Impeachment “Schiff-Shizzle”

I receive multiple phone calls each day (and love receiving them) from friends and associates to get my opinion of the day’s Impeachment “Schiff-Shizzle,” otherwise known as the “Impeachment Inquiry.” Yesterday (Thursday) was no different. I’m sure you probably shook your head trying to ferret out the truth from the news stories you heard about yesterday’s hearing and applicable testimony. Depending on which network or networks to which you listened or watched, you could possibly be convinced the President is done or convinced that Congress will propose a bill to extend his presidency for ten more years!

In other words, this “inquiry” as it has been termed has resulted each day in one absolute and final conclusion by all: “Inconclusive!”

Of course, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, and CBS news reports confirm that he’s done. FOX — who stands alone as the conservative network regarding political reports — is not so certain the President will be impeached.

We’ll keep this conversation brief today. Why? Because there was nothing new yesterday! I doubt anyone’s mind was changed who looked into the hearings. One thing is certain: this nation is more polarized than it has been along political lines during my lifetime.

I will remind all here, any President can be impeached for jaywalking in downtown D.C. Impeachment is NOT regulated by the Rule of Law. Criminal and civil law procedures are NOT necessary elements in impeachment. And the “Schiff-Shizzle” certainly has no restrictions for any production of evidence, factual testimony, and certainly no fairness in the process of testimony. But one thing IS certain and IS required, not by court rules but by the U.S. Constitution: a president can be impeached for “Treason, Bribery, or High Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

To that end, one would think these hearings would ALL center around the investigation and discovery of these types of wrongdoing by President Trump. Have they?

I’ll answer that question myself. Through approximately 100 hours of House Oversight Committee face-to-face hearings, testimony and cross-examination, and through 3.5 years of unlimited investigation by Robert Mueller and several dozen attorneys who had unrestricted access to whatever evidence through documents and/or testimony, I’ve not heard of any evidence of President Trump being factually guilty of any of those Constitutional required elements of impeachment.

In closing to illustrate how ludicrous the “Schiff-Shizzle” has been in this regard, take a peek at this short segment of testimony and questions with answers:

Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) followed the Constitution in her questioning and Ambassador Volker and Mr. Kennedy of the State Department answered the only questions applicable to an Impeachment Inquiry: no Treason, no Bribery, no High Crimes or Misdemeanors, no Quid Pro Quo.

Why do they even continue?

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