There WAS Voter Fraud in Georgia: How Do We Know That For Sure?

Isn’t it odd that very few in politics will even discuss publicly the almost certain voter fraud that occurred in Georgia’s November 3 election? No one has ever hesitated to point to fraud in previous elections. What was different this time?

We are now in the era of “Cancel Culture,” Wokeness, Critical Race Theory, and the actual ownership of all usage of words that depict racism of any kind — real or perceived. And, folks, the ones who have unfettered and unilateral control and use of those words all have a “D” following their name: they are Democrats.

Stacey Abrams (pictured above) is this Democrat operative from Georgia that initiated election uproar in the Peach State. But sadly, it was not because of voter fraud in November of 2020. It was because of the voter integrity bill signed into law at the end of March by Georgia’s governor. Abrams went crazy, began playing the race card before the CEOs of large companies with a presence in Georgia, and even shamed Major League Baseball into moving their 2021 All-Star Game from Atlanta to Denver, Colorado. Why? Abrams shamed MLB for even contemplating that game being played in a state that just adopted oppressive new voter restrictions. Major League Baseball complied, and an estimated $100 million of Atlanta revenue from the game itself and ancillary revenue was lost. And most of that money would have gone to African American businesses located in Atlanta.

We watched and listened to those election irregularity legislative hearings in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Georgia. One after another, voters in each state swore an oath and then provided hard copy evidence, personal testimony. Even some provided videos that proved voter fraud to some extent in each of these states.

Where’s the uproar for actual voter fraud? Where’s the outrage and the onslaught of demands from Democrat Party leaders to investigate to make certain there was NO voter fraud? Don’t hold your breath!

We all know about the exhaustive and extensive election audit that we’re told completed last week in Maricopa County in Arizona. Only a few tidbits have been “slipped” into public view, but they each portend bad news for Democrats in Arizona and others in Washington. At first blush, it appears that Biden did NOT win in Arizona. What does that mean? (To be continued…)

Uh-Oh! It Looks Like REAL Voter Fraud in Georgia

As the Georgia secretary of state’s office continues to investigate evidence indicating more than 10,300 Georgians may have illegally voted in the November 2020 election, the office’s chief operating officer reportedly defended voters for violating state election law.

“The reality is these are normal Georgians who are just trying to exercise their right to vote in a bizarre year,” Chief Operating Officer Gabriel Sterling reportedly told Atlanta’s WSB-TV, when confronted with an admission from one voter that he had moved more than 30 days before the general election but cast his vote in the county in which he no longer lived.

It was reported last week before Georgia certified its election results, President Trump challenged the state’s tally that showed Joe Biden winning the general election by 11,779 votes out of nearly five million votes cast. One of the more than 30 arguments Trump presented in his lawsuit challenging the election charged that nearly 40,000 Georgians illegally voted in a county where they did not reside.

Trump’s challenge relied on Section 21-2-218 of the state’s election code, which unequivocally provides that residents vote in the county where they reside unless they had changed their residence within 30 days of the election. So clear is Georgia’s in-county voting mandate that on Friday “FactCheck” confirmed the accuracy of this reading of the law by quoting the Georgia secretary of state’s voter registration webpage:

Enough Illegal Votes to Exceed Margin of Victory

At the time of Trump’s election challenge, in alleging widespread violations of Section 21-2-218, the president relied on information from the Secretary of State’s Office and the U.S. Postal Service National Change of Address (NCOA) database, the latter of which identified more than 100,000 individuals who had indicated a move to a new county before October 1, 2020.

Mark Davis, an expert on residency issues and voter data analytics, compared the NCOA data to official data from the Secretary of State’s Office and determined that approximately 35,000 of those Georgians cast a ballot in the county from which they had moved more than 30 days before the election. While a percentage of those voters may have moved only temporarily, perhaps because they were students or in the military — circumstances that do not affect a voter’s residency — with less than 12,000 votes separating Biden and Trump, this bucket of potentially illegal votes could have resulted in a state court tossing the election results.

Nonetheless, because Georgia courts delayed Trump’s election-challenge case, setting a trial on the matter only after Congress certified Biden as the victor, evidence of illegal voting was never heard.

As was reported a little more than a week ago, growing evidence indicates enough illegal out-of-county votes will eventually be revealed to exceed Biden’s margin of victory. Specifically, Davis re-ran the data in May. He found that more than 10,300 of the approximately 35,000 individuals who moved to a new county have since confirmed their move was permanent by updating their voter registration to the same address they had previously provided the USPS.

What the Voters Said

The Secretary of State’s Office told the Media in a nearly hour-long interview last week that its investigation into these voters is ongoing. Still, the lead investigator Frances Watson refused to provide any specifics concerning the investigatory steps being taken.

However, last week, after obtaining a list of the 10,000-plus voters who had updated their registrations since the general election, pursuant to a Georgia open records request, WSB TV investigative reporter Justin Gray launched his own probe, knocking on doors to ask voters about their moves.

In a Friday article, Gray reported on his conversations with two voters. According to Gray, one voter, identified as Jon Stout, “admits he did vote in the wrong county after moving just a few houses down the street but crossing the DeKalb County line.” Stout claimed he did so because he was not “able to update his driver’s license during the pandemic.” Stout, however, also did not update his voter registration, which he could have done online with the Secretary of State’s Office.

A second voter, identified as Mark Buerkle, told Gray that “he did move from Gwinnett County to Fulton but turned in his Fulton ballot at a Fulton dropbox.” “The fact is I live here, I voted here, I voted in this county. It should be legit, and there shouldn’t be any questions,” Buerkle told WSB TV.

When asked about this reporting, Davis stressed that he doesn’t like talking about specific voters, especially because it is possible the voter may not have even realized he was actually casting a Gwinnett County ballot. “It is up to our elections officials and law enforcement to determine who may or may not have violated the law,” Davis told me, “which is why they are conducting an investigation and why I gave them the data from my analysis.”

“Equally as important,” though Davis added, “I also want our elected officials to understand these are systemic irregularities that must be addressed.”

“The Story the Data Is Telling Me”

“Concerning Mr. Buerkle, I am sorry Channel 2 put him on the spot the way they did,” Davis said. “I have deliberately refrained from publishing the data from my analysis,” Davis noted, adding that “I had an understanding with the Secretary of State’s Office that it would not be subject to open records request until the conclusion of their investigation, yet here we are.” (Davis also required that the reporter sign a non-disclosure agreement before providing access to the data for review.)

“That said, when it comes to his residency, in particular, I only know the story the data is telling me,” Davis stated, and “November 2020, NCOA data shows an individual change of address was filed last year, with a move effective date in August of 2020, which indicated a move from an address in Gwinnett County to a new address in Fulton County.”

Further, “the absentee voter data shows this individual was still registered in Gwinnett County when he appears to have requested an absentee ballot be mailed to his Fulton County address in September of 2020.” Also, while this voter told WSB-TV he had placed that ballot in a Fulton County drop box two blocks from his house, “both the absentee data and the vote history data indicate the vote was cast in Gwinnett County,” Davis explained, adding that, if handled properly, Fulton County election officials would transfer the ballot to Gwinnett County.

None of this is to say Buerkle or Stout committed voter fraud. Stout apparently thought nothing of voting in a county where he no longer lived, and Buerkle seems not even to realize that, according to the secretary of state records, he cast a Gwinnett County absentee ballot.

Laws Don’t Matter If They Aren’t Enforced.

The public might also pooh-pooh these admissions as insignificant, but as Davis said, state election law requires voters to cast a ballot in their county of residence for a reason: Each county has unique issues facing residents, whether it’s taxing or which local or state officials will represent them. For instance, “When Mr. Buerkle lived in Gwinnett County, he would have voted in the Seventh Congressional District, but his new residence in Fulton County is in the Fifth Congressional District,” Davis said in the interview.

But even if the public shrugs at the significance of these revelations, Georgia’s Secretary of State’s Office, in the person of its chief operating officer, shouldn’t spin the casting of illegal votes as people “just trying to exercise their right to vote.” On the contrary, every illegal vote cast disenfranchised a legal voter who followed the law, including those who moved and undertook “the normal burden” of voting by lawfully updating their voting registration.

Then there were the Georgia voters who moved and, like the voters featured in WSB TV’s article, failed to update their voter registration — as legally required — in time to cast a ballot in the general election. The overwhelming majority of those 100,000-plus citizens followed the law and did not vote in a county where they no longer lived.

So, what we have then, is the Secretary of State’s Office defending the counting of the ballots of those who broke the law and even excusing those violations, while those who followed the law remained unable to cast ballots at all. One must wonder too how seriously the Secretary of State’s Office takes the investigation into the 10,000-plus residents if its COO frames those who violate Section 21-2-218 as merely “trying to exercise their right to vote.”

Lack of Enforcement Undermines Public Trust

After WSB TV broke the story late last week, reporters sought comment from Sterling and asked Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger’s communications manager for voter education, Walter Jones, for a statement. Did Raffensperger agree with Sterling’s assessment? And if not, would the secretary issue a comment condemning violations of election law and Sterling’s disregard for election integrity? Both media requests were ignored.

This approach is suspicious. The public needs to have confidence that the Secretary of State’s Office will undertake a full and transparent investigation of election irregularities. Sterling’s statements to the press last week demand distrust.

Sterling’s recent comments prove even more troubling when considered in context with statements a Georgia secretary of state spokesperson made to “FactCheck” late last week concerning the newly revealed evidence of the 10,300-plus likely illegal votes cast in the November 2020 election. Jones reportedly told FactCheck that “establishing a person’s residency is complicated and involves many variables, including where a person claims a homestead exemption and even a person’s ‘intent.’”

That is all true, but it ignores the reality that the more than 10,300 voters specifically at issue all made clear their intent to change residencies when they updated their voter registration records — albeit too late to legally vote in the November 2020 election in their new counties. Further, while there may be a few people on the fringes, likely, nearly all of the voters who informed the secretary of state that they had permanently moved to a new county did so on or about the date they told the USPS they were moving — which was more than 30 days before the November 2020 election.

Even More Disconcerting Details

Ironically, Jones also stressed to FactCheck that 86 percent of the voters Davis identified in-person “showed up in the polling location where they were registered,” implying some connection to their old residence existed. But as WSB-TV reported, for one voter, that meant just walking a few blocks to his old precinct in another county. Jones’s statement would also suggest that many of the voters on the list deliberately traveled a considerable distance to their old county of residence to vote.

Considered in context with Sterling’s comments, however, the worst spin came when Jones stressed to FactCheck that “federal law requires ‘individualized inquiry’ into each voter’s situation,” and that “calling these voter’s ‘illegal voters’ without making that individualized inquiry is a disservice.”

But then, when confronted by an Atlanta investigative reporter who undertook that “individualized inquiry” — and went two-for-two with voters who admitted they had moved more than 30 days before the election — the secretary of state’s COO derided the discovery. That was the real disservice!

Further, while Sterling was spinning this confirmation of illegal votes as just “everyday Georgians who are just trying to exercise their right to vote,” the secretary of state’s press person pushed the conflicting talking point that in-person voters “signed an oath that they resided where they are registered.” Absentee voters signed an application “saying that they still resided where they were registered.”

So which is it, Raffensperger? Are the 10,300-plus — and potentially up to 35,000 — voters who may have cast ballots illegally in a county in which they didn’t live “just trying to exercise their right to vote”? Or did many of them deceive election workers by falsely signing an oath affirming they still reside in their old county?


It is almost certain the vote tallies Georgia included a large number of illegal ballots. The specifics of their impact on the election results will hang in limbo — maybe forever. I think those who participated in this scheme that seems to have played out in other states as well were premediated. But how does one prove that? And, then, in this case, how could the fact that the November 2020 election results declared some winners did NOT win and some who did NOT win actually won?

Sadly, when all the dust settles and if a rigged election shows to have happened, Americans may discover they’ve been governed by a puppet government put in power by a rigged election.

Only God can figure what could be done to rectify the fraud. Personally, I don’t see a realistic way to “put the Genie back in the bottle.” And that means we have a “President” Joe Biden for more than three more years.

By the way: how will Americans’ attitudes about our government change if this election fraud is proven? Even more important: How can Joe Biden get anything in government accomplished for Americans if/when he’s labeled a “fraudulent” President?

OMG! I just thought of this: if Biden leaves for any reason, VP Kamala Harris takes the reins!

God Help Us!

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What’s In The Georgia Law & Proposed Texas Law that Suppress Minority Votes?

I’d really like to know the elements factually in the Georgia vote overhaul bill signed into law and the proposed Texas voter law that are actually points of “voter suppression.” If one listens to ANY news report from ANY mainstream media television, radio, internet, newspaper, or magazine article on this issue, the allegations of massive voter suppression are the key elements in each.

Let’s start with the Georgia bill signed into law by Governor Brian Kemp on March 31, 2021.

The “Peach State”

Here’s what USA Today had to say about the law signed into effect by Georgia Governor Brian Kemp:

Gov. Brian Kemp signed the bill on March 31. Certain provisions will go into effect on July 1:

  • Special ballots will be created for nonpartisan elections
  • Ballots must be printed in black and white ink on security paper
  • A cutoff date of 11 days before a primary, general election, or runoff election for mail-in ballot applications
  • A deadline for the issuance of absentee ballots at least 25 days before a federal primary, general election, or special election or 22 days before a municipal general election or primary
  • A Georgia state driver’s license number, ID card number, date of birth, and the last four digits of a social security number or another approved form of identification must be printed on the outside of an absentee ballot
  • Conditions for rejecting absentee ballots if certain requirements are not met

There certainly are other elements in the law regarding who can give refreshments for voters waiting in line, who can pick up ballots from mail-on voters, etc. But NOWHERE can I find anything even close to voter suppression. Yet, major corporations like Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, and even Major League Baseball publicly decried the law as “Jim Crow” and “stealing voting rights from minority members.” Stacey Abrams shamed Major League Baseball into canceling the All-Star Game from being held in Atlanta because of this law. That alone cost the people of Atlanta — most of who are African-American — $100 million in revenue those black business owners would have made during the event.

Here’s the bottom line on the Georgia voting law: It is NOT racist; It does NOT suppress the votes of any voter; in fact, it expands the ability of voters to have even more options of when and how to cast their votes!

Two Texas Proposed Voting Overhaul Bills

Democrats have referred to the pair of bills as “Jim Crow 2.0,” accusing Republicans of trying to suppress the votes of minorities. Here’s a look at what’s inside the bills:

What’s in Senate Bill 1?
  • Under Senate Bill 1’s provisions, a ban would be implemented on drive-thru voting or casting a ballot from inside a vehicle unless participating in curbside voting due to a disability. A ban would also be placed on overnight voting, requiring polls to be open a minimum of nine hours from between 6 a.m. and 9 p.m.
  • Election officials would also be required to install a video surveillance system that records vote-counting activities, with a Livestream made available to the public in counties with 100,000 residents or more. Those in large counties would also be required to install tracking software to monitor “all input and activity” on electronic devices used to count votes. Beginning January 1, 2024, equipment that does not disable or remove any wireless connectivity capability would be prohibited from use in tabulating votes.
  • SB 1 would also allow partisan poll watchers to observe election activity inside polling places and vote-counting centers as well as during curbside voting that takes place inside a vehicle. It would also make it a crime to deny access to a poll watcher.
  • In addition, voters would be required to include a driver’s license number or the last four digits of a Social Security number on a vote-by-mail application and the envelope containing their ballot. Individuals who help voters cast their ballot due to language or physical needs must fill out a document listing their name, address, relationship to the voter, and whether they’re being paid by a candidate or political committee. Those who drive three or more people to the polls would also be required to fill out a similar form unless all vehicle occupants are family members.
  • The secretary of state will also be required to work with the Department of Public Safety to provide data monthly from the existing statewide computerized voter registration list to be used for verification of citizenship status on voter registration applications.
  • Unlike Senate Bill 7, the original voting bill killed by Democrats in the State Legislature’s regular session, SB 1 does not include two controversial provisions. One would have created a process to make it easier to overturn election results based on claims of voter fraud. The other provision banned Sunday morning voting, which was popular among Black churches’ “Souls to the Polls” events during early voting in the 2020 presidential election.
What’s in House Bill 3?
  • House Bill 3 includes many of the same provisions as SB 1. In addition, it would make it a crime for public officials to offer or send vote-by-mail applications to those who have not requested one.
  • The proposals come as Texas looks to join more than 15 other states where Republicans who control the state government have passed laws tightening voting access rules. The push follows unsubstantiated claims from former President Donald Trump that the 2020 election was “stolen” and “rigged.”
  • Besides the election bill, other issues on the legislative docket include bail overhaul, border security, social media censorship, legislative branch funding, family violence prevention, limiting transgender student access to school sports, abortion-inducing drugs, additional payments for retired Texas teachers, critical race theory, and budgetary issues.

Have you heard what President Biden has claimed about not just these pieces of legislation in Georgia and Texas, but the pending legislation in multiple other states as well? He continually rants and raves about the racism, egregious suppression of minority votes, refers back to actual days of slavery, and even calls this a “return to Jim Crowe.”

Here’s the one thing that proves beyond ANY doubt that the Left is petrified of these bills/laws and other pending legislation that will reform states’ election systems: The sole purpose of each of these Republican pieces of legislation is to STOP THE EASY OPPORTUNITIES TO PERPETRATE VOTER FRAUD OF ANY KIND!

President Biden, in his speech to hardcore Democrats in Philadelphia on Tuesday, berated all who would give any consideration whatsoever to either of the two Texas bills and all those who passed and signed into law the Georgia bill:

Let’s be VERY clear: if any parts of any of this legislation actually IS a type of voter suppression or racist actions against minority voters, identify the specifics, confront Republican legislators with the facts, and negotiate changes in those parts. Isn’t that what makes this nation different than any other on Earth? Wasn’t Joe Biden “the” consummate legislator throughout his many years in the U.S. Senate? Wasn’t he the “Great Legislator” who prided himself on his ability to find consensus between differing lawmakers? Why will he and fellow Democrats not do so? And what is driving this obsession to paint pictures of lie after lie, misrepresentation after misrepresentation, and continually deride Republicans for these voter law changes?

“Reasonable people can disagree on anything. But unreasonable people refuse to consider the veracity of opposite opinions.”

President Biden campaigned with a promise to unite Americans. There’s nothing demonstrated on his part in a single piece of legislation he has put forward or supported, any executive action he has taken, any appointment to the Federal Government he has made that evidences any willingness to unite us. In fact, he takes pride in diminishing any and all who disagree with any of his actions and does so with blatant disdain.

If I didn’t know better, I’d think Joe Biden aspires to be a dictator! (Maybe I don’t know better…)

My synopsis of this entire debacle is simple: If anyone dislikes any part of any law designed to eliminate difficulties for all voters to cast their votes “legally” and refuses to address each alleged discretion for the purpose of reaching consensus, the only viable reason I can arrive at is they most certainly want to leave multiple doors open for the manipulation of actual vote casting and vote tabulation and processing.

Here’s YOUR challenge:

If you’re reading this and agree with all the pundits on the Left that any of these pieces of legislation will suppress minority votes or is racist or similar to the “Days of Jim Crowe,” feel free to come on our show today: “TNN Live!” It airs live, streaming from 9-11 AM Central Monday through Friday. We will be visiting this very issue on today’s show and taking phone calls to discuss it. All are welcome. We don’t pick and choose who can speak based on anything — especially not on political perspective. We even pay for the phone call: 1-866-37TRUTH. That’s 1-866-378-7884. It streams via the internet.

To join the show, click on this link: When the “player” comes up, click on the big arrow anytime after 9 AM Central to join the show.

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I hope we can have a good discussion and clear the air with “FACTS!”

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A Two-Party America Looks to Soon Be in Our Rearview Mirrors

By way of disclaimer, today’s story is NOT a TruthNewsNetwork story. But it’s an important story, even though it does NOT represent the perspectives that we espouse at TNN nor those of any other conservatives that we can find in the U.S.

We have for several years maintained the factual foundation in the U.S. of a massive pull to the Left politically that has garnered all-out support from far-left Democrats, career Washington bureaucrats, and even former “Moderates” from both political parties. Add to that consortium the Mainstream Media, and you have the “Perfect Storm” in U.S. politics aligned to perpetuate a march to the Left in American politics.

We told Americans of the consuming power from the Left to amass as much political power as possible to control the U.S. political system from top to bottom. That quest was NOT just for one election or even several elections, but for all eternity to create a  political class of government officials who grab total control that will be permanent. And it’s happening before our eyes.

The fundamental necessity to foist this on our nation is to trick average Americans into believing total government control is good for all and necessary for Americans to live fruitful and happy lives. Some have scoffed at the very idea that Americans would fall for such a lie. But we’re discovering concerns for this happening have been founded.

How do they sell this life to Americans? Simple: they use the Mainstream Media to build a concept that looks and sounds so good and so benign that NO ONE can resist all that comes with it — at least what is “thought” comes with it. Want an example? We have the perfect Media story to show you.

Why The Two-Party System Is Effing Up U.S. Democracy

As the “Big Lie” of a stolen election continues to dominate the Republican Party, GOP-controlled states enact restrictive voting laws and pursue preposterous election audits, aspiring candidates embrace the fiction of a stolen 2020 election, and a majority of GOP voters still believe Trump is the “true president,” the obvious questions follow: Where is this all headed? And is there any way out?

In one telling, the Republican Party will eventually come back to its senses and move past former President Donald Trump and Trumpist grievance politics, especially if Republicans lose a few elections in a row and realize that it’s a losing strategy. But there’s another possible outcome: More contested elections, more violence, and, ultimately, a collapse into competitive authoritarianism enabled by electoral advantages that tilt in one party’s favor.

Trump and his particular style of party leadership are easy and obvious targets to blame for the decline of American democracy, as well as the Republican Party’s increasing illiberalism. But if Trump was transformative, the more important question is: Why was he able to succeed in the first place?

The most compelling theory based on historical patterns of democratic decline is that hyper-polarization cracked the foundations of American democracy, creating the conditions under which a party could break democratic norms with impunity because winning in the short term became more important than maintaining democracy for the long term.

In order for democracy to work, competing parties must accept that they can lose elections and that it’s okay. But when partisans see their political opposition not just as the opposition, but as a genuine threat to the well-being of the nation, support for democratic norms fades because “winning” becomes everything. Politics, in turn, collapses into an all-out war of “us against them,” a kind of “pernicious polarization” that appears over and over again in democratic collapses, and bears a striking similarity to what’s currently happening in the U.S.

There’s no shortage of plausible explanations for why U.S. politics has become so polarized, but many of these theories describe impossible-to-reverse trends that have played out across developed democracies, like the rise of social media and the increased political salience of globalization, immigration, and urban-rural cultural divides. All of these trends are important contributors, for sure. But if they alone are driving illiberalism and hyper-partisanship in the U.S., then the problem should be consistent across all western democracies. But it isn’t.

What’s happening in the U.S. is distinct in four respects.

First, the animosity that people feel toward opposing parties relative to their own (what’s known as effective polarization in political science) has grown considerably over the last four decades. According to a June 2020 paper from economists Levi Boxell, Matthew Gentzkow, and Jesse M. Shapiro, the increase in effective polarization in the U.S. is the greatest compared to that of eight other OECD countries over the same time period.

Second, the change in how Americans feel about their party and other parties has been driven by a dramatic decrease in positive feelings toward the opposing party. In most (though not all) of the nine democracies, voters have become a little less enthusiastic about their own parties. But only in the U.S. have partisans turned decidedly against the other party.

Boxell, Gentzkow, and Shapiro caution that the cross-country comparisons are not perfect, since they rely on different survey question wordings over time. But they also don’t pull any punches in their findings: “[O]ur central conclusion — that the U.S. stands out for the pace of the long-term increase in affective polarization — is not likely an artifact of data limitations.”

Third, more so than in other countries, Americans report feeling isolated from their own party. When asked to identify both themselves and their favored party on an 11-point scale in a 2012 survey, Americans identified themselves as, on average, 1.3 units away from the party that comes closest to espousing their beliefs, according to an analysis from political scientist Jonathan Rodden. This gap is the highest difference Rodden found among respondents in comparable democracies. This isolation matters, too, because it means that parties can’t count on enthusiasm from their own voters — instead, they must demonize the political opposition in order to mobilize voters.

Fourth, and perhaps most significant, in the U.S., one party has become a major illiberal outlier: The Republican Party. Scholars at the V-Dem Institute at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden have been monitoring and evaluating political parties around the world. And one big area of study for them is liberalism and illiberalism, or a party’s commitment (or lack thereof) to democratic norms prior to elections. And as the chart below shows, of conservative, right-leaning parties across the globe, the Republican Party has more in common with the dangerously authoritarian parties in Hungary and Turkey than it does with conservative parties in the U.K. or Germany.

The U.S. is truly exceptional in just how polarized its politics have become, but it’s not alone. People in countries with majoritarian(ish) democracies, or two very dominant parties dominating its politics like in the U.S. — think Canada, Britain, Australia — have displayed more unfavorable feelings toward the political opposition.

This article, written and published (obviously) by hardcore leftists, illustrates just how powerful, dedicated, and committed these people are in crafting a political perspective that is little more than totalitarianism. This article illustrates how this has been the case for every move to totalitarianism by every country on Earth that has done so. That’s not so hard to believe. What IS hard to believe is that there is a large percentage of today’s voters who are easily swayed to believe such propaganda. Not only that, they are acting on those beliefs.

Our commitment at TruthNewsNetwork is to keep all of our partners informed with facts — facts which are sometimes fun to see and hear but are distasteful other times.

To that end, here is the link to the entire article from which we extracted the first segment for you to whet your appetite to understand what the “other side” thinks in today’s political environment:

It’s scary at best. It’s horrifying at worst. However, we MUST rely on the sensical understanding of facts by people like-minded and pray others will come to their senses.

You know what? Maybe the massive downturn of our economic and social conditions in just the first few months of the Biden Administration will awaken some of those folks. Let’s hope so. To that end, please share TruthNewsNetwork and “TNN Live” with all you know. The more we get to at least read and hear the facts of our American struggles, the more we can impact with facts.

Let’s hold onto the one thing that bolsters us here at TruthNewsNet: “The  best is yet to come!”

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“Kalamity Kamala”

Vice President Kamala Harris assumed her role on the Biden ticket carrying a bunch of baggage. Her considerable political career in California is littered with the bodies of her victims — and some of those victims were children.

No doubt the Mainstream Media continually give the VP a free pass. After all, even though she’s NOT African-American (Her mother is Indian and her father Jamaican), she’s the first Vice President that is both female and “of color.”

Most Americans first noticed her political dark side during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings to confirm Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation. She was, by any measure, rude, obstinate, and downright ugly to the now-Supreme Court Justice. But that darkness had been with her quite a while before that. She was known as being ruthless to those who crossed her while she was California’s Attorney General. Her “rep” was she’d throw the book at those who opposed her politically while allowing people she liked to get away with just about anything.

When she was district attorney, Kamala Harris established a truancy court that prosecuted parents if their children missed school. Then, in 2010, Harris sponsored a state law that made truancy a criminal misdemeanor. As a result of the law, dozens of parents have been charged across California, and at least 2 parents have served jail time.

Some of the people who suffered from the truancy laws include chronically ill people and single mothers and parents of children who had been traumatized by perpetual bullying at schools.

Harris refused to investigate the police shootings of two Black men in 2014 and 2015. She also did not support a 2015 bill in the state assembly requiring the attorney general to appoint a special prosecutor specializing in police use of deadly force. But, of course, she changed her tune when in the U.S. Senate.

In video footage from 2013, Harris appears to mock those on the left who chanted reforms like “build schools, not jails” and “put more money into education, not prisons” Her response suggests that they are naive sloganeers who do not understand crime prevention. However, critics argue that this depicts that Harris was more interested in sending people to prison rather than looking at preemptive measures to reduce crime.

As district attorney and state attorney general, Harris led offices that criminal justice advocates say were overly aggressive in pursuing convictions and lacked transparency. She is alleged to have “fought tooth and nail to uphold wrongful convictions that were secured through official misconduct that included evidence tampering, false testimony and the suppression of crucial information by prosecutors.”

In 2015, lawyers for an inmate convicted of murder attempted to have the case thrown out after new evidence suggested that Riverside County prosecutors lied on the stand during the initial trial. Harris’s office, representing the state prison system, resisted, only backing down after footage of one of her deputies being eviscerated by three federal judges went viral.

Her past in California was just as vile.

Critics have alleged that Harris “slept her way to the top.” They highlight her relationship with Willie Brown, a powerhouse in California politics, who was 30 years older than Harris.

From his powerful position, Brown appointed Harris to the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board and the Medical Assistance Commission — positions that together paid her around $80,000 a year on top of her prosecutor’s salary.

Last year, Brown, who later became the Mayor of San Francisco, claimed that while dating Harris,  he gave her powerful and influential appointments that furthered her political career. In a letter to the San Francisco Chronicle, Brown wrote,

“Yes, we dated. It was more than 20 years ago…Yes, I may have influenced her career by appointing her to two state commissions when I was Assembly speaker,”

“And I certainly helped with her first race for district attorney in San Francisco,”

“The difference is that Harris is the only one who, after I helped her, sent word that I would be indicted if I ‘so much as jaywalked’ while she was D.A.,” Brown wrote. “That’s politics for ya.”

The “National” Kamala Harris

Harris was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2017. As a Democrat and a woman of color, she garnered much attention and favor from her fellow Senate members. And she quickly found a place on the prestigious Senate Judiciary Committee.

Few remember details of her brief (and failed) 2019 campaign for the Democrat Party nomination to run against Donald Trump. Her public demeanor and somewhat nasty representation plagued her in the campaign. As a result, she struggled to relate to American voters who spotted her dark side quickly. Subsequently, she drew just minuscule numbers in the polls — even in California! After a shellacking by former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard in one national debate, Kamala dropped out of the race before January 1, 2020.

Many Democrats were aghast that she got the nod to join the Biden ticket. Speculation abounds as to her as the choice. Certainly, her skin color and gender weighed heavily in her becoming Biden’s running mate. (I may be silly, but isn’t that somewhat racist?)

But they won.

Vice President for the “Previous” Vice President

Upon becoming president, Joe Biden created a disaster at the nation’s southern border. He foolishly ordered an immediate halt to the construction of our border wall. Unfortunately, he also abandoned Trump administration policies that were clearly working. The result has been a massive increase in the number of illegal immigrants entering the United States.

This stampede of migrants has overwhelmed our resources at the border and created a true humanitarian catastrophe. To show he was taking action to deal with the problem, Biden appointed Vice President Kamala Harris to be his point person on the border crisis.

Even though he has selected crazed leftists for many of the positions in his administration, choosing Harris may have been his worst appointment. Harris is a total embarrassment who has never succeeded in any position throughout her political career.

As a presidential candidate, Harris departed the race early after a series of pathetic performances in debates. Her fundraising collapsed, and she exited several months before the first presidential caucus.

Biden rescued her from political obscurity when he chose her as his running mate. However, as the vice-presidential candidate, she failed to capture the imagination of voters and was fairly ineffective. In her only televised debate with her Republican opponent, Vice President Mike Pence, she was terrible and lost convincingly.

Her performance as vice president has been even worse, so it is mystifying why Biden would choose her for such an important role in dealing with the border crisis. In this position, she has been even worse than expected, acting in an arrogant, ill-informed manner that has only exacerbated the crisis.

For months, Harris has been dodging questions about whether she would visit the border. Eventually, the Biden administration morphed her mission into an investigation of the “root causes” of the border catastrophe. To further her investigation, she visited Guatemala and Mexico last week. To say it was an unmitigated disaster is an understatement. It was possibly the worst foreign trip for any United States vice president in modern history.

Her performance was so poor that even pro-Biden news outlets like CNN reported the White House was disappointed in the trip and “perplexed” by her statements. For example, in an interview with NBC news anchor Lester Holt, Harris seemed unprepared when he asked her about visiting the border. Her excuse was that she had not visited “Europe” either.

This answer was so poor that Meghan McCain of ABC’s The View commented that Harris “sounded like a moron” in the interview. McCain also noted that Harris seems to laugh whenever asked about the question. She remarked that her “nervous laugh is making me nervous that she doesn’t know what she’s doing.”

Sadly, she does not know what she is doing on any issue. Her incompetence was on display during her recent trip, where she clearly did not make any friends.

In Guatemala, the vice president was greeted by angry local residents who were upset that the Biden administration policies had worsened the problems in their country. Their signs read “Trump Won,” “Go Home” and “Kamala, Mind Your Own Business.”

The meeting with the President of Guatemala, Alejandro Giammattei, was not much better.  He noted his disagreements with the Biden administration on the border crisis. In a CBS interview that aired right before the Vice President arrived, Giammattei criticized the Biden administration. He said, “We asked the United States government to send more of a clear message to prevent more people from leaving.” He also observed that he was “not on the same side of the coin” as the vice president on the issue of migration.

In her press conference with the Guatemalan leader, Harris stated that migrants should not come to the United States for asylum because they will be returned to their home country. She claimed that “The president and I discussed that fundamentally, most people do not want to leave home, they don’t want to leave the place where the language they know is spoken.”

Despite the challenges of traveling thousands of miles in dangerous conditions, the migrants continue to come to the United States because the Biden-Harris administration has created an open border. Along with stopping the construction of the border wall, the new administration ended President Donald Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy for asylum seekers. In addition, immigration court cases are being “fast-tracked” for families that recently crossed into the country from Mexico.

Illegal immigrants have viewed the Biden administration policies as a clear sign to enter the United States. The results are both catastrophic and predictable. According to United States Customs and Border Protection, over 178,000 illegal immigrants were apprehended at the border in April 2021. The influx is not stopping as the problem continues to explode.

As the person charged by the president to deal with this crisis, Harris has refused to visit the border and examine the problem personally. Even though she now claims that she will make the trek to the border at some point, the delay has been totally unacceptable. According to United States Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA), “I hope she does visit the southern border very, very soon. It is imperative. The longer she waits, the harder it is for her to explain why she hasn’t gone to view the crisis herself and form her own opinions about what’s going on.”

For Vice President Harris, there will be no escape from the border question until she visits. She was even questioned about it during participation at an LGBTQ pride parade.

Not only is her refusal to visit the border a major problem, but her lack of consistency is not helping matters. After telling migrants to stay home during her visit to Guatemala, she changed her tune in an interview on Friday with the Spanish news wire service EFE. Instead, she claimed that she was committed to providing a “haven for those seeking asylum.”

Vice President Kamala Harris is the epitome of both inconsistency and incompetence.

It is clear that her eyes are set on replacing Joe Biden in the White House: either running against a Republican opponent when Biden’s term is completed or should Biden step away for some reason. It’s also clear to most Americans that “Kalamity Kamala” is NOT qualified to become the Chief Executive of the U.S.

And even if she was qualified, her incessant “Hillary Clinton” cackle would certainly cost her votes from many Americans!

She’s toast.

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“Do You Miss Me Yet?”

It’s safe to say that political things are a bit different since Donald Trump moved to Florida. In fact, politics, in general, made a sharp turn hard left with this new administration. That was not supposed to happen. After all, Trump was defeated by the so-called “moderate” Democrat, Joe Biden. Biden had been a regular in middle-of-the-road Democrat Party politics. How things have changed.

Joe Biden appears to have given the keys to the kingdom to the extreme left in his party. Subsequently, ALL of the “pet-policies” of the Democrat Party leftists have replaced everyone of Trump’s conservative ideals. Trillions of taxpayer dollars pumped into Democrat Party giveaway spending programs, a presidential cabinet full of hard leftist bureaucrats, fleeing from centuries of Democrat commitment to law enforcement while vocally supporting the actions of Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA, and other socialist groups have become the signature of the Biden Administration. And Congress has benignly marched right along with those moves, rubber-stamping totalitarian policies never before seen in the U.S.

And Biden’s just getting started!

Have you noticed how Democrat Party Leaders, though ridding the world of that dictator Donald Trump, continue to rail against him personally while daily ditching almost every measure instigated by Congress or executive order on his watch? Sadly, almost each of those made dramatically positive impacts on American citizens. Why would Democrats cancel those actions which almost immediately destroy jobs, drive up consumer prices and inflation, and shrink Americans’ take-home income? There’s only ONE reason: they are horrified at the thought of Donald Trump running for a second term in 2024. And they think if they repeal all the good he did, Americans will forget that all that “good stuff” happened on his watch and that the “Orangeman implemented them.”

Putting all this in perspective, it’s a good time for Donald Trump to ask Americans that one big question: “Do you miss me yet?”

Every day of every week as Joe Biden (with the assistance of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and a fawning in-the-tank media) drives the U.S. with breakneck speed toward certain destruction. Sadly, Joe Biden seems not even to recognize our peril.

“Politics makes for strange bedfellows.”

It bears repeating — because I had to let it sit and trickle into my mind for a few minutes.  On its face, it’s quite simple.  In politics, people would ally themselves with folks they otherwise wouldn’t for the sake of what all involved perceive as the common goal.  And these people may not always be politicians.

Into the political blogosphere came Donald Trump in 2015. The blustery billionaire from Queens was anything BUT a politician. Oh, he had indeed dabbled in politics through his support for others’ campaigns. But, Donald Trump as a politician was WAY beyond belief — until that day, he, with Melania in hand, took the escalator ride into a world that changed them forever. And they were not the only ones whose lives were forever morphed into something unexpected.

Forget the naysayers in the media, the NeverTrumpers, and the RINOs. Despite the best efforts of some of its once-leading figures to unlearn the lessons taught by former President Donald Trump, the Republican Party is in great shape going into midterm elections next year and is setting the stage for the 2024 presidential election. Staying the course will propel it to victory.

After a change in power in Washington, it is customary self-indulgence to predict that the other party is not only defeated but likely to go extinct. This past election was no exception. In March, President Joe Biden said he had no idea if there would even be a Republican Party in 2024. Former President George W. Bush said Republicans “want to be extinct.” The facts say otherwise. Setting aside the furiously contested presidential election result, Republicans gained seats in the House in 2020 and will likely build on that performance next year, taking control of one or both houses of Congress.

In a rare act of candor that was never meant to be public, Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-VA), who almost lost her seat, told House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats after the election that radical views like defunding the police cost Democrats and would hurt them more in the future. She said: “If we are classifying Tuesday as a success from a congressional standpoint, we will get f—ing torn apart in 2022.” How right she is.

Yet Democrats have not heeded her warning. Instead, they have misinterpreted the 2020 result as a mandate to indulge their most radical instincts. They have wasted trillions of dollars on an economy that simply needed to be reopened and plan to waste trillions more while raising taxes dramatically while pretending that they will only target the wealthy. They have mused about packing the Supreme Court with activists. They have gone to war against domestically produced fossil fuels, which we rely on, making us energy independent. They have invited a wave of illegal immigrants to our southern border and increased the quota of often-radical and always-broke refugees they plan to admit. They have indulged critical race theory and its attempt to redefine America and cast all political opponents as inherently racist. Their more radical members have even dabbled in anti-Semitism by labeling Israel, a nation where Arabs and Jews alike can vote and stand equal before the law, an “apartheid state”—an insidious way of siding with those who favor the destruction of the Jewish state.

The result so far has been the early onset of inflation, which amounts to a tax hike—one, incidentally, that hurts the poor the most. Gas prices are out of control. Every class of assets in America, especially equities and housing, has been radically inflated by bad policy, setting the stage for crisis. People being paid extra for not working are making the rational choice not to work, impeding recovery. Excessive government spending in 2021 and 2022 may make a recession in 2023 or 2024 a mathematical certainty. Democrats took all of four months to mess up the Middle East. They have even made American cities terrible again thanks to leniency toward criminals, rioters, and looters, although that effort preceded the last election.

But what about the turmoil in the Republican Party, which recently ousted Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) from the second-ranked spot in House leadership? The move actually paves the way for better performance from the Republican Party. Some from the old GOP would like to forget about 2016, even if they paid lip service to its verdict during the Trump years. This is exhibited by an unwillingness to obstruct Biden nominees as Democrats did to Trump’s with even fewer Senate seats, a desire by some to rejoin the job-exporting Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, and failing to stand up to the woke mob and its corporate adherents.

Here’s the deal: Trumpism isn’t a set of specific policies, but a willingness to fight, a refusal to accept the terms of political debate set by the Democrats and the media, and a realignment of the party toward blue-collar workers. Liz Cheney rejected all of this innovation. She wanted to fight her own party. She wanted to assist Democrats and the media in smearing all Republicans with the January 6 Capitol riot—a move that Senator Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is resisting in refusing to go along with the House bill to establish a commission to investigate it.

Cheney’s replacement, Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY), is far from a perfect conservative and has a checkered voting record. But her job in leadership is to fight the Left on whatever opportunistic ground presents itself and put out the messaging necessary for the coming midterm elections. She excels at both. The fact that the GOP can have an open and honest debate — and adopt course corrections in full view of the public — is an asset, not a liability. The extremism of the Democrats, coupled with most Republicans’ desire to retain what is best about Trumpism, forecast successful GOP outcomes in 2022 and 2024. The GOP isn’t about to go extinct. It’s flourishing more than ever.


So Trump eyes today’s political Holocaust play out daily as the eyes of more and more Americans are open to the lunacy of the Left. Democrats didn’t expect those policy changes that were certainly supposed to swing the nation left were so caustic, so deadly, and would affect the immediate egregious effects on the populace. And it’s all happened so in the faces of the American people! They’re happening too quickly and loudly for the Democrat Party media to disguise them.

We’ve been told Donald Trump will begin MAGA rallies soon. The fact that those are coming back must petrify hardcore Democrats. With those rallies, Trump galvanized conservatives across the nation. People saw and heard him without the filter of the media. And they determined for themselves who he is.

After seeing firsthand how successful his policies were while President gives voters the confidence that a second Trump Administration would certainly untangle the nation’s mess today, MAGA rallies will once again put Americans face-to-face with the author of the best economy from top to bottom for citizens in the U.S. in decades.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure the answer from a growing consensus of Americans to that question, “Do you miss me yet?” will be a demonstrative “Yes!”

I’m pretty sure the hard leftists will once again do their best to destroy him just as they did for the four years he served us all. And that angers them even more!

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“Ready, Set, Go!” 2022 Midterms Are Just Around the Corner

I know many Americans feel it’s too early in planning for upcoming elections. But the truth is that if a candidate planning on making a run for the U.S. House of Representatives in 2022 is behind today unless they’ve started their campaign processes. And in this heated Congressional environment, Republicans and Democrats had better “get on the stick.” If they don’t, they’ll be left standing in a sunset come two Novembers from now. Remember: 2022 is just months away.

House Democrats are beginning to confront the challenging reality awaiting them in the 2022 midterm elections amid a spate of retirements and dim redistricting prospects.
Democrats had hoped that brightening economic and public health outlooks combined with ongoing discord within the GOP would save them from the kind of electoral thrashing that historically besets the president’s party in midterm elections.
But privately, some in the party are beginning to acknowledge the uphill battle they will face next year when their narrow majorities in the House and Senate will be on the line.

“I think it’s starting to set in a little bit,” one Democratic consultant and former House staffer said. The consultant noted “a lot of optimism” among Democrats earlier this year after they captured the Senate majority and President Biden was sworn into the White House.

“There are things to be optimistic about, and it’s not like the Republicans have it all figured out either,” the consultant added. “I just think we need to be realistic about things, that history isn’t really on our side.”

The challenges for Democrats have come into clearer focus in recent days.
Rep. Cheri Bustos (D), who narrowly won reelection last year in a western Illinois district that former President Trump carried in 2016 and 2020, said on Friday that she would leave Congress after her current term. She joins two other House Democrats, Reps. Ann Kirkpatrick (Ariz.) and Filemon Vela (Texas), in announcing retirement plans.
With Bustos out, six Democratic incumbents are set to reelect next year in districts that Trump carried in 2020.

There are likely more Democratic retirements to come. Rep. Charlie Crist (D-Fla.) is expected to announce plans on Tuesday to run for Florida governor, potentially leaving open a Pinellas County swing district that Republicans had held for decades before Crist was elected in 2016.

Two other Florida Democrats, Reps. Stephanie Murphy and Val Demings are seen as potential contenders for statewide office. In Ohio, Rep. Tim Ryan (D) is foregoing reelection to his closely contested House seat to run to replace retiring Sen. Rob Portman (R).

The party was also dealt a setback over the weekend in the race to replace the late Rep. Ron Wright (R-Texas) when Democrat Jana Lynne Sanchez fell just a fraction of a percentage point short of qualifying for a runoff election, ensuring that a Republican will succeed Wright.

Democrats saw their majority in the House shrink to one of the smallest margins in decades after a worse-than-expected performance in 2020. Twelve of their members were defeated by Republicans, while every GOP incumbent held their seat.

“We were all expecting to gain seats last year too, and that’s when we were playing offense,” one Democratic strategist who worked on key races in 2020 said. “We’re on the other side of things now, so yeah, there are some reasons to be wary about next year.”
Democrats now claim a six-seat advantage in the lower chamber, though that edge will soon temporarily increase to seven seats when Rep.-elect Troy Carter (D-LA) is sworn in to serve out the remainder of former Rep. Cedric Richmond’s (D-LA) term.

Other upcoming special elections may alter that margin slightly. Still, Democrats will have little room for error if they hope to preserve their House majority in 2022, and history tends to side against the president’s party in midterm elections. Democrats lost seats in both midterm elections while former President Obama was in office. Republicans lost their majority in 2018, two years after Trump won the White House.

Democrats’ midterms strategy this time around bets heavily on the notion that voters will reward the party’s lawmakers for passing a tranche of far-reaching legislation they say will prove transformative, especially as the country begins to pull itself out of the coronavirus pandemic.

Among congressional Democrats’ early accomplishments is a $1.9 trillion stimulus package. Biden has also put forward a sprawling infrastructure proposal that would touch nearly every part of the country. For Democrats, the hope is that 2022 could resemble the 1934 midterms when Democrats expanded their House majority thanks to a prolific first two years of former President Franklin Roosevelt’s tenure in the White House.

“It’s almost incontestable that the economy is going to be roaring back by 2022. If you couple that historical rebound with these packages passed in their entirety, I will predict that the Democrats will expand their majorities,” said Jonathan Tasini, a progressive strategist and former national surrogate for Sen. Bernie Sanders’s (I-VT) 2016 presidential campaign.

“There’s no question that the Republican base will be motivated,” he added. “But what I feel confident about is that voters will turn out in 2022 and support the Democratic Party if the agenda that is now before us passes.”

Democrats are also hoping that the disunity that has roiled the Republican Party in the wake of Trump’s presidency will continue through 2022, hobbling the GOP’s ability to coalesce behind a common message.

Republicans have so far struggled to find a cohesive line of attack on the Democrats’ stimulus package, which has proven to be broadly popular among the American people.

That doesn’t change the fact that House Democrats are playing defense. The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) unveiled an initial list of 47 Democratic incumbents it plans to target next year and added 10 more Democrats to the list on Tuesday. That’s more than twice as many as the 22 offensive targets announced by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC).

Chris Taylor, the national press secretary for the DCCC, said that House Democrats are prepared to run on their early legislative accomplishments. He accused the GOP of elevating “conspiracy theorists” within its ranks and trying to leverage voting laws and redistricting to gain a systematic advantage ahead of the midterms.

“House Democrats head into the midterms with a disciplined electoral strategy, strong grassroots fundraising, and legislative wins for the American people that are putting shots in arms, cash in pockets, reopening schools, and getting people back to work,” Taylor said. “Meanwhile, House Republicans are being led by QAnon conspiracy theorists and are dead set on ripping apart our democracy with suppressive voting laws and unfair maps.”

“American voters know Democrats are focused on helping the economy recover and protecting the integrity of our democracy.”

NRCC spokesman Mike Berg responded that “House Democrats are sprinting toward the exits because they know their majority is doomed. Voters want nothing to do with their socialist agenda that destroys American jobs, raises Americans’ taxes, and opens America’s borders.”

To be sure, a Pew Research poll released last month found Democratic congressional leaders outperforming their Republican counterparts. Fifty percent of respondents said they approve of the job Democratic leaders are doing compared to just 32 percent who said the same of GOP leaders in Congress. Still, Democrats are facing structural challenges in the redistricting process, which appears likely to favor Republicans.

Census data released last week showed the U.S. population shifting to Western and Southern states, like Florida and Texas, where the task of drawing new congressional lines will fall on GOP legislators. Democratic strongholds in the Northeast and Midwest, like New York and Illinois, are set to lose seats in the House next year.

Even in Democratic-controlled states, redistricting could prove challenging for the party. In Illinois, for instance, state lawmakers will be charged with deciding whether to do away with one of its 13 Democratic-held districts or one of its five Republican-held districts, a move that could put the state’s Democrats in more competitive races by adding Republican-leaning voters to their constituencies.

Rep. Tom Emmer (R-MN), the chairman of the NRCC, made clear at a House GOP retreat in Orlando late last month that Republicans shouldn’t depend on redistricting alone to hand them the majority next year, urging members to “run through the tape.” But he also projected confidence in his party’s chances of recapturing the House next year.
“Nobody’s going to do this for us,” Emmer said. “You have to work every single day, one, to make sure that you are raising the resources necessary to fund your campaign. And two that the voters know exactly what your positive vision is.”


What does all this “talk” from the Democrat Party mean to conservative Americans? Let’s be honest: Dems have ALWAYS proven by their actions during election seasons that they are willing to take on the dirty job of getting voters registered, registered, of course, as Democrats, and getting them to the polls to vote. Dems handle that process far better than do Republicans in getting conservatives registered and to the polls. Let’s face it: no “good” political idea is worth anything more than the paper on which it is drafted unless it is sufficient to achieve its objective(s). And when it comes to elections, that is ALL that matters.

The 2022 question is NOT about how hard Democrats will work (and already ARE working) to maintain control of the House and extend their majority in the Senate. Working hard is NOT one of their problems.

On the other hand, will Republicans bust their butts to register and turn out their supporters at the same levels as Democrats? (Is it just me, or does it seem that Democrats just automatically work harder during election seasons?)

Will any party find “the” magic wand necessary to win the day come November 2022? Obviously, one party will win. Whether or not that win will come because of a groundswell of support for this President and his fellow Democrats in Congress remains to be seen. There’s little time between today and November 2022 for campaigning. But there’s plenty of time for the Biden Administration to falter, open pandora’s box of governing horrors, and sustain a national scandal or two before election day.

And then there are the Republicans. Are they (as a group) willing to pay the same price for votes, both literally and figuratively, to send Democrats packing as are Democrats to maintain their political power? As was stated at the top of this story, the GOP struggles a bit for unity right now. Democrats hope President Biden doesn’t give them too much ammunition to use against them in the midterm election.

Know what? The missing link in this entire puzzle is Joe Biden. As much as I hate to say this, I feel it is quite possible: Biden may continue down his present track and show up in the Fall of 2022 with just enough in the way of accomplishments to keep his entire party happy — happy enough to keep his Congressional majorities in place. I think his sole key to doing so is to prevent any typical Democrat Party leadership scandals off the front pages.

That may be a bit too tough for Joe to pull off. Hmmm… Maybe that means that Nancy replaces Joe with that “laugher” from California. Kamala Harris would be the perfect Democrat pawn!

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Elections Really Do Have Consequences…Unless Republicans Win

It’s hard to believe that an actual massive audit of ALL ballots cast in Maricopa County in Arizona last November 3rd is underway. But it’s easy to believe that the Democrat Party, both in the state and nationally, is beside themselves with fear and hatred for the Arizona courts allowing this audit to happen.

Keeping that in mind, here’s a simple question for ALL Democrats and ALL Americans, for that matter: If there was NO cheating in Maricopa County last November 3rd, why are Democrats so worried about an audit’s results?

I think the answer is obvious: “where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” And the only anticipated fire that would make sense for those who watched the actual election process play out is one of exposure — exposure of vote fraud. That’s not declaring that there WAS Arizona voter fraud. It declares that Democrats are concerned about an audit that will expose any fraud that did occur.

And Democrats in Arizona and Washington want that to remain hidden? Why would proving that be such a big deal to Democrat Party leaders?

That’s a great question! Let’s see if we can answer it.

What’s on the Table For AZ’s Audit?

Barack Obama liked to remind us that “elections have consequences.”

Boy, do they! For conservatives like me, the months since Democrats took over the White House and the Senate have been a tsunami of consequences. How do you think I like it when Joe Biden’s handlers aim 60 executive orders at the tip of his pen to effectuate a fundamental transformation of this country? Or when the Democrat-controlled Congress tries to push through statehood for the District of Columbia to guarantee their continued control of the Senate? Or when the southern border is turned into a 2,000-mile illegal-immigrant processing center?

Unfortunately, the political talking point that “elections have consequences” is not recognized as a legitimate principle when Republicans defeat Democrats. That was obvious when Donald Trump won the 2016 election and spent the next four years being vilified as a Russian puppet, a racist, and a danger to the republic. You see, Democrats consider elections to be their most legitimate means of seizing power, but not necessarily the most effective. For them, politics is the continuation of war by other means, and they have been waging war against not just Republicans but against the Constitution for at least the last 50 years.

We could examine the truth of that statement in multiple arenas, including the attempt to repeal or neuter the Second Amendment, the assault on equal rights to replace equality with the Orwellian concept of equity, and of course, the aforementioned unconstitutional push to convert D.C. into a state.

But let’s stick with elections because any political party that controls elections ultimately controls everything else. Nancy Pelosi obviously knows that she made the “For the People Act” her No. 1 priority in the 117th Congress. The Constitution gives authority over federal elections to the individual states that make up the Union. Still, Pelosi’s H.R. 1 would strip that authority from the states and give it to Congress. One provision, in particular, would outlaw the use of voter ID to verify that anyone who casts a vote is legally entitled to do so. Again, as crazy as it sounds, this is the No. 1 Democratic priority.

Let’s say it one more time till it sinks in: Democrats want to ban states from using the most obvious and fair method to ensure that all votes in an election are legal votes — checking voter ID. No wonder millions of Republicans have a sneaking suspicion that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from Donald Trump. What do the Democrats have to hide?

But it’s not just the 2020 election that makes conservatives fear that they are being dealt a hand of three-card monte. Consider what is happening in the state of Montana. Gov. Greg Gianforte just signed two election integrity bills into law. Almost immediately, the state was hit with a lawsuit by the Democratic Party to overturn the people’s will.

Wait a minute? I thought elections have consequences! But you forgot the asterisk that indicates “unless Republicans win.” This is truly infuriating to conservatives. Montana has had a solidly Republican legislature for quite a few years. Still, Montana citizens also elected Democrat governors who liked to wield their veto pens to prevent conservative reforms from being instituted. When Rep. Gianforte left Congress to become governor, it promised a whole new world for Montana Republicans.

Montana is one state that has aggressively stepped out to support controversial Constitutional matters — in some cases as much or more than the other Red States. To ensure the right to self-defense, the state has removed many restrictions on the ability of people to carry guns. Montana was also one of the first states to pass liability protection for businesses reopened despite COVID fears. And in a fit of common sense, the Legislature has banned sanctuary cities in the state: Illegal aliens will no longer be a protected class in certain left-leaning municipalities.

All of those new laws surely will be challenged in court, as they are in other states, but Democrats seem particularly averse to election integrity. They lost no time in bringing suit against two election laws that Gov. Gianforte signed last week. Under House Bill 176, voter registration will no longer be permitted on Election Day but will instead end no later than noon on the day before an election. Senate Bill 169, meanwhile, established requirements for would-be voters to provide some ID both when registering to vote and when actually casting a vote. In a pre-woke world, this would have qualified as bipartisan common sense since its purpose is to prevent cheating. Still, nowadays, we are told that imposing common-sense restrictions on voting is racism and that cheating is just the price we have to pay for being an inclusive society.

Democrat super-lawyer Marc Elias, the guy whom Hillary Clinton hired to engineer the Russia hoax, wasted no time trying to ensure that Montana elections remain a haven for fraud and abuse. His lawsuit claims that the state’s new laws “represent the latest round of legislative shadowboxing aimed at imaginary threats to election integrity, and false accusations of election fraud orchestrated by those seeking to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election, now weaponized by the Legislature to impede access to the franchise.”

In short, he claims that the two laws will prevent people from voting. In particular, he says that the laws place an unconstitutional burden on the right to vote for students, Native Americans, the elderly, those with disabilities, and others.

Of course, that is nonsense. The burden placed on those groups is the same as the burden placed on all Montanans and citizens in numerous other states. If you want to vote, prove that you are a resident! That’s racist? It’s not some hideous “cruel and unusual” ordeal that targets any one group. Basically, the voter ID law says you need to produce photo identification or provide the last four digits of your Social Security number or show some document like a utility bill that includes your name and address. Wow! I’m not sure I would even want to participate in a democracy where voters aren’t bright enough to prove they are real people.

As for the new law ending same-day voter registration, that is a long-overdue change. Montana county election officials were increasingly overwhelmed with late voters showing up on Election Day in November 2020 to register at the last minute and sucking up resources that should have been directed toward protecting the integrity of the election itself. And don’t tell me that ending voter registration a day early represents any burden. It’s called a deadline. Get used to it.

Bottom line: Both Montana laws are intended to lessen the opportunity for cheating on Election Day. Why, therefore, is the Democratic Party so intent on eliminating these laws? Georgia’s new voter reform law that set every Democrat on fire does NOTHING except make voting easier, voting times, and numbers of days increased. Every county/voting precinct has a dropbox. That’s considered “voting suppression? Really?

For that matter, why don’t Democrats want a serious, impartial investigation of voting irregularities in Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, and Nevada? If cheating took place, shouldn’t we try to find out about it? Apparently not, because Democrat Party attorneys filed lawsuit after lawsuit to prevent anyone from auditing or reviewing the election results from Nov. 3rd.

Taken together, the message of all these lawsuits is clear: Elections have consequences, but cheating doesn’t. And cheating is immaterial — UNLESS you get caught. If you’re the party that controls the “election cops” and what they can do and are allowed to do in investigations of alleged voter fraud, there will NEVER be proven voter fraud!

Democrats certainly know that. In fact, that’s the reason why they push so diligently against the light of truth being shined on election processes in these “marginal” states.

Facts WILL out; truth WILL prevail. America will always be a beacon of truth and fairness — especially regarding our election processes. Dems will have to accept that they will NOT bully Americans into benignly giving away our representative republic to a bunch of sycophants who are driven by their lust for totalitarian power!

To quote one famous redneck: “It ain’t happening!”

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“The Devil Went Down to Georgia” Last Week

Is there any living, breathing American who has not heard that Republicans in the House and Senate of Georgia’s Assembly passed the most restrictive voting rights bill in U.S. history? Have they not heard that Georgia Governor Brian Kemp quickly signed it into law?

Everyone has heard about it. On top of just hearing, Mainstream Media and President Joe Biden have filled newspapers, radio and television news shows, and online news sites with false information about the law! In fact, NONE of the egregious claims made by Democrats at every level of state and federal government claiming that Georgia’s African-American populace will be “disenfranchised” are true.

That bill-now-law has sparked lawsuits, boycotts, and mass outrage among Democrats, who describe the law as a revival of Jim Crow-era racism. But much of the heated rhetoric surrounding the bill, which Republican Gov. Brian Kemp signed into law on Thursday, misrepresents what the reforms will accomplish.

The debate over whether Georgia’s law constitutes “despicable voter suppression,” as Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a Massachusetts Democrat, has claimed, or necessary updates to the state code is significant. Democrats in Washington have used the specter of the law to push a sweeping federal bill aimed at overhauling all elections. They have even threatened to weaken or end the filibuster in order to pass the bill, known as H.R. 1, to fight what they have characterized as racism in the way states like Georgia want to conduct their elections.

Here are some of the most controversial claims about the law — and what issues state Republicans were aiming to address.


President Joe Biden claimed during his first press conference last week, and again in a statement the following day, that the law would force polling locations to close at 5 p.m. “so working people can’t cast their vote after their shift is over.”

The law does not, however, cap voting hours at 5 p.m. It sets 5 p.m. as the earliest a polling place can close. In fact, the law gives polling places the discretion to remain open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. during early voting, which could extend the amount of time people in some counties have to vote.

Rather than restrict the amount of time people have to get to the polls, the law expands it during the early voting period. Every county is now required to offer Saturday voting and is given the option to allow Sunday voting.


Headlines about the law have warned that the Georgia state legislature voted to remove many drop boxes from the streets, limiting the places where voters could drop off their ballots leading up to Election Day.

In reality, the law authorizes the use of drop boxes for the first time. In 2020, Georgia temporarily allowed people to place their ballots in designated boxes on an emergency basis due to the pandemic. That authorization would have expired, removing the boxes altogether, if state lawmakers hadn’t included a provision to approve them in the new law.

While there may be fewer boxes in the next election than there were in 2020, there would be none if Republican lawmakers didn’t write it into their bill.


One of the most controversial elements of the law involves whether voters can receive free food and water while they stand in line to cast their ballots. Democrats claim it’s now a crime to pass out drinks to voters at the polls.

It is accurate that language in the bill made approaching voters to give them money, gifts, food, or water within 150 feet of a polling location a misdemeanor.

But that part of the law was designed to crack down specifically on politically affiliated groups handing out free refreshments to voters in line while trying to influence their votes — a practice critics call “line warming.”

The law closes what supporters say was a loophole in existing rules that have long banned soliciting votes too close to a polling location. Election workers, not political groups, can still set up food and water stations at the polls, so long as they remain unmanned.


Any registered voter requesting an absentee ballot will, in any future election, need to write his or her driver’s license or state ID number on the application in order to receive a ballot.

Voting rights advocates have long argued that any ID requirements associated with voting disproportionately affect people of color and low-income communities. Georgia, however, offers a free state ID that can be used to request ballots.

And supporters of the law argue the shift toward matching absentee ballots with ID numbers, rather than signatures, would cut down on the kind of chaos witnessed during the 2020 election — when the process of signature matching slowed down the vote count and injected too much subjectivity into which ballots got thrown out.


After Georgia and several other states struggled with the unprecedented number of mail-in ballots that arrived in election offices past their legal deadlines, Georgia lawmakers included provisions in their bill to shorten the window of time for mail-in voting.

This is one of the provisions critics have cited when describing the Georgia law as unduly restrictive. Supporters of the change argue this will help prevent ballots from getting thrown out by election administrators for arriving too late.

The window for requesting a mail-in ballot will now open 11 weeks before Election Day — not 180 days before, as it did previously, according to Georgia Public Broadcasting.

That window will now close two Fridays before Election Day instead of on Friday before. If a voter hasn’t filled out and submitted an application for an absentee ballot by then, he or she will not receive one.


Georgia counties traditionally had autonomy when it came to administering elections, but the new law potentially gives some of that power to the State Election Board.

In addition to diluting the role of the Georgia secretary of state on the board — that position became a nonvoting member seat — the law allows the State Election Board to make changes in counties that have struggled with processing issues.

“Counties with long-term problems of lines, problems with processing of absentee ballots, and other challenges in administration need accountability, but state officials are limited in what they are able to do to address those problems,” Republican state lawmakers wrote in the bill. “Ensuring there is a mechanism to address local election problems will promote voter confidence and meet the goal of uniformity.”

The State Election Board is technically nonpartisan, but the state Legislature appoints its chair, the state House appoints a member, and the state Senate appoints a member — and Republicans control both chambers. The last two chairs on the board are appointed one each by state Republicans and Democrats, effectively giving the GOP control of a board that has now been empowered to intervene in the way even Democratic counties handle elections.


Are you as tired of the non-stop lies we are getting from the Left regarding everything? It brings to mind that age-old political joke: “How do you tell when a politician is lying? His lips are moving!”

Isn’t that applicable in this issue?

It would be humorous if it wasn’t so deadly. Don’t be lulled into believing these are just “accidental” misinterpretations of the Georgia legislature. It was planned, organized, and distributed in perfect Democrat talking point format for all to use to fool Georgians and the rest of us. Confusion is an art of political manipulation that this Democrat Party’s leaders have perfected into art: the “Art of Politicization.” Any issue that’s thrust into the U.S. marketplace of political ideas with which they disagree, they seed as much confusion and misinformation they can possibly muster among Americans. Why do they take this approach? Because they cannot accept the Truth when the Truth does not fit their political plans for the American populace.

And free and fair elections do NOT fit the Democrat Party plans!

In this caustic political environment in which we live, many Americans have simply opted out of paying attention. Paying attention is too costly, requires too much effort, and exhausts far too much of their time and emotions. Democrats are masters at using that fact in this meticulously created plan to feed their minions falsehoods clouded in misrepresented “facts.” And they simply trust the fact that their followers will simply believe everything Democrat leaders feed to them.

Don’t take the bait!

If it’s the Southern Border crisis, COVID-19/Fauci-isms, anti-light skinned Americans racism just because they’re white, or 2020 election lies, they’re all arrows in the quivers of Democrat party leaders to serve one purpose: confuse Americans — ALL Americans with lies.

How can we be certain about this? Push through the noise and distractions and gets facts for yourself. There’s no other way to get the truth that we all must have to make good decisions.

The leaders on the Left don’t think conservatives will make that effort. They KNOW their Democrat followers will not. It’s bad enough that their party members quickly take the bait. We cannot afford for the other half of the nation to “lazy-out” and swallow those same pills.

Find YOUR facts. Doing so is YOUR choice.

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Now We Know What Trump’s Doing Next!

Conspiracy theories abound regarding Donald Trump’s next step: will he go back to his very profitable business empire? After all, flying around the world on his own 757 private jet to “check-in” on his golf resorts, massive commercial real estate investments, or dropping in on his new “buddy” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sound enticing for a billionaire who happens to wear the badge of “Trump-45.” After all, what does a Septuagenarian with all of President Trump’s accomplishments do to top any of the mountains he’s already eclipsed?

“He’s going to start a new political party!” That story ramped up shortly after it became apparent that the vote count — be it accurate or not — determined that Trump would NOT repeat in the White House. And it’s only climbed steadily since the Biden inauguration. A political group that filed with the Federal Election Commission to gain status for the 2022 election and beyond floated the “word” that Trump was a part of their organization and planned on running for office in 2024 as the leader of the “Patriot Party.”

Speculation about “The Donald’s” next foray into whatever remains at a fever pitch. Everyone wants to know what he’s going to do. And many are anxious — even worried — about Trump’s intentions.

It’s no secret that the GOP establishment despises him. But he’s the perfect foil for the former conservative party that has banished itself to be better known as the “Party of eternal maintenance of the Status Quo.” The RINOs in the GOP have snatched control of conservatism’s ideology and bastardized it into something it never was.

Conservatism formerly espoused a small group of ideas that each embraced the philosophy that government is NOT the answer for the People and all that they need from so-called “public servants.” According to true conservatives, government IS the enemy of the People — specifically “BIG” government. And true conservatives continually fight to keep government small, protect the populace from the greed and lust for power and money that many in government war to obtain and keep while pushing constantly to wrestle any power held by the government from its grasp to return to the People. Lower taxes, true free-market capitalism, freedom of speech, religion, and the right to “keep and bear arms” are the cornerstones of Conservatism. Status quo Government seeks to strip them all away from Americans so that Big Brother controls everything and everybody.

Today’s Republican Party looks NOTHING like Conservative Originalism.

What Will Trump Do Next?

Every Trump supporter knows perfectly well where Donald Trump’s heart lies: he gave it to the American people when he chose to run to be their President. His multiple promises while campaigning were fulfilled by his achievements of most of what he promised! Americans had NEVER seen that from any previous U.S. president. He did not get them all done, but only because legislative and court roadblocks prevented his doing so. His achievements of many and efforts to get them all ingratiated him to the American people. Make America Great Again swept the nation — and even showed up in multiple foreign countries! It appeared that Trump Populism had found a home, had strong backing from a conservative political party (at least in part), and showed the nation just how successful it could become with leadership that truly was “of, by, and for the people.”

Democrats and RINOs were (and are) horrified. Trump threw mud in their faces, showed all Americans how the Establishment lied perpetually for decades while forcing Americans to toe the line to keep political parties balanced. They did that to maintain perpetual political power that would quietly (and stealthily) rule the nation in perpetuity. In doing so, Swamp critters enriched themselves and their fellow swamp dwellers while keeping any detractors from messing up their deal. And they kept the American public oblivious of how good it “should have been” and “would have been” if our government truly worked exclusively for the good of the Nation.

The Swamp won the battle, but the War is still raging.

As we see it, Trump has several options that each seem enticing. Climbing back aboard the company jet and heading around the globe doesn’t seem likely. He’s “been there-done that.” And for those who are not cut from the cloth of entrepreneurship, you cannot understand how a Trump-like businessman thinks: “I accomplished that dream, now what’s next!” There’s where Donald Trump is living.

Regarding politics: he’s been President of the United States! What greater achievement than that could any politician complete? There are Biblical prophets, MAGA Americans, politicians, and even hardcore Democrats who are certain Trump wants to run for a second White House term in 2024. After all, why else would Democrats and other hard-left political hacks spend all their time trying to guarantee Trump CANNOT run again for president? They are terrified!

But for this journalist, I’m not certain Trump WILL run again.  However, at this stage, I cannot say positively that he will NOT run. I’m leaning toward another option — one that would appeal to a Donald Trump who’s already slept about 1200 nights in the White House. He gave us a glimpse of what that might be in a missive he sent to the World on Tuesday.

Read his note below with a clear mind. We’ll regroup and discuss what I think he’s going to do:

The Republican Party can never again be respected or strong with political “leaders” like Sen. Mitch McConnell at its helm. McConnell’s dedication to business as usual, status quo policies, together with his lack of political insight, wisdom, skill, and personality, has rapidly driven him from Majority Leader to Minority Leader, and it will only get worse. The Democrats and Chuck Schumer play McConnell like a fiddle—they’ve never had it so good—and they want to keep it that way! We know our America First agenda is a winner, not McConnell’s Beltway First agenda or Biden’s America Last.

In 2020, I received the most votes of any sitting President in history, almost 75,000,000. Every incumbent House Republican won for the first time in decades, and we flipped 15 seats, almost costing Nancy Pelosi her job. Republicans won majorities in at least 59 of the 98 partisan legislative chambers, and the Democrats failed to flip a single legislative chamber from red to blue. And in “Mitch’s Senate,” over the last two election cycles, I single-handedly saved at least 12 Senate seats, more than eight in the 2020 cycle alone—and then came the Georgia disaster, where we should have won both U.S. Senate seats, but McConnell matched the Democrat offer of $2,000 stimulus checks with $600. How does that work? It became the Democrats’ principal advertisement, and a big winner for them it was. McConnell then put himself, one of the most unpopular politicians in the United States, into the advertisements. Many Republicans in Georgia voted Democrat, or just didn’t vote, because of their anguish at their inept Governor, Brian Kemp, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, and the Republican Party, for not doing its job on Election Integrity during the 2020 Presidential race.

It was a complete election disaster in Georgia, and certain other swing states. McConnell did nothing, and will never do what needs to be done in order to secure a fair and just electoral system into the future. He doesn’t have what it takes, never did, and never will.

My only regret is that McConnell “begged” for my strong support and endorsement before the great people of Kentucky in the 2020 election, and I gave it to him. He went from one point down to 20 points up, and won. How quickly he forgets. Without my endorsement, McConnell would have lost, and lost badly. Now, his numbers are lower than ever before, he is destroying the Republican side of the Senate, and in so doing, seriously hurting our Country.

Likewise, McConnell has no credibility on China because of his family’s substantial Chinese business holdings. He does nothing on this tremendous economic and military threat.

Mitch is a dour, sullen, and unsmiling political hack, and if Republican Senators are going to stay with him, they will not win again. He will never do what needs to be done, or what is right for our Country. Where necessary and appropriate, I will back primary rivals who espouse Making America Great Again and our policy of America First. We want brilliant, strong, thoughtful, and compassionate leadership.

Prior to the pandemic, we produced the greatest economy and jobs numbers in the history of our Country, and likewise, our economic recovery after Covid was the best in the world. We cut taxes and regulations, rebuilt our military, took care of our Vets, became energy independent, built the wall and stopped the massive inflow of illegals into our Country, and so much more. And now, illegals are pouring in, pipelines are being stopped, taxes will be going up, and we will no longer be energy independent.

This is a big moment for our country, and we cannot let it pass by using third rate “leaders” to dictate our future!


(Note: Donald Trump really doesn’t care for Mitch McConnell!)

Everything Trump said during his first campaign and as President, speaking to Americans from the White House or a podium in his plethora of MAGA rallies, spoke directly to the average American. He loves the People and despises those in government who seek self-enrichment at the expense of average Americans. He hates that abuse of political power and petty partisanship — by both Democrats AND Republicans.

Many think because of that, he will walk away. After all, there are not many people who can say, “I was President of the United States.”

Donald Trump is not finished yet!

In his letter to Americans above, he hinted what his next task would be — either in part or in total. He plans on fighting the Swamp again! It’s unclear exactly what form that will take, but it will certainly include his being on the campaign trail in 2022 during the midterms and also in the run-up to the general election in 2024.

What better way could Trump, under the present circumstances in his life, serve Americans than to use his accomplishments, achievements, and numerous victories for the People against the Swamp and the Deep State status quo!

Imagine him campaigning for a true conservative in a rural congressional district in Nevada or Idaho, Iowa, or Oklahoma? What about some television ads in which HE introduces an unknown young political upstart woman who embraces the American Dream and wants to share it with the large Latin population in New Mexico as their next governor?

The beautiful thing about congressional races is that all House members must face the public every two years in an election. Doing so is tough on the candidates’ time and, of course, their wallets. Imagine Donald Trump stumping in his nonstop magnetic fashion three or four nights a week around the country to help flip control in the House while adding even more conservative governors.

The Political Class call such a person a “King Maker.” I don’t know about Trump making anyone a king, but he certainly could “ring the bell” for several hundred angry — but determined — conservatives to help take his populist methods and ideology across the nation while shining the light of truth on the Establishment Swamp Dwellers that hold a death grip on our freedoms.

I’ll finish by saying this: Donald Trump is already certain to stump during the next four years for candidates in this war against the Left. I’m confident he could easily do that and march toward 2024 and his second stint in the White House all at the same time!

I’m looking forward to it, no matter how it looks.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see him dominate the 24/7 news cycle for four more years!

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“Absolute Proof”

This story today will be brief.

We all know the “My Pillow” guy: Mike Lindell. His television commercials are enough to drive anyone crazy. But, you can’t fault him; those commercials sell quite a few pillows.

Lindell is an ardent Trump fan. He’s not just a fan — he’s a successful entrepreneur who put his personal and business reputation on the line on a national basis that has cost him dearly. But he has taken his support for Donald Trump to a new level — a level millions of other Americans have done so but have done so quietly. Not so for Lindell.

Mike Lindell alerted us all about a week ago that “all of the evidence of widespread election corruption will be released to the nation on Friday, February 5th.” He’s a man of his word and did just that. He released a professionally produced documentary titled “Absolute Proof.” He simultaneously released it on his own website and on YouTube. As you can imagine, YouTube yanked it.

Others posted the documentary on other social media websites, but they each did the expected from “Cancel Culture” American media: pulled it down. I quit searching for it this morning. I hope it stays alive on Mike’s website. Why? Read the following paragraph and you’ll understand:

  • You may think Mike’s a nutjob or even a raving lunatic. I don’t know him personally, but I’m one American who determines the legitimacy of others, not by what people say, but what that person says linked to what they do. Sometimes it’s difficult to stick to just those when evaluating another. Today’s stark-raving mad Mainstream Media make it impossible to believe what people say!


  • The documentary is two hours long — longer than most movies. But there’s a reason for its length: it’s FULL of intricate details reported and shared by more than a dozen forensic computer experts, internet engineers, and election equipment experts. None of the information given is hearsay. Every word spoken and illustrated is backed up with hard, cold evidence — something that very few have seen before.


  • Most at first blush when reading this will say, “There’s no evidence of election fraud! Look at all the Trump Campaign lawsuits in which judges tossed them all out for lack of evidence. November 3 voter fraud is nothing but a conspiracy theory.” That’s the Mainstream Media, Democrat Party, RINO, and Socialist story — and they’re sticking to it. But, they’re lying!


  • “Dan, what about the lack of evidence in court?” No court ever let the evidence be presented into a court record! Mainstream Media states otherwise.

What’s Happening?

With the release of “Absolute Proof,” the truth is out. Yes, it’s been out for a couple of months, but the Media have prohibited it’s being allowed in the marketplace of American ideas! One America News (OAN) is the only network that I know is allowing the documentary to air. News Max TV actually shutdown a live interview with Mike when he brought up the pending release of his documentary that proves election fraud: Cancel Culture!

Folks who know me know that I demand honesty and facts. I receive from many people each day forward stories, talk show segments, videos, documents, some of which are bogus on their faces, but some are NOT bogus. (Thanks for sending that stuff.)

It’s hard to find the truth in things. In fact, that’s why we started TruthNewsNetwork three years ago: we research things we “hear” and “see” to find the truth or fiction in them. Sometimes that’s an arduous and timely task. But it’s worth it to discover the truth with which one can make honest and fact-based decisions.

Mike Lindell obviously feels the same way. He spent scads of his own money to put this all together. The horror of this is that every person who presents the evidence of fraud, corruption, and rampant illegalities committed in the runup to the November 3rd election and during its aftermath already had the information, data, documentation, video, and photographic proof of the fraudulent election actions taken by numerous people to change the election results.

They had no place to turn to present all that evidence. State court judges and even some federal judges refused to even conduct evidentiary hearings at which this same evidence from these same experts would have been presented in court on which judicial decisions could be made.

The scariest thing about all this is that for all this to occur, it had to be planned, funded, implemented, and operated by a large number of very intelligent and connected people — both inside the United States and around the World. And this operation was massively expensive. Where did THAT money come from?

My Conclusions

  • There is NO doubt the election was corrupt, fraudulent, and purposely so;
  • Democrat Party leaders ARE complicit in what and how it happened;
  • The Department of Justice and FBI under Barack Obama and Joe Biden are up to their eyeballs in involvement in this scheme;
  • China, Iran, Spain, Italy, and other countries are just as deeply involved in this massive treason against the United States.

I don’t make those statements lightly. Even though things on election night and afterward didn’t smell right to me, I never personally saw any of the evidence of election fraud. So I couldn’t make an educated decision. But I’ve felt since that it was stolen but I had no proof.

There is now no doubt in my mind that November 3, 2020, ACTUAL election results show Donald Trump with 80+ million “legal” votes compared to 60 million (or fewer) votes for Joe Biden!


What do we do?

First, WATCH THE DOCUMENTARY in its entirety. Do so IMMEDIATELY. One America Network is showing it multiple times each day. Additionally, you can watch it directly from Lindell’s personal website:

It’s two hours, folks. But every minute is critical.

After you watch it, talk about it (with your own personal thoughts) to your friends and family members. Spread the word.

Do you know the scariest conclusion I have after digesting all this: apparently, the most powerful and wealthiest people in the U.S. in business, politics, and big dollar finance are complicit in all this and participated in a “non-military coup” to steal an election.

I just had another thought: in the documentary, the downline ballots were also impacted by the cheating. So probably, the Senate is still under Republican majority control!

Sadly, at this point, all I can recommend is arming yourself with facts. From there we will have to develop a plan based on what can legitimately be done to correct this madness.

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Stay Close!