Sad, Sad — So Sad

The picture above pretty much sums up the last week or so for me. I have had this little piece of joy and hope combined burning brightly in my heart since the November election. I have really felt like the steady slide toward the oblivion of America was cut short with the election of Donald Trump with the retention of the House and Senate. After all, American conservatives have been promised for at least eight years that if the G.O.P. wrestled control of the Government away from the Leftists they’d finally be able to get the ship righted. That ain’t happening…and that little piece of joy and hope in my heart is really close to burning out. I’m simply weary.

  • I’m weary of the constant lies and misrepresentations of the Mainstream Media who simply do not care what is said — they just each and everyone want to “Dump Trump.” And in that quest, anything goes.
  • I’m weary of those people who I have thought for years were the “good guys and girls” on Capitol Hill — you know, the Republicans that have been around a long time — that have now showed us they’ve never really been Republicans and not even real Conservatives. They simply found the way to get a open and close parenthesis after their name and title that says “R” and then their state. Why would they want that? Read the blog from yesterday that details all the “goodies” that go with being in Congress. And that “R” put them in the Conservative Capitol Hill Country Club with a lifetime membership. That “R” certainly did not mean they would keep their conservative promises made to voters during elections. (How could anyone believe they really meant that!)
  • I’m weary of Democrats. (Does anyone reading this really think I need to detail all of the reasons for my Dem disappointment? I think not. And I’m too weary to write them all here anyway)
  • I’m weary of the never-ending political turmoil that dominates Washington D.C. I’m weary of that being all that we hear about. It doesn’t matter if its the constant barrage of “Russia, Russia, Russia,” or “Fascism in the White House,” leaks, leaks, leaks, and the in-fighting in the White House Communications Office. I’m tired of the D.C. “he said/she said” rhetoric and all the finger pointing.
  • I’m weary of Maxine Waters. I know I said above that I’m weary of Democrats. But I don’t consider Ms. Waters (D-Ca) (there’s the parentheses!) a Democrat. She’s a “Politicrat” who has one job for the folks who adore her from within her Congressional district in California: “Impeach Donald Trump.” Come on, Maxine! “IF” there was Trump-Russian collusion, there won’t be any impeachment.  Collusion’s not a crime! Besides: after a year, don’t you think there would be at least a piece of two of evidence that there WAS collusion if there really was? Please Congresswoman, get a new wig and at least get familiar with the Constitutional process of impeachment of any federal elected official before you embarrass yourself and all of California again.
  • I’m weary of labels: racism, homophobe, Islamaphobe, xenophobe, fascist, sexist, misogynist, bully, and the list goes on and on. I guess the reason I am so tired of labels is that I cannot remember in my lifetime ever seeing or reading an introductory explanation of the course at any school titled “How to Become an Authorized Political Labelist.” Who the heck decides who really should wear any of those labels? I don’t know and I’m too weary to care.
  • I’m weary of all the complaints about President Trump’s tweets. I don’t agree with all of what he says or how he says it, but I’m just one of 110 million that get those tweets — ALL of those tweets — every day. I am impressed with two things about them: he obviously is a deep thinker because he seldom repeats himself in his tweets, and how the heck does the guy get any rest? He starts tweeting at 4:00 AM Central and it seems he doesn’t stop until about 3:50 AM Central! I do congratulate him for finding a way to accomplish at least two things that no other president in recent history has: he takes his messages and his agenda directly to Americans, not giving the Leftist media hacks a chance to add their partisan filter to what he says, and as he does it he reaches instantly 100 million+ Americans! That’s pretty impressive.
  • I’m weary of the confirmation process in the Senate that allows Democrats to stall confirmation of hundreds of appointments of necessary workers that the Administration needs to function properly and are having to do without.  The Labor Secretary as of today has had not one of his appointees confirmed of more than 40 — six months after the election! Schumer: you need to get out of the way and let those confirmations happen so this Administration can kick into high gear kicking some Liberal booties!

I’ll finish this Sad, Weary, and Disappointed blog post with one final “I’m weary.” It may hurt somebody’s feelings or make someone disappointed in me. I may lose a blog reader or two over this, but I MUST be honest as I promised all of you I would be when I started this venture. So, here you go:

I’m weary of Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Forget about all her psycho press conferences and interviews in which she says absolutely nothing that make sense. I’m weary of looking at her in the news all the time. She’s not unattractive at all, but the way she contorts her face when she speaks and the way her eyes glare at whoever she is speaking to actually has begun to nauseate me. I heard a Southern colloquialism today that fits the persona of Ole’ Deb for me: “If I had a dog that looked like she does, I’d shave its butt and make it walk backwards.”

OK, I’m done. As a normally quiet and stoic woman who once worked for me told me one time when I was out among my workers’ cubicles bloviating, I’m going to “go lay down by my bowl.”

I AM sad and disappointed.  Hope I didn’t disappoint you.

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