Ironies Galore

No American should be shocked at today’s bombastic “Irony of the Week” in this country of non-stop ironies.

Harvey Weinstein — movie production tycoon, leftist elitist for decades, New York and Hollywood heavyweight, and Democrat candidates’ dream contributor for those seeking public office at every level — and sex fiend.

Weinstein is best known as co-founder of Miramax, which produced several popular independent films including Pulp Fiction, Clerks, The Crying Game, and Sex, Lies, and Videotape. He and his brother Bob have been co-chairmen of The Weinstein Company, their film production company, since 2005. He won an Academy Award for producing Shakespeare in Love, and garnered seven Tony Awards for producing a variety of winning plays and musicals, including The Producers, Billy Elliot the Musical, and August: Osage County. But today all of those amazing Hollywood and New York accomplishments are in the shadows of the man who may go down in history as the U.S. Entertainment World’s great sexual predator. Let’s look-in on details:

On October 5th an exposé was published in The New York Times accusing Weinstein of sexually harassing a number of women, including actress Ashley Judd. His consulting lawyer, Lisa Bloom, stated that “he denies many of the accusations as patently false.” (Lisa Bloom has since terminated her representation of Weinstein)

In an email to The Hollywood Reporter, Weinstein’s attorney Charles Harder said they would be suing The New York Times and any proceeds derived from the suit would be donated to women’s organizations. Harder’s email read as follows:

“The New York Times published today a story that is saturated with false and defamatory statements about Harvey Weinstein…It relies on mostly hearsay accounts and a faulty report, apparently stolen from an employee personnel file, which has been debunked by nine different eyewitnesses. We sent the Times the facts and evidence, but they ignored it and rushed to publish. We are preparing the lawsuit now. All proceeds will be donated to women’s organizations.”

Politically Speaking…

Weinstein has been active on issues such as poverty, AIDS, juvenile diabetes, and multiple sclerosis research. He serves on the Board of the Robin Hood Foundation, a New York City-based non-profit that targets poverty, and co-chaired one of its annual benefits. He is critical of the lack of gun control laws and universal health care in the United States. Weinstein has been a supporter and generous contributor to the Democratic Party including President Barack Obama and presidential candidates Hillary Clinton, and John Kerry. He supported Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign, and in 2012, he hosted an election fundraiser for President Obama at his home in Westport, Connecticut. Weinstein has expressed favorable opinions about New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. After it became public knowledge a few days ago that Weinstein was a serial harasser of women, many politicians he had supported rejected his support. Senator Al Franken (MN) — who had received $20,000 from Weinstein — donated his contributions to the Minnesota Indian Women’s Resources Center. Senator Patrick Leahy (VT) and Senator Martin Heinrich (NM), donated campaign contributions received from Weinstein to funds supporting women.

It is reported that Weinstein paid out $772,000 in more than 160 donations since 1991. All but two went to Democrats.

Is Weinstein a Sexual Pervert?

That investigation by The New York Times found previously undisclosed allegations against Weinstein stretching over nearly three decades, documented through interviews with current and former employees and film industry workers, as well as legal records, emails and internal documents from the businesses he has run, Miramax and the Weinstein Company. (Ashley Judd was one of the young actors Weinstein confronted sexually) During that 30-year period, after being confronted with allegations including sexual harassment and unwanted physical contact, Weinstein reached at least eight settlements with women, according to two company officials speaking on the condition of anonymity. Among the recipients, the Times found, were a young assistant in New York in 1990, an actress in 1997, an assistant in London in 1998, an Italian model in 2015 and a Ms. O’Connor shortly after, according to records and those familiar with the agreements.

In a statement to The Times on Thursday afternoon, Weinstein said: “I appreciate the way I’ve behaved with colleagues in the past has caused a lot of pain, and I sincerely apologize for it. Though I’m trying to do better, I know I have a long way to go.” He added that he was working with therapists and planning to take a leave of absence to “deal with this issue head on.”

So Where are the Ironies?

  • Thirty years — that’s a long time for any group of “sensitive” Americans to give any man a license to sexually prey on young women. The Left in the Entertainment industry AND in national politics did just that. Knowing that Weinstein was guilty of multiple unspeakable harassments and worse, his wealth and power alone maintained his unfettered permission from his peers to prey on women.
  • In April of this year, CNN ran 40 on-air news stories about “alleged” sexual improprieties of former FOX News host Bill O’Reilly. In the 30 years of Weinstein’s sexual antics, CNN ran how many such stories? ZERO!
  • Here’s the list of many of the Democrats through to whom Weinstein has made donations that were gladly accepted: Sen. Martin Heinrich, D-New Mexico, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Massachusetts, Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vermont, Sen. Cory Booker, D-New Jersey, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-New York, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-New York, Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Connecticut, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, more than $100,000 to the Democrat National Committee, more than $100,000 to the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC). Through those 3 decades he made small donations two 2 Republicans.
  • Saturday Night Live since the beginning of the 2016 presidential campaign cycle has famously run almost weekly parodies and insulting comedy bits about Candidate Trump and subsequently President Trump. Actor Alex Baldwin playing Trump in those bits rejuvenated his ailing acting career. After the Weinstein revelation by the New York Times, content making fun of Weinstein was to be included in last Saturday night’s show. It was scrapped. When questioned why the bit was dropped, SNL producer Lorne Michaels stated it was deleted because “Weinstein is a fellow New Yorker.” Hmmm…… Donald Trump is not a “fellow New Yorker?”
  • Gloria Allred — who has made millions with national television appearances immediately after revelations of well-known men taking advantages of women — always demands reparations for her clients along with excoriating private and public denigration of the alleged offenders. Allred has become known as the “legal champion of women’s rights,” especially when it comes to sexual harassment. Where’s Gloria today? Hasn’t shown her face because Harvey’s a Democrat and Democrats get a free pass for pretty much everything.


Once again the hypocrisy of the Left in both the Entertainment Industry and national Politics is front and center for all Americans to see. Hollywood, New York, Democrat leaders in the Senate and the House, former President Obama and Hillary Clinton, and the Democrat Party have been very conspicuously (at least until now) “in the tank” for Weinstein. Why? He’s got lots of money and lots of power. And for the Left, the worth of a person is only that of not their net worth, but how much of it they are willing to give to the Leftist causes.

The irony of all that is Democrats continue to be given a free pass by millions of Americans who have gulped the Koolaid of the Left. They lie to Americans over and over again, fail to deliver on promises, refuse to allow law enforcement to enforce laws, and thumb their noses at the Middle Class in the U.S. They are elitist hypocrites who with impunity consider everyday Americans a lessor class than they.

Hillary illustrated it best: Donald Trump supporters live in a basket with “other” deplorables.

Feels good to be so worthless as an American, doesn’t it?


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  1. Scott Unclebach

    Its a sad day in our society when morals, decency, respect for others seems to be in short supply. It seems like it is not right or wrong , but republican or democrat!

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