Impeachment: Where Are We Today?

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House Speaker Pelosi pushed and pushed. With the help of fellow Dems. Adam Schiff of California and Jerrold Nadler of New York, Pelosi was able to wave her magic wand and achieve two Articles of Impeachment of President Donald Trump from the full House of Representatives. What’s next? What’s next SHOULD be those two articles presented to the Senate for a trial. But Pelosi made a historical decision to not send over those articles. Congress took a couple of weeks off for the holiday,s which meant nothing — nothing at all — was achieved by our government. That includes impeachment proceedings and any other legislative matters that are piling ever high have even been considered. Congress has done virtually nothing except the bare essentials while they do everything possible to get rid of Mr. Trump. That’s not “Job #1” for Democrats in Congress. It’s “Job Only.” Nothing else seems to matter to Democrats. So what’s next?


“Queen Pelosi,” as she is often called on Capitol Hill behind her back, is holding the cards on impeachment timing. According to the Senate rules, any impeachment trial cannot begin without articles of impeachment being presented along with the names of House prosecutors who will act as the Impeachment Trial prosecutors during the Senate trial. Neither has been provided to the Senate Majority Leader McConnell of Kentucky. And it appears no one has any idea of when that will happen.

Many are struggling to compute what could be Pelosi’s reasoning for these delays. Some say it is to, in some way, gain an advantage over the Senate for such a trial to be able to force Senate Republicans to bow to her wishes. That’s virtually impossible since the Constitution in Article II states that the Senate has sole power over an impeachment trial. And Republicans have the majority in the Senate.

Could it be to simply prolong a trial or to keep the trial in “pending” status throughout the entire year? One explanation for that would be to guarantee that Mr. Trump has an “Impeachment cloud” over his head throughout the entire 2020 election cycle to somehow discredit his credentials to voters sufficient to prevent his 2020 re-election for four more years.

And then there are those who have stated House Republicans can and will keep looking for Trump wrongdoing that supports MORE articles of impeachment, even IF he’s acquitted by the Senate if a “first” impeachment trial happens!

Maybe Ms. Pelosi plans to never turn those articles over to the Senate at all. There is no Constitutional requirement for her to do so. That too might discredit voters during this presidential election.

What would happen then? Who knows! As was just stated, the Constitution leaves such issues up to Congress. And, of course, when Congress gets in unresolvable dilemmas like this, the federal courts weigh-in. If this should happen, one can bet the U.S. Supreme would immediately step-in. And nothing like that has ever happened.

McConnell and the Senate

Majority Leader McConnell too has been all over the spectrum of possibilities regarding this impeachment. He first stated that when the House sends over articles of impeachment, they will be “dead-on-arrival.” Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC,) who is Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said he would make a motion immediately following receipt in the Senate of those articles for the Senate to decline to even consider impeachment.

McConnell then stated, “The Senate has no Constitutional choice but to conduct a trial.” Graham then stated though he does not want any further witness testimony if/when such a trial occurs, he knows many Americans want to have all those involved in the Mueller investigation, old and current FBI investigations, and investigations by U.S. Attorney John Durham stand before Americans in an open Senate impeachment trial and, under oath, answer questions about their alleged wrongdoings before and during the Trump presidency.

So what will it be? That’s the million-dollar question. Many think that before the end of business this Friday — January 10, 2020 — we will know in what direction the impeachment of Donald Trump will go regarding Congress.

One thing is certain: we know that every member of the American press has their own ideas of what “is” happening now in the impeachment trial and what “should” happen going forward. Our guest today — “Phil” — is an Oklahoma businessman that, in full disclosure, is a Republican and a Trump supporter. He has his own opinions about “all things Washington” as do all Americans. By the way, you’ll hear him with some very pointed observations about today news media.

Meet “Phil”

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