NOW Let’s Get the Truth About Fraud in Mail-In Voting: It’s Real!

The factual conclusion is in: there IS mail-in voter fraud throughout our nation. And there’s NO good reason to allow mail-in voting to occur, other than for absentee balloting that is already in place.

Mail-in ballots have become the latest flashpoint in the 2020 elections. While President Trump and the GOP warn of widespread manipulation of the absentee vote that will swell with COVID polling restrictions, many Democrats and their media allies have dismissed such concerns as unfounded.

But the political insider, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he fears prosecution, said fraud is more the rule than the exception. His dirty work has taken him through the weeds of municipal and federal elections in Paterson, Atlantic City, Camden, Newark, Hoboken, and Hudson County in New Jersey, and his fingerprints can be found in local legislative, mayoral, and congressional races across the Garden State. Some of the biggest names and highest officeholders in New Jersey have benefited from his tricks, according to campaign records.

“An election that is swayed by 500 votes, 1,000 votes — it can make a difference,” the tipster said. “It could be enough to flip states.”

The whistleblower — whose identity, rap sheet, and long history working as a consultant to various campaigns were confirmed — says he not only changed ballots himself over the years but led teams of fraudsters and mentored at least 20 operatives in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania — a critical 2020 swing state.

“There is no race in New Jersey — from City Council to United States Senate — that we haven’t worked on,” the tipster said. “I worked on a fire commissioner’s race in Burlington County. The smaller the race, the easier it is to do.”

A Bernie Sanders die-hard with no horse in the presidential race, he said he felt compelled to come forward in the hope that states would act now to fix the glaring security problems present in mail-in ballots. “This is a real thing,” he said. “And there is going to be a f–king war coming November 3rd over this stuff.  If they knew how the sausage was made, they could fix it.”

Mail-in voting can be complicated — tough enough that 84,000 New Yorkers had their mailed votes thrown out in the June 23 Democratic presidential primary for incorrectly filling them out. But for political pros, they’re a piece of cake. In New Jersey, for example, it begins with a blank mail-in ballot delivered to a registered voter in a large envelope. Inside the packet are a return envelope, a “certificate of a mail-in voter,” which the voter must sign, and the ballot itself.

That’s when the election-rigger springs into action.

Just Make Your Own “fake” Ballots 

The ballot has no specific security features — like a stamp or a watermark — so the insider said he would just make his ballots. “I just put [the ballot] through the copy machine, and it comes out the same way,” the insider said. But the return envelopes are “more secure than the ballot. You could never recreate the envelope,” he said. So they had to be collected from real voters.

He would have his operatives fan out, going house-to-house, convincing voters to let them mail completed ballots on their behalf as a public service. The fraudster and his minions would then take the sealed envelopes home and hold them over boiling water. “You have to steam it to loosen the glue,” said the insider.

He then would remove the real ballot, place the counterfeit ballot inside the signed certificate, and reseal the envelope. “Five minutes per ballot tops,” said the insider.

The insider said he took care not to stuff the fake ballots into just a few public mailboxes but sprinkle them around town. That way, he avoided the attention that foiled a sloppy voter-fraud operation in a Paterson, NJ city council race this year, where 900 ballots were found in just three mailboxes. “If they had spread them in all different mailboxes, nothing would have happened,” the insider said.

USPS Employees Compliticit in Voter Fraud?

The tipster said sometimes postal employees are in on the scam.

“You have a postman who is a rabid anti-Trump guy, and he’s working in Bedminster or some Republican stronghold. He can take those filled-out ballots, and knowing 95% are going to a Republican; he can just throw those in the garbage.”

In some cases, mail carriers were members of his “work crew” and would sift ballots from the mail and hand them over to the operative.

In 2017, more than 500 mail-in ballots in New York City never arrived at the Board of Elections for races that November — leaving hundreds disenfranchised. They eventually were discovered in April 2018. “For some undetermined reason, some baskets of mail that were bound to the New York City Board of Elections were put off to the side at the Brooklyn processing facility,” city elections boss Michael Ryan said at the time of discovery.

Elder Care Facilities

Hitting up assisted-living facilities and “helping” the elderly fill out their absentee ballots was a gold mine of votes, the insider said. “There are nursing homes where the nurse is actually a paid operative. And they go room by room by room to these old people who still want to feel like they’re relevant,” said the whistleblower. “They literally fill it out for them.”

The insider pointed to former Jersey City Mayor Gerald McCann, who was sued in 2007 after a razor-thin victory for a local school board seat for allegedly tricking “incompetent and ill” residents of nursing homes into casting ballots for him. McCann denied it, though they did admit to assisting some nursing home residents with absentee ballot applications.

“That’s Not You!”

When all else failed, the insider would send operatives to vote live in polling stations, particularly in states like New Jersey and New York, which do not require voter ID. Pennsylvania, also, for the most part, does not. The best targets were registered voters who routinely skip presidential or municipal elections — information that is publicly available.

“You fill out these index cards with that person’s name and district, and you go around the city and say, ‘You’re going to be him, you’re going to be him,’” the insider said of how he dispatched his teams of dirty-tricksters.

At the polling place, the fake voter would sign in, “get online and vote,” the insider said. The imposters would simply recreate the signature that already appears in the voter roll as best they could. In the rare instance that a real voter had already signed in and cast a ballot, the impersonator would just chalk it up to an innocent mistake and bolt.

“Wanna Make a Few Bucks?”

The tipster said New Jersey homeless shelters offered a nearly inexhaustible pool of reliable — buyable — voters.

“They get to register where they live in, and they go to the polls and vote,” he said, laughing at the roughly $174 per vote Mike Bloomberg spent to win his third mayoral term. He said he could have delivered the same result at a 70-percent discount — like when Frank “Pupie” Raia, a real estate developer and Hoboken big cheese, was convicted last year on federal charges for paying low-income residents 50 bucks a pop to vote how he wanted during a 2013 municipal election.

Organizationally, the tipster said his voter-fraud schemes in the Garden State and elsewhere resembled Mafia organizations, with a boss (usually the campaign manager) handing off the day-to-day managing of the mob soldiers to the underboss (him). The actual candidate was usually kept in the dark deliberately so they could maintain “plausible deniability.” With mail-in ballots, partisans from both parties hash out and count ballots at the local board of elections — debating which ballots make the cut and which need to be thrown out because of irregularities.

The insider said any ballots offered up by him or his operation would come with a bent corner along the edge of the voter certificate — which contains the voter signature — so Democratic Board of Election counters would know the fix was in and not to object. “It doesn’t stay bent, but you can tell it’s been bent,” the tipster said. “Until the certificate is approved, the ballot doesn’t matter. They don’t get to see the ballot unless they approve the certificate.”

“I invented bending corners,” the insider boasted, saying once the fixed ballots were mixed in with the normal ones, the bed was made. “Once a ballot is opened, it’s an anonymous ballot.”

While federal law warns of prison sentences of up to five years, busted voter frauds have seen far less punishment. While in 2018, a Texas woman was sentenced to five years, an Arizona man busted for voting twice in the mail was given just three years probation. A study by the conservative Heritage Foundation found more than 1,000 instances of documented voter fraud in the United States, almost off of which occurred over the last 20 years.

“There is nothing new about these techniques,” said Hans von Spakovsky, a senior legal fellow at Heritage who manages their election law reform initiative. “Everything he’s talking about is perfectly possible.“


Are you nauseated at the plethora of lies being told by leaders in the Democrat Party, Democrats in Congress, and the Mainstream Media: “Those who say mail-in voting is full of corruption are nothing more than conspiracy theorists! They are all lying?”

What you just read proved our already-existing voting system has problems that have not been corrected for several reasons. As stated above, the Heritage Foundation proved more than 1,000 cases of voter fraud in the U.S. We at TruthNewsNetwork have reported on almost 300 of those voter fraud cases.

So how widespread will be the probability of voter fraud November 3rd? Predictions at this point are just guesses. But it should be understood and accepted by every American that there will certainly be voter fraud underway in November. And those who indicate otherwise — I don’t how vehemently they denigrate Republicans or how nasty they are — are telling Americans lies!

Forgetting about absentee voting, for the “new” version of mail-in voting that several states have instituted for the upcoming election, 44 million voters in nine states and the District of Columbia are already set to vote by mail! 44 million! Just one percent of those votes intercepted and altered and replaced by the schemes detailed above that have been in place for years can turn an election!

Do Democrats really care?

That answer is simple: NO! “If” they did care, Democrat Party Leadership in Congress would NOT suggest mail-in voting without a massive planning and preparation process put in place over at least two election cycles. And those two elections would be placed under a microscope to guarantee Americans that NO illegality, vote-changing, or vote-buying was taking place.

Not only does the Nancy Pelosi proposal offer NO plan, NO intentions of creating a plan, NO methods to assure the safety of such a system, Speaker Pelosi demanded that the federal government assume total power over the operation of our entire election system. Why would she do such a thing? To strip MORE power from the states to give the federal government (which she plans on turning 100% of government control to members of her party) to facilitate voting results to the favor of the Democrat Party and to guarantee that NO state will ever have the opportunity to change their election process in the future.

“You’re just a conspiracy theorist, Dan!

If you feel this way, do us all a favor: write your explanation for the Democrat Party insistence on a national mail-in voting system to be implemented with NO plan, NO preparation, NO funding, and to do it so quickly. Send your 600-word explanation to We will print each response we get in their entirety between now and election day. We will NOT edit any for content (other than profanity) but will correct misspelled words and punctuation when necessary.

Each weekday through November 3rd, we will open a live segment on TNN Live from 9:30 – 10:00 AM Central Time to allow any callers to share their votes about this sham proposed mail-in voting system.

Send us your rebuttal for our conclusion. Starting tomorrow, we will print them, and give us a call between 9:30 – 10:00 AM Central tomorrow and any day through November 3rd to discuss your thoughts live on TNN Live.

I can’t wait to read and hear the explanation for why Nancy Pelosi so brazenly demanded such a system. She and her fellow-Democrat co-harts are lusting for Power!

The End of the Beginning: The Beginning of the End

That’s something that makes everyone utter one unison, “Hmmm……”

What the heck does that mean?

Yesterday we began a series for this week of revealing “The Plan” of the Democrat Party for this presidential election and beyond. Yesterday we opened the door of understanding by introducing to all just how political is Sen. Kamala Harris. Today, we are getting a closer look at the exact role Harris plays in this Democrat Party epic and historical moment in U.S. history.

I watched a movie over the weekend — one I’ve watched several times previously: “The Manchurian Candidate.” I’m pretty sure most people have either watched it or, at least, know what it’s about. (The one I watched was the 21st-century version. Frank Sinatra starred in the original movie) But for those who haven’t or for others who have forgotten, here’s the short synopsis of the movie “The Manchurian Candidate:”

  • It stars Liev Schrieber as Raymond Prentiss Shaw. Shaw is the son of an extremely powerful mother played by Meryl Streep who pretty much controls her son’s entire life. His father was a U.S. Senator who died and was replaced by Raymond’s mother.
  • Denzel Washington plays the role of Major Ben Marco. Marco and young Shaw served together in the Middle East in a combat situation. They were both severely injured in combat for which they each were decorated.
  • Shaw went into politics while Marco remained in the military. Both dealt with medical, emotional, and mental problems as the results of their military combat.

The summary of the movie is that Shaw’s mother has him pointed to becoming the next Vice President. She uses her considerable political might to position him at the last moment to replace the existing VP candidate during the campaign for President/Vice President. Polls show Shaw’s ticket is going to win.

There’s a parallel storyline that involves strange dreams on the part of Marco AND Shaw and another GI who served with those two and was severely injured in the same war incident. He too has the same dreams. The dreams are vivid visions of each doing horrible things while under control of a drug or some mind-altering medical process.

Marco seeks-out Shaw on the campaign trail to compare notes on their dreams. Shaw keeps Marco away for a while. But it wasn’t long until Shaw’s dreams became more and more serious: serious enough to personally result in his murdering another powerful Senator who was trying to block Shaw’s VP chances. In that murder scene, Shaw also murdered the Senator’s daughter, who Shaw had dated seriously years earlier.

The “End of the Beginning”

As is appropriate in such a movie, all of these heretofore random coincidences concluded. The conclusion came shortly after the revelation that Shaw, Marco, and the other former soldier who shared those horrid dreams were each desperate to get some relief. Marco was fearful that Shaw was being used for sinister political objectives by his mother. And at a campaign appearance, Major Marco determined to assassinate Shaw. Shaw, somehow knew it was coming and inwardly welcomed it.

While on stage at a nationally televised event the night of the election in which Shaw and his now President buddy were accepting their victory, Marco hid in a balcony with a rifle. Shaw saw where Marco was hiding. At the exact moment Shaw expected the rifle shot, he pulled his mother close while they were in a victory dance. Both were killed instantly with one shot.

The “Beginning of the End”

“That’s 500 words of meaningless drivel,” you might say. It simply sets the stage in a very elementary way to demonstrate what is happening in the Biden/Harris/Democrat Party faux election scheme. Let’s get to the explanation.

First, let’s start with Joe Biden. Significantly more than half of Americans say they do NOT feel that Joe Biden — after a win against Donald Trump in November — will last physically and mentally through four years. In fact, many think it’s questionable that he would make it through one year. Why would the Democrat Party then put Joe on the top of the Democrat ticket?

“That’s why they chose Kamala Harris as his running mate. She’s young and vibrant. She could easily step in and take the reins from Joe.”

Many Americans believe that. But probably just as many think Joe will actually be capable of carrying the load that any U.S. President must carry.

I’m here today to tell you that neither of these thoughts truly represents the reason why Joe is running to be President nor the reason Kamala is running to be Vice President.

They each are running as “space holders:” two people who were chosen to serve a specific cause for a specific period of time.

“Uh Oh! Dan’s gone over the Conspiracy Theory Hill!” No, nothing could be further from the Truth. Let’s break this down:

  • The Democrat Party has some of the smartest leaders their party has ever had. I know: Nancy Pelosi is evil and devious, but one thing she is NOT is stupid. Everything she says or does in politics fits a particular purpose in a particular plan. She is brilliant at analyzing the hand in front of her. But she’s MORE adept at analyzing the hand she is certain her OPPONENT has. She is certainly working this election using those skills.
  • As I said yesterday, Democrats NEVER play the “short game.” They are in every battle to not just win “it.” They use every battle victory as a notch on their march to their ultimate goal: “To Win the War!” This Biden/Harris combination is the Democrat Party team Pelosi and Co. will use to win their first battle: the elimination of Donald Trump.
  • Biden is necessary because Democrat leaders understand America is not ready to digest a full-blown Socialist society. To be successful, that must happen in stages. Going straight to Kamala Harris for President would destroy their plan. They must take baby steps. Joe certainly has, in his lengthy history, a record of supporting conservative Democrat Party issues through decades. And he’s a much easier sell to Americans than any other candidate that was in this race — including Harris herself.
  • Biden is the tip of the battle sword; Harris is the sword handle. She is a prolific one-on-one politician, speaks well, can be forceful when needed but tender and affable also. She’s tough, she’s determined, and she’s a true Progressive in the truly “Liberal” sense of the word. In other words, she has the eyes and ears of Millenials who spurn this administration comprised of old white guys. If given a chance, they will in locked-step march over a cliff to embrace all those issues that AOC has been touting for the last two years. Harris can work in both Moderate and Progressive worlds.
  • Democrat Party leadership prefers a Biden win with a really strong campaign out-front presence of Harris for her communication skills and the fact she is an American woman of color who relates well to younger voters. In other words, Biden opens the election door, and Harris brings in the tiebreakers in the Progressive wing of the Democrat Party.

What Next?

Biden will NOT last through a first term — if he wins at all. Kamala Harris is the right “interim” plan for the Democrat Party.

For all the reasons listed above, she is a much more formidable Democrat for moving the party to the next level. And that level will no longer be propped up the likes of Joe, Nancy, Chuck, or even Barack Obama! All those folks are simply too old and “so yesterday” to the 35-year-old and younger Americans. She will make the transition to the “Next” Democrat Party objective.

What’s that objective?

Tomorrow in our final segment of this story, you will see and hear a 25-minute documented and vetted presentation that will explain what the “long-game” is for Democrats. When complete, you will no doubt know for certain exactly why all this stuff is happening. “All this stuff” is comprised of every one of these: the Mueller Investigation, the Ukraine investigation, President Trump’s impeachment, the COVID-19 pandemic, the racial unrest that resulted in continuing protests, demonstrations, rioting and looting all across America, and the insistence by Democrat leaders for a 100% mail-in voting system operated totally by the Federal Government, taking control of elections away from our 50 states.

All of these have happened at specific times for specific “interim” reasons — “interim” because they all are little more than planks in the foundation of the Master Plan of today’s Democrat Party.

One final note today: as we conclude this tomorrow, all the pieces will fit together—most if not all of your why questions will be answered. You’ll be elated but at the same time afraid. But for sure, we will all know what has been happening in D.C. for so long that we simply could not understand. Additionally, we will know the purpose for all, not just for today but for years to come, long after most of us will be gone.

What About the Manchurian Candidate?

In case you didn’t put today’s characters names on the roles of the actors in that movie, the actual candidate played by Liev Schrieber is Joe Biden. His powerful mother who is a Senator is the Democrat Party. The politician who replaces Biden is, of course, Kamala Harris.

So who is the shooter, the one who takes out with one shot both Biden and the Democrat Party? Tune in for that answer tomorrow!

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Don’t forget our conclusion to this series will be published worldwide at 1:45 AM Central Wednesday morning. Don’t you dare miss it!


The Democrat Party Master Plan: You Will Be SHOCKED!

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) was a surprise pick to be Joe Biden’s running mate. Why so? Biden has, for decades, been the “poster boy” for the Moderate wing of the Democrat Party. Going into his presidential bid this year, he has painted himself as a consummate Moderate. But Americans have watched as the former Moderate has allowed the far-left of his party to pull him away from the neighborhood of Mr. Rogers to the neighborhood of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Waren. He had to get their support.

There’s a problem: Democrat Party leadership is uncertain any far-left Democrat can win the White House right now. So what do they do? They prop-up the picture of Uncle Joe as the “forever-Moderate” to sell to the American people. And they think they can.

But this Democrat Party is anything BUT Moderate.

“If Democrats are no longer Moderate, what are they?” The Democrat Party is running quietly yet as fast as possible to the Far Left in American politics.

The Truth?

“Americans are not ready for the Truth.” That’s where this Democrat Party is in their thinking. Their conundrum in looking at this election cycle caused them to make some hard choices: how to retake full government party control by making voters think Democrats are all Moderates without letting voters know they aren’t.

Democrat Party leadership is not playing a “short game:” they are playing the long game.” The game is called “Who will control the World politically.” It’s not just the United States.

What does that mean?

In the next few days, TruthNewsNetwork will unfold a bit at a time the plan of the Democrat Party in tandem with others to control World Politics.

We’re NOT going to give you any conspiracy theories. We’re not going to play a blame game. We’re going to present to you facts through documents, audio files, video files, the words of particular people that support every bit of information we give to you. And it starts right now.

Yes, it Begins with Kamala Harris

I dropped my glass when I heard ABC’s George Stephanopolous portray Kamala Harris as a “Moderate.” Any American who pays any attention at all knows she’s is certainly not that.

We’re not drawing broad and unsupported conclusions. We are basing those statements on facts: facts of her legislation and political history. Let’s take a look at just a few of her legislative “offerings.”

Democratic running mate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) is one of the busier senators when it comes to introducing congressional legislation. Her 54 bills introduced in 2019 tied for 19th-most among all 100 senators, while her 52 bills introduced in 2017–18 put her in the top third among senators.

COUNT Victims Act

Disaster Victims Passport and ID Relief Act

Image for post
  Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA)

Justice for Victims of Lynching Act


Rent Relief Act


Shirley Chisholm statue

Census Equality Act

Family Friendly Schools Act

Access to Counsel Act

Aretha Franklin Congressional Gold Medal Act


I know: you probably skimmed this entire list of Harris legislation or simply quit. But to understand the importance of what Americans each are facing in this election, one must have a good understanding of who are the players, where did they originate, and where each is headed.

These bills introduced by Sen. Harris may appear to be little more than a freshman Senator spreading her “legislative” wings, but they are far more than just that. She, in being so aggressive as a young Senator, showed all the political heavyweights looking-in that she is ready to become a “player” in important politics — the type of politics that are now in full swing in our country. She wants to be on stage and not sitting in the back.

That’s important to understand. It will help explain what shows up tomorrow about the California Senator, her role in the “Big Game,” and how today’s Democrat Party have surreptitiously been initiating their plan for us all while we were busy watching Russia-Gate, Ukraine-Gate, Impeachment, COVID-19 Pandemic, and Racial Anarchy during the last four years.

You don’t want to miss a day of this! Day by day, chapter, by chapter, the future of our nation as Democrats hope to see it play out is unfolding before your eyes.

Buckle-up: it’s going to be a hard ride.

Voting by Mail: Let the Fight Begin!

Here we go! All those for making voting so much easier for Americans now have another arrow in their quiver for what they term is “justification” for voting by mail. Their new arrow has a name: “Coronavirus.”

We saw it play out in the Wisconsin Democrat primary election just a few weeks ago. Back and forth from court to court filing lawsuits, filing appeals, the Wisconsin governor weighing in with his decision and another court overturning. Wisconsin voters voted: period. Sure, there were some fears of Coronavirus. But it’s reasonably sure that everyone that voted had their one vote count. I said “one vote” because that has not always been the case. In many lessons throughout American history, people have cheated and have voted multiple times and often have lied and voted as someone else. That’s part of this story we’ll get to in a bit. But we DO know this one thing: Coronavirus IS and WILL be changing everything for at least a good while in the nation. And that probably will include the November election. Buckle up! The fight has already begun.

In recent history, voters in national elections know almost immediately after polls close who is going to be the next president. Electronics in voting have made it easy. But it’s not going to be very easy in November, and it probably will be no easier in any day going forward. Because of a massive increase in mail-in voting in states that are not used to it, the presidential election could take a week or more to be decided. Public officials are just now beginning to grapple with how to prepare themselves and the country for this unprecedented situation.

“It’s a culture shift that’s going to be required,” said Vanita Gupta, president, and CEO of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, in an interview. “We should be prepared to wait at least a week before the results can be certified.”

Gupta, who oversaw the Justice Department’s civil rights division from 2014 to 2017, said her organization — one of the oldest civil rights groups in the country — would work with other groups over the next several months to raise awareness and create an expectation among both voters and journalists that results should not be expected on election night.

“People are going to have to be able to be patient to wait for the results,” Gupta said. “That’s an uncomfortable position for a lot of people. The media’s not used to it. The public’s not used to it.” But, she said, “election officials need to be able to do their job to make sure they are counting every ballot. The danger would be if there is false pressure that gets built-in, and people are disenfranchised because of this false pressure.”

Tom Perez, the chairman of the Democratic National Committee, said that “if we have a vote-by-mail state that is close, I would rather be in a position where everybody’s vote got counted. I think that should be our gold standard, is that everyone who wanted to participate was able to participate.”

“I’d rather get it right than get it at 10 o’clock on Election Day night.”

In my opinion, “Get it right” means “everybody gets one vote to cast — just ONE vote. And we must verify whoever casts that vote has been confirmed to be the person registered and casts that vote legally.”

Vote By Mail Already Exists

Five states currently conduct all elections entirely by mail: Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, and Utah. At least 21 other states have laws that allow certain smaller elections (such as school board contests) to be conducted by mail. For these elections, all registered voters receive a ballot in the mail. The voter marks the ballot, puts it in a secrecy envelope or sleeve and then into a separate mailing envelope, signs an affidavit on the exterior of the mailing envelope, and returns the package via mail or by dropping it off.

Ballots are mailed out well ahead of Election Day, and thus voters have an “election period,” not just a single day, to vote. All-mail elections can be thought of as absentee voting for everyone. This system is also referred to as “vote by mail.”

While “all-mail elections” means that every registered voter receives a ballot by mail, this does not cancel in-person voting opportunities on and before Election Day. For example, even though all registered voters in Colorado are mailed a ballot, voters can choose to cast a ballot at an in-person vote center during the early voting period or on Election Day (or drop-off, or mail, their ballot back).

Generally, states begin with providing all-mail elections only in certain circumstances, and then add additional opportunities as citizens become familiar with procedures. Oregon’s vote-by-mail timeline includes four times that the legislature acted before the 1998 citizens’ vote that made Oregon the first all-mail election state.

All states will already mail an absentee ballot to individual voters who request one. In two-thirds of the states, any qualified voter may vote absentee without offering an excuse, and in one-third of the states, an apology is required. Some states offer a permanent absentee ballot list. Once a voter asks to be added to the list, she or he will automatically receive an absentee ballot for all future elections.

Voter Fraud

Mention those words at a Democrat Party function, and you’ll be immediately tossed! That’s like the proverbial “something ugly got slipped into the punch bowl.” That forces one to ask and try to answer this question: “Why are so many Democrats adamantly for mail-in voting while being just as adamantly against voter ID requirements? But there’s no absolute answer to that. Let’s start with words from leaders in one of those five states who conduct elections totally through the mail: Oregon.

That all sounds so simple, doesn’t it? And voting SHOULD be simple. And, as you just heard, those who so vehemently support mail-in voting, to a person, disavow any claim or claims of voter fraud. If we’ve heard once that, “there is no proof in any federal election on record of there being ‘massive’ voter fraud like Republicans and President Trump claim,” we’ve heard it a hundred times.

Notice that word “massive?” That’s the caveat that allows them to make that argument. But there is plenty of evidence of massive voter fraud. The problem is that states — not the federal government — run all elections. Normally states conduct their own elections in tandem with federal elections. And whether or not Democrats, or any other persons for that matter, want to dispute the existence of systemic voter fraud, they must live in “La-La Land.”

Tom Fitton, the President of Judicial Watch, has on behalf of his company filed numerous lawsuits against states, individuals, corporations and other municipalities for voter fraud. Sometimes the alleged voter fraud can be written-off as accidental — but not very often. Fitton in his research and subsequent lawsuits have found millions of voters and votes that were fraudulent and therefore ineligible to vote or be counted in every kind of election! Why would those on the left simply shrug those claims away and say, “Voter fraud just doesn’t happen?”

Tom Fitton and Judicial Watch have been busy finding places where voter fraud is rampant. You just heard his comments about one million bogus votes discovered in North Carolina. It’s not just in North Carolina, believe me.

Los Angeles County has started the process of removing from its registration rolls an estimated 1.5 million inactive voters who have moved, died or become ineligible to cast a ballot, an effort to comply with federal election law and a court settlement with Judicial Watch. The county, the most populous in the United States, recently mailed notices to the inactive voters in an effort to verify their residency status and whether they are still alive. It’s the first time in 20 years that Los Angeles County has cleaned its voter rolls, having previously interpreted the federal law requiring it as not mandatory.

And then there’s this: we KNOW for certain there’s voter fraud in mail-in voting. We know someone personally who did it!

In 2011, a lady decided to test the system, and so she asked for three voter registration applications from the county voter registration office in her county in Florida. She filled them out, listing three different names — two that she pulled out of her head Rebecca Bugle and Hannah Arendt — and her own name, Margaret Menge. Margaret listed her real date of birth, and made up dates of birth for the other two. On the lines where the application asked for a driver’s license number or last four of Social Security number, she wrote “none” as the instructions said to do if a person has neither of these.

A few weeks later, she got two notices back, saying applications for Rebecca Bugle and Margaret Menge could not be processed because a driver’s license number or Social Security number was not provided. But Margaret also received in her mailbox a new voter information card for Hannah Arendt. On the outside of the card, her mailman had circled the name and address and written a question mark in pencil. But he still put it in the mailbox.

A few days later, Margaret checked the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections website, and, sure enough, there was Hannah Arendt, listed as an eligible voter — a person who existed in history, the celebrated author of “Eichmann in Jerusalem” — but not a person who was in existence in 2011 in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Not long after, with an election approaching, she called the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections, said she was Hannah Arendt, and asked for an absentee ballot. The employee on the phone asked for a date of birth, and when given that information from “Hannah’s”  initial application — July 20, 1991 — she said she’d send one. The absentee ballot for Hannah Arendt appeared via mail a week or two later.

Margaret called a former Florida secretary of state in 2012 and asked him how was it possible that she was able to do this.

“Well,” he said, “the fact is that they check names of people applying to register to vote against several different databases, but they have no way to check to see whether someone exists.”

That’s just one way people can cheat with absentee ballots. There are many more.

Last year, a political operative working for North Carolina Republican congressional candidate Mark Harris was charged with fraud for directing a group of people to fill out as many as 1,000 absentee ballot requests on behalf of voters — most of whom were unaware the ballots were being requested. These people then collected the ballots and filled them out themselves. Harris defeated Democrat Dan McCready by just 905 votes and, though it was never shown that the number of tainted ballots was enough to account for Harris’s win, the election results were thrown out, and a new election was held. (Republican Dan Bishop beat McCready in a special election by 2,400 votes.)

Also in 2019, a Democratic city clerk in Southfield, Michigan, was arrested and charged with six felonies for falsifying absentee ballot records to say that 193 of the ballots in one election were missing signatures or a return date, when in fact they had both. The correct records were found in the trash can in her office.


Voting in person or mail-in ballots: both seem simple and each in certain circumstances appropriate. But the single absolute in these two voting methods is that when a person in person shows up at a voting precinct, gives their name and presents an ID to confirm they are the same person as registered in the registrar’s voters database, those running that election know a legal voter just cast a ballot.

In a similar case but one using mail-in voting, there is absolutely no way possible for anyone to guarantee the person whose name is on the ballot above their signature is the person who actually “showed up” to vote.

Mail-in voting is a really big deal right now. It’s not so much because of Coronavirus — which is the narrative Democrats are cramming down the throats of Americans. It’s looking as if our pandemic may be mostly if not totally resolved before September 1! That if it happens means the November election should proceed in normal fashion.

But there’s one big glitch in all this: the glitch’s name is “COVID-19.” “If” our pandemic has not disappeared or is not in a status in which voting in person is safe, absentee-balloting is a certainty. And NO state, with the exception of the five states who already have mail-in voting, can possibly be prepared by November. And voting ballots would necessarily need to be mailed a month before.

I just hate to think about how easy it will be for those who wish to cheat in voting find it to be really easy to do so. And, by the way, mail-in voting MUST be done for the 2020 election according to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. She stated weeks ago that any new stimulus bill that the House considers MUST contain a provision for permanent mail-in voting for every state, or she will not give American businesses or the American people one more dime.

I can’t wait for November!


Finally Some Good News

There is so much news coming from not just Washington but all around the world. And it all is applicable and important to us. Why don’t we just highlight a few of the more salient news stories that in the nonstop noise of COVID-19, we just lose track.

Don’t forget that TNN Live starts at 9:00 AM Central. The two-hour show includes live guests and your calls. We would love to have you weigh-in with your thoughts on any subject you hear on the show. But, we’d like for you to let us know all the things you’ve been doing in your off time because of Coronavirus. If you’ve been a good boy or girl, you’ve been social distancing. What have you been doing and how have you been doing it? Call in today and share it will all of us.

The toll-free number is 866-37TRUTH. That’s 866-378-7884. Of course you can watch the show by clicking on the blue link labeled “Listen Live’ just to the right above this story on the home page. Click on it a


It’s about time for some good news! The CDC announced Wednesday that using their guidance requirements some essential workers who have been exposed to COVID-19 but are not showing symptoms can head back to work!

The worker must take their temperature twice a day to make certain they have no fever. Plus, they must wear a face mask on the job and also out in public. Dr. Robert Redfield who is the CDC Director made the announcement from the White House.

The CDC guidance was an effort to “really begin to get these critical workers back into the workforce so that we won’t have worker shortage in these critical industries,” Redfied commented when he made the announcement.” Those essential jobs he referenced are first responders, healthcare workers, food supply workers and more.

Something interesting is that the CDC is “encouraging” employers to take the temperatures of their employees before they start work. Of course, any that show any symptoms are to be immediately sent home. Officials said office buildings should increase their air exchange and increase the frequency of cleaning all common areas.

The days of employees sharing smoke, coffee, and lunch all together in one big room are over for the foreseeable future, too.

No, the CDC doing this is NOT a sign that we are through with Coronavirus. Quite the opposite is true. Remember: as of Wednesday evening we still had 404,000+ cases of the virus. And those are the ones we KNOW about!

So here’s the 50 million dollar question: What does Dr. Fauci say about this? Actually, he stated that if American continue the practice of social distancing as we are now through the end of the month, it will be possible to start pulling back on some of the restrictions at that point. He put it rather succinctly when he said, “That doesn’t mean we’re going to do it right now, but it means we need to be prepared to ease into that.”


FOX News fans are familiar with Dr. Marc Siegel, a frequent contributor regarding health matters. Dr. Siegel just released news regarding his 96-year-old father who is a cardiac patient and had recently been dealing with several respiratory issues. His father was certain he was close to death.

His cardiologist prescribed Hydroxycloroquine in combination with antibiotics and the combination proved effective. Siegel said the NEXT DAY his father got up and was fine.

President Trump has been criticized by many in the media for advocating the drug which has still not been tested fully in controlled laboratory settings for use in severe Coronavirus cases. The media blame the President for “peddling false hopes.”

Even without formal testing, there are numerous cases that HAVE been proven in which the anti-Malaria drug that found the market in 1950 has worked quickly and effectively at attacking COVID-19. Worthy of note is that Dr. Anthony Fauci of the Trump White House task force is skeptical about Hydroxycloroquine until controlled lab testing is complete.


Dozens of people in South Korea who were diagnosed as recovered from the virus have tested positive again after leaving quarantine. Officials state 51 people from Dawgs and the surrounding area tested positive “a relatively short time” after they were released.

The virus was likely “re-activated” according to KCDC Director-general Jeong Eunkyeong. His opinion is that the were NOT re-infected, but that the virus may have gone dormant in their bodies and then re-activated.


What do YOU think?

Many were surprised when on Tuesday, Bernie Sanders announced the suspension of his bid for the presidency. He pretty well knew the die was cast after the last day of primaries proved that IF he had a shot at taking the nomination away from the favorite Joe Biden, it was a tiny shot.

With the COVID-19 pandemic dominating the news and every other part of American life, campaigning came to a screeching stop. That also marked the end of any real chance Bernie may have had to push through to get enough votes to unseat Joe.

Of course, Biden took something of a victory lap immediately following the Sanders statement on national television. And Biden reminded all of Bernie’s supporters that he has a place for them in his campaign. But don’t think Bernie’s done yet.

In his statement on Wednesday, he made a few things clear: he is NOT “ending” his campaign, but rather “suspending” it. What’s the difference? Sanders said he not only plans to keep the delegates through the Democrat Party convention that have committed to him, but he also said: “We want to add to them.” If he, as he says, has no path to the nomination, what’s he going to do with delegates who want him as the nominee and not Joe? Simple: Bernie, because of his socialist policies, will have some power at the Convention regarding what goes into the Democrat Party Platform this year. He certainly wants to fill it with his ideas that encompass several seriously Leftist policies: a $15 federal minimum wage, healthcare for all, some type of wealth confiscation because the wealthy in the U.S. are evil, free college, college debt forgiveness, and the rest you know.

The second reason he’s not releasing those pledged delegates is that with them, he keeps some power. Don’t forget; there are several Democrat primaries still to come. Sanders will still be on those ballots. He has the opportunity to win some, and that might give him some leverage in a Biden Administration that if he withdrew and lost those delegates he probably wouldn’t get.

Bernie Sanders is a pretty smart guy! Don’t sell him short. Remember: in now two presidential elections, Sanders has not only done a “good” job, but he’s also come close to a nominee in both. Though he certainly is much further left than is Joe Biden, Sanders has amassed an army of millennial voters who relish most if not all of his socialist ideas – especially the economic ones. To many of those voters, he’s now an icon. Whatever policies he pushes for in the Democrat Party platform creation, he’s certainly accumulated leverage to have a seat at that table.

Then there’s a Biden Vice Presidential candidate. What do you think that will look like? Conventional wisdom is that he must choose a woman – a woman of color, preferably.

The “likely” list is a short one. Sources within the Democratic Party say that Biden’s team has a list of nine potential running mates they are considering, with the two top contenders for the nod being Sens. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota and Kamala Harris. Neither has the star power that would be a likely reason for their being chosen, but both are solid Democrats who, though left of center, are certainly more in the vein of assisting Biden to procure that moderate vote.

If you remember, way back last year, Sen. Kamala Harris was our pick for the Democrats to name as their presidential candidate. Our reasoning centered around her being a woman of color, a former California Attorney General, a U.S> Senator who has made her mark before the American public in quite a few televised hearings in which she has staunchly taken on all conservative legislation ideas and has at times been brutal in hearings with pretty much any member of the Trump Administration that comes before her.

Though historically who a nominee chooses as their Vice President running mate is significant, whoever is selected by Biden is a critical choice. Biden illustrates almost daily publicly exhibits some of the “not-so-pleasant” results he has of advanced age. His doing so day after day has put the question in the minds of most Democrats, “If we elect him, can he last until 2024?”

That SHOULD be an easy answer for any presidential candidate. In Joe’s case: not so easy. And that makes his choice of running mates even MORE critical than if he was still a spry 45-year-old Spring chicken.

Could Harris do the job if called on? Could Sen. Klobuchar handle it? That’s a tough one to answer honestly. While both are incredibly experienced, neither has proven their toughness sufficient to comfort the party members that they could handle it if and when called to do just that.

As of now, “Sleepy Joe” is on his own!

Citizenship No Longer Necessary to Vote in the U.S.

Most Americans have looked-on with growing concern as states across the nation are allowing non-citizens the right to vote. There are many reasons for such concerns. Those reasons center on fears of the weaponization of the votes of illegals for partisan political gain. A political party, if able to convince illegals that party can “help” those illegals in some ways sufficient to gain their votes, can gain control   of those votes. If you’ve ever wondered why Democrats from top to bottom of their party fight closing the southern border, resist the revision of immigration laws, hate ICE and Border Patrol agents, and continuously berate those inu Congress who support legal immigration, wonder no more. For Democrats, their immigrant support is about one thing: votes.

There certainly are those in the Democrat Party who have soft hearts for real refugees who are seeking asylum from persecution in their home countries. But the majority of Dems look at each illegal immigrant that finds their way into the U.S. as a potential future vote for the Democrat Party.

Why are Democrats so set on increasing their base in this way? Why do they fight legal immigration laws currently in force while refusing to legislatively work with members of Congress to fix laws that they dislike?


The Democrat Party (and the Republican Party for that matter) conduct massive amounts of continuing research — primarily polling. This polling is to discover what voters think and try to corral as many as possible into the Democrat Party while picking off as many as possible from the Republican Party (That cuts both ways.) Voters who are NOT party-affiliated are BIG targets.

It is apparent that Democrats more than the GOP have launched significant efforts to seize political power across America. Dems are sure that with political power, they are better able to easily control the political processes — ALL of the political processes — in the United States. Dems are no longer content to go with the normal flow of election results every two years. They want permanencypermanent political power.

But here’s their problem: during the last four decades, Americans have become more involved in the political process than ever before. The information that flows from satellite communication, the internet, and the availability of 24/7 news and other information, has captured the eyes and ears of the nation. One would think that is great news for everyone, including political parties. After all, the “whole” truth beamed to Americans from multiple sources should always result in decisions that are rooted in facts. For some, though, facts are often undesirable. And sometimes, plans are implemented to change those facts or at least the perception of what “real” facts are in political matters.

Try as both parties have, in the last twenty years, the percentage of voter-split between Democrats, Republicans, and Independents has barely changed. According to Gallup, in 2005, 29% of registered voters were Republicans, 32% were Democrats, and 36% were Independents. Fast-forward to 2019; It’s 28% Republican, 28% Democrats, and 41% Independents. Considering the two-decade registered voter split, political power remains almost equally divided. Independents hold the balance for victory in every national election. (See the voter numbers in the following chart)

              Registered Voter Split for all U.S. States and the District of Columbia

Non-Citizen Voting: Illegal

Mass immigration has made a significant impact on American electoral politics. Despite the fact that it is a crime for aliens to vote in federal elections, noncitizens and illegal aliens are counted when apportioning congressional districts. This means that areas with large numbers of illegal alien residents gain additional representatives in Congress based on U.S. Census results.

In addition, there is evidence that both foreign nationals who are lawfully present in the United States and illegal aliens have voted in recent elections. Noncitizens have been discovered on voter registration rolls in both Virginia and Pennsylvania.  And the Office of the U.S. Attorney for the Western District of New York recently announced that it charged a Canadian woman with making a false claim to citizenship after she registered and voted in more than 20 elections.

Several past elections – for the presidency and other offices – have been extremely close. Accordingly, ballots cast by noncitizen voters have the potential to improperly alter the outcome of elections. Consider how close the 2000 presidential election was as was the 2016 presidential election. Could the outcomes have been affected by noncitizen voting? The answer is yes.

With the 2020 election fast approaching, the possibility exists that voting by noncitizens could significantly influence the results. Many immigrants’ rights groups contend that noncitizen voting constitutes a harmless misunderstanding of the rules and should not cause great concern. Many feel  it enables individuals whose interests may not coincide with those of the American people to exert influence on our domestic politics. Given the rate at which both the legal and illegal alien populations have grown, the United States should be concerned with ensuring that the electoral power of U.S. citizens is not undermined and with protecting the United States from foreign influence.

In March of 2019 (3/20/2019) we shared examples of verified findings that in the 2016 federal elections several million illegal votes were cast in the U.S. Yet our government refuses to diligently and aggressively prosecute illegal voters with maximum felony sentences for doing so.

Voter ID

The United States does not currently issue any general-use document intended to confirm both identity and citizenship. There have been numerous attempts made to mandate some form of acceptable legal identification for all to use to vote in a federal election. Those on the left have fought vigorously in the courts to keep such a requirement from being implemented. Though the mantra in opposition universally centers around such a requirement being unfair, unnecessary, and racist in nature, most Americans simply shake their heads in disbelief. One cannot fly on a plane, rent a car, apply for or receive federal government assistance, open bank accounts, purchase a car, marry, or enter many buildings without proof of identity. An ID is required for anyone to enter any national Democrat Party meeting or convention and even a called meeting of Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA).

The cries for identification for voters have been ratcheted up by recent actions taken on the part of several states. Knowing that state-issued drivers licenses seem to be the easiest method for personal identification, several states are now allowing licenses for illegal aliens.

Democrats in the New York Senate January 9, 2020, passed a law that would automatically register anyone as a voter when they get their driver’s license, something all illegal aliens can get since December. Senate Bill S6457B, which is in the process of being passed by the Assembly, provides that anyone who obtains a driver’s license in New York state will be registered as a voter by default unless they specifically mark a box waiving membership on the voter roll.

What is disturbing about this measure is that it would de facto grant the right to vote to hundreds of thousands of immigrants who, as of December 2019, can obtain a driver’s license in New York state thanks to a law passed in June. Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the Green Light Act last year, which allows anyone over the age of 16 to apply for a driver’s license regardless of immigration status, and will also not require a Social Security number.

The Right to Vote

Those that fight so aggressively against Voter ID claim such requirements circumvent the right to vote. What enfuriates millions of legal Americans is the Constitutional guidelines that gave Americans the right to vote and the laws that control voting eligibility are being trampled or just ignored.

“Wait a minute,” you say. “Where in the Constitution is the process of voting guaranteed to every American? That’s a good question.

You may be surprised to learn there is NO specific section of any Article or Amendment in the Constitution that grants or guarantees the right to vote to every citizen. But there are certainly mentions of the right to vote.

The phrase appears for the first time in the Fourteenth Amendment, which says that states shall lose congressional representation “when the right to vote at any election for the choice of electors for President and Vice-President of the United States, Representatives in Congress, the Executive and Judicial officers of a State, or the members of the Legislature thereof, is denied to any of the male inhabitants of such State, being twenty-one years of age, and citizens of the United States, or in any way abridged, except for participation in rebellion, or other crime.”

But whatever Section Two of the Fourteenth Amendment means, it really can’t mean that everyone must be allowed to vote. It penalizes states that withhold the ballot but does not require them to grant it. The Fifteenth Amendment, however, does speak specifically of “the right of citizens of the United States to vote.”

In this form, it will appear a total of three more times, each time now protected against abridgment, as an individual right “of citizens,” one that can be enforced by both courts and Congress. Yet courts and citizens remain oddly ambivalent about it; it is common to regard voting as a “privilege,” an incident of citizenship granted to some but not all. The “privilege” over the years has been made dependent on literacy, or long residency in a community, or ability to prove identity, or lack of a criminal past. None of these conditions would be allowed to restrict free speech, or freedom from “unreasonable” searches, or the right to counsel, even though each of those rights is mentioned once in the Constitution. The right to vote of citizens of the United States remains a kind of stepchild in the family of American rights, perhaps because it is not listed in the Bill of Rights.

In the Fifteenth Amendment, the right to vote is not to be “denied or abridged on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.” Note the second verb. Many things might “abridge” a right without “denying” it altogether. Whatever the status of the right as a right, it is apparently strictly protected from any kind of limit — any kind of limit, that is, based on “race, color, or previous condition of servitude.” The target is clear — racial restrictions on voting, or restrictions of the voting rights of former slaves. It is common to describe the amendment as aimed solely at racial restrictions on the right to vote.

Voter ID

This process is claimed by strict Constitutionalists to be one of preserving the privilege of voting by preventing anyone who is not a citizen from voting. As mentioned above, it is a federal crime to vote illegally in an election for federal officials. States that have passed strict voter ID laws find themselves in federal court defending against suits based on discrimination charges alleging that such laws actually “abridge” the right to vote based on race. Somehow their conclusion is that minority people under such a requirement it is discrimination. Why? Because, they say, minorities do not have the same capabilities to register to vote as do white Americans: obtaining drivers licenses, state issued ID cards, passports, etc.

Though those claims are really vapid, liberal courts around the nation in multiple such cases agree with those making these claims. I find it humorous to watch interviews with dozens and dozens of African Americans in multiple cities both large and small that state the racism in this matter is from those who say minorities do not have the capabilities in large to obtain ID’s. 

One 55-year-old African American woman  who lives in New York expressed it best: “It is insulting for anyone to think blacks don’t have ID’s.” She continued, “Think about it: we can’t fly on a plane, apply for social security benefits, Medicaid, federal assistance, buy cigarettes or beer, drive a car, and even go our children’s school without proof of identification.” She concluded with this: “I don’t know a single African American adult that does NOT have a photo ID.”


What should be the ONLY factor that weighs on the minds of any Americans about being able to vote or not is the “LEGALITY” of someone to vote. What IS included in the Constitution is the Rule of Law. In our Constitution, in Congress, and in State House across the country, bills are passed, agreed to as required and signed into law by Presidents and governors. Each of these is part of the process of governing legally — or adherence to the Rule of Law.

To that end, here’s what EVERY American should demand: the enforcement of every passed law in the United States…period. Certainly, everyone has a right to object to any law. But no one has the right to break any law.

There’s a process in the U.S. regarding federal laws, in states regarding state laws, and locally regarding local laws to amend laws, change laws, or doing away altogether with laws the populace desires. That’s part of the Rule of Law. And anyone who breaks any of those laws does so illegally and, by definition, is guilty of breaking the law.

When did it become OK for anyone — anyone at all — to arbitrarily break laws or simply ignore them? Doing so is NOT OK.

And if Democrats choose to fight to allow illegals who enter the country by breaking laws, or to encourage any to vote illegally, they should be held accountable.

One final note: it is the height of anti-Americanism to vote illegally and/or to encourage others to vote illegally. And it’s stupidity for any American to facilitate such actions.

The Media Trump “Bombshell”

“The Walls are closing in,” “We’re at a tipping point,” and “It’s the beginning of the end!” These are the incessant cries from the Leftist Mainstream media in America. And these are not new warnings or new allegations. These began even before the day of President Trump’s inauguration.

So what is this all about? Corruption in the Media.

In our series entitled “Corruption U.S. Government Style,” we promised to give you six certain pieces of proof of existing corruption in the U.S. government. We gave you five, but told you we would give you the sixth “in a few days.” We did tell you the sixth would come from the formerly “unofficial” branch of the government that has been made official by the Democrat Party: the Mainstream Media. One might argue regarding the term “official.” I would agree there has been no formal appointment by the DNC of their media sycophants as part of their party, let alone, no Congressional appointment for them. But what cannot be disputed is the daily precise coordination between Democrats and the Media in messaging. It seems that every network and newspaper that are known for being “Anti-Trump” carry and broadcast the same canned headlines and stories as each other during the same Newsday. It is so common it would be disingenuous for anyone to argue that coordination does not happen. If you are one of those Americans who live in a world void of television news, or if you are one who believes the claims of independence in news and truthfulness of those who present it to us, let’s try to bring you back to Planet Earth!

TruthNewsNetwork could spend hours of your day showing and playing for you actual date and time-stamped examples of these same things happening not just during the Impeachment Inquiry, but since the 2016 election campaign. There exists volumes of examples that confirm what many formerly claimed was nothing more than a conspiracy. It’s real and…

American Mainstream News IS coordinated!

Who’s In Charge?

Naming a person, a group, or an organization as the “Boss” of these coordinated attacks on President Trump would be speculative. I’m reasonably confident I know where it originates, but I refuse to speculate. On this subject, I’ll be just like Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) regarding the whistleblower’s identity: “We must protect the guilty so lies can sacrifice the innocent!” (Of course my speculation there was not real and was emotional: please forgive me.)

It is much easier to determine who is NOT in charge. All of these Trump allegations target a sitting president that was elected by 63 million Americans. That process was conducted legally, fairly, and its results are indisputable. Those results were based not on emotion or opinion, but on the elements of presidential choice alone: an election. That process was implemented by a group of intelligent people who set out to do so with one objective in mind: to craft a government structured entirely to operate at the behest of Americans — ALL Americans. No American has ever been more important than their neighbors or other family members. And any variations of that one fundamental are attacks against the foundation blocks that constitute the United States of America. Those variations are nothing more than the opinions of people who are driven by “self-agendas.” And “Self-agendas” are NOT Constitutionally protected.

It doesn’t matter who is in charge and who — if anyone — is organizing a “messaging process, what matters is that the Media have let Americans down.


In third-world and totalitarian countries, news organizations controlled by the State have had their news justifiably labeled as “Propaganda.” Propaganda is the State’s version of the truth. But it certainly is not. In each such situation, the Media has become a combined messaging entity controlled by the latest messaging entity in each country. And, sadly, it’s true in the U.S. today just like in those third-world countries we referenced.

The Media have:

  • become a propaganda machine for the Left;
  • become a clear and ever-present bias purveyors against all things conservative;
  • A source that is pushing narratives that are ripping this country apart;
  • A reference to promote racism and bigotry where there is NO evidence of such behavior;
  • A source of misinformation and outright LIES without vetting sources or fact-checking stories.

In essence, they’ve stopped telling Americans the truth.

The Media Is Failing At Its Job

They’re supposed to be the 4th Estate, the “checks and balance” for the American people to war against the government growing too comfortable in their inevitable shift towards tyranny. It’s the media’s job to STOP that shift—or at least slow it down—and they’re not doing that.

Trump has called them the “enemy of the people,” and the fact that they’ve chosen sides and refused to do their actual job goes a long way in proving him to be 100% correct. And, unfortunately for them, Americans are FINALLY starting to notice.


  • A recent Rasmussen poll indicates that the vast majority of American voters (including 69% of independents) are angrier at the media than they are at either President Donald Trump or his political opponents.
  • 61% of Americans expressed anger at the media (up from 53% last year) while voters’ anger at the press is also higher than their anger at either President Donald Trump (53%) or his political opponents (49%) and far more Republicans (83%) than Democrats (33%) say they’re angry at the media.
  • More than two-thirds (69%) of unaffiliated voters say they’re angry at the media.

Republicans being angry at the disproportionate bias makes sense. The treatment of the president and all things from the Right is horrendous. The most prominent news outlets in the country all lean to the Left. And the one company that is supposedly in Trump’s corner – Fox News – is only 47% favorable towards the President, while 53% of its reports are negative. So, if anything, Fox News is CLOSER to being fair and balanced towards the president.

It is fair to note that although FOX News is not harmful in their overall reporting of the President, that is NOT Pro-Trump.

So what is news supposed to read like, look like, and sound like?

Real News Defined

“News is information about current events. This may be provided through many different media: word of mouth, printing, postal systems, broadcasting, electronic communication, or through the testimony of observers and witnesses to events. Common topics for news reports include war, government, politics, education, health, the environment, economy, business, fashion, and entertainment, as well as athletic events, quirky, or unusual events. Government proclamations concerning royal ceremonies, laws, taxes, public health, and criminals have been dubbed news since ancient times. Humans exhibit a nearly universal desire to learn and share news, which they satisfy by talking to each other and sharing information. Technological and social developments, often driven by government communication and espionage networks, have increased the speed with which news can spread, as well as influenced its content.”

This definition originates from that bastion of news independence, journalistic integrity, truth, and honesty: Wikipedia. If one performs an internet search to find actual descriptions of News, its purposes, and its abuses, you’ll find that news has never been without bias and personal opinion.If anyone says to youthat “their” news IS 100% truthful, without prejudice, and without political or personal perspective, run away as fast as you can! Why is that? Because we are all people, all human, and all embodied with a brain with which to observe, consume, process and spew to others the consensus of what our minds have prepared from all those elements we have absorbed from outside sources woven into our minds.

We in no way are trying to excuse and or all those in the news media who practice untruthful production and dissemination of news regularly. Most of those abandoned the fundamentals of real journalism long ago. Journalism 101 teaches that regarding news, reporting should contain these elements: “Who,What, When, Where.” Stories passed along to news audiences are to include those elements and nothing more. But there is a problem with doing just that.

Humans investigate, compile evidence with which stories that chronicle those investigation findings are written, someone else may give those stories in a newspaper, television news report, radio news broadcast, or even from a stage. And in each such case, seldom if ever are those details given in a manner held to that “Who, What, When, and Where” template. Personal opinion and personal or business agendas most often color the “news” that is transmitted.

It’s that personal opinion that has become both the opiate and the thunderbolt for those who receive news. News organizations know that and have created an environment in which they can feed the hunger — a specific drug a consumer looks for — to anyone and everyone to keep them committed to that news source for that type of news about that type of subject.

Alas, Truth of stories given to the public is no longer mandatory. What IS compulsory is the inclusion of the personal opinion of the one reporting to not indoctrinate the viewer or listener, but to “persuade” that person toward a particular conclusion that is seldom based on fact.

We’ll close today’s story with a Summary note from actor Denzel Washington. He explains succinctly what has been and is still happening in the news industry. Without saying it, Denzel is portraying the evil of today‘s Mainstream Media and the horrors it is spewing on us all.

We’ve said this many times before but it bears repeating: if we choose to NOT awaken to the plethora of untruthful information flooding our lives and the lives of those around us, we deserve the results we receive from the absorption of it all. What are those results?

We form opinions based on information we digest no matter if true or not. We share those with others who then create their own ideas to share with others. To be  blunt: the Media are being allowed by Americans to paint a new picture of our World each day that has had the truth excised before its dissemination, replaced with opinion and specific narratives the reporting entity or individuals want us to consider as Truth.

Denzel expressed it best:

The Racsim of Sudafed

Do you believe there is voter fraud in federal elections? Have you heard numerous politicians rail against claims by some that there is rampant voter fraud? So which is it: are those who would stake their careers on the fact there is no voter fraud deluded or are those who swear it not only is rampant but that many politicians know it exists and by denying it promote it? Before we finish today, you’ll have your answer.

There you have it: I guess we have our answer. According to President Obama, in his very last press conference as President put the claims of voter fraud to rest. Any news of voter fraud in his words is “fake news.”

  • According to a Pew Charitable Trust report from February 2012, one in eight voter registrations in the U.S. are “significantly inaccurate or no longer valid.” Since there are 146 million Americans registered to vote, this translates to a stunning 18 million invalid voter registrations on the books. Further, “More than 1.8 million deceased individuals are listed as voters, and approximately 2.75 million people have registrations in more than one state.” Numbers of this scale provide ripe opportunities for fraud.
  • In a recent poll of illegal aliens, 13% stated they had previously voted in federal elections.
  • In May 2016, CBS2 Los Angeles identified 265 dead voters in southern California. Many cast ballots “year after year.”
  • North Carolina announced in April 2014 that 13,416 dead voters were registered, and 81 of them recently had voted. Among 35,750 North Carolinians also registered in other states, 765 voted in November 2012, both inside and outside the Tarheel State.
  • South Carolina’s attorney general concluded in January 2012 that 953 people “were deceased at the time of their participation in recent elections.”
  • The Public Interest Legal Foundation recently discovered that Virginia removed 5,556 non-citizens from its voter rolls between 2011 and last May. Among these non-Americans, 1,852 had cast a total of 7,474 illegal ballots across multiple elections.
  • Philadelphia tagged 50,000 voters who had duplicate voter registrations.
  • Texas Secretary of State David Whitley announced his office had identified 95,000 non-citizens who are currently registered to vote in Texas — 58,000 of whom have voted in one or more elections.
  • Political scientist Jesse Richman of Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, has worked with colleagues to produce groundbreaking research on noncitizen voting. Based on national polling by a group of universities, a report by Mr. Richman said 6.4 percent of the estimated 20 million adult noncitizens in the U.S. voted in that 2016 presidential election. He extrapolated that that percentage would have added 834,381 net votes for Mrs. Clinton, who received about 2.8 million more votes than Mr. Trump.

We could go on and on giving you example after example, statistic after statistic, story after story illustrating voter fraud in America. Examples like a rental car found the day after Florida elections at the Tampa airport with boxes of completed ballots that were forgotten by the renter. Conventional wisdom is that those were to be used to help pick winners.

But even in the face of all these facts, even in the front of all the cases in which actual criminal litigation takes place, and people actually go to jail, the U.S. Department of Justice does nothing to implement a process or several processes to assure Americans that every American of legal age who registers and votes can be confident their vote really does count and that no one is able to cheat by rigging the voting system against them and all other legal voters.

Why does the DOJ sit on its heels about this? We know they’re swamped, finding crimes committed in many other areas that impact Americans and even our government. But in the wake of learning foreign governments are working diligently to influence our elections and these examples of voter fraud given above, yes, the Justice Department realizes the most important and precious thing in our nation that differentiates us from most other countries is our election system. And Americans want it protected.

But do our politicians?

Politically Speaking

The easiest way for politicians today to influence the tide of American opinion is blanket allegations of racism. We see it happen all the time. We will not get into a discussion today on what is and what is not racism. We all know that it’s real and that it is a horrible stain on the historical fiber of our nation. But let’s be clear on this one thing: with all of the allegations by politicians of systemic racism in our elections they allege is to disenfranchise minority voters, where are specific examples they give to Americans that justify those claims? We don’t see or hear of them! Why is that? Because they’re not happening.

Indeed, there are isolated examples of people attempting to impact elections for one reason or another. And when those appear, Americans certainly expect law enforcement to take care of those holding any offenders accountable for their wrongdoing. That said, Americans are tiring of every time someone of another political party wins elections those in the other party start screaming about vote tampering and voter fraud. The simple fix is for local, state, and federal officials to all get on the same page, identify the already identified election fraud and deal with those, but put in place a process to make sure that none happens moving forward. There is no better defense against allegations of voter fraud than “that did not happen because it cannot happen in the American voting system. Our government has instituted a failsafe process to make certain no election tampering can change any votes.”

What’s the holdup for such a system? Unfortunately — in this case, at least, there are not sufficient in number enough Congressional members who are willing to take definitive action to stop voter fraud. I know: it’s hard to fathom that such exists. But it does. Who is it?

Why do you think Democrats have so viciously attacked President Trump and other Republicans for trying to close our southern border? Think about how ridiculous and dangerous their obstinance in implementing closed borders has been. The answer is simple: they want the border to remain porous and actually would prefer if we’d do away with the southern border completely.

Their Reasoning

Democrats have for at least 60 years appealed to minorities — especially the African American community. Democrat leadership has convinced a vast majority of that group that their party is the party that cares for minorities and that Republicans are evil.

In doing so, they paint a version of history that is the opposite of the truth regarding the political support for minority rights in America. In doing so, the Democrat Party has created a narrative that tells black Americans that they owe their votes to Democrats because of Democrat Party policies that those black Americans should know help blacks and other minorities.

None of this is true.

First, Democrats brought slavery to America, built it into a monster enterprise, and did not want it to stop. “That’s not what was taught in history class,” you might say. “We were taught southerners — primarily wealthy Republican plantation owners — fought to keep slavery. It took Democrats from the North to free the slaves in the Civil War against those southern slave owners.”

Yes, southern plantation owners were indeed among many who wanted slavery to remain. But those plantations owners were almost all white Democrats. Just remember this: 300,000 white Americans lost their lives in the Civil War fighting to give slaves their freedom.

But even as the Democrat cries of racism against Republicans through decades, facts prove otherwise:

  • A Republican president led the nation to abolish slavery and not a Democrat Party president. Abe Lincoln made it happen:
  • The Republican Party passed legislation to free slaves against stiff resistance from Democrats.
  • The Republican Party passed legislation that gave blacks the right to vote over intense Democrat angst.
  • A Republican President — Dwight Eisenhower — gave African Americans the right to serve in the American military.
  • A Democrat President, Lyndon Johnson, tried to pass the Civil Rights Act but could not get it done. He had hardly any support from Congressional Democrats. It took a large contingent of Republicans to join Johnson to pass it.

There are many members of a minority that have heard these lies so many times they feel they have but one choice: to accept them as fact. I listened to this first when I was a kid, “Tell a boy he can jump over a barn over and over again until he actually will believe he can jump over a barn.” The same holds true here. But there must be some way we can find a consensus regarding two things: there is systemic voter fraud in almost every federal election, and we must find a way or several ways to build a system to prevent voter fraud.


Let’s get right to it. Please note: this should apply for every voting precinct in the U.S. for every federal election. Because currently national elections are overseen and operated by local and state voting authorities, it will require a federal-state partnership with the two entities working together. Probably, states would piggyback on this federal process to assure their elections are tamper-free. We will NOT discuss logistics or operational details here. These would necessarily be worked out by state and federal authorities. In our opinions, here is what to be failsafe this process must contain:

  • IT security products at both federal and state levels that prevent outside electronic intervention and surveillance;
  • a state central IT clearinghouse that can both view actual elections as they occur and can tally voting results for every federal election in almost real-time;
  • real-time communication from these state election offices with a national clearinghouse run by the U.S. Department of Justice;
  • the ability to police each voting precinct as voting occurs to spot any who attempt on-sight voter tampering;
  • probably the most critical part of such a system is a backup paper ballot system to use if/when any electronic voting system has fatal errors or if surveillance shows voter tampering.

But the most important piece of this process is to protect the entire system in the easiest fashion — the one that Democrat politicians have fought for years: Mandatory voter ID verification for each voter for each time they vote. Seeing or hearing this will make Democrats go crazy! Why? It foils the numerous opportunities to cheat in elections!

Factually it has been proven that millions of voter registrations are incorrect, those registered are deceased, or voters no longer live within the precinct of registration. Using voter ID would end these from impacting votes. But Democrat politicians scream at possible legislation for Voter ID as being “Racist!” That’s their fallback every time. When asked how it is racist, here are the most common reply:

It is unreasonable to expect an African American, only by the color of his or her skin, to be able to procure, hold, and present a photo ID. Primarily, according to the Left, from the Democrats to their allies in the media, Black people, as opposed to Asian Americans and Whites, lack the mental capacity to take a valid photo ID to the polls.

Yes, that is laughable.

I recently watched a news special in which a reporter walked through downtown Philadelphia — a predominantly Democrat stronghold — and randomly stopped black people to ask about this common excuse for Voter ID. To a person, those questioned thought this was incredibly biased and untrue. One young college student put it this way: “I must have an ID for everything — driver’s license, to cash a check, open a bank account, rent a car, board a plane, go to a doctor, or to even go to a Congressional campaign rally! It’s an insult to every black person I know to say it’s too hard for us to get a government ID,” the college student stated.

Further, no person can receive Welfare benefits, Medicaid benefits, unemployment insurance, or even a job application without an ID. There are very few important things we all must do that do NOT require identification — identification that almost all have already.

But the most outrageous requirement for an ID is this: even though Democrats are the ones who trumpet this travesty and have whipped their followers into a frenzy about it for years, one cannot enter the Democrat Party Convention in 2020 without a picture ID!


It’s time for Democrats to stop playing the race card — period — and especially about Voter ID. Voting as someone else in federal elections is a federal crime punishable by fine and imprisonment. Americans can get official ID’s — especially voter ID’s — at no cost from local voting registrar offices universally. And if transportation is a problem, they will arrange to make that happen. There is no justifiable reason for any eligible voter to be unable to obtain an official ID sufficient to vote. And those who say otherwise are lying. Americans need to make ourselves heard to our elected representatives. Congress must pass comprehensive Voter Fraud legislation that begins with Voter ID.

Oh, and that title above regarding racism of Sudafed? No matter your age or color, when one goes to a pharmacy to get the common cold and flu medicine Sudafed, he or she must present an ID. Sudafed is one of the main ingredients used by those who make homemade meth.

But how is that racist? That’s simple: most meth-heads are Southerners — white Southerners. And making those Southerners provide an ID to purchase Sudafed is Racist — because almost all of them are white!


It’s Good for the Goose but NOT for the Gander

Have you wondered what is the purpose of these “impeachment inquiry” hearings not being made live and publicly televised? Remember, the first such hearing WAS televised live with the testimony of Acting Head of the DNI Joseph McGuire. That hearing was a devastating blow to House Democrats led by Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA). Those Dems have been like rabid dogs chasing an elusive and sly old fox, yelping all the time what they commit they will do when they finally run down that fox. But the fox continues to elude those dogs. And the dogs hide their embarrassment for being humiliated again and again. But the fox had done nothing against those dogs anyway.

Democrats have just one opportunity regarding Trump’s impeachment in these hearings. And that is to cherry-pick snippets of witness testimony that when put in Democrat context are purported to be an “Ah-Ha!” soundbite that implicates President Trump in some way. Rep. Schiff has no problem hiding from Americans any of the considerable witness testimony, which they determine is troubling for the Democrat rhetoric which has only one objective: “Impeach 45!”

Why else would Schiff not allow Committee Republicans to have equal time in questioning witnesses, call their own witnesses, cross-examine witnesses, nor allow President Trump’s attorney to participate in these hearings? In any reputable such hearing in U.S. history regarding presidential impeachment, all of the above were considered to be essential for fairness and were allowed by the majority for the House minority members at each impeachment process.

Schiff’s departure from House precedent in former impeachment proceedings has received much criticism from Republicans and many from outside of Washington. Let’s be honest: this is a case in which a duly elected president is being attacked in what is just a faux impeachment inquiry by a political party void of policies to appeal to American voters sufficient to elect their candidate. To make that case, Democrats must hide multiple facts and testimony given by hearing witnesses. There is NO historical precedent for what is playing out each day in Washington.

But let’s pause for a moment and walk across the aisle: to Republicans. It’s common knowledge that the Democrat-led House of Representatives has suspended consideration of any real bit of business to take care of their only legislative desire — impeachment. But what about the Senate? Republicans control the Senate. Why isn’t Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) as chair of one of the most powerful Senate committees having his committee hearing testimony of Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Samantha Powers, Susan Rice, James Clapper, John Brennan, even Hillary Clinton and dozens of other Democrats who have each been implicated for felonious wrongdoing during the Obama Administration? It is factual that James Comey lied to Congress on numerous occasions under oath.  Millions of Americans have examined the limited information allowed in the public domain and have reasonably determined there is plenty of factual tidbits there to justify the investigations of all the smoking guns of insurrection being used now and previously to thwart this presidency?

One explanation for Graham’s reluctance is that Senator Graham does not want to embarrass his close friend, the late Senator and former presidential candidate, John McCain. There are many who “know” that McCain actually put the infamous Steele Dossier in the hands of federal authorities. You certainly know that dossier was the piece of “evidence” that instigated the Russian collusion witch-hunt. John Brennan allegedly personally brought that comic book to McCain. That’s the only reason I can fathom for Graham’s inaction other than his possible inclusion in the “never Trump” crowd. I don’t think he’s there. I PRAY he’s not there. That group membership is pretty high in number already.

There are stark differences between the methodology used by Republicans in hearings and that of Democrats. Democrats cringe from the light of transparency they promote as being their # 1 objective. Republicans, unless conducting a hearing with a fully classified status regarding hearing content, always open the hearings to Democrats, the Press, and even to all Americans via television. Why would Democrats in any circumstances not do the same? There should be no demand by Republicans or any Americans necessary to chide Dems into doing so. Transparency in government should be of the utmost importance to them. Why not? There’s something to hide. Try as I might, I can only surmise what their justification could be. I’m certain their reasons (not necessarily justification) are to hide the parts of witness testimony they refuse to allow all of us to see and hear.

Rep. Schiff has earned the reputation of being if not THE most corrupt member of Congress in American history, at least in the top five. Yet he wears that badge of dishonor with pride. He’s never seen a television camera from which he runs, a network microphone to which he will not run, and a lie he may “want” to be justified by some leftist reason that he would not tell. Everything he says and does revolve around his and the Democrat Party’s political desires and necessities to achieve those. Simply stated, “Donald Trump stands in the way of both of those.”

King George III

Do you know who he was? He was the ruthless king of Britain who governed when the weighty decision was made by early American settlers to leave for the New World. What kinds of things did King George III do that were so egregious that hundreds and eventually thousands of former Britts would leave their homeland to immigrate to America?

George III was an elitist, a pure bureaucrat, and a spendthrift. George III taxed colonists without letting them have a representative in Parliament, he created the Quartering Act which stated that British troops would be sent to ‘protect” colonists [From nothing in particular] and that if a troop came to a colonists door then the residents would have to take care of that troop or troops. He also created the stamp act which taxed colonists for every piece of paper they used. The famous “Boston Tea Party” was a revolt by American settlers for the regressive and abusive taxes by George III on tea. Rather than pay taxes, settlers dumped huge amounts of tea in Boston Harbor.

George III refused to allow the freedom of religion. He demanded every Britt be a member of his church. That alone instigated the emigration of thousands of Britts to America to pursue their own religion or the right to choose not to be part of any religion at all.

He demanded that laws for the New World were to be made by Britan’s Parliament. American settlers refused to accept British government rule. Hatred for the tyranny they experienced regarding lawmaking figured dramatically into the decision to fight the Revolutionary War.

George III had dismal human rights violations. He and others in his government did not recognize those in low economic classes in Britain or in America. They refused to give those equal rights with other Britts and many America settlers. And those in America grew to hate the inflexible and most demanding monarch of that century anywhere in Europe.

Donald Trump

I laugh at the depictions by many of Donald Trump as an “Authoritarian,” a “Dictator,” or a “Despot.” He could not be further from the mindset and position which these names denote.

One of the chief reasons for the angst held by Democrats and their press minions is that Trump is too loyal to everyday Americans, their needs and their desires for the government. In fact, no previous American President during the past century has been more committed to working-class middle Americans than has Donald Trump. His commitment is not one of only talking points and lip service. He has issued numerous executive orders to roll-back untenable regulations that crippled corporations so that former U.S. companies that left under the Obama presidency have returned to the U.S., many of which have located in the Midwest — “Middle Class America.” He’s fought for wage increases that are dramatic and verified for the Middle Class. Middle-Class tax relief is dramatic despite what the Mainstream Media report. Economic and job numbers bear-out the truth that under Mr. Trump, the Middle Class in the U.S. are significantly better of financially as direct results of massive job creation and subsequent employment, historic unemployment lows in every segment of the economy and for every economic class of Americans — especially that of African-Americans.

“Authoritarian” government is that which is dominated by “A” person who demands and takes control of all or most of that nation’s operations in every sector. Mr. Trump even while campaigning for the White House made clear his feelings for average Americans. Each of his policies, his executive orders, and job programs have been and are targeted as “what’s best for the American Middle Class.” By any measure, the Middle Class in the U.S. is growing in number as never before, wages are making dramatic improvements when compared to those numbers under Clinton, Bush 43, and Obama, and labor participation is at an all-time high. Americans are working and making good money for the first time in at least a decade.

Who’s In Control?

Regardless of what Democrats scream through their Media minions, Donald Trump is NOT in control of government, has never CLAIMED to be in control, and has always in each piece of proposed legislation during his administration fought for policies, bills, and even laws specifically targeted to help the poorest of Americans and the Middle Class. Leftist pundits continue to scream that wage increases are insignificant and have not made differences for the Middle Class. Those pundits are apparently without reasoning, listening, and/or understanding. Statistics confirm the highest increases in American Middle-Class families’ wages in twenty years if not longer. Those pundits don’t tell us about that. They don’t tell us about any of the myriads of other great things accomplished for the Middle Class under Mr. Trump.


Democrats have always, do now, and probably will continue to put Americans in economic and social buckets which those same Democrats feel authorized to do. Those buckets are NOT the same buckets for everyone. Working Class and Middle-Class buckets hold far more Americans than does the one for America’s wealthy. But that makes no difference to Dems.

Picture a couple of geese swimming in your pond: a male and a female. (They’re called “a goose and a gander” — gander being the male). Besides the obvious — male geese are considerably larger than females — there are noteworthy differences in behavior. The breeding behaviors of geese provide an interesting contrast. Geese are perennially monogamous, meaning that one male and one female form a lifelong pair bond. Like ducks, paired male geese protect their mates from harassment by intruders, but their larger size allows ganders to defend against not only other males but also many predators.

American politics can often be viewed the same way we consider male and female geese. Let’s for the sake of this conversation only consider ganders all as Democrats and geese as Republicans. The ganders are territorial and protective. They need to always be in charge. The geese, on the other hand, are content just doing what they do best and do not worry or fret about other ganders or other geese. Ganders seem insecure. Geese are drastically different from ganders.

Today’s Dems are larger, much louder, territorial and confrontational. One can visualize a male goose (or gander) thrashing about in the water to “strut his stuff” in front of other ganders and even geese to make an impression and also to intimidate. Meanwhile, the geese are quiet, busy with their babies, and are content to simply just get along with all who are in their lives. That picture reminds me of Republicans. While I am a confrontational person who finds it unbearable to allow a Leftist to strut around making allegations and statements as factual without confrontation, I more often than not just shut my mouth and let them do their thing. That doesn’t mean I’m fearful or afraid of confrontation at all. It means that I pick my battles and measure all opponents. Most Republicans operate that way. And Democrats cannot or do not wish to understand.

Maybe it would be better for the geese to act more like ganders. I’m fairly certain President Trump would often like that from Senate Leader Mitch McConnell. But at the end of the day, a goose whether male or female is going to act like a goose or a gander, whichever they are. And not everything is good for both all the time. Sometimes something is “Good for the goose but not for the Gander.” And Ganders cannot and will not always be right and will not always be in charge. The same holds true for the Geese.

I wish today the Ganders — Democrats — instead of hating Geese and all they stand for — the Republicans — would find a way to accept the differences for the common good of the family. But so far it seems that’s not in the Gander Instruction Manual. With that thought in mind consider this: Ganders are big and tough. But Geese control the most important things in that family just like at my house…and your house….and every other American house!


Liberalism vs. Populism

What’s the difference? As we ramp up for the 2020 election, Americans need to know the difference between the two. Why? Because in every 2020 election involving U.S. Senators, House Representatives, and the Presidency, Americans’ choice will be to elect either a Liberal or a Populist. Let’s look at the differences.


Defined by Webster, Populism is “A political philosophy supporting the rights and power of the people in their struggle against the privileged elite.”

That definition pretty much tells the whole story. Before 2016, most often U.S. presidential candidates came from either the Democrat Party or the Republican Party. The Democrat Party for two hundred years espoused policies that were somewhat skewed toward the empowerment of the government regarding political operations which directly impacted the lives of Americans. The Republican Party policies leaned toward giving more power regarding political matters to the People.


Defined by Webster, Liberalism is ”a political orientation that favors social progress by reform and by changing laws rather than by revolution.”

It’s interesting to Google the word “Liberalism” and read the differences in definitions. Liberalism is sometimes described as being a “bottom-up” political process in which the people control their government; of being a political process that promotes individualism with a limited government that encourages citizens to reject an oppressive government. In practice in today’s United States, the exact opposite is true of how liberals view government who, feel anything but that.

Democrats have not accepted that Americans understand what liberalism is. And Americans reject it for the most part. Democrats because of their being “outed” for their socialist-leaning liberal concepts and that Americans are onto that philosophy have stopped calling themselves “liberals” and their political ideology that of  “Liberalism.” Dems adopted the terms “Progressives” and “Progressivism” instead. It’s just the “same song — second verse.” The two are one and the same.

Living the Change

Democrat leadership thought their moniker change would be lost on most Americans. That could not be less true. Americans for decades have looked at Democrats as the party of big government, socialist policies, for less citizen-control of politics in Washington with more dependency on D.C. by Americans with less reliance on state and local governments. In other words, “We know what’s best for you. Just keep electing us and we’ll keep doing for you what we KNOW you need.”

The reality of who the Democrat Party and Progressives are is in our faces every day. And Americans started during the Bush 43 first term paying close attention to government matters and which party (or “parties”) had taken over political processes, and which were and are stealing as much power from the people as they can without the people even understanding what was happening.

The “Trump Factor”

Enter Donald J.Trump. Mr. Trump is two things if there are only two things with which he can be labeled: Conservative and Populist. It has been saddening to watch American voters listen as Elites in politics have labeled Mr. Trump again and again with titles that are demeaning and play into the narrative they have created to describe their political philosophy.  To Democrats, President Trump is a despot, a dictator, a demagogue, an authoritarian and a fascist who is not “of” the people, but says without true meaning what he thinks U.S. citizens want to hear. The Leftists think their philosophy is the only one that is realistic and attractive for the U.S. They now fight to no longer be called Liberals. They want to be considered Progressives. Progressivism is nothing like their political structure. Progressive means moving forward with ideas that are positive and encouraging to individuals and groups. Progressivism as Democrats are using it today is actually RE-gressive. They espouse more control by government, less individualism among the populace, and much larger government with a top-down operating political structure.

It’s humorous to know that in numerous foreign countries, Mr. Trump’s populist ideas have been adopted by many who are already serving in government and others who are candidates running for office. It’s unbelievable that some of those candidates are even calling themselves “Trump Populists” as they campaign while comparing their policies which are similar if not identical to those of Trump.

We need to consider the real differences between today’s Democrat Party (Liberals or Progressives) and today’s Donald Trump G.O.P. (Populism and Populist). What better way than to have a well-known, self-proclaimed liberal and longtime member of the U.K. media to make the comparison between Populism and Liberalism, Piers Morgan?:

The “Difference”

Here’s the reality of the struggle by Liberals to reconcile political life in America with Donald Trump right in the middle of it: he’s an enigma! They have never seen an American politician that has accomplished so quickly as Donald Trump. What are those accomplishments?

  • He promised to lower taxes — he lowered taxes;
  • He promised to rebuild our military — he has rebuilt our military;
  • He promised to get NATO members to pay their fair shares of NATO defense — they have begun to pay their fair shares;
  • He promised to reduce crippling regulations put on businesses during the Obama Administration — he’s done so which has envigorated corporate growth and expansion;
  • He promised to push GDP to 3-4 % — He has GDP between 3-4%;
  • He promised to decrease unemployment by creating thousands of new jobs — U.S. unemployment is at all time lows in every employment segment;
  • He promised to get corporations and companies to increase wages — companies and corporations have raised employee raises far above any in the Bush 43 or Obama;
  • He promised to get corporations keeping billions of dollars of profits offshore to bring that capital back to the U.S. — multiple corporations have done just than creating tens of billions in new operating capital for corporate growth, payroll increases, and expansions.

To sum it up: Donald Trump has done what he promised he would do if Americans elected him as the 45th President. The Left still refuses to accept that.


In a world in which labels are arbitrarily created and passed around by members of the American political class ad nauseum, Donald Trump has those elitists stymied. They have tried all the labels with which they can demean him. None stick. And that drives them nuts.

Trump’s public success is an enigma. In modern history, there is no reference to which any political historian can point and say “Here’s what and who Donald Trump is duplicating with the way he governs.”

Control is the elitists’ political weapon of choice. We’ve seen them utilize that tool of dominance both when in control of both houses of Congress and even when the G.O.P. is in the drivers’ seat. They have an uncanny sense of how to manipulate circumstances to fit perfectly within their talking points and their agenda. And many current Trump supporters are aghast when seeing Republican leadership allow this to happen.

A Conservative rebellion began in the U.S. Middle American voters that started the tide of “Trump Populism” in 2016. That message spread from coast to coast during the first three years of the Trump presidency. It is fueled by the positive results of Trump’s policies. Further pushing the cause is that President Trump is the first president in these Americans’ lives who has stood in the face of political assault, one after another, never wavering, never giving in, and never compromising.

We’ll leave today’s story with the words you just saw and heard from one of the U.K.’s foremost objective yet liberal voice in politics — Piers Morgan. Morgan correctly revealed and demonstrated the current wave of Populism ushered in by Mr. Trump. And every day it looks more and more likely that America’s first 21st century Populist President will get a few more years to implement his campaign promises that Congress refused to implement legislatively plus many more.

Stay tuned. We’ll keep track of his progress in doing so at TruthNewsNetwork.