly turning into a gigantic failure of the conscience of America. Don’t be a part of it and don’t accept it.

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