When Lights Turn on…Roaches Scramble

It’s a fact: Donald Trump turned on the D.C. light that has roaches scrambling.

The Washington “roaches” are disguised as status quo politicians. And just like in your kitchen, they hide in the dark. And just like in your kitchen, when the light comes on they scramble back into the dark recesses of anonymity — at least they try to. But one thing is certain: the ONLY enemy of darkness is light. When the light comes on, it exposes everything. And Boy has it!

I will not burden you with a list of facts or bullet points or statistics. Today I will just point some things out for your consideration. After all, it seems every day now when Donald Trump walks into the kitchen called “Washington D.C.,” as quickly as he flips the light switch roaches scramble. Look at what and who has been exposed for who and what they are in his first 9 months in the White House.

There are those who comprise the “Establishment Republicans” — the likes of the Bush Family, Mitch McConnell, Speaker Paul Ryan, Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham — you know the list. These together with many others have  for 8 years kept the light off while they promised, “Give us the White House and the Senate and we’ll clean the kitchen of all the roaches.” When they got the Senate and the White House, (they already had the House of Representatives) those roaches joined forces with other roaches who were older and more experienced, like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin, the reporters, editors, and commentators at the news outlets — both print and broadcast. In mid-January, the light in the kitchen was suddenly turned on by the new Exterminator, and that light exposed them all for what they truly are: roaches and nothing more.

It seems now that almost daily new roaches are identified by the Exterminator. No, they really had no plan to repeal or replace Obamacare; they had no plan to reduce federal spending; they had no plan to tackle the massive debt; they had no plan to cut taxes on Middle Americans; they had no plan to build the wall or pass a real immigration reform package. Honestly, for decades the roaches in the kitchen have been content doing all those things that roaches do in the dark — make other roaches. They’ve been successful at completing that task, so much so that when “President Exterminator Trump” entered the kitchen and flipped the switch, the numbers of roaches that scrambled to get back in the dark were uncountable.

So what does the Exterminator do in situations like this? Simple: he starts getting rid of the roaches. No, it cannot be done at one time. It takes a process of finding them in the dark cabinet corners where they scrambled to when he entered the room and then getting rid of them. The task is so daunting and nasty that most would quickly tire of the process and quit. Not so Donald Trump.

His commitment to rid the kitchen of the pesky varmints was questioned for months. Roaches scrambled around the kitchen 24/7 never thinking there was impending danger of exposure. But the Exterminator has boldly confronted the roaches and shows them to the rest of us to make certain we know who the roaches are and where they are hiding. One by one they are being eliminated.

With that process now entrenched in the White House, one would think the roaches would give up and go quietly into the night. But they keep scrambling around the kitchen earnestly looking for more “stuff” that they feed on. All were certain the Exterminator would fail — either by giving up or being fired. To their surprise he pushes through the darkness with no fear of failure. He simply will not quit.

I know: the analogy seems  trite. But what’s happening in D.C. really is that simple. It boils down to this one thing: Americans have become so busy and pre-occupied with everyday business of just getting along in our private lives that we have simply allowed the darkness of night in Washington’s kitchen — which is the monstrosity called “The Federal Government” — to allow the roaches to do their thing for years. We’ve known for some time that something wasn’t right. And we’ve had other “Exterminators” that have come along and made promises to shed light on the roaches and take steps to get rid of them. But the Exterminators have turned out to be exterminators in name only. They have failed to even turn on the light.

What has the Exterminator Exposed?

With the failure of repealing and replacing Obamacare, the light has exposed that even Republicans that have been in Congress for a longtime didn’t want the light to be turned on. But they wanted everyone to believe they did. Even after the light they continued to hide in the edges of darkness hoping against hope against being exposed. But the Exterminator is persistent. And he’s sticking with the task of pointing them out and eliminating them.

One thing about darkness is that things typically don’t look the same in light as they do in darkness. People get confused. Donald Trump NEVER allows the narrative cloud what’s real. He calls out everyone who tries to hide and too “what” they try to hide.

He has exposed the evil of partial truths in what is supposed to be truthful and factual news reporting: “Fake News.” In this we can see exactly what his commitment looks like. It is now painfully obvious that he will continue to call out the “Fake News” sources as long as they resist being reporters and not editorialists in the name of news “reporters.” They more than anyone else scramble for cover almost daily when he turns the light on.

What’s Just Ahead?

Two major things left on the immediate Trump Agenda: Income tax reform and building the wall. He has already launched publicly plans for both that were critical parts of his campaign. And the roaches are going crazy about both.

I am approached almost daily by true Conservatives who number among those who though not necessarily numbering among registered Republicans support Mr. Trump because they simply want the kitchen cleared.  No other “Exterminator” has showed the grit and determination to get that job done. Each speak to me from a place of fear that the roaches will overcome the Exterminator in some way before he can get the job done. It’s true that many in the past have tried, but each has been overcome by the mass of hidden roaches and their power. Not so with Donald Trump.

Don’t fall prey to the television ads promoted by the Roaches spreading falsehoods about his Tax Plan and Immigration Plan which both have been released. The national television ad running now bashing his tax plan as one that will raise taxes on everyone in the Nation while cutting taxes on wealthy Americans. THAT AD IS “FAKE NEWS!”

Remember all the times I have encouraged all to investigate on your own to get facts that will enable you to make educated decisions at the right time about all these things and others. USE GOOGLE!

In today’s electronic instant news environment there is no justifiable reason for anyone to not know about any political issue or individual in our government. Do you want to know the facts about the Tax Plan? Sure you do. Find it (certainly it’s somewhere on the Net in bullet-point format!) and see for yourself that television ad is full of lies as is Senator “Crying” Schumer.

Turn on the light in YOUR kitchen. I promise when you do, the light you shine on all the roaches there will run them away.

Try it. You’ll probably like knowing factually what’s going on. And you’ll get rid of some roaches while you’re doing it!

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