Illegal Voters ARE Changing Our Elections

This from the New York Times:

The Texas secretary of state’s office on Friday called into question the citizenship status of 95,000 registered voters who were found to have identified themselves at some point to a state law enforcement agency as noncitizen, legal residents of the United States. The office said its findings were a result of an 11-month investigation with the Texas Department of Public Safety that also found that about 58,000 people on the list had voted since 1996. The results of the investigation were referred on Friday to Attorney General Ken Paxton, who said he planned to open a potentially sprawling investigation.

It’s only 58 thousand folks who voted illegally, so not a super big number, well, I suppose it all depends on how much voter fraud by illegals you find acceptable. My bigger question is, knowing that these numbers exist in Texas, wouldn’t it be fair to use this as a reason to investigate other states to see just how far this goes? Or should we allow these noncitizens to vote in our country?

2016 Election Fraud

Hillary Clinton garnered more than 800,000 votes from noncitizens in November 2016, an approximation far short of President Trump’s estimate of up to 5 million illegal voters but supportive of his charges of fraud. Political scientist Jesse Richman of Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, has worked with colleagues to produce groundbreaking research on noncitizen voting.
Based on national polling by a group of universities, a report by Mr. Richman said 6.4 percent of the estimated 20 million adult noncitizens in the U.S. voted in that 2016 presidential election. He extrapolated that that percentage would have added 834,381 net votes for Mrs. Clinton, who received about 2.8 million more votes than Mr. Trump. Mr. Richman calculated that Mrs. Clinton would have collected 81 percent of noncitizen votes.

“Is it plausible that non-citizen votes added to Clinton’s margin? Yes,” Mr. Richman wrote. “Is it plausible that non-citizen votes account for the entire nation-wide popular vote margin held by Clinton? Not at all.” Still, the finding is significant because it means noncitizens may have helped Mrs. Clinton carry a state or finish better than she otherwise would have.

Mr. Trump’s unverified accusation to congressional leaders sent the issue and those in the media into a frenzy that continues to this day. He apparently was referring to all types of fraud, such as the “dead” voting or multiple votes from the same person. But the heart of his estimate appears to be that illegal immigrants and noncitizens carried the popular vote.

He returned to the issue in 2017 when he spoke to congressional Republicans mapping the year’s legislative calendar:

“We also need to keep the ballot box safe from illegal voting,” the president said. “And, believe me, you take a look at what’s registering, folks. Take a look at what’s registering. We are going to protect the integrity of the ballot box, and we are going to defend the votes of the American citizen, so important.”

The mainstream media reacted to Mr. Trump’s assertion with anticipated pushback. Liberal pundits said there is no evidence of fraud.

CNN’s Jake Tapper called it “a stunning allegation for which the White House is providing no evidence. And there is a reason they are providing no evidence — there is no evidence. It is not true.” said, “The most bizarre lie of Donald Trump’s presidency so far is his claim of widespread voter fraud in an election he won.”

But conservative activists say the liberal media are ignoring evidence — that noncitizen voting is illegal and, thus, fraud. They say the Justice Department in the Obama administration was more concerned with preventing states from cleansing rosters of dead and inactive voters than in mounting an investigation into fraud.

“Most voters are never asked for voter ID, so it is dishonest to suggest that with the tens of millions of illegal and legal aliens here, there is no voter fraud,” said Tom Fitton, who heads the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch. “If the key Old Dominion study results on the 2008 election are applied to 2016 — 1.41 million aliens may have voted illegally, with 1.13 million voting for Democrats.”

“A federal voter fraud investigation is long overdue,” Mr. Fitton said. “It would be a simple matter of analyzing voter registration databases against federal databases of aliens and deceased individuals. Why is the left afraid to even ask the questions? The jig is up.”

There does not appear to be any concerted postelection effort by states to take on the tremendous task of checking voter rolls and ballots to verify citizenship. In some states, no ID is required to register and vote. In the absence of detailed accounting, the only scientific way to make an estimate is by post-vote polling.

Mr. Richman relies on a one-of-a-kind poll: the Cooperative Congressional Election Survey. Every two years, a consortium of 28 universities produces a detailed report on voters and their views based on polling by YouGov. Tucked inside the lengthy questionnaire is a question on citizenship status: A significant number of respondents anonymously acknowledged they were not citizens when they voted. You know, that question regarding citizenship that was to be inserted in the U.S. Census questionnaire that courts ruled is unconstitutional.

Three professors at Old Dominion University — Mr. Richman, Gulshan A. Chattha and David C. Earnest — took these answers, did further research and extrapolated that of a 19.4 million estimate of adult noncitizens, about 620,000 were illegally registered to vote in the 2008 presidential election. Using other measuring tools, they said, the actual number of noncitizen voters could be as low as 38,000 and as high as 2.8 million.

The U.S. Census Bureau reported in 2012 that there are 22 million noncitizens in the country. The group comprises illegal immigrants and people in the U.S. legally on a visa or permanent resident green card. Of this 22 million, 20 million were 18 or older, the U.S. voting age requirement.

Conservatives have long suspected that Democrats are tacitly encouraging illegal immigrants to vote. Liberal leaders have created “sanctuary cities and states” across the nation that refuse to work with federal immigration enforcement authorities.

President Obama was asked during the campaign in 2016 if illegal immigrants had anything to fear from federal authorities if they voted in the presidential race. “Many of the millennials, Dreamers, undocumented citizens — and I call them citizens because they contribute to this country — are fearful of voting,” he was asked on a Latino YouTube channel. “‘So if I vote, will Immigration know where I live? Will they come for my family and deport us?’”

“Not true, and the reason is, first of all, when you vote, you are a citizen yourself,” Mr. Obama said. “And there is not a situation where the voting rolls somehow are transferred over and people start investigating, etc. The sanctity of the vote is strictly confidential.”

Some conservatives interpreted Mr. Obama’s answer as a go-ahead signal, with his questionable assertion that voter rolls are off-limits to federal investigators.

The WikiLeaks dump of Clinton campaign manager John Podesta’s emails contained one message on directing immigrants to vote. He said immigrants should obtain driver’s licenses and then attest at a polling place that they are U.S. citizens.

2018 Midterm Election Fraud

Government Accountability Institute (GAI) research director Eric Eggers says California’s latest changes to state election law that allow so-called “ballot harvesting” most recently aided Democrats in the midterm elections. Eggers detailed how the state of California has implemented ballot harvesting that allows political operatives to collect voters’ ballots and deliver them to polling stations.

“A lot of things that we perceive to be voter fraud … are actually legal,” Eggers said. “So California changed the law so that ballot harvesting allows for a third party … participants to collect ballots or harvest them from voters and then be able to drop them off at polling places. They just changed the law in 2016.”

“As soon as these people get on the rolls, you now have political campaigns, regardless of whether people should be voting or not, the political campaigns now have free license to go find you, and essentially even if they don’t find you, just turn in a ballot in your name,” Eggers continued. “That’s what ballot harvesting is.”

Eggers said California’s enormous noncitizen and illegal alien population — almost 11 million foreign-born residents reside in the state — is likely contributing to potential voter fraud that is facilitated because of ballot harvesting.

What’s fraudulent or suspect about it? Well, a number of things. Number one, we know we have a million illegal immigrants in California who have Driver’s Licenses. So right away, the threshold there is between who can vote and who is registered to vote I think is quite different. So we know we have illegal voters registered to vote. In fact, ahead of the election, they admitted they had over 1,500 people because of the new automatic voter registration.

“They’ve completely changed the landscape in California and I think that’s one of the reasons why you’re seeing the results be what they are,” Eggers said.

“The impact has not been good for Republicans,” he continued.

North Carolina: Midterms

As a late note to this story (and this is NOT about illegals voting) a further instance of ballot harvesting has been confirmed across the continent in North Carolina. We thought it important to report on this so that TruthNewsNet partners can put this entire Election Fraud/Tampering issue in a relatable fashion.

Democrats are blamed most of the time for sketchy election results. But the GOP has dirty hands too. This issue is NOT a partisan issue. Jason Snead of the Daily Signal put this part of election fraud in perfect perspective:

Widespread fraud by a political operative working for a Republican is forcing a redo of the 2018 midterm race for North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District. The news confirms just how vulnerable our elections are to voter fraud, and how profound the consequences can be.

That should be the takeaway. Yet many on the left and in the media seem far more interested in spinning the situation for partisan gain than finding genuine solutions to the election insecurities that enabled this fraud in the first place.

They focus on the fact that this is “Republican” voter fraud, and accuse conservatives of “deafening” and hypocritical silence. They even refuse to call it “voter fraud” to avoid embarrassment after years of denying that voter fraud is a problem.These claims debase the political process. They are cynical, politically motivated, and miss the point entirely. Election integrity is about much more than partisan politics—it is about preserving faith in the democratic process itself.

That’s why Heritage Foundation analysts were quick to condemn this instance of “Republican” voter fraud and called for an investigation, writing: “It is incumbent on conservatives and Republicans to resist the urge to circle the wagons or reflexively support the outcome in North Carolina as it stands today merely because of who won.”

While some on the left were busy arguing over whether to call it “election fraud” or “voter fraud,” we call a spade a spade: Securing elections isn’t a semantic game, it’s about taking voter fraud seriously, adopting election integrity reforms, and holding responsible parties accountable—regardless of their political persuasion. In North Carolina after the Republican operative’s methods were revealed a court negated results of the race and ordered a new election.

Election fraud did NOT win in North Carolina.


There are thousands and thousands of cases of election fraud across the nation that have been discovered and prosecuted. They don’t make it into the press. Why? Because the mainstream media play into the hands of who the author of the majority of these cases implicates: Democrat Party operatives.

No, this is not solely a Democrat issue. As shown in North Carolina, Republicans have problems too. Folks, this is an American problem!

I personally do not care who gets slapped in jail after prosecution for election tampering or voter fraud. The injured parties in these cases are NOT party members. The injured parties are legal citizens of the United States and the U.S. Government AND the Rule of Law. If that’s true, why doesn’t this get more attention? Besides the obvious political explanation, it’s because elections — including local, state AND federal — are designed, operated, and policed by the individual states. We don’t have federal elections.

Let’s be honest: there are federal election laws — and plenty of them. But it is impossible for the federal government to monitor every voting precinct in the nation, investigate every voting irregularity that may be uncovered in every precinct, and to prosecute every wrongdoer. Primarily those are state issues.

In thinking through to find a realistic answer to that question, while knowing the magnitude of assuring just, fair, and accurate voting being managed by states, can’t you see how states that have implemented sanctuary state and sanctuary city designations would turn a blind eye on any illegal voting in federal elections? Those states have far too much to gain WITH illegals who vote than if they don’t vote. And most of those illegals are of the liberal political persuasion and therefore vote for liberals: Democrats.

It is imperative that in an undefinable and unimaginable quest for political power and might, any individual or group of people could amass such illegal political support through election fraud to implement laws and change laws for political purpose. But that is the only explanation one can summarize from viewing facts about election fraud.

A hundred thousand votes here and there across the nation surely changes the composition of our governing institutions. I don’t know about you, but I’d like to think that Constitutional law and its implementation, monitoring and enforcing would be the ONLY thing that determines that. Wouldn’t you?



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