Impeachment Trial Day is Here: And So is Evil

Today will be another day to mark in your iCal phone calendar with a “repeat annually” pressed. It marks the first full day of a Presidential impeachment trial that a Republican President was allowed to have legal representatives appear in public on his behalf during three full years of investigation into alleged wrongdoing. The FBI investigated him before he was President. A Special Counsel studied him for 2.5 years, starting just days after his presidency began. No other President in U.S. history has endured such intense scrutiny of everything in his life all the way back to his youth as has Donald J. Trump. Those investigations include everything: school records, financial statements and tax returns, personal relationships, news coverage, business dealings, and on and on.

Compare the media’s scrutiny of Donald Trump with that of his predecessor. Today’s media have never looked into any area of Obama’s past: his youth in Malaysia and Hawaii. His high school years — there are no high school yearbook pictures available. His college records in California, Harvard, nor Columbia. No one in his graduating class at Columbia will admit to even remembering him. If he were Donald Trump, all of the above would have been printed and broadcasted for all the world to see — especially if there were any negative things in it or that the media could spin that might be negative.

So why all the animus for Mr. Trump? It certainly cannot be for his accomplishments on behalf of the nation during his presidency; we won’t even detail those. It certainly cannot be for his personality, his past business dealings, or numerous charitable actions while in private business. I have a picture of Mr. Trump as a businessman with Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton at the ceremony in which he was honored as “Man of the Year” by African American leaders.

So why all the hatred for President Trump from the Left?

Answer: He’s rained on their parade!

Donald Trump was so easy-going, so likable, and so approachable the Left thought he would be an easily-used pawn. When he moved into the White House and starting his administrative actions, they realized something which petrified them all: “This guy plans to deliver all that he promised to voters in the campaign!” Politicians couldn’t allow that to happen. Their “parade” had been running for so long many had forgotten about even hiding it any longer. America was asleep and seemed to not care about how they were running the nation for personal benefit — not ours, theirs.

Remember where he came from: he knew about the government corruption that had weaved itself into the fabric of Washington and trickled down to states and cities. How did he know about those? He grew up in his father’s business and saw how dirty politics functioned. And when he achieved massive financial success, the dirty ones came after him —  not to scold him or try to steer him away from getting his hands dirty, they came after him with their hands out.

What we are watching play out in the Senate Chamber is NOT the evil of which I’m speaking. A plane shot down over Iran or missiles fired into Israel are NOT the evils. As Jesus said, the evil is “what’s in men’s hearts.” In other words, the sin we commit is always willful, and we think about it, obsess about it, and think it into existence. And in Washington, there are no single sinners — they run in packs. Let me explain:

  • The House of Representatives impeached Donald J. Trump, who is now only the third U.S. president to ever be impeached.
  • Three of the evilest politicians in my lifetime marshaled their minions to create a case against Donald Trump sufficient to satisfy their fellow Democrat House members, and con the American people in sufficient number to trick them into supporting their actions. Their problem? The G.O.P. controlled Senate.
  • Pelosi, Schiff, and Nadler knew that if they used the historical presidential impeachment “template” for their plot, they could never amass enough evidence to justify impeachment. So what did they do? They rigged the system to “create” evidence, though what they deem as evidence is nothing but innuendo and opinion.
  • The FBI had failed in their hunt for dirt; Mueller found nothing either. They had to find something they could use: “Ukraine-Gate.”
  • They all knew how easy it is for American politicians to take advantage of the rampant crime in Ukraine. Their “predecessors” had created a money-pot there they knew could be evidence to find (or create) some dirt on the President. How could they get something going?
  • One of the DNC plants in the White House kept an eye on Ukraine and Ukraine’s contacts with Mr. Trump. When that phone call in July happened, Democrats found their way to create with that call an impeachable scenario. So they did. And we’re in the middle of the results of their plot.

In creating this impeachment straw man to attack the President, they had to align the stars necessary to develop a case in their favor. How to do it? Easy: the House had control of all the House committees. Schiff and Nadler shared the two that could be used more easily than others to fuel this impeachment process.

They had to have witnesses. But they didn’t want Republicans to find out any of the “evidence” these witnesses had. How could they do that?

They first had closed-door hearings that could be attended by Republicans, but not by any representative of the President or his legal team, Republicans nor the President could call witnesses or cross-examine witnesses, nor could they call any witnesses themselves. After that closed hearing, they “staged” a hearing before the public at which 17 of their handpicked witnesses appeared and testified. Republicans were included.

The hearing took place, witnesses testified, their stories were exposed, but none had any evidence that rose to the Constitutional level of impeachment. 

I forgot to mention this: to start this entire ball rolling, Adam Schiff came up with an Intelligence Department whistleblower that supposedly provided information that implicated President Trump from the Ukrainian phone call. Who is that whistleblower? I’m not supposed to give his name, but he worked in the CIA office in the White House and is the apprentice of former CIA Director John Brennan.

And Schiff has refused to name the whistleblower and refused to allow him to testify.

The “Call”

We all know about the call between President Trump and President Zelensky of Ukraine. We won’t go into that all here. It’s only mentioned to point out a very serious element of this dilemma we’re facing. When Speaker Pelosi announced she had authorized House Committees to begin impeachment hearings into President Trump’s alleged pressure placed on Ukraine to investigate Burisma along with Hunter Biden and VP Biden, she claimed it was to create a political advantage for Mr. Trump over Biden in the November 2020 election. When Pelosi announced the impeachment inquiry, she nor anyone else had seen the transcript of that phone call. President Trump released it immediately on his own.

Ukraine had nothing to do with House cries for impeachment. Every Democrat of the House Judiciary committee voted to impeach President Trump before the July 25, 2019 Ukraine call happened.

There are so many little things, but essential things, that are significant considerations in this. One thing that I’ve not seen anyone mention is that though we always hear that “Democrats heard the testimony of 17 witnesses of the Ukraine phone call that all gave evidence of Trump’s pressure on Ukraine.” There were NOT 17 witnesses that gave closed-door testimony: there were 18.

Who did Schiff leave out to announce 17 had testified? The Inspector-General of the Intelligence Department who DID  testify. Why was he left out? We don’t know. Adam Schiff refused to release the transcript of his testimony to the press and threatened every member of Congress with censure if they even spoke of it. He refused for anyone to take notes during the testimony. Wonder what his testimony had to say.

The Trial

We all either saw, heard, or read about the first five days of the Impeachment Trial. The first day just set parameters for the trial. The next three days were atrocious examples of how Congress has slipped off the rails in governing our nation. House managers embarrassed Congress. Day four for the entire two hours of the President’s legal team in which Americans saw for the first time shredded the House managers’ testimony. The Defense Team continues today.


Here’s where we are headed: this is all bigger than the impeachment of Donald Trump. It’s much bigger than party politics or the 2020 election or the next decade in Washington, D.C. It’s about the future of the nation.

It’s about the most corrupt government in World history. It’s not about just this decade or last decade; it’s about an attitude of the government that for years remained hidden in the hearts of men. (Remember: Jesus said the sin is what is allowed to exist in hearts that gets acted out)

This corruption lives from top to bottom in America. It includes “players” from the White House to the Capitol and K Street, from the FBI to the CIA, DNI, and NSA to the Pentagon. And it has crept into the crevices of state governments and also to county and parish courthouses. It’s even thriving at the United States Supreme Court. And this: no American is safe from the reach of this corruption that permeates every square inch of America.

Until now, this is where our reporting on corruption has stopped. But we do that no longer. So here’s the plan:

Beginning Wednesday of this week, our research team will begin each day to provide to you — and to everyone with which you determine to share it — links to actual evidence that comes from documentation, courtroom testimony at numerous levels, and even news stories that come complete with source information that has in various occasions withstood the glaring light of state and federal courtroom scrutiny.

Some will say: “These are just conspiracy theories. There’s no way anyone could do these things and getaway without being caught.” You need to understand: the single reason you have not seen or heard of any of this is because the corruption relies on the anonymity that has been given to the purveyors of this evil by the U.S. Media. And they in large part are major players in the entire debacle.

Yes, there IS a Deep State. But the Deep State is not comprised of seedy foreign spies who wear trench coats and hats and only come out at night. The Deep State is comprised of everyday people like you and me who have been put in places of power and authority. And when they see that dangling apple right in front of their faces, they decide to succumb to the temptation and “eat of the forbidden fruit.”

We will each day until the completion of the Impeachment Trial provide you a link to one source of evidence of government corruption. They are all vetted and include all sources. We will not provide these links in stories. It will be up to you to investigate what we give you for yourself. We are just making it easier for you by getting you started with real facts, truths, and evidence.

This trial is NOT a single issue — a single event. It’s simply a part of the evil flooding America. It IS the very first major attempt to attack the first president in at least a good while that possesses the will and the personality to do what he promised he would do for Americans — ALL that he promised he would do. He’s faced the evil. And the evil is scared to death.

I promise you one thing: you will finish each day in which you choose to go down this road and access these documents and data, shaking your head in shock, horror, and anger.

This process is in no way to somehow scare anyone or try to gather up a posse or instigate militant actions or protests. This is to inform you, your family members and friends that sinister people have been and are stealthily and steadily stealing the soul of YOUR nation before YOUR eyes.

God bless you and your family! See you tomorrow.

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