Trump’s Muslim Ban

The cries against religious bigotry by the Trump Administration have begun.  Immediately after President Trump’s executive order implementing a temporary “stay” on U.S. acceptance of immigrants from 7 mostly Muslim nations, liberals are going nuts.  But once again, (partly thanks to false reporting by the U.S. liberal media) many Americans believe the President is banning Muslims.  But facts are facts.  And this temporary ban is NOT against Muslims (or any other religion for that matter).  Let’s look at facts:

First, immigration from 7 mostly Muslim countries was temporarily banned by the executive order.  Those 7 countries were identified as “countries of concern” regarding the origin of past terrorist activities in the U.S. and other countries.  They appeared on a list — a list that was prepared and released by the Obama Administration, not the Trump Administration.

Secondly, the ban against those from those countries into the U.S. is NOT a permanent ban, but a temporary ban.  The ban is only to allow U.S. Immigration officials time to make certain and guarantee the American people that the vetting process currently in place is sufficient to keep terrorists from coming to the United States.  Remember:  the heads of four of America’s intelligence organizations all reported to President Obama the immigration vetting process being used was NOT sufficient to assure no terrorists were slipping through.  And all four recommended such a temporary ban.

And finally, if President Trump’s desire was to ban Muslims, don’t you think he’d grab the list of the most Muslim populated countries in the World and list them all on this “Muslim Ban” list?  As mentioned above, the list being used was prepared by Homeland Security during the Obama Administration and NOT by the Trump Administration.  And that list does not include the 5 countries with the largest Muslim populations in the World: Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nigeria.  “If” Trump was wanting to ban Muslims from U.S. immigration, he really made a stupid mistake.

Remember this:  it takes about 10 miles to turn a large ship around in the Ocean.  The United States Immigration Ship is arguably a pretty large ship and arguably has been headed in the wrong direction for some time.  The process of turning it around is going to be lengthy.  And most Americans feels strongly that the turnaround is necessary.  But it will take a while to get it done and get it right.

Protests?  They are an American privilege protected by the U.S. Constitution.  But for all those who are exercising that privilege I suggest you do so with facts.  Remember this:  when every U.S. President has taken their oath of office, in it they swear to protect the U.S. against any enemies, both foreign and domestic.  Obama with abandon let pretty much anyone into the U.S. with no regard of who they were and or they wanted.  He failed miserably at protecting us.  To get the process right after 8 years of there really being no protective process is going to take a bit and there will be a few speed bumps.  And I don’t think a “temporary pause” is too long to wait.

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