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In the Shadows

  • Do you wonder what is going on behind the scenes in D.C. with this “Shadow Government” we keep hearing about?  Every day or so news slips out about people and organizations who have quietly and in some cases secretly joined forces with the previous POTUS to surreptitiously bring down the Trump Administration, either by forced resignation or impeachment.  And yesterday the news was released by the DAILY MAIL in the U.K. that Valarie Jarrett actually moved into the 8200 square foot mansion occupied by the Obama family — the mansion that is a scant 2 miles from the White House and has become “The Bunker” or the epicenter of the Shadow Government of Barack Obama et. al.

Here are some interesting thoughts for you to ponder if you like me are so curious about all of this that you REALLY want to know what is going on:

  • The leaks.  It is uncanny for there to be so many leaks from “anonymous sources” almost daily in Washington about specifics — all negative — about the Trump Administration, especially in light of their sources: the State Department, the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, and other departments of the government.  Why is this odd?  The leaks have eventually proven to be fake….period.  For the rest?  With few exceptions the information leaked is actually classified, which means whoever provides the information does so illegally and faces possible hard prison time as a consequence.  Who would actually take such high personal and professional risks to dole out classified information?  Wisdom says they are holdover Obama appointees and employees yet to be replaced in the Trump Administration.  Obviously there are many of these who are Obama loyalists who will do just about anything to perpetuate his yet un-reached goals and unfulfilled objectives.
  • The Democrats.  So what role in the almost daily news stories out of D.C. does the Democrats have?  No doubt they are knee deep in all the bad publicity about anything that even bears a hint of trouble in Trumpville.  Think about it:  the Russians, the FBI investigation of Clinton, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Trump’s real estate holdings, Trump’s tax returns, Trump’s kids and family — ALL of these and more are items that are fed to the gossip-craved media by someone.  Is it any coincidence that these stories are released in an orderly fashion, almost daily, and always as if orchestrated by someone or some group?  The Democrats in power are the ones who have egg on their faces from the embarrassing loss in the election they are struggling to overcome with their base.  Discrediting Trump is simple fodder they are using to pacify their donors.  Do not expect it to stop.  And do not expect the Democrats to make any decisions or instigate any investigation based on facts or evidence.
  • The Media.  Now more than ever it becomes more obvious every day that the Left Media are “in the tank” for discrediting the Trump Administration.  As I have shown again and again, journalistic honesty was out the door early in the campaign season, the media gloves came off, and the attacks became incessant and have been not just maintained by added to on a daily basis.  If you have spent any time in Europe you are seeing the American media do a masterful job imitating the lunacy and ranting of the Socialist media there.
  • The Republicans.  In previous administrations the GOP was mostly united and fought the opposition in unity.  Not so now or in the 2016 election cycle.  The GOP is split.  And even though many who opposed Trump during the election and since have softened their attacks, some are just as against the people’s choice for POTUS as ever.  They are just quietly going about business keeping their dissatisfaction to themselves.  The problem there is that perceptual disagreement among conservatives cannot be genuinely masked.  It is hard to fake political support as a Republican.  Why?  Because to show any support for conservative leaders, one must “show” such support and not just talk about it.  Therefore hypocrisy is abundant among members of the GOP government now in charge.  That dirties the water in establishing a new administration and makes fulfilling election promises to constituents extremely difficult.  President Trump is seeing that.  That GOP mediocrity also emboldens the Leftist opposition who have identified the lack of unity in GOP leaders and the White House and are working 24/7 to further expand that divide.  Sowing seeds of disparity have historically worked effectively in D.C.  The Republican establishment is dealing with that daily and not very effectively.  Enter the latest debacle thrown into the street by the “drive by shooters” in D.C.:  AG Jeff Sessions had communications with the Russians during the campaign —  no evidence, no proof, just an allegation.  All Democrats and many Republicans are even with the lack of evidence or proof demanding his resignation.  Republicans kill their wounded.  Democrats rally around theirs until they’re made whole.  And the pile of wounded Republicans at the hands of the Left in D.C. has just been started.

These are just a few things for which there are no “for sure” answers that are key to what you see and hear every day coming out of Washington.  Do not for one moment think all of this or any part of this is happenstance — it is all planned, structured, organized, and implemented for a purpose.  What purpose?

Tomorrow I will tell you what the purpose of this is with a history lesson that will surprise and shock most of you.  And what you and I see today coming out of D.C. is historical, has happened before in history, and will happen again.  It is dangerous and will (and should) scare you to death.

2 thoughts on “In the Shadows”

  1. Just a comment Dan. After Trump accused Obama and the White House of wire tapping Trump Towers, Obama said that the White House did no such a thing. Shouldn’t we just believe former president Obama, He has always been so honest… just look at all the promises of the Affordable Care Act..He would obviously never lie or even skirt dishonesty.

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