Hypocrisy in the Politics of Immigration?

The hypocrisy on the Left is front and center in the midst of the fallout from President Trump’s temporary ban on immigration from the 7 countries identified as possible terrorist sources and placed by then President Obama on a “Watch List.” The hypocrisy screams even louder as the Liberal Left Media have all but ignored what President Obama did in 2011 in the face of terrorist concerns — he stopped processing immigration requests for ALL Iraqi refugees for six months.  Why?  By suggestion from Intelligence officials the pause was implemented because what was guaranteed as a more than adequate vetting system was discovered to have tremendous flaws.  You can read about this here in this story from THE FEDERALIST:


I could spend much time here railing against the specific factions and individuals who have filled valuable news time on television and radio and print space spewing venom at President Trump for his actions.  No doubt you nor anyone else can recall any such concerns for President Obama’s actions in 2011 that were initiated for — guess what — a couple of terrorists had slipped through the cracks of that amazing immigration vetting system and were actually living in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

The sky is NOT falling…untruths and hypocrisies in the liberal media still abound…and already the only people who will benefit from this action or the television news networks and newspapers who are licking their chops at the dollars in advertising this new “Trump Travesty” will bring to their news operations because people for a short time will actually watch and listen to them, which interprets into ratings.  And, oh, let’s don’t forget that bastion of protection of Americans’ rights:  the ACLU.  In just 36 hours they have received $24 million in donations to go after President Trump in court.

But believe it or not, there are and will be more more real winners here.  The American people once all the dust settles, the lawsuits resolve themselves, the spineless politicians quietly slink into the background, will discover that their President has taken some temporary action to make America safe again and they have worked.  The difference between this President and the last in this matter is simple:  President Obama waited in 2011 until he was told his immigration action had allowed a couple of terrorists into the Nation, one of whom fingerprints had been found buried in the Middle East on an explosive device.  And he was living a few miles from a major U.S. military base in Kentucky!  President Trump, on the other hand, wants to make sure whatever immigration procedures are in place are adequate to prevent that and worse things do not happen again by stopping any additional terrorists to slip through the cracks.  And, yes, there are and will be some impositions for some while this process is completed.  But I am certain that small price for American security at Home is justifiable.

So I suggest to all the Immigration Hypocrites — both Republican and Democrat — take a seat and breathe deeply and let this process play out.  What we will certainly find is that our system of Immigration from at least those 7 watch list countries will be successful at keeping more bad guys from setting up terrorism shop in the U.S.  It just took a few to kill 3000 Americans on 9-11.  We do not need anymore.

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